Guys With Trucks

by Jax_Teller

Copyright© 2017 by Jax_Teller

Sex Story: College friends reconnect and have some wild fun

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Squirting   Voyeurism   Pegging   .

Guys with trucks will always be asked to help folks move it’s almost in the contract when you buy a truck. I was no different than any of the others and when the call went out that a friends X husband had passed away and she needed his old house cleaned out because she was the executor I responded. She told us that all his belonging needed to go and that everything left was up for grabs on a first come basis.

I knew Carri from college and we had been by todays terms friends with benefits. We weren’t emotionally attached just having fun experimenting with sex and having the time of our lives. Carri was just eighteen when we met and now ten years later I we had remained friends on face book and she still had a fantastic body. Emotionally she had been through a lot with David, her X husband who went from a nice enough guy to a dick when he got cancer.

I lived a couple hundred miles out of Chicago now, in a more remote country setting and knew most of the stuff from the house could be used to furnish a cabin I was constructing deeper in the woods. I figured it would help her out and save me money buying things to furnish the cabin. So I told her I would be in the big windy the next day with a crew to take the bulk of the items. She agreed to meet us at eight am and I set about making the arrangements.

I gathered a couple friends Bob and his mini van, Mark and his full size box van and I rented a trailer for my truck. Carri told me that no one had shown up the first time she’d put out the call and she had a cash buyer for the house but it needed to be emptied. If wasn’t done in the next ten days she would have to pay to have it cleared out and the cost of dumpster to haul the stuff off.

The house was in the heart of the city and turned out to be a two story duplex with a flat on the first and another on the second with separate entrances. Her X husband had lived on the first floor and the second floor was a furnished rental, that was currently vacant. As Carri walked the house she was telling stories and pointing out things of value. She told me she had planned to put a lot of the stuff up for sale but the house sold before she could.

As we walked the upstairs flat she described how the unit had been last used by a production company to make educational videos. Looking at the dining room with a futon bed in the center and very little furniture around it, made me wonder what the last kind of film was. There was way more stuff than I had anticipated and asked Mark if he could pull a trailer with his van, and he said sure so I called the rental place as he headed over.

We moved the bulk of the items from a basement shop and the first floor of the house by five thirty and were worn out. Bob suggested we get a motel room for the night and finish loading the second floor in the morning. Carri made the offer of the second floor flat instead of the motel. There were three beds everything was still on, and we wouldn’t have to take the vehicles to the motel. We talked it over briefly, and decided it was more than comfortable for us country boys.

All of our stomachs seemed to take over and we decided to go to a working man’s sports bar famous for it’s burgers. Carri’s mini van seemed luxurious as she weaved through the city and found a spot near the bar. As she parked she asked me if this place reminded me of anywhere. I looked around for minute before I recognized the parking lot as one we had fucked in the back of a window van, when we were in college. Before I could respond she saw that I remembered and said yea, the campus is just around the corner.

We laughed as Mark and Bob just shrugged their shoulders not getting the inside joke. Bob wasn’t a drinker and agreed to be our designated driver. We ate and drank like we owned the joint, and after diner was over we drank some more. Carri went to the back when stories, and eventually they turned to our sexual escapades. She revealed the parking lot story of how we were fucking in the back of a large van and when we finished there were several people around the van watching us.

Bob drove us back to the house with Mark in the front passenger seat, leaving me in the next row of seats with Carri. She was just as beautiful as when I had met and as we weaved the city streets back to the house Carri and I bumped up against each other a few times. She smelled nice and if I had taken a shower before going out or didn’t sweat all day, I would have attempted to pull her close to me and see where it led.

When we got back to the house and upstairs, Carri showed us where everything was and she went out on the balcony to answer her phone. Bob took one of the bedrooms and Mark took another. I could hear the showers coming on and I decided to shower in the common area bathroom as I would sleep on the futon in the old dining room. While I was in the shower Carri came in and asked if I minded, and from the shit eating grin on her face I knew she had more in mind than showering.

I said sure no problem and we showered together groping and kissing lightly and then the water got cold quickly. We rinsed off and jumped out of the shower grabbing towels. We mock raced into the dining room where the futon was, leaving our clothes on the floor of the bathroom. Mark and Bob had their own rooms so we weren’t worried about being naked and Carri in her usual feisty self just laid back on the bed spread her legs. As I got close I dropped to my knees and she put her legs around my neck as I began licking her pussy.

Carri always had a certain fresh smell about her, sweet and yet real, not perfumed and that had not changed over the years. I was surprised that she had a landing strip patch of hair as she was always clean shaven before. She was very vocal, loudly moaning and writhing around as ate her. I looked up at her as I was eating her and her eyes were tight shut, I noticed Mark out of the corner of my eye stroking his cock standing in the doorway to the room he was occupying. I lifted from her pussy long enough to tell Mark to stick his cock in her mouth. Carri’s eye popped open and then as Mark approached her she closed her eyes and opened her mouth to take him in.

A few minutes later I noticed Bob with his Samsung S7 edge phone videoing us. I motioned for him to come closer and he shyly stepped closer keeping the phone on us. He moved to the edge of the bed and was zooming in and out of Mark’s cock going in and out of Carri’s mouth. Carri’s eyes opened and for a second I thought she was going to have a problem until I felt her hips lift and a small squirt in my mouth. She was loving it, and moaned louder on Mark’s cock.

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