Henry's Security Measures

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Fiction Sex Story: A nasty fictional tale

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Rape   Fiction   Crime   School   Workplace   Incest   Mother   Son   Snuff   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Anal Sex   Voyeurism   .

This is a fictional, nasty story, composed years ago, initially inspired by a news item in UK of a 12 year old girl becoming pregnant, confessing to having five men aged 15 to 26 shagging her and not knowing the father. A mentally deficient traveller also raped a similar aged girl in France about the same time.

“You’re not going to work without doing your business Henry,” shouted Edith Clancy from the top of the stairs. Henry lumbered along the hallway to the lower steps and peered up the gloomy stairwell of the dingy, rundown, low quality, terraced house at the face grimacing over the rail. The curl of blue smoke from her cigarette gathered in a cloud, which hung over the landing. He saw the gap tooth grimace turn into what was deemed to be a smile as the huge man dragged off his high visibility work coat and start to climb. Edith went into the bedroom; her saggy tits flopping loosely as she climbed onto the bed and opened her legs. “I will be late you not having my dinner ready,” he muttered sulkily in his dense sullen tones as he entered the room and unzipped his woollen work trousers. “I was going.” “But I’m ill Henry. You know that. Now come on, be a good boy and try to make me better,” she wheezed after coughing violently and stubbing her cigarette in a piled ashtray on the bedside table.

She cackled to herself as he stepped out of the trousers, clumsily barging against the bed, which made his big donger swing and slap against his thick hairy thighs. All the time their eyes were fastened on each others sexual organs, with Edith naked and Henry getting naked. She grappled with the twin floppy sacks of her wasted breasts, pulling them up to her wrinkled face and suckled noisily on the flat inverted nipples, knowing that Henry was not late for the night shift, he just liked to be very very early. Edith’s bleary, gin sodden eyes feasted on his erection that had grown within the time he started to undress, as he in turn stared at the sparsely haired cluster of Edith’s cunt lips which seemed to form a complex lump of greyish pink folds, set low in their own sac below her flabby underbelly.

As Henry shuffled round the bed, his eight inches long and three inches thick prime 38 year old cock waving obscenely upright indicating his slow thoughtless progress, Edith let her tits roll into her sticky armpits and plunged her fingers into her hoary snatch to part the crumbling layers of labia to reveal the smeggy white deposited inner walls of her vagina. Then she grabbed the back of her thighs and pulled her legs up, angling her genitals upward for him.

At 6” 11” and 280 lbs., he always made her randy. In fact she was always randy, but she had very little to choose from in terms of men these days, not like the old days, she mused as his huge bulk towered over her. Now all she could rely on was just her fingers and Henry she thought, as his dick plunged pile hammer like into her 69 year-old wide open snatch.

As he fucked her relentlessly, without finesse, without foreplay and without tenderness, Edith watched intently as his one eye rolled, the glass eye fixed, his tongue lolled out and saliva dribbled from both sides of his slack lipped mouth. Earthy deep grunts uttered from Henry with each powered thrust as his greasy, black, unkempt hair flopped lankly round his pugnacious face. His thick, black, curtain like eyebrows knitted together across the ridge above his eye as he screwed his old mother. The bed creaked rhythmically, the headboard banging against the wall, but they were safe from neighbourly complaints as no one lived at either side of the decrepit terraced house and the places were boarded up. Demolition would take place – one day.

Suddenly the tempest of Henry”s orgasm erupted and he roared like a wounded lion as he pumped his incestual seed into Edith”s sterile but welcoming hole, joining the puddle that he had deposited there when she had gone to wake him up two hours earlier. As the big man collapsed onto her, Edith wondered whether she should see her doctor about the pain she had noticed inside her minge, when Henry had thrust his waking up erection into her. The blood that had seeped from her on his withdrawal had distracted her from cooking his meal; hence his comment minutes earlier. It had never hurt her before and how many fucks she had had, Edith could not remember, with Henry or all the others. ‘Going to work now mummy, ‘ he muttered, climbing off her and crouching for his clothes. She breathed easier without his immense bulk lying unthoughtfully on her worn out body and watched his prick soften as he buttoned his shirt, his naked loins smeared with his cum drips and her cunt discharge. “OK Henry and be a good boy won’t you?” she sniggered, knowing the family endearments always came after he had fucked her.

There were no endearments from him as he left her and Edith thought about her life and how it all started. How her only son had been her love child in so many ways since he was born. Abandoned with the baby by its father – she and he had been so sozzled with cheap lager, they both forgot condoms, she had staggered from street living to sheltered house to hostel until the authorities had found her this place. The state paid benefits to her handsomely and she augmented that with paying customers until she could find no one to pay even a fiver for her body. All the time however, she had the solid love and trust of her little boy who had grown to be such a big boy in more ways than one.

His schooling had been difficult with such a low mentality and the loss of an eye when he was 15 years old in a fight when one of her so-called boyfriends got drunk and tried to cut her up. This had put Henry even further out of contention when any decent job arose. Edith often wondered if she could get him work as a stud, such was his physical presence and prodigious sex drive nurtured by her since he was 5 years old. Even though she was well shagged by clients soon after Henry was born, she still enjoyed changing his nappies due to the gorgeous sight of his chunky long cock and balls.

One drunken night when a fella didn’t turn up she had succumbed to Henry”s naked waddling round the house, well - it was easier than washing his clothes all the time, and the sight of his youthful endowments had overcome her motherly instincts turning them into pure lust for a cock, any cock and from then on Henry had been brought up to fulfil his mother”s sexual appetite whenever and wherever she wanted to. Now he was earning. Although on very low wages, which he gave over completely to Edith, he helped pay bills and helped keep the law off her back. An ex-friend who Edith owed money to and paid off in dribs and drabs as when she could afford it threatened Edith. This was subsidised by another albeit unique method of payment in the other direction.

Henry arrived at the shopping mall still an hour early and wandered around the gradually emptying halls, nodding to the security staff in the same uniform as his. There was no conversation between him and the others; they found him creepy in his brooding silence and his one eyed glare. He had nothing to say anyway. He made his way to the security officer’s office as usual.

“Going for your lesson Henry?” smirked spotty, skinny Gary, from the engineer’s crew as Henry lumbered towards the door. Gary got a nod and hurried purposely away as Henry’s huge mitt banged on the door, which was opened by the immaculate Glenda Wright, ex-police, ex-government security and ex-prison officer - all posts held in Jamaica where she was born. The door was locked as Henry unzipped his trousers. Glenda stalked past him on her four inch stilettos, her enormous, bulging breasts bursting against the fine fabric of her pale blue jacket which was complemented by a navy blue tight skirt that finished three inches above her dimpled black knees. Her huge bubble butt rolled as she rounded her desk in the immaculately furnished and sparklingly clean ground floor office. Her 210-lbs. frame was much shorter than Henry’s, but built in more comforting roly-poly ways than the brawny bull like male who now stood free of his pants.

Glenda slumped heavily into her chair, her thick pink lips drooling at the sight before her and beckoned him round her desk with a crooked finger, licking her lips at the sumptuous sight of his massive tool swaying between his hairy legs. Henry stood before her and she leaned forward, clutching his heavy sac and digging her manicured black fingers, with their crimson painted nails deep into the moist smelly loose flesh behind his ballocks. “Fuck your mummy before you came?” she murmured, gathering up the flaccid weight of his donger and peeling back his grimy foreskin. He nodded sheepishly as she continued whilst flaring her wide nostrils over his bulbous knob end. “Thought so, still smells like her pussy. Well let’s clean you up, ‘ she added. “Filthy fuckers you Clancys, don’t know why I bother to do this, but I do.”

She opened a desk drawer and gathered a soapy cloth from sealed plastic bag specially placed there during her lunchtime. Carefully, thoroughly Glenda swabbed his now growing member, soaping it lovingly, rinsing it, smelling it again then repeating the process until Henry’s dick not only shone but stood proudly upright against his belly. “I think your mummy’s going to run into credit at the rate she’s getting for you Henry,” Glenda breathed as she tucked the cleaning materials away, her eyes hardly leaving his stallion like prick that quivered inches from her face. “Still I couldn’t give a shit. I just lurve this big boy.”

Henry stood mute as he always did. Ostensibly he was here for security lessons, but Glenda had run through them within the first half hour of the first theoretical lesson four months back, realising that her ex-friend’s son was beyond teaching the finer points and gave him the most basic of duties. One of the most basic of them was to service her body in every orifice whenever he arrived at work and she was available. It provided her with sexual sustenance without any emotional baggage, enabling her to concentrate on her career.

At a fiver a time - Glenda happily paid Henry within his official weekly wages, augmented with her cash and was totally honest with Edith who benefited for each fuck Henry supplied the black woman with. Glenda saw it as supply and demand and was delighted to have got such a quick and satisfactory deal with the grief stricken Edith when Glenda had stumbled on the incestual goings on in the Clancy household. The women”s friendliness led to Glenda letting herself into the Clancy household at will and vice versa when she had lived in the same street. Edith had become too laid back and slack with her safety precautions and was being vigorously fucked by Henry over the kitchen table when Glenda had arrived. The shock had parted the women and severed their friendship and then Glenda had blackmailed Edith while being badly paid until she worked up through promotions, moved house and landed this important post at the mall. But the shock had been tempered with the revealing vision seared in her mind of the huge man’s huge member and she worked out a deal with the evil old prostitute Edith and had given him the job.

Now she dipped her head and stretched her gob over Henry”s cock crown. Her massive pink lips eased onto his deep glans ridge and remained still like a hose over a tap as she adjusted to the bulk of his knob. Her fingers traced the bulging lines of veins that coursed over his shaft and then she put both hands round his sac to heft his enormous testicles. Breathing through her fat flared nostrils, Glenda started to suck, feeling his glans react and fill her salivating mouth. After some heavy breathing moments, she eased her lips off and gasped. “Shit! That’s enough of that. I want it up me right now,” she growled earthily.

Glenda pushed Henry away and stood, hoisting her skirt not without difficulty over her childbearing hips to reveal a tiny white thong that was almost lost in it’s tight folds round her fleshy torso. She barged past her employee and slumped forward over her desk, purposely cleared of office debris. She reached round her wobbling butt and probed for the tiny thong string deep in the dark crevasse of her buns. Henry stood stock still knowing his place. Delicately, the security officer slid her fingers under the moist silk and pulled it to one side, at the same time widening her stocky legs. “My cunt wet Henry?” she demanded. He peered in to the warm blue black valley that she opened for him, holding her buttocks wide with both of her hands. Henry saw the flower pink inner petals of her steaming gash and indeed saw the bubbles of her juices gathered on the rim of the red hole beyond. “Yes Miss Wright,” he answered dumbly. “Stick your fingers in and put some of that wet on my arsehole,” she told him. “Then stick your cock in my cunt and fuck it hard.” Henry Clancy could take simple orders for sure and carried them out to the letter. Seconds later his prick was ballock deep in Glenda’s welcoming snatch and he was barging energetically as she grasped the edge of her sturdy desk.

“Fucking hell can he go, or what?” giggled Gary to his colleagues in the rest room down the corridor. “What do you think Shar?” “And he does that every day?” queried Sharon Parker, the new 17 year old girl on the staff, as she pinched her thighs together. “Yep? Every day she’s here and that’s most of them,” smirked Giles, a university student doing part time work to subsidise his boozing pleasures. “Fancy a piece of meat like that then Sharon?” chortled Walter, the oldest and the sergeant of the security crew taking their tea break. Sharon ignored him as his eyes ran over the plump arse of the young recruit. Walter leaned back in his chair, sipping his tea and tried to lower his viewpoint to glimpse up the back of her black uniform skirt. He had seen the Henry/Glenda performance so many times anyway, but Gary, Giles and any of the security crew available watched every transmission via the pinhole camera they had installed in Glenda”s office and toilet and fed into the rest room video TV.

Sharon’s bulky thighs clad in the regulation black, sheer tights, were clenched together and he saw the tell tale tightening of her buttocks. As she leaned forward, with her mouth opening more by the second, Walter pretended to drop his cigarette packet and swiftly looked under Sharon”s skirt and saw only black nylon cladding and no bare flesh – he hoped for stockings. He also knew that Gary and her were sort of an item, but she had a reputation in town as a bit of a slag, so Walter had had no problem in taking her on board, recommending her to Glenda, in the hope he might get his hands on her fanny one day. “Jeesussss!” gasped Sharon. “He’s putting it in her arse ... Urgghhh!” “Good work in moving that camera Gary,” murmured Giles quietly, thinking of how he had been into his girlfriend’s bum only the previous night in return for help with her Latin dissertation. “Yeah!” muttered Gary, jiggling his hands in his pockets, wondering if Sharon would let him do that one day. “The next bit is always interesting too, when she hoses it down heh heh!” The only reason he was letting Sharon into the cam secret was in hopes of buggering her. Henry always buggered Glenda and sometimes she only wanted the great donger in her fundament totally ignoring her cunt sometimes.

Henry came in Glenda”s hugely stretched arsehole accompanied by his usual roar, with his massive pole rammed totally into her forgiving sphincter. Glenda’s face was tucked down onto her forearms as she felt the fountain of his seed splatter her bowels. As always, the thought of a cross bred white/black child with Henry’s mental deficiencies seared her mind at this stage and as her cunt and prominent bright red cherry clitty had had it’s daily stimulation together with the almost animal like stuffing of her ass, she told him to pull out and get dressed, happy in the knowledge that her fears were unfounded. Her pill programme saw to that problem.

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