Grace's Liberation

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Grant (60 year old widow) encounters Grace (30 year old) in a crowded bar located on the ground floor of his apartment building. They have worked together for the last year. He rescues her from a group of circling males only to be rewarded in the best possible way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   .

Grant (60 year old widow) encounters Grace (30 year old) in a crowded bar located on the ground floor of his apartment building. They have worked together for the last year. She is quite staid and reserved at work, dressing conservatively. However she has told him that she is quite different in her own time and loves to party and drink her wines and spirits.

He notices that her girlfriends have gradually abandoned her. He knows that he needs to rescue her with a couple of guys already circling her. Grant and Grace have a couple more drinks together, and after a while they find a quiet spot where she surprises him by sitting on his lap.

Kissing and hugging follows quickly ... until a bar security lady directs them to a private room to continue their intimacy away from others eyes.

Grant continues to tell the story...

The security lady had shown us into a private room - equipped with a chair and a couch. It looked like a room for lap-dances.

We headed over towards the couch where I sat down with Grace resuming her place on my lap.

“You are playing with fire here young lady” I told her. “I will not be able to stop if we continue much longer”.

She kissed me deeply again.

“You are a nice man ... and I’ve seen how you look at me ... and have loved how you have respected me over the last year” she responded.

“Make love to me please” she added in a hushed voice.

“I need to feel loved ... and I know that you will love me”.

I went to speak but she put a finger across my lips to hush me.

“Talk later ... love me now”.

“Let’s get out of here ... my place is upstairs” I told her.

We hugged and kissed in the lift on the way up to my apartment.

On entering the apartment, I set the apartment to ‘romantic’ setting - dimming the lights and setting the blinds and curtains to open. My apartment had a lot of automation built in to suit moods and time of the day.

“Come with me” I told her as I led her towards the lounge room.

I sat again ... and she climbed onto my lap again.

“Where were we up to?” she asked, taking one of my hands and placing it on her small braless rounded breast. I could feel her hard nipple under the palm of my hand. I tweaked it, eliciting a low moan from her.

“Oh god” she whispered into my ear.

“Let’s take this off” indicating her sparkly top. She sat back, and pulled it off over her head revealing her beautiful breasts. She cupped a breast, and offered it to me “Lick it ... suck it”. I bent forward and flicked my tongue across its hard tip. It was hard.

I licked, sucked and nibbled - she moaned.

My cock had come to life under her squirming ass - she had discovered it too, and was rubbing her ass against it.

“We have too many clothes on ... let’s get naked” I suggested.

“Wonderful idea” she agreed.

She stood up... “Stay there ... watch me”.

I waited ... she slowly removed her skirt to reveal her tiny lace panties. She kicked off her heels, and then did a slow twirl showing me her sexy ass. With her ass facing me, she bent over and slowly pushed her panties of her hips.

When they were low enough - around mid-thigh - I could see her delicious looking pussy peeking at me from between her legs. She had fleshy pussy lips, and they looked engorged and slightly parted.

“Stunning ... beautiful” I commented.

Grace laughed. She stood up and faced me again - she had a closely cropped mound in the shape of a landing strip.

“Let me see you now ... I felt something quite big before” she teased.

I stood and quickly pulled my polo shirt over my head, revealing my chest with its sparse covering of hairs. She ran her hand through the hairs commenting “I love a man with a hairy chest ... I’m not at all keen on those who wax theirs”.

I unbuckled my trousers, released the top button and lowered the zipper. They came loose, and I pushed them down, dropping them around my ankles where I stepped out of them. I was now only wearing my undershorts which had a significant bulge in them.

“Oh ... did I cause that?” Grace asked running her hand along the lump in my shorts.

I pulled her into a kiss - her firm bare breasts pressing against my chest with my hand grabbing at her firm ass cheeks. Her hand found its way inside the waistband of my shorts and was now grasping my bare cock.

When we finally parted, Grace pulled the shorts down, allowing them to drop around my ankles. She knelt down and helped me step out of them before returning her attention to my cock which she still held in her soft hand.

“I didn’t expect this monster to appear” she commented as she milked it with soft strokes up and down.

“Are you changing your mind ... having second thoughts?” I asked, hoping that I would get a negative response.

“Oh no ... no ... but we’ll just have to be careful and slow ... my little pussy has never had anything so long and fat in it”.

“Truth be told ... I’ve only ever had two lovers”.

“I’m proud that I’ll be number three” I responded. I encouraged her to stand, and then led her to my bedroom.

Grace looked so beautiful ... laying on her back in the middle of my bed, thighs spread for me. I climbed onto the bed, and took up position with my face in very close proximity to her pussy.

“You look so tasty ... I’m going to find out just how much right now” I told her.

She moaned when my lips made contact with her lower lips, running my tongue along the ridges before parting them slightly with my tongue tip. I found wetness ... lots of it. I licked and swallowed - she had a tangy taste - a taste that had me wanting more.

“Oh yes ... yes I love it ... lick me ... oh god yes lick me” she gasped.

I has slipped a finger inside her, whilst I concentrated in her clit. I could feel it being grabbed by her spasming pussy canal - her orgasm was close. I hooked my finger inside her, seeking out her g-spot ... and having immediate success.

Her orgasm exploded - drenching my finger and my face. My finger was trapped temporarily by the clenching of her pussy muscles.

“Aghhhhh ... oh fuck ... oh fuck ... thank you ... thank you” she groaned with her hips convulsing about on the bed.

With her orgasm starting to recede in intensity, I moved to kneel between her legs, running my cockhead between her parted engorged pussy lips. I nudged in and out for a couple of moments before I slid my fatness into her tight hot pussy.

I was all the way inside her when she gasped “Grant ... I’ve never had sex without a condom before ... I’m not protected”.

I stopped ... still embedded in her. I needed to reassure her.

“I’m clean ... and I’ve had a vasectomy many years ago ... so I can’t get you pregnant” I explained.

I could see her thinking for a moment, and then she smiled.

“It’s going to be a new experience for me ... feeling a bare cock inside me for the first time ... please continue ... make love to me”.

I leant forward and kissed her.

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