Incident at Cafe Orlin (a Hartstein Story)

by Paris Waterman

Copyright© 2017 by Paris Waterman

Sex Story: Paul and Carol visit the Café Orlin and she tells him a tale about Terry the bartender he is infatuated with. This involves voyeurism, masturbation, exhibitionism and fucking.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   BiSexual   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Public Sex   .

The next few days flew by as far as Paul was concerned. On the one hand, he wanted to arrange another get together with Nadine, but was stuck on just who to bring into their little game playing.

On the other hand, that morning Carol had called to tell him that Regal Publishing was ready to market his novel--that he would be expected to appear on the Today Show that Friday and Oprah on Tuesday and that he needed to come in to Regal’s offices that afternoon to cram for both shows--meaning the do’s and don’ts required of him when appearing on a national television show as well as different slants to take with each when discussing his novel and personal life.

Paul showered, shaved and wore his best suit, and only suit to the publishing house where he met with Carol and other members of the staff. They discussed the ramifications of appearing on television to him; Paul took it all in stride for he had been interviewed before albeit on a smaller scale. All in all, he spent five hours with the group and was tired and groggy when they finished with him.

Carol offered to drop him off and he gladly accepted. But she drove them to her apartment, not his and after they both showered, they jumped into bed and fucked like rabbits into the evening hours.

Around eight they agreed that a celebration of sorts was in order and ventured out to a small cozy french restaurant on 12th and afterward walked over to Café Orlin on St. Mark’s Place ostensibly for drinks, but finding themselves the only customers sitting at the bar with the mysterious--at least to Paul--bartender named Terry--a good-looking brunette with extra large sized breasts who proudly displayed them for the benefit of her clientele and the generous tips that came her way as a result.

Carol laughed delightedly at his inability to take his eyes off Terry’s tits, and chided him about it, saying, “Aren’t I enough woman for you, Daddy?”

That brought him back to the moment and he smiled at her and slowly slid his hand up and under the short skirt she wore and groped her cunt lips, which were quite wet already. “Size isn’t everything,” he told her, “although I can see some advantages,” he said before taking a sip from his martini.

“Yes, Daddy,” Carol replied, shaking her shoulders she uttered the word, Daddy. “You know, women have this thing for big things too.” That drew a smile from the busty bartender who overheard their conversation, and was already wondering about the ‘Daddy’ reference.

Paul nodded at the bartender, essentially to enjoy a longer look at her breasts, but also to see if he might get something going with her through Carol. “You may have heard us,” he paused and nodded at Carol, “I kid her a lot because although she’s twenty-six she can pass for fifteen or sixteen easily enough. She usually counters by calling me Daddy.”

“Yes,” Terry said carefully, “I know how old she is, I carded the both of you, remember?”

The truth was that she found them an interesting couple. But Terry was careful about who she wanted to play with and remained firmly in her role as bartender, but continued providing a dazzling view of her twins to the point that both areolas were almost visible to him as she deliberately leaned further than necessary while pouring another martini into his glass.

Carol was giggling from the effect of her third martini when Paul’s fingers scratched through the newly grown stubble between her legs and half pulled, half pushed her off the barstool and hustled her toward the nearest bathroom, which happened to be the men’s, with Terry watching them with ever widening, hungry eyes.

To Carol’s surprise he didn’t touch her, but held a finger to his lips signaling her to be quiet, and then he moved to the door and opened it and looked out. Two customers had just walked into the bar and Terry was busy serving them.

“She’s busy with some new customers, now tell me all about her, and I mean all.”

“Okay, okay ... rumor has it that she either owns the café or has a big stake in it. She’s somewhat of a mystery, you know? Unattainability is how she appears to most. But I’ve heard stories about her...”

“Don’t fuck with me, Carol. If you’ve heard stories then tell them to me!”

“So you want to fuck her, huh?”

“What I want is none of your business. I fuck you and I fuck you good. If I fuck someone else, so fucking what?”

Visibly chastised, Carol let out a sob, but forced herself to continue.

“I want her too, Paul. Everybody wants Terry, but she doesn’t give, she takes.” Carol sighed then said, “I heard a story just this week. There’s this girl...”

Carol leaned forward a little, conspiratorially, giving him a delightful view down the inside of her generously unbuttoned blouse, “The girl was here with her lover one afternoon and as I heard it, being scrutinized by Terry as they entered into a form of foreplay that include allowing the bartender to watch as it progressed from simple touches to more intimate caresses. Moreover, the girl was trying in her own way to add Terry to her list of seductions.

“And you know this how?” Paul inquired gently.

“I told you I heard the story. I wasn’t present at the time, Paul.”

“Sorry, please go on.”

“I don’t know what caused what followed, but Terry approached their table and left an envelope with the gentleman then turned away and returned to the bar. It contained a room number to a nearby apartment and a key. The couple looked over at the bar but Terry was no longer there. The implication was clear. The offer was for right away. Hesitate, and the opportunity may be missed.”

“What happened next?” Paul asked.

“From what I understand, Terry took no active part in what went on in the apartment.”

“You say she took no active part. Then what did she do?”

“Well, what I heard was that prior to leaving the café, the girl made it clear to her lover that Terry was off limits to him. If Terry wanted her, well that was a horse of a different color, Carol replied, shifting a little in her seat. “I have a few details, but not all.”

“Mind sharing how you came by these ... details?”

“Mmmm, girls tend to talk about matters sexual, Paul. But you must know that.”

“But can girls keep a juicy sexual secret?” He said as a rejoinder.

“Let’s see, shall we?” Carol said taking a sip of her appletini, before returning to the story.

“Terry was waiting when they arrived, now wearing a simple white blouse, just long enough to cover the delightful curve of her bottom as she faced away from them, looking out of the window, puffing patiently on a cigarette. Otherwise, she was naked.”

“She didn’t greet them as they came in?” he asked, already imagining the scene while trying to look casual, though the story was already beginning to excite him.

“That I don’t know, but I can imagine that she might have.”

“But you told me how she was scantily attired. If you knew that than...”

“Damn it Paul, I have to embellish here and there, otherwise I’ll wind up boring you!”

“Sorry, please go on, Carol.”

“She told them to make themselves a drink from the bar, then told them in no uncertain terms that they were not to touch her. She repeated her words then added, no matter what you may see me do. You may look at me, if you wish, but you may not touch me. I wish simply to watch you, to observe. Please, disrobe and make yourselves comfortable on the bed. I will simply sit in a chair here by the window, and watch you.”

The couple finished their drinks and taking her words to heart, disrobed and lay on the bed together while Terry pulled a chair from the dressing table, and sat facing them.”

“The young lady on the bed had never been watched before, never even considered it--furthermore, she was later somewhat reticent about what exactly transpired between her and her lover and, for that matter, Terry.

“I think it reasonable to say that, once naked and on the bed together, the young lady and gentleman lover proceeded as one might would expect, fucking each other deliciously on the bed, initially almost forgetting that Terry was present.”

“Ah, but then something happened--am I right?” Paul asked genially.

“You men!” Carol laughed. “Yes, something happened all right. At first she merely looked on as they went from foreplay to fucking. She of course, was nude except for the almost sheer blouse, and sat there legs crossed, showing no obvious signs of arousal, merely taking in the view quietly, watching the couple move sensually together. Ten minutes into their lovemaking, Terry interrupted them. Perhaps the gentleman was unimaginative as a lover, I don’t know exactly, but Terry suggested that the young lady straddle him facing away from her. She was only too happy to oblige, already finding herself --well bored isn’t the right choice of words, but wanting more from him than he was providing and this ‘suggestion’ seemed to improve matters immediately.

Then too, for the first time the young lady considered how sexually exciting it would be to see Terry become highly aroused, perhaps as much as she hoped to become--wouldn’t’ that be something to talk about at her hairdresser’s the following week?

Now Paul knew Carol was telling him the truth, or at least a secondhand version of it, and he relaxed even more, allowing himself to imagine himself in that room watching Terry watching the young lady and her lover.

“The new position certainly afforded Terry with a delightful view of the gentleman’s hard cock sliding into the young lady’s sex, thrusting deliciously in and out as she rode him gorgeously,” Carol said, and he noticed that she had started to pant with excitement as she related the tale.

“Can you keep talking if I finger you a little?” He inquired while pressing palm firmly against her vulva.

“Mmmmm, I can certainly try, Paul.”

He moved his palm up and down, maintaining the pressure.

“Mmmmm, I can do that ... yesssssss!” Carol shifted against the counter trying to align her anus with the counters pointy edge so that she might bring pressure to bear on both her cunt and ass while she told him the remainder of the story.

“She--she--She told me...”

“Who is she, Carol?”

“Oh, I can’t--I can’t--I--Evelyn Romanofski! Oh God, I shouldn’t have--I promised I wouldn’t!”

“Easy Carol, I won’t tell a soul, honestly. The story is safe with me. Now come on, finish it like a good girl.”

That said he sent two fingers into her sodden cunt while keeping her ass pinned against the counters edge, knowing full well that she was being penetrated to some extent fore and aft.


“If you cum you still have to finish the story, Carol. But if I slow down and prolong those sensations you’ll feel terrific and so will I if you keep talking.”

“I--I--I can--I can talk ... don’t stop, that’s lovely ... what you’re doing. Don’t stop.

“Evelyn confessed that she heard a movement in the chair beside the bed, and managed a glimpse back to see Terry reclining a little more in her chair, one of her hands inside her open blouse, cupping a breast, while the other hand traced down over her belly, moving towards her now slightly parted thighs.

“The sight stirred Evelyn’s blood--she began to fuck her lover harder, intimate wet sounds splashing from her sex as slid together on her lover’s hard, slick cock.

Another glance over at Terry found her thighs widened as far as possible, the lips of her pouting cunt swollen deep pink in the soft light of the room.

“Carol you’ve got me hotter than a two-dollar pistol,” Paul said. “Get down and suck me off!”

Carol needed no other inducement and hopped from the counter and knelt on the bathroom floor, soaking both knees in water left on the floor by prior careless women washing their hands and other body parts at the sink.

“There’s more to the story, but I...”

She could smell his arousal as his cock bobbed up and down in front of her face. When his purple headed cock pressed against Carol’s lower lip her nostrils flared and she opened her mouth and licked the bulbous knob thoroughly before pulling it deeper into her mouth and sucking voraciously. Moments later she began to slide him in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking as she went, pumping the base of it with one hand and cupping his balls in the other.

His cock was nearly too big for her mouth, and she couldn’t get him all the way in without gagging, but she did her best as he used his hands to move her head up and down. It made her feel sexy and dirty and horny all at once. She wanted him to cum in her mouth and felt him twitch; his movements became more erratic, and she intensified her actions, sucking and slurping as much of him as she could, her hands pumping his base, and he moaned, “Oh, Fuck, Carol, I can’t hold out much longer!”

She pulled his cock from her mouth, rubbing her cheek up and down against the glistening shaft as she looked up at him and said, “Cum in my mouth, baby, I want you to fuck my mouth and cum in it!”

Then she opened wide and sucked him back into her mouth, cheeks a bulge with the enormity of his manhood. Carol’s slutty talk turned him on even more, so that within moments he was jetting jizm down her throat. Carol knowing it would happen, readily swallowed the brunt of it, allowing only a small portion to spill from her mouth and down her chin. And when she pulled back a little to try to swallow more, his cock popped free of her wet lips and another spurt landed on her face, dripping down her cheek.

“Ohhh, thanks, Carol, I really needed that.”

“Mmmm, you’re welcome. I love sucking you off, Paul, I really do. Here let me clean you off a little more.” That said, Carol proceeded to remove any remaining droplets of sperm from his cock and her mouth and then wrapped her warm fingers around his inflamed, but somewhat flaccid penis and stroked it slowly.

“Is that better... ?” she asked.

“Much better...” he replied as his cock gave a weak throb in her hand, “please continue ... you know, with Terry and the others.”

“Evelyn was fascinated by Terry’s actions; she had never witnessed another woman masturbating before, and although she had yet to actually touch herself down there, she was openly cupping a breast and pinching the nipple between thumb and forefinger, while tracing the fingertips of her other hand across her delightfully firm, bare tummy. Only now her thighs were spread open, putting her cunt on display and she was staring directly at Evelyn as if wanting the other woman to watch her even as she returned the voyeurism.

The two appeared to be at a standstill, when and this is a quote from Evelyn herself: “After a few moments of this mutual voyeurism, Terry spoke again. ‘Please, continue with what you were doing, I’m enjoying your movements; concentrate on your lover, not on me.’ And after those words Terry slipped her hand over her exposed sex, her finger dipping briefly into her wetness, drawing a little of it up towards her clit, and began to stroke, in slow, circular, rhythmic motions, breathing a little harder, her sex now glistening wet in the muted light of the room.”

Paul leaned in and kissed Carol on the neck then moved to her lips and kissed them, working on each lip separately at first and then covering her mouth in its entirety and plunging his tongue into it, meeting hers and continuing the kiss for several long, intensely pleasurable moments.

“OHHHH,” Carol panted when the kiss ended.

“You’re doing a wonderful job, look at me,” he said, meaning his cock, now almost at full size again.

“We, umm, can’t stay in here much longer, Paul. Someone will walk in on us. My fear is it will be Terry.”

“You’re right, let me put this away,” with that, he tucked his penis back into his slacks and then dropped to his knees, raised Carol’s skirt to her hips and mashed his face into her pussy as if it was their first time together.

Highly aroused, Carol yanked at his hair, pounded her pelvis against his face, and cajoled his lips and tongue to those points needing them the most, crooning “Yes, like that, Daddy” and “There, right there,” and the like.

Paul heard the faintest “Oh shit,” a split second before she drenched his face with cum juice and a look of embarrassment mixed with pleasure spread across her face.

“I didn’t...”

“Never mind, it’s all right, Baby,” he said getting to his feet. Carol straightened her dress, repositioned her breasts and smoothed the material where it had gotten mussed from being fingered against the sink’s counter.

Neither one bothered washing before walking back to their respective barstools; Carol with an obvious look of satisfaction on her face, and Paul with his testosterone going through the roof, his mouth a ruddy red from the small but sharp bristles of Carol’s renewed pubic hair.

Back in the bar area they retrieved their drinks and with a nod to Terry, moved to a table removed from the other occupants.

Terry gave them a slightly quizzical look, but didn’t think much of their actions, convinced that they had had a quickie in the ladies room, which wasn’t all that unusual given the sexual proclivities of the café’s clientele.

“Okay, where was I?” Carol said, and then recalled where she’d left off.

“Oh, right! Well Evelyn was still fucking her lover, literally bouncing on his joystick now thoroughly coated with her juices as she continued to grind down on it with each and every thrust. She took another glance over her shoulder towards Terry, found her masturbating openly at this point, and why not, with Evelyn humping her lover so frantically mere feet away from her?

Paul gasped, the image suddenly so intense that he seized Carol’s hand and brought it to bear on his erection. “You can make me cum if you like,” he rasped.

She worked his cock out of his trousers and slowly stoked it.

“It’s gotten to you has it?” she giggled wickedly. “Well I’m soaked too, Paul, run a hand up my dress and see for yourself.”

When he refrained from doing so, Carol laughed lewdly and squeezed his shaft hard. “Mmmm, the man of steel, I presume,” she giggled and squeezed him again.

“Well back to the story then--Watching Terry masturbating was all it took to send Evelyn over the top. She orgasmed convulsively, I’m told she spewed a flood of love juice over her lover’s cock and most everywhere else nearby.

“It started a chain reaction--Terry exploded and half fell from her chair to the floor, her hand still lodged between her thighs.

“Evelyn’s lover ejaculated too, I’m told it was a gigantic amount released, far more than either woman there had ever witnessed from a male before or since. Cum covered both him and Evelyn, and had Terry been any closer, she would have no doubt been covered to some extent herself.”

Paul couldn’t take any more. He felt his cock throb intensely in Carol’s hand.

“Ohhh, fuck ... you little whore ... you’re...”

Knowing he was at the point of cumming, Carol stroked him harder. What she was doing was obvious to anyone looking in their direction. As it happened only one person was do that at the time--Terry’s eyes were wide and sparkling with licentious excitement.


“Cum for me, Daddy! Cum for me! Cum all over my fingers--my hands--my wrists...”

She took a deep breath before going on. “Cum for me Daddy. Don’t hold anything back!”

He stifled a groan, felt his body tremble as the intense orgasm began pulsating through him, and fulfilling Carol’s request, his cum spurted out splashing over her fingers under the table, pulsing, pulsing, pulsing ... and he risked a quick look over at the bar and saw Terry’s eyes gleaming back at him.

Paul felt marvelous.

Carol milked the last drops of cum from his penis then tucked it back into his trousers, lifting her wet fingers to her mouth, licking his cum from her hand, while watching him lustfully.

Several minute passed before either of them spoke again.

It was Carol who broke the silence between them, saying: “It may interest you to know,” she smiled, and very cat-like licked the fingers of her right hand--the milking hand as it were--greedily sopping up the last residue of his ejaculate still clinging to the small crevices between her fingers. “That I have a plan which may well succeed in giving you the pleasure of possessing Terry that you so obviously desire.”

He took a deliberate sip of his drink before replying. “Tell me more,” he smiled and deliberately made eye contact with the voluptuous bartender a few feet away cleaning two wine glasses.

Any fatigue that might have been apparent on Terry’s face earlier in the evening had been replaced by an alert, rapt attention to the couple now sitting back down at the bar.

“That was quick,” she said under her breath, but loud enough for Paul to hear as she took in the flush on Carol’s face and arms, and that after sitting down she seemed unable to keep her fingers away from her inner thighs.

Hmmm, aftershocks? Terry correctly assumed, although saying nothing. She glanced at Paul, saw him eye her breasts as he sipped his drink.

Ahh, I see you’re still horny, eh, Mister? she thought, not minding at all, for most men and quite a few women frequently took stock of her sizable ‘girls’, as she referred to them.

She moved away from the couple and tidied up a corner of the bar before taking a sideways glance at them again. Carol was absent-mindedly nibbling on her lower lip and then after slowly licking both upper and lower lips, sent one hand to play with her hair while the other dropped to caress her stomach, and then pressed against her cunt through her dress.

Carol took a deep breath and then put her hands on his cheeks, drawing his gaze to hers; she had already played this scene out in her mind, and had a speech ready. “You know, I didn’t like you when we first met. I mean, you were dressed in an old worn suit and those shoes--those shoes were from ten years back.”

He just smiled at her and said, “Probably more. I picked them up at Goodwill just for our meeting.”

Carol smiled back, and neither of them noticed Terry move a step or two closer in order to pick up bits and pieces of their conversation after the last of the remaining customers paid their check and walked out the door, leaving just the three of them in the café.

“You were a nice enough guy--oh, you were more than that. I mean, you had ... you still have this terrific build and well, you know ... that monster in your pants--only I didn’t know that at the time. I was seeing a guy named Lenny at the time. I know--I know, I never mentioned him, but after that afternoon I never saw him again. I did talk to him. I owed him that, but I never saw him again.”

Carol choked up a little; “I was ... a very unhappy person, only I didn’t know it then, you know? I mean, looking back on that period in my life, before, uh, that day,” she shuddered for a second before continuing, “I was a bitch, especially to Sarah and some other friends, and I hated myself. What you did to me that day, I mean, what we did that day, well, there’s no other way to put it--you rocked my world sexually. You know that, right? That was the best I had ever had, by like a factor of a thousand,” she giggled.

“I think it’s safe to say that I might have been on the brink of committing suicide...”

Paul’s hand tightened on her arm.

“No--No, it’s all right. I’m all right now, thanks to you. Um, by dominating me the way you did--especially when my period came on at the worst possible moment--you made me a little girl for just a bit longer, and I was able to, to, I don’t know, self-reflect, something, something. I mean to say that by being your submissive I was finally able to focus on myself as a person and not some fictional character I might as well have been reading about in one of the hundreds of manuscripts I go through every week. You know what I’m talking about?”

He nodded, knowing instinctively she wasn’t quite finished and that a good part of what she was saying was meant to draw Terry into the conversation.

Carol kissed him softly and he met her lips but didn’t do any more than accept her offering.

“And you! A regular guy who knew what he wanted. And it was me! OH MY GOD! And--and that’s why I grabbed the fuckin’ waiter on the stairwell. I was so fuckin’ happy I had to share my good fortune with someone beside you, love, my love, my Paul!”

“You know I’d do anything for you, Paul--anything!”

“That’s a very generous offer, Carol,” he said with a genuine smile, noting that Terry had indeed closed the distance between them to be better able to listen to their conversation.

“You don’t believe me? Let’s walk outside. You can point out some guy--any guy, even a fuckin’ wino and I’ll blow him. You want to fuck me in the alleyway outside the café? I’m game! Anything, Paul. Anything!”

Then in a whisper that only he could hear, she said,”Follow my lead. We’re the only customers right?”

Paul surveyed the café and nodded. “I don’t see anyone else. Any minute now Terry will be asking us to leave.”

“Okay, like I said, follow my lead.”

Paul said, “What are you up too?”

“I’m after Terry, what else?” Then she told him what she wanted him to do, and when to do it.

“No, Carol, don’t pursue it. She’ll never go for it and you get us 86’d from the place.”

“Say exactly that again, only louder, Paul.”

“No, Carol, I don’t think so,” Paul replied a little too loudly.

“Shush,” she said looking quickly in Terry’s direction and then turning away just as quickly.

The ploy was enough to pique Terry’s interest and she came over to stand in front of them on her side of the bar. “Something bothering you guys?”

“No--no, it’s nothing,” Carol said, averting her eyes.

“C’mon, I heard my name, what is it?”

“Well...” Paul said and hesitated.

“Look it’s almost closing time. In fact it is closing time, so if you have something to say, say it, and then we can all go home.”

“You’ll only get pissed,” Paul said sheepishly.

Terry laughed and looked at the two of them. “Okay, now I’m dying to know what the hell it is. I’ll tell ya, I think I know what it is ... but I want to hear you say it. Of course I could be wrong, soooo...”

Carol took over, saying, “If you know then why ask?”

“I want to be sure. Terry said.

“Like he just said, you’ll only get pissed at us,” Carol offered tentatively.

“No, I won’t ... and if I do it’s my own fault. It’s probably something about my tits, right? I mean, believe me, I hear about them every day. So I’ll take no offense, okay?”

Paul smiled and said, “It is about them, but...”

“But what?”

“Probably not what you think.

“You want to guess their size, right?”

“No,” he replied.

“No? Then what?”

Paul pointed at Carol. “Carol here ... are you sure you won’t get pissed?”

“I swear to God I won’t get pissed.”

“All right, Carol, umm, really admires them. As you can see she’s not nearly as big as you in that department.” He waited for Carol to nod her head. When she did, Terry said, “So some girls are bigger than others. Some guys are bigger than others it’s a basic fact of life.”

“That’s not ... Paul hesitates. “That’s not what this is about.”

“What is it about?

“Carol wants to nurse on them,” he held his hands up defensively as if expecting Terry to hit him. “I know, I know! But I tell you what; I’ll give you a hundred bucks if you take them out and let her suck on them for say a minute or so.”

“No way!”

“Well I know it’s a stupid thing, but that’s what we were discussing. I didn’t think...”

“A hundred and fifty, and not in here,” Terry said stiffly.

Carol looked at Paul, who shook his head affirmatively and replied, “Where?”

“Let me close the place up. You two can stick around. It’s okay if I have friends hang around after hours some times. But it’s only her that touches them, you can watch, but no touching, understood?”

“I agree, no touching, but I can touch Carol while she’s um, nursing, right?”

“I don’t care what you do with her; just don’t try to join her. I can and will hurt you both if that happens.”

You have my word,” Paul said.

“Oh, and the money, I’ll take that now if you don’t mind.”

Carol jumped in saying: “I think you should pay her after services rendered, Paul.”

“Then go fuck yourselves, or each other. I get the money up front or no deal.”

Paul pulled out his wallet and extracted three fifty dollar bills and placed them on the bar. Terry scooped them up and tucked the bills into her bra. “For safe keeping, sugar,” she said to Carol, and gave them her first genuine smile of the evening.

A few minutes later the trio were standing in Terry’s apartment, which was conveniently enough, just around the corner.

Terry laughed as she accepted Carol and Paul’s coats and placed them on the back of a chair in the living room. “You can see the café from the kitchen window. I can’t seem to get far away from the job no matter what.”

“Um, how should we go about doing this?” Paul asked unable to tear his eyes away from her beautifully chiseled features and curvaceous body with tits a person would willingly die for, be they man or woman.

Terry knew exactly, or almost, what he was thinking and said, “Well the deal is that Carol here gets to play with my girls for a minute. I think you need a little more time than that, so let’s just do it and when I think I’ve had enough I’ll call it quits, sound all right?”

“Here, in the kitchen?” Carol inquired.

“No--no, the living room--let’s use the sofa ... I mean, let’s you and me use the sofa. He can watch from wherever he wants. But remember Jocko, no touching, you watchee only,” Terry said, doing a poor rendition of imitating a Chinese laundryman.

Paul turned to bring a chair closer to the sofa and heard a rustle of clothing; he picked up the chair, turned and saw Terry exposing her ‘girls’ to Carol.

“Have fun with ‘em, darling. Not all that many people have.”

Paul’s jaw hung open. He was frozen in place thinking, she’s even better than imagined she’d be!

Carol reached out with a trembling hand to caress the tops of Terry’s breast while staring at the nipple right in front of her nose.

“Oh, just a sec, honey,” Terry chirped with a big smile: “let me make a slight adjustment to my outfit. I don’t think you can get at them properly and I promised that you could so...”

That said, Terry yanked her top up and over her massive jugs completely freeing them. Carol didn’t need to be told to move on them--but fixed her mouth to one and began squeezing and massaging the other while Terry stood passively with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.

Paul shifted position slightly to obtain a better view of Carol’s mouth on the nipple and noticed she was already panting through her nose, with her eyes closed and her head tilted back.

When Carol switched breasts Terry started making a small moaning sound through her nose. Paul made a mental note that Carol was very much like a half starved calf on her teat. He had witnessed that scene as a young boy and it had left an indelible image with him.

But Carol wasn’t the only one enjoying herself; Terry appeared to love the attention her ‘girls’ were receiving. Paul saw her glance down as Carol let one nip out of her mouth to switch to the other and noticed the nipple was about the size of a grape.

“Is this what you wanted, honey?” Terry reached down and plucked at the recently suckled bud.

“Mmmmm,” Carol replied, busily paying homage to Terry’s turgid nipple.

Terry turned to Paul, “Do you see these nice juicy nipples, big boy?”

Paul nodded.

“Want to lick them? Kiss them? Suck them? Would you like to be my boob boy? My tit slave? Do you think you could take care of tits this big, hmmm? Lemmie tell you ... Oh, sweetie, that’s soooo nice, but you’re ignoring the other one. Go after that one honey. That’s my girl!”

Now Paulie ... I wish you could feel them, you know? But our deal is you can watch but not touch--to fuckin’ bad, but a deals a deal. They are so soft and warm,” she cooed as she cupped them in her hands, thrusting them out to him.

Carol scrambled after her trying to regain access to either nipple and Terry made sure that she did.

Paul held his ground, but his arousal was obvious from the bulge in his slacks. The only sounds in the room were that of Carol sloppily sucking on Terry’s tit and the heavy breathing of all three participants in the room. It was only when Carol began to chew on Terry’s nipple that Terry broke the silence.

“Carol ... Oh, th--th--that’s sooo nice!”

Carol took that as the bartender’s approval to take further steps with her and sent a hand under Terry’s skirt, found the wet place on her panties and rubbed it furiously hoping to bring her to orgasm.

Carol was delighted with what she thought was taking control of the other woman that her nipples tightened into knurled buttons.

That changed when Terry slapped her hard across the face. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she snarled as Carol staggered backward in shock.

“I thought--I thought--I’m so--sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t...”

“I should throw the both of you the fuck out of my place,” she said in low growl that told both Carol and Paul she meant every word.

Then her tone changed to a warmer, softer level, and she smiled lewdly at Paul first, and then after a moment at Carol. “But you managed to turn me on. You have a decided talent for sucking tit. I really liked what you were doing ... so continue, but don’t get carried away with try any more shit with me.”

“You,” she said looking at Paul, “You any good at sucking tit?”

“I have my moments,” he answered incredulous that she would ask such a question of him after what had just transpired.

“This one’s open for business. Wanna try it out for size?”

A moment later both Paul began to knead the one white globe closest to him.

He was fascinated by both the softness and the firmness beneath it. He kissed every inch of that breast. He licked from the farthest point, where it attached to her chest and slowly drew a spiral until his mouth was fully on her areola. From there he went at the nipple and suckled it and flicked it with his tongue, batting it back and forth while his teeth held it steady. His senses were completely fixated on the tit before him. He moaned around it and thought that this wouldn’t be a bad place to be for the remainder of his life. Nothing existed for him but this.

Both Carol and Paul were lost in the heavenliness of Terry’s tits.

Terry too was affected by the attention her breasts were receiving. She was beside herself with arousal. She couldn’t believe the wonderful sensations ricocheting throughout her body. She felt the puddle of wetness beneath her and she knew she was going to cum without anyone even touching her pussy. They were going to get her off just from playing with her breasts!

“Enough! Enough!” Terry howled as she pulled away from the two hungry mouths nursing at her ‘girls, ‘ and tumbled over the edge--her body spasming as she climaxed in a series of convulsive movements and only after calming down did she look at her ravaged breasts, now red and angry looking--splotchy rather than their usual milky white color--and he nipples were huge, practically twice their normal size.

But she felt GOOD.

Terry laughed and took Carol’s chin closer to her and kissed her long and hard, and then did the same with Paul.

He looked sheepishly down at his cock, which was still half-hard, and the puddle underneath it. Then he looked at her. Well, her tits, anyway. Until she pulled his chin so he was looking at her face. And she pulled him in for a long, wet kiss.

“Now you two have gotten me pretty hot. I admit I really enjoyed the way you treated my girls. So I’m going to masturbate for you. But you cannot don’t touch me. You can watch. I want you to watch, both of you. I get off on it.”

Terry glanced at the bulge in Paul’s slacks and said: “You do look a little uncomfortable; you can take that schlong out. You play with it, or let Carol play with it if she doesn’t insist on jilling herself off first. Whatever, but you both keep away from me, understand?”

“I understand” he replied as his fingers nervously unzipped his slacks. Despite herself, Terry couldn’t resist watching his fingers work their way down his fly, and she said nothing as his manhood sprang out and bobbed up and down before coming to a quivering halt.

Carol’s eyes kept darting from Paul to Terry and back again.

Terry smiled at them before deftly removing her remaining clothing and sat back down in her own chair and spread her thighs. She was still, as she had been for the entire conversation, extraordinarily wet.

Both Carol and Paul couldn’t help but stare at the naked body displayed in front of them.

She’s fucking gorgeous, Paul thought and saw that Carol appeared to agree with his assessment of the nude woman sitting before them, slowly sliding a hand up to cup her right breast.

Terry laughed softly, her eyes on the couple seated across from her. She pinched her hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger and jerked as her clit pulsed from the erotic sensation it caused. Closing her eyes, she sent her other hand between her legs and over the thin strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair to her clit and began to stroke it, circling over and around it, rhythmically, as her lips parted to form a greedy smile.

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