A Summer in Western Massachusetts

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2017 by Shoeslayer

Erotica Sex Story: A good looking woman loses her hubby due to electrical accident, her son fancies the way she dresses for work as the town's librarian. Her glasses being the traditional librarian style turn him on and he starts seeing her through them, not as Mom but a woman with needs and wants. By summers end mom knows she dressed as she did for a reason.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Masturbation   .

Mom and Dad have always worked hard and their diligence paid off by way of a nice log cabin on the lake in western Massachusetts. Then, Just when things were going fine, Dad accidently juiced himself to death. The water heater was fed by two fuses, one blew, leaving a hundred and twenty volts instead of two hundred and forty and with a wet ground, you can see where this is going.

That was five years ago. Mom is now fifty five and looking good, a bit plump with nice boobs, hips and long grey flowing hair. She works for the town’s library and when she does work, she dresses the part pretty close to the traditional Librarian. A skirt and white blouse with a V neck that is ruffled, low heeled dress shoes and since she wears glasses, they are the traditional oval shape in black, brown or silver.

She takes great pride in her work for the town and she has a great attitude and many patrons have been very satisfied she could find the book they wanted.

Now to be quite frank about it, I always loved Moms looks when she wore her librarian style glasses and I’d often clean them with my T-shirt and they would sparkle. Mom had a number of pairs in silver, or black and they all had a glass beaded neck chain that would let her glasses rest on the shelf of her sexy bosoms. I found that the contrast of her black frames against her white blouse to be a turn on and there were a number of times she noticed the way I glanced at her. it was at these times her facial expression told me she liked what I was looking at

One day Mom says, “I don’t know why but it seems ages since I had to clean my reading glasses.”

“Ah yeah Mom, I thought you’d see better if they were clean, besides your blue eyes look so nice when they are clean and I like the way the light of the room sparkles in’em when they hang across your breasts.”

“Well that was very nice of you, I think you could have a job for life keeping my glasses clean.”

“So do I have the pleasure of keeping’em spotless?”

“Yes George you do.” And she gave me a nice juicy kiss, a kiss that was way too intimate for a mother and son as our mouths were open and our tongues danced. Mom then reached out with her hand in the small of my back and pulled me to her so that her boobs were pushed into me and yeah I really liked that. I pulled away in time as I began to get hard and I didn’t want her to know what was going through my mind.

I needed a walk, a good long walk to mull things over. Half a mile from the cabin was an old railroad line and I decided to walk some tracks. I had been walking tracks for a long time and I always found that deep thoughts that bothered me were less of a mystery after four or five miles. Sometimes my eyes saw a lot farther down those steel ribbons than actually possible, wondering about the large cities the tracks passed through, maybe a railroad yard and an engine house where locomotives and rolling stock were fixed and wondered about the men who took pride in such a rugged industry as the railroad.

I also found a cold hard truthfulness about those steel ribbons, aside from natural forces they were not going anywhere, very im-movable as it were, and the way I saw it as I walked them, I saw an honesty about them that could not be denied, that if I walked those tracks long enough, which I did that evening, I knew that taking care of my needs with Mom’s glasses was one guy’s way of symbolicly wanting to have a relationship that is frowned upon by society.

Mom went to work the next day and I was enjoying country life in the cabin. I made up some roast beef hash and eggs on the old Glenwood kitchen range and had a cup of coffee and a few doughnuts.

I looked around and saw two pair of Moms librarian style glasses, one pair in black oval shape, the other a nice silver oval style and I tred them. Once again I became turned on down there. I had been enjoying the charms of Mom’s glasses for a while now and quite frankly I love what they do for me. I made damn sure my man sauce left not a trace of its evidence on Mom’s glasses and as I was cleaning them I wondered what she’d think if she knew what I had been doing and what were the chances of getting her in bed.

She had to be missing the sexual closeness Dad gave her until he died, and I suppose I felt justified in wanting to give Mom what she has been missing.

I like the time I’m having with my mothers glasses and I felt a need to write down my feelings about her glasses on my old computers notepad and knowing that Mom has a very good working laptop I felt she would never bother with my old computer so I never hid the notepad in my documents. Well one day her laptop had a problem and Mom went to my old gateway and it was not long after that that I knew Mom read about my fetish.

I was working maint. for at a large downtown office block and going back to that log cabin by the lake everyday made me feel better than I had in a long time. What was nice is I was able to ride my old Harley Sportster to work everyday and I was getting around forty five miles a gallon but the truth was I just loved riding.

A few weeks after romancing moms sexy librarian style glasses, Mom started to wear them more often and then she went for the half-glasses style in gold or silver. These were of the half-round style or as some would say the half-moon style and a pair of half- square both with sexy glass beaded neck chains and I love the way they hang across Moms ample bosoms.

On the notepad I wrote,

June 15th I can’t believe how hot Mom looks in her oval style glasses or better yet her half-glasses, I have never had so many erections in a day or have them last so long either, the way they sit at the end of Moms nose as she reads the paper with the pearl beaded neck chain hanging from them. That is so feminine. The way her black ovals look in contrast to her white blouse, it does something for me.

One night during supper as the sun was setting, I asked Mom why she went for the half-glasses style instead of just wearing her oval style.

“You seem interested in my glasses George, do you like my new half-glasses?” As she asked that her second finger kept flicking at the glass beaded chain from which her half glasses hang and the light of the kitchen would sparkle in them and for whatever reason, I really liked that.

“Yeah Mom actually I do, just curious, I mean if something works, why change it?”

“What happens is sometimes I want to see well up close then farther away but one can’t see well farther away through full style glasses, like my oval style, but with half-glasses one can look over the tops.”

I got up from the table and grabbed a phone book.

“Let me try these Mom, to see what you mean.”

She gave me her gold half-moon glasses and I tried them with the book then tried looking through them for distance, one word for this, blurry. I did notice things getting tight down there and I had to admit that moms half-glasses also had a hold on me.

Mom looked down at my hard-on and smiled.

“So you like my new half-glasses? will you want to keep them nice and spotless as you do for my Librarians glasses?” She asked with a funny grin.

“Yeah mom, why not?”

“I am glad you like doing this for your mom.”

So as I laid in bed that night enjoying the country air of Western Mass, Moms words stayed with me,

“So you like my new half-glasses? will you want to keep them nice and spotless as you do for my librarians glasses?” I think the looks of her funny smile got etched into my mind.

She made me think she liked the idea of her son enjoying a fetish with her glasses and I was thinking that maybe we could get much closer, to the point of getting into the sack.

Work is going fine as I’m taking an evening course in electrical and air conditioning. Our building uses a chilled water system which is nice because the system uses finned piping in the sum- mer to absorb heat from the chilled water that ran through it and come winter time the same sections of finned piping is plumbed into a boiler instead.

All the while the back of my mind was on mom’s various styles of glasses and she had made some nice new neck chains to go with them, purple and pearl colored beads and they were much nicer than any- thing I have seen elsewhere.

Where in the name of hell did June go? another week and it would be the fourth of July. Moms friend from work who lived across the lake had asked her to a barbeque on the fourth, I was also invited and we had a great time.

Well the holiday was over and it was time to get back to work. I had put in a pretty long day and when I got back to the cabin, Mom was on the phone and something made me stop and listen.

“Yes Lois, it is interesting, I read it on his computers notepad, how I look so hot in glasses or better yet my new half-glasses and how my black oval style look so good on a white blouse. Well my laptop gave me a fatal error and that was it. So I went to the old Gateway he had and he did not bother hiding it, probably as he felt I’d always use my laptop.

I am sure it is a fetish but I don’t care, he does keep my half-glasses and ovals spotless and symbolicly I guess he is loving me. Maybe he read a story about a woman in glasses on the internet. I know I have been wearing them more around the house and I think I am doing it because he thinks I look so hot. He said he loved my pearl beaded neck chain as it is so feminine looking. Yes I’ll call you during the week-end, Bye.”

“Oh Hi George, just getting in?”

“Yeah Mom, how’s it going?”

“Pretty good, you must be starving, want a Killer burger, the one and a quarter pound with fried onions and a salad?”

“Sounds good to me Mom, thanks.” So I took a shower and put on some shorts and a shirt and went to the old Gateway which was in a cabinet made for it with a few shelfs and drawers and farted around a bit as she did up the supper.

I saw a new internet address about the erotic writers association and how they spoke about ladies in glasses and a number of guys found that to be a real turn-on. Yep Mom knows I do have a fetish and from what I heard with her phone call It is o.k.

I noticed mom’s skirts were getting a bit shorter when she wore them around the cabin, I don’t know if she even realised it but they were a few inches shorter than what she wore to work, did she even know? on a concious level? and her blouses were prettier, creamy white with purple flowers and her skirts were more colorful and Mom was looking hotter than ever, Her patent black heels seemed to look as if they were always brand new.

I had to write this down.

Dear Mom, Just wondering if wearing shorter and prettier skirts and nicer blouses that show cleavage has anything to do with me romancing your librarian style glasses a few weeks ago.

For whatever reason they turn me on but being worn by a very attractive woman has a lot to do with

Love always,


I knew Mom had a few pair of half-glasses but where where was she keeping them? her oval style were seen around the cabin more often though. So I wrote about them.

‘Rather interesting, Mom does not keep her half-glasses around anymore. Does she think I would really take care of them and their sexy beaded neck chains? Would she like me to romance her half-glasses?’

One night I had to get up and get a drink and just went to the bathroom to get some water and I saw that Mom was using the old gateway computer. I know she did not know I was up but the next morning I would not have to look hard to find a pair or two of her half-glasses and I had to know Mom read my note.

A few Saturdays later Mom and her friend headed off to the Worcester mall as there was a large sale on womens clothes due to the company skidding into the no profit zone.

I had been biking and came back around noon time as I had gotten hungry. While working on a ham salad sandwich I saw Mom’s gold half-square glasses holding down a note on the table. The windows were open to let a breaze enter the cabin and her glasses and beaded chain kept the note from being blown away

Dear George, I think it is so nice you like keeping my glasses spotless, that means alot to me that you like my things and even more so, what you like doing with them. I do understand what you are feeling and I think that is nice.



Since she knows what I am doing, I found her black and silver ovals and did some things, all the while thinking how good it could be with Mom helping me with this fetish. Then I cleaned things up and got back on that old Sporty. I decided not to let Mom think I did anything, just to see what she might say so I came back to the cabin about half an hour after she came in.

“Hi Mom, how was everything in the big mall of Worcester?”

“Oh very nice, I had a great time with Stella, then we went to Polini’s bakery over on Quinsigamond Square and bought some apple, peach cherry and fig squares.”

“Well I’m glad you had a good time in Worcester.”

“George, did you see the note I left on the table?”

“I did see it but not knowing it was a note, I didn’t read it.

“So what did you do today?” asked Mom.

“I took a ride to the Middleboro railroad yard, The Bay Colony Railroad just purchased a General Purose-9 locomotive from the Conrail yard in Selkirk, N.Y.

It was the first day of August and when I got to work, I noticed how warm the offices were. NOT GOOD I am thinking and the boss would not be in for a while yet as he was at another bldg. taking care of an electrical problem and I think I can fix this. As it was the condenser fan crapped out which in turn made the compressor shut down due to too much head pressure, Yeah I could use some head pressure. Mom, with those sexy gold half- square glasses and feminine beaded neck chain I would love a bit of head pressure more likely a negative pressure as in being sucked off.

As it turned out, the condenser fan crapped out due to a bad wiring job. The Bozo who was just fired had wired this up poorly.

I felt as though my mind consisted of a tape deck, as no matter what I was doing the damn thing switched tracks and I could see my Mom on top of me with her eyes locked onto mine, her looking at me with love and lust, and with me fully in her and behind her silver half-round glasses I saw lightning bolts in her eyes. CLICK my mind goes back to the job at hand, replacing a condenser fan motor.

The motor is a three phase job but since one wire had came undone, the motor single phased, pulling more current, not enough to trip the overloads but it ran long enough to burn out. So I pulled out the motor and went down to Graingers to get a new one, they had the right one in stock and in a short order of time the office ladies were no longer grumbling about the a/c.

I am liking the thoughts I have but wondering if I am getting into this fetish thing too much or did it matter? CLICK my mind goes back to that kiss where our tongues danced when Mom asked, “Do you know why my glasses are always so clean?” Click my mind is back on the job changing a/c filters.

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