First Times

by aaaFantasy

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Erotica Sex Story: A couple meets and during sex tell each other about their first times. I guess you could call this meta-erotica.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   .

I’ve been with Amy for eight months now, and oddly happy with the routine life has settled into. I’m 31 now, so I guess this is what they call normal life. Don’t get me wrong; our relationship is far from boring.

Amy is only 22, and, where sex is involved, is insatiable. I met her at a friend’s house during a Super bowl party last February; she’s my friend’s niece. I was very boisterous about the AFC team, especially after they quickly scored first.

By the half-time show, though, I was much quieter with my team down by ten points and I found myself being teasingly berated by this cute little tomboy about my poor choice of conferences.

She was a mere 5’1” and skinny, but being a tomboy she was holding her own in our football fanatic party getting just as loud as us guys. Her eyes are a bright, joyful blue. She was in sweatpants and the NFC team’s jersey, and wore no makeup, but was still very cute. What did it for me though was how she had her long blonde hair pulled through the hole made by the adjustment band on her baseball cap. Like I said she was a capitol-T, tomboy.

Well, at halftime I went into the kitchen to refresh my Seven and 7, and to get a breather from yelling that my team can easily come back to win. Amy had followed me into the kitchen and from behind me she asked; “You got faith enough to make a friendly wager on the game?”

As I dropped ice cubes into my empty glass I asked; “Seems unfair betting with us only down by ten.”

She had the cutest giggle; “Okay; I’ll give you fourteen; means your actually winning.”

As I finished pouring in the Seven-up I asked; “Okay, cocky little girl, what’s on the line?”

When I turned for her answer she was standing so close, with a sly little grin, that I almost spilt my drink on her. She whispered so that only I could hear; “The loser gives the winner oral sex tonight.”

Needles to say, it doesn’t matter who won. We’ve been together ever since.

So tonight, eight months and a new NFL season, Amy is coming over to catch our local team’s home game, just her and I.

Just as I pull the homemade pizza out of the oven I hear the front door open and close; “Hey, Amy; turn on the game, pizza’s just about ready,” I yell out to her.

“The pizza smells good, but impossible on the game, damn thing’s blacked out, again.”

Amy comes into the kitchen with her bad news but softens it with a quick kiss before pulling two beers out of my fridge. “We can always go over to Wing’s Sports Bar to catch the game if you want, Amy.”

“Nah; no use watching just another loss. Let’s eat your wonderful pizza, drink too many beers, and catch a cheesy movie on cable.”

“Sounds like my dream honeymoon.” She playfully slaps me on my ass at my dry joke.

So we settle down on the couch and enjoy some pizza and beer, and laugh through 30 Year Old Virgin. When the movie ends Amy turns more toward me and places one of her smooth legs across mine and we enjoy a sensual kiss. Her attitude may be tomboy but her sexuality is all female.

When the kiss finally breaks Amy takes the remote and turns off the TV, then turns her attention back to me with one of her ‘we’re about to have sex’ smiles. Instead she asks; “Tell me about how you lost your virginity.”

I was taken aback; “Damn; that was a long, long, time ago. I was thirteen; I don’t think I could remember.”

Amy straddles my lap, facing me, and pouts with her lower lip puffed out so sexily; “Please,” she draws out, “nobody forgets their first time. I’ll make it worth your while.”

Damn, she’s so cute when she teases; so I start telling her; “Like I said; I was thirteen, just turned thirteen by a day.

“My dad was in the Navy, and we were stationed at the miserably boring base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; yes, where the prison thing was built; it wasn’t there then though. I hung out with a small group of friends; we were head-bangers; Ozzy and Metallica rules types. Steve I., his girlfriend Peggy something, Danny B., and his girlfriend, and my best friend, Betsy C ... Like you, she was a tomboy and very cute.”

Amy mmms; “She the one who popped your cherry?”

I scold; “You want me to tell it or not?”

Amy teasingly wiggles her firm butt on my crotch, which is already semi-hard; “Sorry, Sir.” I kiss the tip of her button nose to show she’s forgiven.

“As I said;” I continue, “Betsy was my best friend. I just turned thirteen and she was thirteen for a few months already. Everyone else in our small group was already fourteen. I’m sure by that time I was the only virgin.”

“Poor baby.”

I shush her and Amy feigns hurt but doesn’t retort so I continue; “Everyday after school she and I rode the same school bus so I would just stay on, getting off at her house so that we had that hour to hang out before we’d catch the base bus to head over to the Youth Center to meet up with everyone else.

“Other than a bowling alley and an open air movie theater showing three year old movies, the Youth Center was the only place for teens to go. So we all hung out there shooting pool or pinball, occasionally sneaking of to hit a joint or drink some stolen alcohol, or in everyone else’s case, have sex.”

Amy begins to pull off my shirt, distracting me, and starts kissing my chest. When she realizes I paused the story she looks up at me with batted eyes; “No, don’t stop; just ignore me.”

Easier said than done I think, but I continue, trying to ignore her gentle, warm, moist kisses on my nipples.

“So back at Betsy’s house; her and I would just watch TV or talk sports, like you and I do, until it was time to go to the Youth Center.

“This routine changed the day after my birthday, and even though it was February I was in shorts and a Guns N Roses t-shirt; even in winter it was usually stifling there.

“We were sitting on her couch and Betsy told me her dad actually;” Amy stops her kissing on my chest and interrupts my narrative.

“Wait. Do this right; what did your young tomboy look like?” With her question she pulled off her own shirt so that we are both bare above the waist. Damn, I wanted to suck on her lovely 36c’s with her cute little pink pencil-eraser nipples, but she denied me with a wave of a finger in front of my nose and; “After the Story. Now tell me more about this Betsy girl.”

“Like you, she was also a tomboy. We all surfed, even though there were next to no waves, so, even though she was a freckled redhead, she was well tanned. And when I say freckled I mean she was covered in them.”

“You said that already.”

“Shhh;” I scold her, “you keep interrupting I won’t tell you the story.”

Amy’s fingers start to work on my jean’s zipper; “Won’t happen again, promise.”

“God, she had a lot of freckles;” I tease, but quickly move on. “Now, as I said earlier, it was the day after my thirteenth birthday. She told me her dad finally got her a TV for her own room, and that I needed to check it out because he had set it up on a wall bracket so she could comfortably watch it while laying on her bed. My virgin mind didn’t grasp any ulterior motive in her suggestion; first, we were best friends, and second, none of us had a TV in our bedroom. So she showed me, and it was cool. We were laying back watching the new cable channel; MTV.

“Damn, see you messed me up; I forgot to tell you what she was wearing, it’s kinda important to the story.”

Amy smiles a, ‘who me?’, grin; “So tell me; what was the freckled girl wearing?” She had my zipper down and was running a finger teasingly along my fully erect cock through my boxers.

I just give her a “grrr,” and continue; “She was wearing a denim miniskirt.

“Well, we were laying on the bed looking down along our bodies and slightly up at the TV. I couldn’t help but see her bare legs where they flowed out of the skirt’s hem down to her bare feet, add to this newly discovered enjoyment of her legs and the near naked girls on the videos, I was starting to sport an erection. Preying she didn’t notice. Preying that she did and liked it.”

I stop, startled by Amy pulling my erection out of the fly of my jeans and slowly start to rub it. She moans; “Please don’t stop, tell me what happened?”

Damn, this was actually very arousing, especially now that she has slid down to the floor kneeling between my legs to get a better position to stroke my cock. There was nothing else for me to do but continue, so I did. “Of course she noticed, and she rolled over toward me and sat up straddling my legs so that she was facing me, sitting just below my erection. I was dumbfounded, frozen in fear and excitement; especially since in all my jacking off fantasies it was always Peggy there not Betsy.

“She knew what she was doing though. She unzipped my shorts and pulled out my erection and started rubbing it, slowly. She actually smiled at me and told me that best friends should help each other out and have no secrets from each other. I was in no position to disagree.”

I gasp as Amy slides her mouth over the tip of my cock and take it completely inside her mouth. She stops with her lips around my shaft puckered to my pubic hair and looks up at me quizzically, obviously begging my to continue my story, so I do and she begins sucking up and down my cock. “I was dumbfounded. She had never been more than just one of the guys to me even though I did find her cute up till then I never thought her open to more, and here she was, skirt spread out cutely around her legs and my erection in her hand.

“Then suddenly one of her female friends, who wasn’t part of our group, just walks in and Betsy quickly flaps her skirt over my erection to hide it, and she scoots up a little so it wouldn’t tent her skirt. Imagine my surprise when I realized that she was not wearing any panties and my cock was pressed into her bare crotch.

“Her friend acted as if nothing was odd with Betsy sitting on me and just plopped down on the bed beside me where Betsy was just a few moments earlier. She then started talking to Betsy about how cool it was to have a TV in her bedroom.

“Now you got to understand the fear that this girl was going to tell Betsy’s boyfriend, Danny, and the fact that the girl’s arm was just barely touching my arm so I couldn’t ignore her presence had my erection going soft. Betsy wasn’t going to have this, and without a care in the world of her friend being there she started rubbing my soft cock with her naked pussy. I was devastated because I was thinking too much and couldn’t get hard even though this was the first time anyone other than my own hand ever touched my penis.

It is harder to keep the story flowing without pauses and stuttering because Amy, obviously turned on by the story, is devouring my erection with her mouth with such fervor it took all my will power not to orgasm before the story’s end, but I will muscle on.

“So Betsy pulled her t-shirt off right there in front of her friend. She had impressive 32c breasts; that did the trick and I was quickly hard as rock again. Without delay Betsy mounted my cock and I swear I heard her friend moan right when she did.

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