Family Feud Universe

by StacieLove

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Fan Fiction Story: A plug for my favorite author

Caution: This Fan Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Fan Fiction   Incest   BDSM   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Clergy   .

The family feud universe is such a wonderful place. There’s cum drenched sex for all but not only that, some of the main characters are either people I’d love to meet or emulate myself in real life. Any character capable, willing or not, to bare themselves before total strangers, masturbate to orgasm, take a cock in their ass or swap cum with another woman is my sort of girl!

But wait, there’s more. All this and bondage too. Tightly bound tits, gags and other assorted toys abound but hey, why not go for the trifecta! In Amanta serve’s mind, they do it with their own family members too!

Golly this author makes me hot. In the original Family Feud series, there was such a long pause in posting that I just had to write something just to have something to read back to myself later. I never expected a favorable review from the actual series author. I knew my effort paled in comparison to hers even though I got busy and never did post again...

Then Ms. Serve got busy with not one, but two other great series. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to put one set of characters on hold to begin a short about a certain Taylor Swift, though not the singer one.

I’ve considered writing an alternate chapter to compliment her other stories but I realized that these are HER stories and should only be told by her. Another author has come along and taken her challenge to continue the lives of Family Feud characters, Mrs. Waxerman and Doctor Hooker, but I don’t see that story being infinite.

I’d like to know how Mrs. Waxerman ever finds her way to a trailer park, but I think the author, like me, doesn’t want to detract in any way from the stories that the real genius created, so he’s probably going to stop when the blanks in Ms. Serve’s story are filled.

Imagine a world in which your nastiest (or hottest) fantasies are only a keyboard away. My characters were already created by Ms. Serve and because of that, they did what they were going to do, not what I wanted them to do. Sometimes they did something seemingly totally out of character ... oh, just like in real life! Sometimes they were punished for it, sometimes rewarded.

I still can’t get the scene in the Buckman out of my mind when Ellen fucks her brother. So incredibly hot, sweet and damn sexy. Is mommy going to be next or maybe part of a three way? Is Savanna’s brother really going to continue being a pussy boy? Just because he doesn’t have a homophobic bone in his body and goes with the flow, doesn’t mean he’s not subtly controlling the many women he fucks, or poor Ted for that matter. I just know Ted’s wary of him. I think he’d be more confused than hurt if Savanna freaked when he tried to pack her fudge but he’d deal with it in his own easygoing way. He’d laugh at her and goad her into doing it more like a challenge than anything else.

The new twist in the trailer park story where Ellen becomes a mistress is super hot too ... because I just KNOW she’s not cut out for the part and maybe her own brother will finally realize the folly of trying to make her something she’s not and allow her to once more become used and abused the way she loves. But she kind of is showing that the best submissive can be put in charge ... as long as there are still rules they have to follow!

I also wonder how much of our esteemed author, Ms. Serve, is in young Ellen Tinkle. She writes a good dominant perspective, but she really brings to life the submissive side of her female characters. I think she WANTS to be like Ellen even if she’s more like Savanna. Maybe I should don a strap on and politely request that Amanda serve me! On the other hand, I know I can’t. My spouse already has difficulty dealing with the fact that I’m addicted to these stories, but the fantasy gets my motor running anyway. And I bet that the real Ms. Serve would only lick a pussy if she had to. I bet she has though, a bunch of times, haha.

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