Mistaken: Field Trip

by Dread Mervin Roberts

Copyright© 2017 by Dread Mervin Roberts

Sex Story: In a case of mistaken identity, a teen boy has a mind blowing experience with the girl he always pined for.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   School   Cheating   Anal Sex   Analingus   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   Public Sex   .

It was on a field trip during high school that I had one of the wildest moments of my life.

Field trips were always rare - our little school served a sparse region of dotted farms of many “towns”. The nearest city was hours away. But, every once in a rare while, we’d load up on a rented school bus, half filled, and travel into the distance. We’d have to get to school a couple of hours early, and we’d eat lunch once we arrived, then spend a glorious afternoon in civilization. All too soon, it would be time to trek back onto the bus, and we’d drive for hours in the dark back home.

On this Friday trip in my junior year, apparently we were going to be even later coming home, but our principal got it in her head that we HAD to see the President speak, even though it was just another campaign stop for him.

The speech felt canned and tired, and by the time I got on the bus, so was I. I flopped my scrawny self into the last seat towards the back, lay down, and proceeded to get comfortable while the other students poured themselves into the other seats towards the front and middle. Thankfully, they told us we’d probably want to bring pillows and blankets this trip, so I was able to settle in nicely.

An unknown amount of time passed, then someone was shaking me awake from the seat in front of me. “Hey, hey Kev”, James, one of the seniors, whispered to me. I could barely make anything out in the darkness.

“Wha...” I croaked groggily.

“Switch places with me. Help me out.”

More than half asleep, “why?” I started and then I must have fallen back asleep.

More shaking. “Please, c’mon man.”

“What is so,” I started to say.

“Shh,” he hushed me.

“ ... Damned important about being in the back,” I finished quieter. “Almost every seat around here is empty.”

“You know, Lisa, my girlfriend?” He asked.

“Yes, fuckwit, everyone knows you landed the hottest girl in school,” I thought. But I said “Yeah?”

“She said she might come back here tonight so we can fool around. Help me out?”

Sighing, just wanting to sleep, I began to quietly get up.

“Thanks man, I owe you a solid!”

Gathering my things, I moved a couple seats forward, not wanting to be close by for whatever they planned on doing, and pulled the blanket up over my head. After the cool seat warmed up under me, I drifted off again.

I began to dream about Lisa, the blonde bombshell farmer-girl. She was like liquid sunshine was shaped into an athletic body. That sunshine would pour out when she smiled. I’ve had the hardest time not staring at her beautiful chest, or shapely tight ass, particularly in the warmer months when she would wear these thin, tiny shirts and shorts smaller than most of my boxers. As often happened when she featured in my sex dreams, her ample chest was quickly freed of tiny clothing and she would beg me to come on them. I was working on doing just that in my dream when the dream took a different turn and she started tugging on me.

I was woken up again, but this was very different. At first, I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming, since the tugging at my erection was just as present, if not more intensely.

It was pitch black in the bus, but I could feel someone sitting on the edge of the bench seat. That someone had worked my erection free under the blanket and was jerking me off! They must have felt me start to wake up because whoever it was leaned towards me, holding my hardness in their hand, and whispered, “Shh, let me have some fun with you tonight.”

“But,” I started to protest.

“Shh,” the girl repeated, this time placing her fingers on my lips clumsily in the darkness.

I gave up protesting as she began sliding her hand up and down my shaft again. The girl wasn’t at all timid, but not rough - she was giving a glorious amount of pressure with her grip, but not tugging too hard. I wanted this moment to last forever.

Her other hand traced down my side under the blanket, finding my hand. She pulled it out from under the blanket and slid it under her shirt. I groaned quietly as I realized she had no bra on, and for the first time in my life, I was holding a breast. And judging by the size, this had to be Lisa. She must have seen that James wasn’t in the far back and gotten us mixed up.

Realizing it was Lisa, I moaned and squirmed as my orgasm started to approach. She pushed my hand off of her, pulled aside the blanket, and popped the head of my cock into her mouth. If I wasn’t already starting to cum, I sure as hell would have started as I felt her warm and wet lips clamp gently around my cockhead. Her hand on my cock became more deliberate, expertly milking my load into her mouth. I gasped as each pulse of my orgasm felt like a hammer blow of pleasure to my mind and body. She rapidly swallowed as I spent myself inside of her. Gradually, she slowed down as my throbbing came to a conclusion.

She changed position, leaning her head near mine. “That was a big and fast load. Did you miss me that much?” She chuckled quietly as my hardness began to slightly soften in her grip.

She could feel me nodding in the dark.

“Well, then, we aren’t in a rush. Here, I know you love to suck on these,” she breathed huskily. I felt her let go of me, adjusting something. Suddenly, my heart stopped as I felt her large breast pressing against the side of my face. She shifted, putting one of her nipples against my lips. I was gasping in surprise, so it popped right into my mouth. I greedily began to work on one of the tits I have jerked off to in my mind a million times. I brought my hands up to grab both. I licked, I sucked, kissed and chewed all over. She laughed as she felt my vigor, both in action and my returning hardness. “God, you usually play with them, but you are seriously getting me worked up with that.”

I could not believe what she did next. She fumbled around with something, having let go of me. She half crouched and spun. I felt one of her legs brush my nose as it passed over my face. I felt some sort of fabric settle across my face as more weight settled onto the bench. I reached up and almost jumped as I realized she was kneeling over me, her shirt still half held up. I slid my hands down her sides until, past her hips, I felt bare legs. She was wearing a skirt, so as I ran my hands back up her legs, I was suddenly holding her bare ass cheeks in my hands!

I felt her lean down and shift her weight somehow, which had two immediate consequences. Her mouth was kissing the underside of my now very hard erection and her very wet pussy was just touching the end of my nose. I had no idea what to do, never even having thought about what I would do the first time I was face to face with a girl’s privates.

I began to explore timidly with my tongue, tasting a horny girl and finding it to be every bit of heaven as I could have imagined. I ran my tongue up and down ridge-like parts as I desperately tried to remember those terrible diagrams they used in sex ed. I pushed my tongue harder against her, which pushed the lips apart and I was rewarded as she engulfed my cock in her mouth to stifle her moan.

Since she liked what I had been doing before, I just explored around, letting her gasps and twitches guide me. I learned that she liked it when I slowly licked up and down her outer lips, then plunged my tongue deep inside of her as far as I could reach. She would reward each of my deep plunges by taking as much of me into her mouth as she could. When I would press my tongue against a little protrusion at the other end of her lips, she would do this amazing suction thing and moan, fluttering her tongue against the tip of my cock.

Even though I had just blasted a few minutes prior, I could feel the pressure building towards a climax. I guess she was joining me by how much she was squirming. But, the night of surprises kept rolling as on one of my deep plunges, when my tongue was out hard and far, she shifted and pressed her asshole onto my tongue, at the same time she plunged her head down and I could feel my cock slip into her throat.

I felt her climax as I lay there astonished to think about the hottest girl in school with my tongue in her ass and my cock deep inside her mouth. Her entrance pulsed as she let out a guttural sound around my cock. I came hard and abruptly, and I could feel my load shooting straight down her throat.

As she finished a shuddering orgasm over me, I felt her slowly release my organ and start to catch her breath.

She gingerly climbed up off of me, turned around and lay down on top of me, her head resting on my shoulder. “My god,” she whispered. “You have never made me get off like that before. And I can’t believe you finally...” She leaned up to kiss me. I was dazed as she started to kiss me then froze.

“Uh, you aren’t James. Who are you?”

“Kevin,” I reluctantly admitted.

“Well, fuck.” She was quiet for a long, long moment. “Fuck,” she muttered, followed by another pause. “Ok,” she said, placing a hand on my chest. “Tomorrow - this never happened. I love James and am going to marry that boy. Understand?”

“Yeah. Not a word. Not on my life,” I solemnly swore.

“Ok.” She was still for a moment, then put her head down on my shoulder to rest.

We lay still for a bit, my exposed member slowly drying and deflating in the night air. Not knowing at all what to do next, I was hardly even daring to breathe, never mind move.

“Say, Kevin,” Lisa whispered. “You absolutely won’t tell anyone? When morning comes, this never happened?”

“Not a soul because this night didn’t happen.”

“Well, come the morning, this night never happened. But, the night isn’t over yet.” I was astonished as I felt her hand grasp my shrunken penis. “Would you do something for me James won’t?”

“Name it,” I replied because even I am not that much of a colossal idiot.

“We’re both saving ourselves for marriage,” she explained. I was grateful the dark hid my eyes rolling. “But, while I don’t want to lose my virginity, I really want to feel what it is liked to get fucked.” My cock was coming back for another round rapidly in her hand. I “mmhmm”ed quietly.

“Well, when your tongue went ... where it did, that made me feel so damned good. Since James wouldn’t even talk to me for a week when I suggested it, maybe ... maybe since tonight isn’t happening, could you, maybe, you know,” she trailed off, not willing to say it out loud. My revived cock was throbbing hard in her lightly moving hand.

“For you, Lisa - anything.”

She sighed a sigh of relief so quietly, I barely could hear it. She shifted on top of me, positioning her very wet pussy on top of my cock. She kissed me, really me, then and while we made out, she gently rocked her hips, dragging her wetness all up and down my shaft, working herself up.

She was tall enough to still be able to lean down, pressing those gorgeous breasts between us, and put her lips near my ear. “God, I can’t believe I’ve sucked you off twice now - I can still taste you. And you feel so good against my pussy,” she breathed heavily.

Telling me just how naughty she was being, in retrospect, was turning her on as much as actually doing it. “Just a little bit different of a position, and you’d be,” she slid up and down my whole length as punctuation for each word she spoke next. “Deep.” Slide. “Inside.” Slide. “Me.” Slide. I felt her weight increase on me a bit as she lifted her hands up to find mine. She guided them directly to her ass cheeks this time. My cock kept throbbing, pushing upwards against her

“Can you feel how wet you’re making me even thinking about it?” I nodded since she could certainly feel my reaction.

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