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Sex Story: An affectionate and highly erotic encounter.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

We were lying in each other’s arms, undressed, kissing – sweet, soft kisses. My heart was full of love for you – and you looked at me with such adoration that it made me want to give all the world to you. I was hard – and knew that you were wet with desire for me. But we had lots of time and were taking it very slowly. I caressed your arm and shoulder, then moved my hand slowly toward your breast. I felt the soft fullness of you, caressed you lightly, then took my mouth from yours and sucked lightly on your nipple, feeling it swell and tighten between my lips. I slowly circled your nipple with my tongue, and moved my hand caressingly over your tummy and toward your pussy.

You put your hand on mine and stopped its movement. “No,” you said to me softly, “I want to take you in my mouth.” You knelt between my legs and grasped my cock in both hands. I could see you looking at it intently as your stroked your hands up and down on my cock. It seemed to me that you were wondering, as I had wondered myself, how it was possible that my nineteen-centimeter cock could fit so completely in your tight, delicate pussy. It was an even bigger challenge for your sweet, lovely mouth.

You held the base of my cock tightly in both hands, causing my cock to expand a bit, so it was even thicker and longer. You spread your lips wide and took in the tip of my cock, licking the underside with your tongue. Taking your mouth off the tip, you kissed and licked the underside of my cock from the tip down to your hands, and back to the tip again, then repeated that sweet, affectionate mouth caress on each side of my cock.

You returned your attention to the tip of my cock, spread your lips wide again, placed the tip between them, and swirled your tongue around it. Your touch was deft, light and delicate; but it excited me intensely, making me want to lift my hips to shove my cock deeper into your mouth.

Your lips slowly descended down the length of my cock, taking more and more of it in until it was pushing against the back of your throat. There you paused, and began pressing your tongue firmly against the underside of my cock, squeezing it, caressing it with your mouth. My cock was a bit more than half way into your mouth. I could tell that it was so far in that you were not able to breathe. Yet you held it there, sucking, squeezing, embracing it lovingly with your mouth, for what might have been a full minute.

You began to pump your mouth up and down on my cock, using your lips and tongue to apply pressure. I could feel my balls tighten, and knew that my body was preparing to come. But it wasn’t at that point yet. You were also pumping the lower section of my cock with your hands, so that when my cock was in your mouth as far as it would go, your hands were touching your lips. You took one hand from my cock, without stopping the pumping motions, and delicately cupped my balls. The thought popped into my head that no woman had ever made love to my cock so sweetly, so sensually, so lovingly, so joyously.

You took your hand away from my balls and thrust it between your legs to caress your clit, while continuing to pump my cock with your other hand and your mouth. You moaned and waggled your ass, which made me so happy that your pleasure was rising along with mine.

It wasn’t long before I could feel my balls swelling up, getting ready to explode. “My darling, you’re about to make me come. Let me fuck you now.” In response, you put both of your hands on the lower part of my cock and began to pump harder with your hands and mouth. Soon I was coming explosively, pumping spurt after spurt into your mouth. You swallowed as fast as you could, but the flow was so heavy that some of my semen leaked from your mouth and onto your hands. You held the tip of my cock in your mouth until my spurts subsided and stopped, then licked my cum from your hands, licked your lips, then looked at me and smiled happily. You looked so loving, so sweet, so beautiful, that my heart swelled anew with my love for you.

I grasped your arms and lifted and pulled you up over my body until you were lying on top of me with my arms around you, your eyes nearly even with mine. I kissed you lightly, caressing your lips with my tongue, then passionately, pressing my mouth to yours. You had swallowed so thoroughly that there was only the barest taste of my cum in your mouth.

We lay there in that position for a while. Both of my hands were free to roam over your shoulders, your back, your ass. Your legs were spread wide, with your pussy on my tummy, so I could even caress the backs of your thighs. You slid down on my body a little so that you could rest the side of your face on my chest and shoulder. I began to concentrate on your slim, shapely ass, on the lower part of your back, and on your thighs, particularly the sensitive areas close to your pussy. As I kneaded your ass gently and caressed your back and thighs lightly, you lay very, very still, sighing and quietly moaning from time to time as waves of pleasure swept over you.

You began to rotate your hips, creating rhythmic contact of your pussy and clit against the lower part of my tummy. The level of your excitement was clearly rising. I rolled to my side, and gently lowered you so that you were lying on your back. Your hips were rotated, though, so that one leg was on top of my cock, which was beginning to show some signs of life again.

I put my hand under your thigh and began to caress you lightly, using circular motions that brought my fingers closer and closer to your pussy. You lifted your leg from atop my cock and placed it on the bed, spreading your legs wide in open invitation for me to take full advantage of my easy access to your pussy and clit.

My slow caresses of your inner thigh were bringing my fingers closer and closer to your pussy. But rather than bring them directly in contact with your pussy, I slowly circled your pussy with my hand, caressing the tops of your upper thighs and your tummy. At the same time, I began kissing your mouth lightly, touching my lips and tongue to your lips – sweet, loving kisses. It always moves me deeply when we kiss. I feel warmth and stirrings in my heart, and my mind fills with wondrous thoughts of everlasting love. Your lips were half parted, and it struck me how meaningful that was, how open you always are to my every action, my every emotion, my every desire. I pressed my mouth to yours passionately, permitting our tongues to touch and caress the insides of each other’s mouths. My hands, during all of this, were continuing to caress your tummy and alongside your pussy and clit.

I noticed the perky uprightness of your delicate nipples, and gazed at the marvelous fullness and shapeliness of your breasts. The thought of kissing, licking and sucking on those nipples filled my mind – and it wasn’t long before my mouth, tongue and lips were fulfilling those thoughts. Your breasts and nipples are wonderfully proportioned and exceptionally beautiful, as is true of every element of your perfect body.

I began sucking your nipple harder, and at that moment, finally, moved my fingers directly onto your pussy, inserting first one, then two fingers into that slick, warm, welcoming, firm and deep recess into your body. You gasped with pleasure and lifted your hips from the bed, which enabled me to ease my fingers further into you. You rocked and rotated your pelvis, and your gasps and sighs turned to moans as you felt me caressing that certain spot inside of you that was the avenue of so much of our pleasure.

Although it had been less than half an hour since my intense, balls-emptying orgasm, my cock was beginning to stir and harden a bit as I perceived your pleasure. You grasped my cock with one hand and began to stroke it, which accelerated the hardening process. As it dawned on you that you would soon feel my hard cock in your pussy, your excitement grew and your body responded. You tightened you’re your pussy on my fingers, planted your feet on the bed, spread your legs wide and lifted your ass several inches, then began a kind of bucking motion, lifting and lowering your ass spasmodically.

At the same time, you were stroking my cock vigorously; it was now as hard as a rock. You said “From behind now!” Without waiting for a reply from me, you rolled over onto your hands and knees and waited, trembling with anticipation.

I got behind you, with my knees between your widely separated legs. Wanting to savor the moment, I looked with appreciation and delight at the slim perfection of your shoulders, back and ass. Rather than inserting my cock into your pussy, I put it on top of the parting between your ass cheeks and began to slide it forward and back. The trembling of your ass excited me and made my cock extend and thicken even more. Your gasps expressed sensual pleasure, but with perhaps some impatience mixed in. After a few moments, I backed off a bit and then put my cock between your legs and rubbed it against your pussy and clit.

You grabbed my cock and tried to guide it to your pussy’s lips. But the tip of my cock was too far forward – and I was enjoying teasing you. I rubbed my cock forward and back against your pussy and clit and soon could tell from your moans and from the humping of your ass that you were close to coming. So I speeded up my motions – and soon you were gasping and crying out softly as a powerful orgasm consumed your body and your mind.

As you came, your body quivered and you pressed your legs together, squeezing my cock. You continued to come, and your body sagged. I thought you would collapse onto the bed, but just your head and shoulders dropped down, and you managed to remain on your knees.

Finally, after more than a minute of coming hard, you were quiet and your body stopped quivering. But you weren’t ready to stop. Once again, you grasped my cock and attempted to point the tip of it toward the lips of your pussy. This time, I pulled my hips back so that you could do what you wanted. You got the tip of my cock inside of your pussy and immediately pushed your body back against mine, impaling yourself on 19 centimeters of rock-hard male organ. You moaned, almost as if you were in pain; but if it was pain, it obviously was good pain as, for a moment, you kept your ass pressed against my tummy, and my cock deep inside of you. After that brief pause, you began fucking me, rocking forward and back, taking all of me in on each backward thrust and leaving only three or four centimeters inside of you on each forward stroke. Soon, I was pushing my pelvis against you a bit on your backward thrusts, penetrating you just a little bit deeper each time. The feeling was indescribable, and the sight of your beautiful ass moving forward and back was ineffably beautiful. I could feel myself letting go, and concentrated on tightening my pelvis muscles in a way that would possibly hold back the spasming, spurting orgasm that was on the brink of overwhelming me.

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