by aaaFantasy

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Erotica Sex Story: A husband discovers what he is missing in his marriage through a gloryhole.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Oral Sex   .

I can’t believe I’m on my way to get a blowjob from a complete stranger; someone I won’t even meet. Frustration has brought me on this drive to some adult store on the fringe of town. Six years of marriage now and my wife won’t even lick my cock, let alone suck the thing.

Don’t get me wrong; sex is okay with her. The only thing off limits is my cock in her mouth. Anal sex – a go. Whips – she asks for it. She even had me piss on her tits once, in the shower. But what frustrates me to the point that I was now going to get an oral sex fix was her insatiable demand for me to lick her pussy and clit to orgasm without once her reciprocating.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t give her oral sex anyways, believe me I love tasting a lovely pussy, and the excitement of a female slashing around with orgasm from my tongue is wonderful. But I’m getting off track here, daydreaming to the point that I gave myself an erection.

When I first saw the word I didn’t even know what a ‘glory-hole’ was, until I read some of the posts at an adult message board that my wife and I are regular members.

I put the word out of my mind. I mean even without receiving blowjobs, I am happily married. I wasn’t looking for anything like that without my wife.

Then after a couple of months, after a failed attempt to get my wife to suck my cock, a new user, by the name of ‘SpermGrl’, posted a message that she wanted to try and do a glory-hole right here in my little town. Some other poster had added to her message that there was a local adult store just on the outskirts of town that had a bathroom set up especially for such fun. SpermGrl followed up with a post stating that she’d be at that store on today’s actual date.

My wife was out shopping so I didn’t pause long enough to talk myself out of going; instead I just jumped into the car and drove.

Now I find myself pulling into the adult store’s parking lot and staring at the store’s sign where it blinked in a blacked out window: ‘Guilty Pleasures’.

My erection renewed itself, so I let my penis decide our course of action and I turn off the ignition and walk into the store.

I browsed the aisle which contained porn DVDs where I could also watch the two doors which were labeled ‘HIS’ and ‘HERS’. No one came out or went in either, so I take a deep breath of fresh recycled air, take a quick peek over to the bored clerk – oddly he’s reading a romance novel – and then I walk into the ‘HIS’ bathroom.

What I was suppose to do was obvious; there was a whole cut at crotch level which is easily large enough for my cock’s girth. There was a black Magic-marker arrow drawn pointing at the hole with a single instruction: INSERT.

I was still extremely hard, as if my cock knew what was about to happen to him, and probably from looking at the promo pictures on the back of the DVDs I was browsing a minute earlier. So I dropped my pants and inserted as instructed.

After a second soft fingers and gentle nails start stroking my shaft. Then the warmth of a moist mouth engulfs it. The unseen stranger is far from being a professional at oral sex, but she makes up for it with pure fervor.

Over the course of about five minutes I ejaculate five times; she takes every one of my loads in her mouth.

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