All Good

by Ahazurak

Copyright© 2017 by Ahazurak

Flash Story: man comes home a day early. what does he find?

Caution: This Flash Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Revenge   .

This is a short one I wrote to try and get the creative juices flowing again. I have a couple stories I need to finish and am having a tough time putting words to paper. The idea is to take standard Loving Wives tropes and write a slightly different Loving Wives story. Please feel free to let me know how I did.


“Good job George, all that’s left is to pick up the listening devices and dismantle the cameras. We don’t need you for that so why don’t you email the report to the client and get the hell outta here? The boss will love saving a day of overtime for you,” Alex said with a grin. He knew that I was anxious to get back home and see the little lady. I quickly typed up the report and sent it, then used the hotels wi-fi to try and find a flight home. There was nothing out of Tampa that was headed home tonight but if I drove to Orlando I could catch a red eye and be walking through the door about noon.

I was ecstatic to get the job done early and head home. I even picked up some flowers to surprise the wife. The new job had been great for the pocketbook but hell on our romantic life. Thankfully now that the training was over my out of town trips would drop down to a couple days a month. We had never been apart for long stretches like this and I could tell it was affecting our marriage. I know had a much better understanding of civilian surveillance techniques both legal and otherwise, but at what cost? I knew that Cindy had been stressed lately as she had been snapping at me more than she usually did. Our sex life had also dropped down to almost nil.

We traveled in different social circles in high school and then seemed to keep bumping into each other after I got out of the Navy. After a couple times of this I decided to ask her out and we hit it off. For being such a stunner I was surprised when she told me she was a virgin. I had been very promiscuous before we got together and being unattached in the military let me sample many different flavors of women. She agreed to marry me but wanted to wait until we actually got hitched before going all the way. For eight months I got by with handjobs and the occasional blowjob until our wedding night. It was a good thing I loved her so damn much.

On our honeymoon I was determined to make sure that she would get over her inexperience. I spent hours between her legs with my tongue and fingers. I sucked and rubbed on her nipples more than any ten newborns. I made sure that she had at least three orgasms before I got near her pussy with my cock. By the time we got back to Detroit I had awakened a sexual dynamo. After a year we were fucking like rabbits every chance we got. We only slowed down when we were caught in the alley behind the Red Horse Saloon by the police. Thankfully they let us off with a warning and a laugh but we had to tone it down a bit. We had married seven years now and were thinking of starting a family. Last year we were going to start but I got laid off and she got a new boss. Her new boss was a former football player and built like a tank. Rumor had him getting hired because the company needed to diversify and hire more minorities. He was the only black manager in the company and came with the requisite jock attitude. Thankfully I was able to catch on with Advanced Surveillance Services after a few months of being unemployed, and today ended the training period and travel. I was looking forward to surprising her by getting home early. Maybe even get a little afternoon delight.

The first thing I noticed was a strange car parked across the road from our driveway. Instantly I thought of all those scenes in the porn stories where there was a strange car when the husband came home early. The hairs on the back of my neck began to rise. I didn’t open the garage because I didn’t want the noise to tip off either my surprise of being home or my surprise of being cuckolded. I went through the front door and heard a sound that made my heart break and my anger spike. When Cindy gets going she let’s out these little grunts and that is what I was hearing from the bedroom upstairs. I quietly walked up and brought my phone out. I was going to get pictures of the bitch screwing whoever she was. Probably her boss. She hadn’t mentioned her boss in a couple months so I immediately assumed I would catch them together. The dickhead had a reputation around the office and if reading porn sites has taught me anything it’s that it is always the boss.

“OH YEAH! Shove that thing in me baby! Make me your little whore!” Damn she was really getting into it. My anger surged as I opened the door and started taking pictures.

I was not prepared for what I saw.

My wife was lying on the bed with her legs spread wide open and working a vibrator between her legs. Her eyes were shut tight and she looked like she was really getting into it. The grunts were getting louder.

“Come on lover! Shove that rod deep into your wife’s pussy and make a baby!” she moaned. “Fuck your baby into me George, breed me!”

Damn! My woman was fantasizing about me getting her pregnant. She looked like a delectable slut as she was rubbing her clit with that vibrator one second, then shoving it so deep into her pussy that it almost disappeared. I went from pissed to aroused in about two seconds flat. I kept taking pictures but now it was because I wanted to remember this. I cleared my throat and she opened her and looked at me. Focusing through her lust she looked at me almost ferally.

“You’re home early,” she said as she pulled the vibrator out of her pussy with a slight squishing sound. Throwing it to the side she growled at me.

“Get those pants off and get that cock in me right now!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I dropped my pants and my boxers and stumbled over to the bed without kicking them off. She slid to the edge of the mattress and spread her legs a little farther so I could bury myself in her. One thrust and I was balls deep. She was hotter and wetter than the Everglades so I just went to town jack rabbiting into her. Thirty seconds after I started she was screaming my name and thirty seconds after that I was painting the inside of her womb with my babymakers. If she was off the pill this one would have knocked her up. I rolled off and finally managed to kick my pants and underwear off from around my feet and caught my breath. I looked over and she was breathing heavy and had the brightest post orgasmic glow. She smiled at me through a sheen of sweat and reached down between her legs to catch some of my spunk as it started to seep out.

She gave me a quick kiss then ran to the bathroom with her hand over her pussy so as not to drip. A couple minutes later I heard the toilet flush and the sink run for a few seconds. Then she came out and struck a pose in the doorway. At 5’6” tall her 34C breasts didn’t shown a hint of sag. And those dancers legs made her hips and ass look even better. Seeing that pussy being a little swollen made my cock lurch a little. It had been a long week.

She stopped posing and ran at me, launching herself so I would fall back into the bed with her on top of me. She tried to ram her tongue as far down my throat as she could. The vibrator was still buzzing so she reached over and tried to turn it off. It took her a second as she didn’t seem to be overly familiar with it.

“I am soo glad you’re back early! I can’t tell you how badly I needed that!” she gushed.

“What is this thing here?” I asked pointing to the slim silver object she had tossed on the dresser.

She looked at me with a naughty grin.

“Last Thursday the girls from work decided they wanted to go out and have some drinks.” she said.

My heart lurched a little bit. Did anything good ever come from a girls night out? Not in those stories it didn’t.

“Since I was horney and lonely and a little mad at you for being gone I figured I shouldn’t put myself into a situation with a bunch of drunk males looking to get laid, so I convinced the girls to come to my place, drink wine, and have a little hen party of sorts. After a few glasses of wine we got talking and Sharon wondered how I was holding up with you traveling so much. I told her how much it sucked especially with all the work drama, and that is when she suggested I get something to “take the edge off”. The girls helped me pick out a good one and I ordered it next day shipping. I wasn’t expecting you home until tomorrow so I figured I would try it out since I had a couple hours to myself. Then you walk in with that fabulous cock of yours and give me the real thing. Today is great!” she said. “OH that is Lexi’s car across the street, she had a couple too many and took a cab home. She should get it later today.”

I gave her a big kiss and we were ready for round two. I was a lot more gentle this time since she had worked her pussy over with that vibrator pretty well. I kissed it a lot to make it feel better. There was no hesitance or anything remotely like the chilliness that we had been experiencing for the last couple months. My wife was back. We both had shuddering although not earth shaking climaxes at almost the same time. As I slowly pulled myself out from her she just laid back gently played with the juices leaking out of her. Then she laid it on me.

“George, honey, we have to talk.”

SHIT! Now I know something bad is going to happen. In those stories that statement is always followed by something bad. I wasn’t going to let her tell me she wanted to fuck other guys I can tell you that!

“Devon, my boss, is being a prick and Tuesday I’m going to HR and file a complaint. Lately he’s been showing up wherever I’m eating and making all sorts of veiled innuendos. I would say something Monday but the HR manager is gone so I have to wait until Tuesday. Could you possibly take me to lunch or eat with me tomorrow so I don’t have to deal with him?” she asked.

I choked down my temper at the asshat and gave her what I hoped was a warm smile.

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