Farewell Fuck

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Grant has stolen millions from his employer. His farewell (before the money is missed) involves a final fuck session with his fuck buddy Amber. Her teenage daughter Bree comes home drunk whilst he is still horny (and Amber has passed out). Grant helps himself to both of them.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Rape   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Size   Small Breasts   .

My name is Grant and I am 40 years old. I have been divorced for over 10 years. I keep myself fit - going to the gym each day, and occasionally picking up a fuck partner from the young ladies and married women who have admired my abs whilst I’ve worked out.

Amber is my current fuck buddy. She and I have been regular fuck buddies for the last six months. We would normally get together at her place when her daughter Bree had organised a sleep-over at a friends place. Feeling particularly daring we had fucked on the conference room table after work on a Friday afternoon when everyone else had headed to the local bar.

Amber was 35 years old, currently single after ending a disastrous marriage of five years to Albert. Bree had been born early in the marriage, and the marriage never really recovered from having a child so early in it.

Let me describe Amber - short (5ft 3ins tall) carrying just a little extra weight ... most of which was on her breasts and her full ass. I loved her body, having spent lots of time playing with it. Her breasts were an F-cup, full and rounded with long pink nipples. She had a nice flat tummy, sitting nicely above her shapely hips.

Her pussy mound was totally devoid of hairs - it was hard to tell if the hair on her head was naturally blonde, or had been dyed that shade. It was always impeccably done ... except just after we’d had a vigorous fuck session when it looked very wind swept.

Amber loved her sex ... loved play acting various situations. She especially loved my long and fat cock ... loved it drilled deep inside her, spewing my cum load against her cervix. She’d measured it one time... 10 inches from top to bottom, and as thick as her wrist.

It was Friday afternoon ... everyone had departed our employer’s law firm offices. Amber and I were paralegals, handling mainly conveyancing of property settlements. It was one of these settlements that caught my eye ... and set in train the sequence of events that I will tell you about here.

Just before the close of the bank transfer window, I redirected the contents of the firm’s trust account to my account in the Cayman Islands using Amber’s system access code. The total transfer was $500 million - the amount held in escrow for a shopping centre purchase that the firm was acting for on behalf of the purchaser - settlement was scheduled for Monday morning, with the funds sitting in the firm’s trust account for the weekend.

The transfer would not be missed until Monday morning when I would be long gone. I had been planning my escape for weeks.

“C’mon lets go” I beckoned to Amber having just done the deed, and logged off the system.

We were heading to a bar then back to her place for my final fuck with her. My car was packed with my meagre belongings - I could buy my replacements with my windfall from the firms trust account.

The bar was crowded, with Amber and I were pushed together quite often by the noisy crowd around us. I had my arm around us, but she had her hand resting on my cock most of the time ... grabbing it and stroking it.

It got to about 10 PM and she was buzzing from her drinks ... and the little something extra that I had slipped in her drink. She had steadfastly refused me access to her ass, but tonight I would be plundering her tight ass ... in addition to her mouth and pussy. I’d already taken my little blue pill to ensure my own stamina.

It was about 2 AM ... we’d been fucking steadily for about 3 hours so far.

I had Amber on her back, legs over my shoulders whilst pounding her tight little pussy. It was spasming all around my cock - she was close to orgasm ... and also getting very exhausted too.

“Yes ... take my fucking big cock you fucking cum slut ... you just love my cock” I growled at her.

“Fuck me ... fuck me ... I’m all yours daddy” she moaned.

We had been playing a father - daughter fantasy for the last 30 minutes.

“Aghhhhh ... I’m cumming daddy ... cumming all over your big daddy cock” she yelled as she exploded, drenching my cock with her juices, and squeezing my shaft tightly. I wasn’t quite there when she exploded ... I was thinking that she may be leaving me with a hardon and no relief if I didn’t get a move on.

Yep ... that happened. She passed out on me.

“Fuck...” I muttered under my breath as I withdrew from her temporarily lifeless body.

I was in the kitchen having a glass of water when I heard a noise behind me. I thought that Amber had awoken from her slumber and was looking for me.

I still had a massive hardon, so with cock in hand at the ready I turned to face the noise ... only to find it was her daughter Bree ... and she was looking totally wasted.

“Oh fuck” I muttered as I took in her clothing ... or lack of it.

She was wearing a very loose fitting thin top ... so loose that one of the thin straps had fallen off her shoulder leaving one breast totally exposed. Her breasts had just started to develop ... I’d estimated an A or B cup with a puffy pink areola and a small hard slightly darker nipple.

A silky thin micro mini skirt did very little to hide her legs and her tummy. On her feet were impossibly high strappy high heels. She was having problems standing in them - either they were too high or she was too drunk, or a combination of them both.

My cock throbbed at the sight.

Bree was 14 years old ... and an image of her mother ... except for the extra weight that her mum carried on her breasts and ass.

I’d checked her out a few times when she’d visited the office. Now I could see most of the charms that I had often wondered about.

“What are you doing home?” I asked.

“You are drunk” I added before she could speak.

She swayed about and looked to almost fall before I grabbed her, holding her against me.

“Oh fuck” I gasped, feeling my hard cock pressing against her bare tummy and her exposed breast pressing against my chest. I had a hand on her ass holding her close. She smelt great - her perfume was intoxicating.

She was leaning against me, showing no sign of attempting to stand on her own. I was conflicted - she was so young and sexy, and so available for the taking. I could fuck her and be gone before the sun rose in the morning.

What tipped me over the edge was her small soft hand grasping my cock. It overrode anything that my brain was telling me - telling me that she was too young ... and totally wasted to boot.

My cock won.

I picked her up, sitting her on the kitchen bench. I ran my hand over her exposed breast - it was so soft with a hard little nipple. I pushed the other strap off her shoulder, and the top fell to around her waist, exposing both of her developing beauties.

I ran my hands over them, feeling their shape and weight ... and lightly pinching her nipples.Her eyes were closed - she was enjoying my touches. I bent over, and ran my tongue across each of her nipples, then returned to suck on each of them.

“Oh ... oh...” she moaned softly.

I kissed her. She evidently had some kissing experience - she was soon returning my kisses with passion ... and tongue. I slipped a hand between her thighs, pushing them apart to give me access to her pussy.

My fingers found bare skin where I expected to find panties. I found a wet little pussy with my finger tips, running them up and down the crease between her lips. I needed to see what I was fingering so I knelt down, pushing her skirt up to around her hips.

She had a totally bare mound.

I ran my tongue along her wet lips, and then pushed the tip between them finding a little river of her juices. I licked them up ... they tasted amazing. For the next five minutes, I devoured her pussy, licking her little clitty, and tongue-fucking the entrance to her tight pussy canal.

“Oh ... oh ... mmmmmm” she was moaning louder, and pushing her pussy against my mouth.

My brain wasn’t thinking too clearly, obviously overruled by my cock when I found myself biting and sucking the skin on her bare pubic mound - imparting a love bite which would be quite dark and sizable. I was marking my territory, and leaving no doubt that someone had plundered this young girl’s virtue.

She was moaning continually, and increasing in volume. I needed to silence her lest she wake up her mother with her passionate responses to my attentions.

I stood up, and with cock in hand I positioned at her tight entrance. The difference in size between my cock and her small pussy entrance was never so apparent as then. My cock was extra thick, and she was so small.

My brain should have told me to stop, but Mr Cock told me to continue.

I nudged it inwards ... getting it seated ready for my full entry. My lips came back to hers - we kissed again ... and I firmly pushed into her tight hot pussy.

I encountered resistance ... a hymen. She was a virgin - totally unexpected given the way that she was dressed.

I should have stopped but my cock was totally in control now. It was like a heat seeking missile ... wanting to find the hottest part of her core ... and that was deep inside her virgin pussy.

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