My Three Valentines

by Severusmax

Copyright© 2017 by Severusmax

Erotica Sex Story: Adam Gould is about to wake up to a very different kind of Valentine's Day, one which few husbands ever get to experience: finding two new wives!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Rough   Group Sex   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Indian Female   White Couple   Analingus   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

I had gone to bed a little groggy the night before, assisted by some Jim Beam and sheer fatigue, as I had worked one hell of a day at Winthrop and Associates, a top-notch advertising firm, before I got home for a Valentine’s Day date with Shelly, my wife of just one year. The date had gone well, partly due to Shelly’s giving nature, where she had actually cooked some chicken-fried steaks instead asking her exhausted hubby, namely me, to do something. Then again, she also used the old “Netflix and chill” routine to get me into bed, and trust me, I didn’t sleep for a good hour or so before she was done servicing me in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. I wondered if she had slipped me some Viagra or something, given how well I was able to keep up with her, but her being the aggressor didn’t hurt there, either.

I had barely cum inside my wife for the fourth time when I finally slumped and dozed off, relieved that I had at least seemingly gotten her off a few times in the process. I dreamed very pleasant dreams, too, where I floated on a cloud of soft, pillowy female flesh, hands reaching out to soothe me, caress me, fondle me, etc. There were probably about a dozen women, too, which was odd given that Shelly and I were supposedly faithful to each other, but as it was a dream, I didn’t fight it very well or question its logic (or lack thereof). I simply enjoyed that dream and others like it, such as when I was chased by a crowd of ladies, after which I seized by mermaids and dragged under the water so that they could kiss and embrace me. I didn’t know why I had such vivid fantasies before, but I had done so before ... just not so many.

When I awoke, it was still dark, and I felt hands intimately touching me, pleasuring me in a very loving and passionate manner. Assuming that my wife was frisky again, I didn’t fight it, simply letting her use me in my sleepy condition. I nodded off a couple of times and I awoke each time to kisses, hugs, fondling, and everything else. The next time, though, I awoke to find a woman above me, riding my cock in the darkness and putting my hands on her buns to please both of us. Again, I naturally thought that this was Shelly, so I let it happen and did what any man would do ... enjoy her amorous ways. I fell into half-asleep, half-awake state where I let her have her way with me and inevitably came again ... and again?

It wasn’t until I was ready to get up for a piss that I learned what the score really was, as I heard tip toes and felt soft kisses on my neck, back, and shoulders. I looked down to see a very dark pair of hands stroke my cock and it took me a few seconds to realize the problem: Shelly was white and this girl was of a darker complexion ... much darker. I couldn’t stop her just yet, as I had to piss, so I waited until I finished to turn around, at which point I was kissed ardently on the mouth with a phenomenal amount of tongue. Stunned, I still wasn’t able to break the kiss until the woman came up for air and I realized that I had been kissing Sarita, my boss!

“Good morning, lover! Best wash your hands before they stink of piss!” my supervisor urged me and I had to agree, plus it gave me a minute or two to think.

“Did we ... you know ... fuck?” I was blunt in my astonishment.

“Well, I am naked and so are you. What do you think, Mister? Like my pussy? Nice and bald, just as Shelly said that you like them. You didn’t mind licking it a few times last night, despite your own creampies in there. Oh, relax ... Shelly’s downstairs, percolating that coffee and making some excellent hash browns, fried eggs over easy, and a ham steak! Good thing that I’m not a vegan like my parents and siblings. By the way, she tasted great, too. At least twice, I licked your cum out of her, once from her ass!” Sarita informed me, as I started to shower, and she just jumped inside it with me.

“Sarita ... when did you, you know, get here? It was just Shelly and me last night, wasn’t it?” I scratched my head as she began washing my skin before I could reach for the puff.

“Oh, I was already here. Remember when I ducked out a little early, having started early? Thank God for flex time, sweetie. I was here the whole time that you were having supper, and when you two retired to bed, I ate leftovers. I must say, Shelly is quite the cook, isn’t she? Then, once we were sure that you were too far gone to put up any resistance, we slipped you some Viagra and got to work on servicing you as a team. So far, the plan has worked remarkably well, not that I’m surprised, since you’re such a stud!” Sarita declared as she enjoyed my hands on her body, naturally returning the favor in spite of my shock.

“The plan? What plan?” I asked, incredulous now.

“To knock me up at the same time that you impregnate her, of course! That way, you can have two baby mamas, as any stud should have ... at least! One baby mama just ain’t enough for a natural-born cock of the walk like you!” my boss stunned me with her take on things, “And naturally, the one who loves and knows you most ... agrees with me about you.”

“And just when did the two of you cook this plan of yours up, anyway?” I inevitably inquired.

“Oh, during the office Christmas party last year, when we really hit it off due to our shared admiration for you. We’ve been plotting this for a good while, wouldn’t you agree? Remember the bondage games? With the blindfolds? That was both of us, plus ... Serena! Oh, and we’ve all been lesbian lovers, too,” Sarita shocked me further, even as Serena helped us out of the shower and dried us off.

“Lesbianism? Incest? What else?” I asked with utter shock.

“Well, as Shelly will help explain once we go down there for the Valentine’s Day breakfast, it being a personal day thanks to your truly, we’re all pregnant to you now. All three of us! Think of that! Anyway, let’s go down there and let your dear wife sweet talk you into forgiving us all. There’s a method to our madness, I promise you, and now that it’s too late to prevent, we’re going to be more ... submissive to you and throw ourselves on the mercy of the court,” Sarita continued.

“What court?” I asked, confused.

“The court of Adam Gould, our wonderful husband!” Shelly declared herself as she took my hand and led me downstairs to the kitchen, still quite naked.

“You said ‘our, ‘ in a plural sense,” I noted.

“That’s because, big brother, we all want to be your wives. Oh, come on, don’t be like that, please? Shelly and I have wanted to share you for a while, and then when we met Sarita, the pieces all fell into place. It’s Valentine’s Day, and we all want to be your Valentines ... all three of us. Pretty please, bro! I like being your sister, but I will love being your wife, too! Think of it!” Serena pleaded with me, putting her arms around my neck and kissing me in a way that left no doubt that she had more than sisterly affections in mind.

“And what about your husband ... and Sarita’s?” I noted, tempted though I was.

“History. He refused to reverse his vasectomy and that was it. Irreconcilable differences! Plus, he caught me sleeping with Shelly. No doubt he’ll have nothing good to tell you the next time you speak to each other, if ever. Naturally, I sort of ... let him catch us together before having him served,” Serena assured him, “It was never right, that marriage. Not fair to him, to me, or to you most of all. This is for the best. We can both move on with our lives, even poor Dick.”

“Okay, but what of you?” I turned to Sarita.

“He was involved in a ‘personnel’ flare-up last year when he groped a flight attendant, called him a ‘sissy, ‘ beat him up, and threatened to throw this poor Thai airline steward off the fucking plane! He was not only suspended, but he will likely be terminated and lose his flying license. When I found out the reason, I was as disgusted as his superiors and told him never to come home again. That was last November, at which point I was now free to pursue my fantasies of you.

“He was served at Thanksgiving dinner and I must confess that I get a kick out of that, since he spend it at Denny’s and the process server tracked him down there. Not to worry for Kumar, though. He has buddies that have already lined him up a job in insurance with actuarial tables. It pays a bit less than piloting, but he’ll probably rise again up the ladder if he doesn’t bully and sexually assault any more people,” Sarita threw up her hands before kneeling to suck my cock a bit.

“Tastes better, doesn’t he? Nice and clean down there, but still with a manly musk to him. I love how he tastes and smells and I absolutely enjoy sucking his cock!” Shelly admitted to us all now.

“Join me?” Sarita suggested.

“Don’t mind if I do, honey. He’s got the yummiest cock in the world!” Shelly said as she knelt to go down on me and share my dick with my boss.

“Is it okay if I finger your ass, brother? Pretty please? I’d like to rim you, too!” Serena begged me, not waiting for an answer, though, before she went to town on my ass.

I was hungry as could be right then, but I couldn’t ignore the pleasures of having three sexy women orally and manually service me. It was a good thing that I wasn’t consumable right then, or there would have been no room for breakfast for them, judging from how they devoured me. It wasn’t very long before Shelly moved on to my balls and started pleasuring them as well, either. Being stimulated pretty much everywhere below the waist, I was extremely aroused and my cock was at full mast. That was, unfortunately, when they stopped.

“Sorry, but we had to get you nice and hard so that you could fuck us after breakfast. Now, don’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy that, baby. We know that you did. You will get to fuck us all day long today, all three of us, because it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re OUR Valentine! As for cumming, you’ll be doing so much of that that you’ll get sick of it ... okay, maybe not that much, but you get the idea!” Serena told me as she went to go wash out her mouth so that she could kiss me.

“So ... you want to move both my boss and my sister in with us, I take it? Given the use of the term ‘wives, ‘ I can only guess that much,” I commented as I let my erection soften a little.

“Look, baby, I know it’s a lot to absorb, but please keep an open mind and consider it. See how great it is already? That’s just a taste of it, sweetheart. Imagine waking up to three women, day in, day out, to kisses from each of us, to a house full of happy, running children, to a big, happy family, to steamy showers, to more ‘Netfix and chill, ‘ to orgies whenever the kids are with their grandparents, to, well, you get the idea...

“Point is, baby, this is what we all want ... to share you. To bond through the greater intimacy of sharing a man, because if one has a man as good as you, depriving loved ones of you is just plain wrong. Why should your sister and boss content themselves with lesser men, when they can have you instead? How about it, stud? This is what we’ve wanted for us, for you, from day one, and I’m sorry that we hid it from you, but we’re not anymore. We’re just ... well,” Shelly started to lose her eloquence.

“We’re just three girls, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love us,” Serena said as she walked right up to me and gave me a lip lock that would give a eunuch a boner.

“Now, if Notting Hill had that line, it would have been a far more interesting film, even if critics would have hated it,” I chuckled.

“See now? Humor. Wit. Brains. Brawn. What’s not to love? Especially this,” Sarita said as she grasped my family jewels.

“Sexual harassment has never been quite so enjoyable,” I quipped, making the girls all snicker at that remark.

“So ... that’s a yes?” Shelly dared to ask.

“Well, let me see. You’re my first and current wife, so obviously I’m going to stay married to you and keep loving you. That’s a given for me, especially given how kind you are, despite the cheating, which I will forgive. This time. No more going behind my back, though, okay?

“Serena is my sister, and while society wouldn’t approve, I don’t give too shits about that. I have a bond with her that I would never break, and while she did something sneaky this time, I’ll forgive her, too, and I will always love her as well. I mean, what kind of guy would turn down a sweetheart like Serena, anyway? I’d bust a guy’s lip for breaking her heart, so I damn sure wouldn’t do that myself! Fuck society, but then you probably already knew how I would feel about this, hence why you felt safe going for it.

“Then there’s Sarita. Charming lady, a little older than me, but not much. Never been a pain at work. Sure, can be bossy, but that’s kinda expected on the job. Just don’t try to carry that over to home, okay? Plus, there’s just something about her ... and something about yet another way to tell society to fuck off! Now that you’re not going to be married anymore, why not?” I winked at Sarita, just as Shelly began plating the food before it could get cold.

“Not to mention that you like that I’m Indian,” she winked back, “Oh, and I know that I’m the boss because my father knows Mr. Winthrop and they’re in the same country club. That doesn’t mean that I looked a gift horse in the mouth, though. So I hadn’t earned it at the beginning. I’ve tried to prove that I can do the job ... and you, you’re the only one who really gave me a chance, was nice to me and treated me with respect. The others would be ‘fake nice’ to my face, kiss my ass, and then stab me in the back. You never did that.

“You flirted with me, just like them, but not like them ... as if you found me attractive regardless of my position, not as if you thought it would get you somewhere or that you thought that I was a whore who slept her way up the ladder. Don’t think that I don’t know about the graffiti that you erased in the men’s room, because I know that it was Bryan who always wrote it, even if I can’t prove it, and I know that it was you who would always erase it. Hurtful, sexist, racist comments that implied that I was just sucking dick and cheating on my husband to get where I was.

“I know why, too. Bryan wanted my job. So did you, but you didn’t hold a grudge against me for it. He did. He also didn’t like that I made him tone down the talk radio, but, hey, everyone in the whole fucking office could hear it! I did it as a way to help the work atmosphere. It’s a bit distracting to try to work when Michael fucking Savage is blaring at high volume, spitting out hateful remarks about immigrants and minorities!

“By the way, I’m going to become a housewife and mother for a few years once this child is born, and guess who I have in mind for my replacement? A little tip, it isn’t Bryan, and by the way, his chances were never as good as yours. If Mr. Winthrop didn’t owe serious favors, and I do mean major ones, you’d already be the boss. It’s easier to accept a position that you don’t deserve when you don’t know the one who did. Knowing you ... and liking you, yeah, that makes it tougher, but most of all, I want to be a mommy. I want to be a wife.”

“Well, no doubt, the new salary will make it easier to help provide for a family our size, though admittedly, it helps that Serena works full-time and Shelly works part-time. Until you quit, we’ll be getting my salary plus yours and theirs, which will help a lot. As for the graffiti, I never liked graffiti in the first place. It’s tacky, vulgar, and disrespectful of private property. The comments about you were ... downright libelous, dear. Trust me on that.

“He’s only been that damn bad since his wife left him for a Mexican, but to be fair, I met his wife and her new boyfriend. He’s a lot nicer than Bryan, who was never that friendly, but got worse after Elaine took up with Diego. The racism was what got worse. He was always an opinionated, loudmouth, conceited, selfish prick. According to Elaine, he thinks that if you’re on welfare or food stamps, you’re just sitting around eating junk food, watching daytime TV, and using crystal meth or something. Nobody that I know of on food stamps is like that! They all have jobs and bust their butts for a living!” I observed as I began eating my hash browns and drinking some coffee.

“Including our parents for a time there, remember?” Serena observed, “It wasn’t easy and they got off it when Dad finished night school to get his CPA, but they were never lazy about it, were they?”

“Exactly, and they went to a lot of work on your wedding with Dick. Too bad that he turned out to be so opposed to having kids, which I know that you wanted. They so wanted grandchildren, and poor Mom never got to see any. Dad just wasted away after that. He didn’t kill himself, because he didn’t want us to lose out on insurance benefits, but he just gave up. I’m still convinced that her stroke was due to smoking more than anything else. She never got much warning and never lived to see me marry Shelly or anything,” I remarked, fighting back tears.

“Yeah, Dad was too lonely, missed her too much, didn’t want to live without her. I think that she would have done the same if he had gone. Some couples, especially elderly ones, are like that. Too dependent on each other to live alone. That’s another benefit of our lifestyle. We have more support, emotionally, for each other. We can continue if the worst happens and still have something to live for, of course. I think that the lack of a support system is part of why so many elderly monogamists simply give up,” Serena told me as she dug into her eggs.

“So, great eggs and ham steak!” Sarita changed the subject in her own polite way.

“Yes, very good!” I agreed, taking more bites of my ham.

“Thank you!” my wife replied, her baby blue eyes full of love and happiness right then, glad to have this arrangement working out so well.

“Excellent breakfast, Sis!” Serena told her, “You really have been a sister to me, and now you’re a sister-wife, so why not admit as much?”

“Awww ... and plus we’re lesbian lovers, too, these days!” Sarita noted.

“That, too! When you munch on a girl’s muff, prepare to bond!” Shelly agreed with a wink.

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