Anniversaries in Vegas

by Master Understood

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Romantic Sex Story: Alex and Stephanie decided that an "adult vacation" as in order for their 10th anniversary so the booked a vacation in Las Vegas. Initially they figured it would be filled with good food and wine, some relaxing time at the pool, and a couple evenings of sex without needing to worry about being too loud and waking the kids. However, just before they left events transpired that put a whole new perspective on why you would want to go to Vegas for your anniversary.

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For the last 15 years I have been married to the most wonderful lady, my best friend, confidant, and partner-in-crime. And after all these years I am lucky to say, still as sexy as the day we met. Of course two kids, two jobs, to mortgages, two car payments, etc. have put a bit of a damper on the frequency of our sexual activity, but it certainly hasn’t diminished the passion and excitement we have when jumping in bed.

Having said that, five years ago we decided that we needed to get away from some ‘adult time’ for our anniversary. So where else would you go for adult timeÉ Las Vegas of course. Each year we have been going back to enjoy the food, the nightlife, and yes, the chance to experience some new fantasy each year. To be honest it all started out pretty innocently. Yes, we did expect to have some great sex while on vacation but we didn’t initially plan to use this vacation as a chance to explore our sexual fantasies. But that changed about a week before our first trip five years ago.

I am the Vice President of Customer Support for a technology company in Chicago. My wife, Stephanie, is a freelance graphic artist and web designer. She does her job from home while primarily taking care of the kids. My job is a standard office job but I do travel about once a quarter, either to visit a critical customer or to help a sales rep close a deal. My wife always laughs when I travel with the sales guys because she knows that they always drag me to a strip club. She doesn’t really mind that this goes on, I think she realizes that the worst that happens is that I spend some money and either cum in my pants at the club or take care of myself when I get back to my hotel. In fact I think she finds the stories I tell about the dances I got and how I relieved my inevitable frustrations back at the hotel a little titillating.

It just so happens that I arrived home from one of these trips about ten days prior to our first Vegas trip. I got home from the airport and found my wife buried in a pile of boxes and clothes in our master closet. She was doing some cleaning, so I sat down in the chair in our room reading a book, relaxing and occasionally providing my input on whether or not an outfit should be kept or sent to Goodwill. Truth be told I think she was humoring me, I seriously doubt my opinion on any outfit really impacted if she kept it or not.

After about 30 minutes she came out of the closet dressed in her robe. I figured she was getting ready for bed. But she approached me with a twinkle in her eye that said she had something on her mind.

‘Guess what I found?’

Not a fan of these games I played along, because I had learned it was ALWAYS best to play along. ‘You decided to give the clothes you were wearing to Goodwill?’ Being a bit of a smartass is allowed when playing along with the ‘Guess what’ game.

She dropped her robe and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She was standing there in the lingerie she wore on our wedding day. I hadn’t seen her in that since our wedding night. And she looked every bit as hot in it standing there as she did 10 years prior. Let me tell you about my wife. Light bright hair with a hint of auburn to it (at least that is how the box she purchases every other month to keep it that color describes it) brown eyes and a slightly dark complexion. She thinks she has some relative way back that was from Greece giving her a hint of Mediterranean appeal. Her breasts are a wonderful 36D, slightly bigger than when we were married and beautiful big areola and nipples that get hard at the slightest provocation. She is a long distance runner and is in great shape. I can’t really say if her boobs or her ass is her best feature.

The lingerie she was wearing for me was just as I remembered. Silver-gray in color and very sheer, with just a hint of a pattern stitched into the material of the cup. The bra was a half-cup design and the areola peeked out of the top. The matching panties were a ‘boy short’ designÉ so she said, apparently more comfortable than a thong, and even more sexy if you ask me.

She walked closer to me and asked if I recognized what she was wearing. I indicated that not only did I remember, but I thought she was as hot in it as she was on our wedding night. ‘I love the way you look in that sheer lingerie, it is like you are wearing nothing but even better. You look just like you did our on wedding night.’

She giggled at this and said, ‘Not quite. Don’t you remember that I shaved my pussy for you on our wedding day.’

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