Mistaken: Camping Out

by Dread Mervin Roberts

Copyright© 2017 by Dread Mervin Roberts

Erotica Sex Story: When a group of friends are out drinking while camping, a case of mistaken identity occurs in a dark tent at night to the surprise of the recipient.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Drunk/Drugged   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   .

I handed one of the two red cups of beer to Michelle as I sat on the log next to her, heavily since I had lost count of the drinks a while ago. The slowly dying camp fire was a great warmth against the cool, spring night air in the forest.

“Man, James,” I called out to where he was pressed up against his girl on the other side of the fire, loud enough to be heard over the chattering of the couple dozen milling around seniors and juniors who managed to make it. “Thanks again for the keg! Woo!”

Even as Michelle was shushing me, repeated cries, like drunken bird calls, echoed back “woo!”.

“Baby, just chill out, alright?” Michelle soothed as she took another gulp of her drink. “After I finish this, I’m going to go find my tent and climb into my sleeping bag.” I must have had a sad look on my face or something, so she explained patiently. “And after a few minutes, you should come sneak into my sleeping bag too.”

I know I must have been wearing an incredibly goofy smile. While Michelle and I have been going out for months, she would always complain my car was too small to have sex in, then make it up to me by giving fantastic head while I fingered her. It seems tonight was the night!

While she drank her lukewarm beer down, I just watched her in the fire light. She had southeast Asian hints to her features from her Korean grandmother I had learned, brought back from some war as a bride to our tiny town. Her dark hair reflected orange in the dying light, and I roamed my gaze up and down her diminutive frame in appreciation. She had very little curves, but good how I enjoyed them.

I quaffed the rest of my drink to finish it off, then scooped my arm around her, playfully pawing at her shirt near her tits. She shoved back at me, not enjoying public affection.

“I can’t wait to come in your...” I paused, drawing out saying, “tent.”

“Oh Derek! Make sure to be quiet. I am sharing with Chrissy tonight.” She was referring to one of the cute raven haired twins in our class.

“Aww,” I mock complained.

“Don’t worry, she’s a heavy sleeper when she’s drunk. Just don’t step on her, ok?”

I kissed her forehead. “Of course,” I mumbled into the hair on top of her head. It smelled nice, like some tropical fruit. She made a cute little sigh of contentment as she rested against me, and we sat like that for a few minutes.

She started, and I realized she had been nodding off. “Imma gonna go now. See you soon,” she slurred to me, and staggered to her feet with a little help. I chuckled drunkenly as I watched her weave her way though the trees to the tents. As I looked around, many other people had already gone to bed or were starting to drift away too.

I waited a couple minutes, staring at the embers spitting in the darkness. I levered myself up to my feet and wobbled there unsteadily. “Night guys,” I mumbled to whoever was left nearby. My jeans were getting tight thinking about what was about to happen. I’d finally get into Michelle’s pants!

I wove through the trees, lurching towards some of the tents, trying but failing to be quiet. I spotted the big tent I had helped Michelle setup earlier. The nearest tent was quite far away, so I quietly took off my clothes before I entered. Unzipping the tent slowly to not make too much noise, and carrying my clothes under my arm, I snuck just inside and placed my small pile just outside the door. I quietly zipped the tent door back up.

I turned then and saw dark hair sticking out of the bag near me. I leaned down, my erection bouncing against my stomach, and smelled her hair. God I loved that tropical aroma she always used. I carefully opened the sleeping bag, which she had thoughtfully left unzipped for me, and slipped inside the warmth. As I lay down beside her, I realized she was dead asleep already, but I knew she had wanted tonight to be the night. It was what she had been talking about for a couple weeks.

Not letting too much beer ruin her intentions, I fumbled with the small night shirt she was wearing, lifting it up and feeling up her lovely tits. She purred in her sleep, but my cock was begging me to get on with it. I pulled aside her tiny thong to get access to her pussy, finding it mostly dry. I proceeded to work on her with long experience - rubbing around the outside to work some moisture up, then gently easing one thick finger in between her tight lips to get it slick all over. I slipped it higher and pushed inside her tightness while my thumb began to gently work on teasing her clit without my pressure. After a moment, she began to moan lightly in her sleep, and her hips started rocking, trying to put more pressure on my thumb.

Suddenly, she held still and I could feel her body jerk, tightening around my finger. That was a fast one, even for her. She started to mumble, “wha... ?”

I shushed her in the darkness. “Quiet, we don’t want to wake her up.” I found and guided her hand to my erection. “I’ve waited so long to get this inside you. Can you feel how hard it is?”

After a moment, with my finger still inside of her, but otherwise still, she nodded. “Do you want me to take you tonight? Fill you with this big cock?” A long pause, then she thrust her hips against my hand and nodded. “Can you be quiet for me?” She nodded, no pause this time. “Good,” I breathed into her ear. “Lie on you stomach and take off those panties so I can feel your cute little ass against me.”

With some not so quiet wiggling, zippers jingling slightly, she did as I told her. I lay on top of her, pressing my hard length between those pert cheeks. I kissed the back and side of her neck for a moment, then reached down to press my cock down between her legs, where it then sprang upwards, placing me against her moist lips. I slowly shifted my hips like that, getting me covered with her wetness and letting her finally feel the moment we’ve been waiting for arriving.

“Guide me inside of you. I want you to feel it as I finally get to fuck you,” I ordered quietly.

I could feel Michelle shift under me, then her small hand grasped my slick shaft. She scooted a little and I felt the head of my cock slip through her lips and notch at her entrance. I felt her mouth seek out and find my wrist that I was leaning on, wrapping her mouth around it to muffle any sound. It was so sexy to feel her getting ready that I just paused for a moment, only shifting my hips a little, thrusting a minute amount in and out, letting her adjust to the feeling of me stretching her out.

Apparently this was too slow for her, as she pushed her hips up, capturing half my cock in a flash. I could feel her gasp and then bite down a little. I waited still a moment longer, not wanting to hurt her. When she wiggled again, I began to pull out ever so slowly, loving every second I could feel her gripping around me tightly as I slid out. When I had only the bulbous head left inside, I began to work equally slowly back in. About halfway in, she pushed back against again, this time hard, taking all of me inside her then. I could feel her groan, and I clamped onto the side of her neck to silence my own noises of pleasure, biting her gently.

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