Buy Me a Coffee

by Marduk

Copyright© 2017 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A woman demands a coffee, but that demand is agreed to but with a rider. 'suck me off'. That leads to an ongoing relationship with its ups and downs - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Public Sex   .

Max had only been up at the shopping complex for a short time, he wasn’t in the best of moods for the organization he belonged to had been losing members and he had been given the task of trying to boost membership. It was strange that membership was proving difficult for with all the publicity in keeping fit one would have thought that a cycling group would haven’t had difficulty, but then as he observed the passing public it was very noticeable that his age was very unfit and very fat.

He was sitting alone, stirring his coffee while thinking how he could encourage the seniors of his suburb to get off their couches, give away the fast foods and get on a bike. The woman passed, she wasn’t a woman that he would rush over hot coals to meet, but she smiled, he returned it and when on drinking his coffee. She walked a few metres and then turned and came back; she came up to him and said without any introduction. “Buy me a coffee”.

He was a veteran; shock was almost an alien condition to him, surprise at the woman’s action, yes, but not shock. Only a few seconds passed before he responded. “Sure I will buy you a coffee if you suck me off”. The woman had been abrupt, but this broadside she wasn’t expecting and it did rattle her. “Sit down”, Max said. “What sort of coffee would you like and would you like the free donut that comes with it?” he asked.

“I ... I would like a latte and yes I would appreciate the donut”, she replied. He got up and ordered and then did the same for himself; he then returned and introduced himself. “I’m Max”.

“Sally ... Sally” she replied. For the next few minutes as they waited it was just casual chit-chat. She lived in the area, that meaning the local caravan park; she was retired and at one stage had run her own business but that ran into difficulties when the partner she had, had a sexual association with had conned her into a large investment. She didn’t know till it was too late that the ‘investment’ was the partner’s personal account; she was stripped of all her reserves and now was surviving on the pension. He told her that he was also retired and was now trying to come up with an idea of how to increase membership for the cycle group he belonged to. The coffee and the nibble arrived and it was only then that she raised the condition of her coffee. “Are you serious about me sucking you off?”

“Absolutely”, he replied. “In many cases I prefer a suck than a fuck, however, don’t get me wrong I won’t knock back a fuck. We can go to my vehicle it is parked in the underground section”, he concluded as he got up and paid the bill.

Whatever when through her mind as she followed him, he neither knew or cared, she accepted the condition by accepting the coffee. “Here we are”, he said as he opened the door. “Get in the back, there is more room and you won’t be hampered by the steering wheel”. She didn’t comment. He didn’t embrace her or feel her up, just undid his trousers, freeing his cock, then pulled her head towards it and snapped. “Now suck it, suck till you empty my balls”. He had been sucked many a time, but this woman knew how to work the muscles of her mouth and when he blew and filled her mouth, his only comment was “Fuck that was nice”. She accepted the towel and when he asked if he could give her a lift home, she gargled her acceptance. “This is my contact number”, he said as he stopped in front of the caravan park. “If you fancy meeting up again, give me a ring”. She didn’t answer, but didn’t discard his number and as he drove off did wonder if he would hear from her again.

It was some days later when his phone gave the text signal. The message was brief ‘could you pick me up at the station – Sally’. He texted his reply; ‘what station and when, we do have a few stations around’. There were a few minutes before the reply apologized for not giving the name of the station or the time. ‘You silly cunt, yes I’ll be waiting for you’ he texted back.

She had done some shopping and he understood why she wanted a lift, firstly there were no buses servicing this station that could have been because of maintenance being done to the roads and secondly there was only limited taxi service and there were none available at that moment. He helped her put the bags into the boot. “Being buying up the local shopping complex?” he questioned as he moved his vehicle into the line of traffic. She didn’t say anything till she had got herself settled. “I’m not a silly cunt”, she smilingly said. He turned and smiled. “I don’t suppose your cunt is silly, however, as I haven’t had the pleasure of observing it I don’t know even if you have hair around it. I will tell you this Sally that I hate women who shave. Maybe they think they can improve on nature, but as far as I’m concerned the actions they take to shave themselves is ridiculous”. She was silent and that was the case till he pulled up outside the park. “Will you help me with my shopping and then I’ll prove I don’t shave”, her last comment was followed with a giggle.

Whatever when through her mind he didn’t know but after telling him to take a seat and with a ‘I won’t be long’ disappeared; she was gone for a number of minutes but when she returned her comment was ‘I don’t shave’. She stood, totally nude, her tits were not melons but large enough to be noticed, her groin was thick with hair, even the inside of her thighs was hair covered; as he got up he did think that wearing a swim suit could be an embarrassment for there was no way a swim suit would cover that growth, but for himself it was a very erotic picture. “Fuck Sally you are one attractive woman”. Just those words would release a caged demon that even he was going to find difficult to control. She responded to his embrace with fanatic desire, she tore at his groin till he gave a winch of pain. ‘Fuck, fuck’, she kept saying as he sucked her nipples and played with her cunt. Finally with the last element of clothing removed they collapsed onto the bed and there in a frenzy of uncontrolled sex, they fucked, boy did they fuck till lathered in sweat, his balls bruised and total empty he rolled off and fell against her and there they lay, totally exhausted.

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