Hello Tabitha

by aaaFantasy

Copyright© 2017 by aaaFantasy

Erotica Story: A couple's night out finds a third for fun.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Group Sex   .

The club wasn’t too crowded for a Saturday night, mostly because of some concert down town. My girlfriend, Kate, loves going out for dancing and drinking. I don’t mind the dancing; I’m just not that good at it.

We usually hang out for a couple of hours until the music’s thump and alcohol’s buzz gets her horny, then we go home and fuck for another hour or so.

That night Kate was more playful than usual. Between dances – which means during drinking – she would teasingly rub my inner thigh occasionally pressing against my crotch just often enough that I would keep an erection. Did I mention she loves keeping me with a bulge; it turns her on more thinking that other girls get turned on seeing it.

We’d be sitting at our table – her hand painfully close to my crotch – and she’d nod toward some girl dancing or standing at the bar and say something like: “You think that girl has big nipples?”

I’d play along – believe me it makes the sex better – and say something like: “Which girl? The one with the 40 double-d’s practically hanging out her dress or the little thing beside her maybe wearing a training bra?”

She’d do something like smacking my leg or removing her hand to pick up her glass and scold: “Don’t be mean; I bet you secretly desire little titties.”

Normally I’d respond with a: “Then maybe we should get your 38d’s reduced,” and she’d squeeze them at me threatening not to let me suck on them that night, but that night I decided to tease back and told her: “I’ve never had a little tittie girl before; I bet she’d be wild behind closed doors.”

She turned to look at me, her look serious; “You think so?”

The question didn’t sound sarcastic nor did she sound upset at me asking it; she actually sounded, I don’t know – interested.

“To tell the truth,” I told her, “she is kind of cute so I would have made her an exception to my big tits rule.”

The girl in question was standing by herself at the bar, slowly sipping her drink. It was obvious she was the third-wheel to the big tittie blonde that was rubbing her ass on the bouncer-like guy. She was about 4’ 5” and pushing only a hundred pounds. Her hair was dirty blonde, cut in a bob. She was in jeans, not tight to show off any ass, just comfortable. She had on a pull over sweater that did nothing to hide that her breasts were tiny. But she really was cute. I don’t know what made me even point out to Kate that I even thought she was cute. I guess boredom with the same game every time we went out.

Then Kate surprised me. She turned back to me and asked; “Do you think she likes girls?”

I could tell it wasn’t a question of her sexuality but a question of actual interest.

“She don’t look like a dike if that’s what you mean;” I tease knowing well enough that she, herself was actually interested in the girl.

“That’s not what I meant. Do you think she’d be in for a threesome?”

We’ve been talking about maybe having a threesome. Our talks never got too serious on the actually looking for a third, but they did usually get Kate heated and ended in great sex. Thinking this was just some more tease talk that would end in great sex I teased; “Why; you attracted to little tittie girls?”

Kate didn’t look away from the girl; “That one I am.”

The statement was not teasing; she actually was thinking about this girl sexually. I decided to push my luck. “Want me to go ask her?”

Kate looked at me then. “Would you be willing to have a threesome with that one?” The question was so serious I knew this night would end up with either Kate extremely disappointed or three of us in bed.

I started to get up; I was determined to go ask her for Kate, but Kate put her hand on my leg keeping me in my seat. “I’ll go ask her,” she told me. Then Kate was walking toward the bar before I realized she was going.

Kate went to the bar right beside the skinny girl and ordered a drink. Then she was talking to the girl. I couldn’t hear them over the loud dance music but it was obvious the girl was nervous talking to a stranger, and I knew Kate’s stances and she was fidgety with nerves.

Then Kate reached out and placed her hand on the girls arm and laughed at something. Kate even stood a little closer to the girl as their conversation continued. Shortly Kate leaned in and whispered in the girl’s ear then she was ordering something from the bar tender.

After a second the bartender handed the skinny girl a drink and two to Kate and then the both of them were walking over to our table.

Kate introduced the girl; “This is Tabitha; please not Tabby – she doesn’t like cute nick names.” The girl blushed a little at Kate’s teasing and I gently shook her hand as they took seats. I realized Kate strategically maneuvered Tabitha to sit between us.

I learned from our conversation that the big tittie blonde was Tabitha’s cousin and she dragged her out to the bar. Tabitha wasn’t the driver so she was at her cousin’s mercy for when and where they went.

As was normal with Kate, our conversation slowly steered toward sexual themes as more alcohol got into the girls. I was driving so I stopped after two drinks. As Tabitha continued to drink she was loosening up and admitted she was single but wasn’t a virgin. At twenty years old she was ten years younger than us, but I could tell that was part of Kate’s attraction to the girl.

As closing time neared Tabitha’s cousin and her muscle boy wondered over – she never acknowledged that Tabitha was sitting with friends – and informed Tabitha they’d be dropping her off so they could go over to jock-boy’s house.

Kate told the cousin; “That’s alright, you go play with your Ken; we’ll get Tabitha home safe.” The cousin didn’t seem to care and took her leave. Kate had taken control for Tabitha and I could see admiration – maybe lust – on Tabitha’s face.

In the parking lot Kate opened the back door for Tabitha; “Want to go home, or we can go to our place for after hours drinks?”

Tabitha, bashfully, smiled up to Kate; “Home’s boring.”

“Then scoot over so I can get in so we can get going.”

Tabitha made room for her so I was stuck up front playing chauffer to two girls. We live a good fifteen minutes from the bar so I angled the rearview mirror so I could see the girls – I was sure Kate had something planned.

They talked, Kate giggled, then Kate leaned into Tabitha and kissed her. Tabitha stiffened up but did not push Kate away. Then she was kissing back. They made out the entire ride back and Tabitha’s breathing became more like a breathless pant.

When we got home I got out and opened the door on Tabitha’s side to let them out. They were still kissing. “Excuse me girls; we’re home.”

Kate pulled away from Tabitha; “Oh, good. Get out cutie.”

Tabitha blushed bright pink; it looked very cute on her. I couldn’t wait to see what fun we’d have with her. I helped her out of the back of the car and I realized her Jeans’ button and zipper were open and I could tell her blue panties were pushed down. Dirty little Kate was already playing.

I held my hand out for my Kate and she gave me hers as she scooted over the seat to get out. As she stood I held her hand to my nose and teased; “This doesn’t smell like you,” then I licked her finger.

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