She Came, She Saw, She Conquered

by jamaica

Copyright© 2017 by jamaica

Erotica Sex Story: Gorgeous girl steals her big sister's hubby just because she can.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   Big Breasts   Leg Fetish   .

Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

We are all of us sinners my son. Even on a Monday morning.

Thank you Father.

So tell me my son. First confession of the week, so I do hope it’s a good one.

It’s good and bad.

Allow me to be the judge of that.

Of course Father. Well it’s my sister-in-law.

Your brother’s wife?

My wife’s sister.

What precisely is the problem?

She is. Abi is the problem.

How so?

She’s so unbelievably fucking sexy. Sorry Father, language.

You speak as you feel comfortable my son. The Lord is not a prude.

Thank you Father. And thank fuck that he isn’t.

So why is this a problem?

That Abi is such a babe?


Because I’m married to Miriam.

Is she not attractive too?

My wife is ok looking but she is not in little sister’s league. Abi is something else. What a honey. The girl is so pretty she makes your head spin. Oh yeah and she’s only 25.

Certainly sounds nice.

She’s more than nice Father. People are always saying she’s a ringer for Jessica Alba and people are not wrong.

Jessica Alba? Isn’t she many a man’s idea of the hottest actress on the planet?

That’s the one. Abi looks like her.

Are you gilding the lily just a teeny bit perhaps?

I wish I was Father.

Wow. Quite a head-turner then.


But I am still not seeing the problem my son.

There wasn’t one until recently. Abi has been living abroad so the fact that I fancied the tits off her just like any red-blooded male would was not an issue. She was thousands of miles away.

So what changed?

She came back. Got bored with the far east and decided to return here for a while. To the town where we live.

I see.

She took a lease on a place close to us. Instead of being on the other side of the world she is now just around the corner.

She wanted to be near her sister?

That is what she said. Miriam was pleased as punch about it.

But not you?

The million dollar question. The answer is yes and no.

Care to elaborate my son?

So suddenly I was seeing a good deal of my sister-in-law. Which was great because she is drop-dead gorgeous. But on the other hand it was torture. Thing is, Father, my marriage is fine but after 15 years there is not much spice in it. The sex had gotten stale and boring. Once a week at most, missionary position, all over in no time. Usual story. We’d stopped altogether by the time I’m describing to you here.

You haven’t tried to rev it up a little?

Well yeah we talked about that. My wife was particularly keen that we rekindle the flame and I was up for making the effort. But then Abi appeared on the scene and my focus shifted.

To the hot little sister?

Just could not help it. She was visiting us a lot on evenings and weekends, even staying over occasionally. You can imagine the effect on a sexually frustrated guy who is not fucking his wife anymore. I was like the hungry dog being tantalized with a juicy bone. Jeez, Father, you should see some of the outfits this girl wears!

Could we not blaspheme? Effing and blinding is one thing. Taking the Lord’s name in vain is quite another.

Sorry Father. Should I continue?

Oh yes. Please tell me about these outfits. I’m interested and so is the Lord.

Oh god, so we’re talking...

Son, have I not just warned you?

Oh je ... oh fuck yeah, so so sorry. Will not happen again, Father, I promise.

Fine. So these outfits. Short skirts, skimpy tops, open-toe heeled sandals, that sort of thing?

Yeah, and the rest. Clingy dresses, tight jeans, crop tops, sexy little shorts sometimes, you get the picture.

Any photos?

Sorry Father. I do have some great ones but my phone is in the car.

Never mind. I will make do with my imagination.

Thank you Father. Just think Jessica Alba in something risqué and more than flattering and you will not be far off.

Ok I have that. So this Abi, your sister-in-law, she does not dress like a nun.

Not unless your typical nun is a woman with a dynamite bod who likes the world and his wife to know it.

Sadly not.

Because that is Abi to a tee. Every time she came to visit she was wearing something that made my tongue hang out. It was fucking unbearable!

Poor you.

Too right. And if she slept over, shit Father I cannot tell you how bad that could be for my mental equilibrium. Some of the vistas of little sister in bed-or-bath-mode that I got treated to during late nights and following mornings were just too much. Bottom line is that I was in a more or less constant state of arousal whenever Abi was around. Obviously I had to hide this, which was not easy, and so things were rather strained and awkward.

I do see how that might be a difficult situation.

Thank you Father. My problem is the guilt. I feel guilty. I feel that I am a bad man.

Not sure that you have done anything to be guilty about.

I have.


The secret longing. The furtive drooling over Abi when she was at our place. The constant fantasizing about her when she wasn’t. At first neither sister realized but then one of them cottoned on.

Oh dear. So the wife knows you are into her baby sister?

Nope. Miriam was oblivious. Still is. I’m talking about baby sister. Despite my best efforts, Abi soon knew the score. Guess she’s used to men wanting her and can pick up signs even if you try to be ultra subtle about it.

And she was annoyed?

On the contrary. She was pleased and amused. Abi is the sort who likes having infatuated men panting over her. She revels in it.

Even her big sister’s husband?

That made it all the more of a giggle for her.

Naughty girl.

She’s a bitch.

Now now.

Sorry Father, but she is.

So she realized you were lusting after her.

At which point things got worse for me.

I thought you said she was amused rather than angry.

She was amused. That was the point. The scenario tickled little Abi no end and she started exploiting it.

Like how?

She began deliberately teasing me when she visited. Father how she teased me! Had herself a whale of a time driving me absolutely fucking crazy.

Did your wife realize what her sister was doing?

Abi was sly. When it was the three of us, which was most of the time, she would behave herself. Different story when it was just me and her. Soon as Miriam went off to another room she became a massive fucking pricktease.

How did she tease you my son?

Her legs featured a lot. She weaponized those spectacular pins of hers. She would lounge opposite in a mini-skirt and give me a show, flaunting her lovely bare thighs under my nose, crossing and uncrossing them, playing with her hem, lazily stroking up under her skirt with her finger. Oh Father I so wanted to be that finger!

I feel your pain my son. Trust me I do.

Thank you Father. She used her tits too. She would toy around with whatever scanty little top she had on, slip the straps over her shoulders, let the whole affair slide down a little, torture me with lingering glimpses of her magnificent breasts. Sometimes she went further. She would flash the whole heavenly package at me.

She exposed her boobs to you? Nipples and all?

Yes Father. Many times.

Oh my son.

She loved it Father. She loved tormenting me. There was no pretence that she didn’t. She would stare across and smirk and giggle at my reactions. She’d wink at me and lick her lips, stick her tongue out, relishing my predicament, openly mocking and taunting me. Bitch was driving me insane and enjoying every minute of it.

What about when she stayed the night?

Ha. That only gave her greater opportunity to work her mischief as I am sure you can imagine.

And yet your wife never suspected?

Abi was always careful when Miriam was around. She never got caught.

That’s a relief anyway.

I guess so. But my sister-in-law’s little visits were becoming a real ordeal. I had a boner non-stop and could do damn all about it.

Why not give your wife the benefit in bed? Sure she would have appreciated it.

That is a most Christian idea.

What I’m here for.

She would of, Father, yes. Definitely she would. She was getting terribly frustrated about never getting laid.

Well then.

I couldn’t. I was frustrated too and I had said to Miriam that I would try but it was no good. It had got to the stage where I desired only Abi. I was obsessed. The sight of my wife’s body, so ordinary and inferior compared to her sister’s, did nothing for me. After one too many false starts and rejections Miriam had given up and I was relieved. All I thought about was Abi. It was like a fever.

Ok. But I do not see how all this is making you a bad man. It is hardly your fault that you fell in thrall to Abi. From what you say she would have that effect on most men. Especially being such a tease with it. What is a poor boy to do?

It is more what I did not do. I didn’t stop Abi from doing what she was doing. I could have done but I didn’t.

Why not?

Because I wanted her so fucking badly, Father, and I reckoned that I might have a chance. So I played along. I let her lead me by the nose to wherever she wanted this little game to go.

Hoping you would get to make love to her?



I finally did. Yesterday.

On the Sabbath?

I’m afraid so Father.

Could you not have chosen a different day?

The timing was out of my hands. The girl has been cockteasing me mercilessly for months and I was desperate. She has enslaved me, Father, you see.

Yes my son, I believe I do.

But there were hoops to jump first.

Hoops to jump?

Oh yes. Abi loves the power she has over me and yesterday she chose to really abuse it. I was on the sofa in the lounge when she arrived. Miriam let her in and I heard the sisters gossiping for a while in the hall. Abi had phoned an hour before to say she was coming over and it being a very warm afternoon I had spent that hour in torrid contemplation of how little she might be wearing. Not long to wait now. She came flouncing into the room to say hi to me and I realized immediately that I was in big trouble. I usually get a hard-on within about two minutes of laying eyes on Abi. It took a damn sight less than that this time. She had on this quite incredible next-to-nothing sundress that was barely decent. Oodles of fabulous flesh on show north and south. The dress was crimson and Abi had done her lips and nails to match. She looked like a wet dream. Miriam was in the room and observing us, so I said hello and with a herculean effort I maintained eye contact with Abi rather than succumb to the vastly preferable option of a drooling inch by inch inventory from the neck down. Her eyes were amused. Abi knew what was going on in my head. I steeled myself for what that ridiculously sexy dress was going to do when she took her usual seat directly opposite me. But no. She surprised me. She plopped herself down next to me on the sofa. Hmm, I thought. Interesting variation.

Wonder what her game was.

My sentiments exactly Father. I soon found out. We hung out for a while in the lounge and whenever my wife was not looking her sister reached across and gave my hard-on a squeeze through my pants. Not just that either. If she knew that she had enough time the teasing bitch let her hand rest on the all too obvious bulge in my lap and she fucking massaged it.

Oh sweet jesus.


I am allowed. Special dispensation.

Ah ok.

Carry on my son.

At one point Miriam went to answer the phone in the hallway and Abi took the opportunity to slip her hand inside my pants and thoroughly check out my erection. Oooo so hard, she chuckled. I grunted and groaned, consumed with lust. I put my hand on her thigh and she didn’t protest. Encouraged, I started to go up inside her dress but she giggled and stopped me, made me take the hand back. No touching for the poor horny guy, she whispered, only for the pretty girl. The pretty girl wants to play with this nice big cock, she whispered, and boy did she do that. She tickled and squeezed and stroked and fingered my member until we heard the phone call being wound up. I was about to fucking cum. I was leaking like a fucking faulty tap down there. Balls were blue and almost bursting. Oh fuck, Father, can you imagine.

I think I can.

My wife returned and settled in a chair with a magazine. Abi picked one up too and I put the TV on, the two of us still side by side on the sofa. Cue a period of pure hell as I struggled with the tent in my pants and tried with zero success to not be distracted by a devastating pair of legs as their proud owner reclined close beside me in her very short dress. If only I could reach out and touch! I was going fucking crazy. Needless to say, Abi was aware of how and why I was suffering. She knew precisely the shattering effect of her generously exposed smooth honeyed thighs on the poor bastard who she had just been teasing the rocks off and the sadistic bitch kept slowly and sexily crossing and recrossing them, amusing herself and persecuting me further. There was a movie on the TV I was attempting to stare at but fuck only knows what it was about. All I was conscious of in the universe was the delicious diabolical cockteaser sitting next to me. I could smell the scent she was wearing. It filled my nostrils. Every time she crossed her legs or shifted position my heart pounded and my cock twitched, angry and protesting, telling me to get a grip and either fuck this gorgeous incendiary little slut or kick her out of my house. The second option was unthinkable so it had to be the first. Shit, I would rape her if necessary.

That is a mortal sin my son. Please tell me you did not do that.

With how things developed there was no need. My wife went upstairs to take a shower and as soon as the coast was clear Abi turned and snuggled into me. She said that I could touch her sexy legs now if I wanted. Maybe touch her some other places too. Did I want to? Fuck yeah, I muttered. Thought you might, she pouted, gloating. You might have noticed I have no bra on under this dress, she teased. Err yes, I replied. I was grinning like an idiot. It was pathetic Father. I was a poodle. Abi’s little pet. She was laughing at me, no doubt thinking the same. Ok let’s you and me have a nice make-out session while big sis is otherwise occupied, she said, and she kissed me wetly on the lips, tongue exploring mine. I responded in kind and we proceeded to smooch and canoodle on the sofa. She unzipped me and opened up my pants and slid my boxers down over my cock and balls. She got to work stimulating them with one hand while the other went inside my shirt and roamed around my chest and belly. I got busy too. I stroked her golden silky thighs and reached inside her dress to cop a feel of those smooth and firm and bountiful tits. Abi liked me feeling up her jugs. She liked that a lot. She let out a rapturous little giggle and slipped her dress down to expose them fully. There sugar, she whispered, is that not better for you? I grunted something appreciative and started fondling her beautiful breasts with both hands, giving them the attention that we clearly both felt they deserved. I snogged her again, a long steamy passionate one, then gently kissed her neck, her ears, a shoulder, I suckled at one pebble hard nipple and then the other, just utterly adoring her, and Abi lapped it up, she let me do whatever I wanted, she even let me get a hand into her panties so I could finger her pussy, oh man and she was wet, the hot little bitch was panting and purring and giggling and obviously relishing every fucking second of this, she was just loving getting it on with her sister’s horny-as-hell husband while said sister was right there in the same house.

Wicked wicked girl. A true Jezibel.

But what about me Father? Am I not wicked too?

Succumbing to temptation is not necessarily wicked. So far both I and the Big Man can forgive you, but I am keen to hear more. I presume there is more?

Yes Father, there is.

Tell me my son.

By the time Abi called a halt I was a quivering wreck. She was more in control but was pretty het up herself. One thing I knew for certain. I needed to fuck this girl and soon. I simply had to. I told her this and she grinned at me and said that she wanted it too. I made a suggestion that I come to her place as soon as we could arrange it, like say tomorrow, but Abi didn’t like that. That was boring, she said. She didn’t want to make those type of plans. She would rather be spontaneous, she said. Hmm ok, I said, not quite sure how to take this. With a sudden devil grin Abi said that she wanted me to make love to her right there today at the house. She told me to think of a way to dispose of wifey, get the poor thing out of the way for at least one hour, and then we would fuck like rabbits. Otherwise, sorry, no dice.


I know. Quite a challenge. I told Abi that it might be tricky but that I would do my level best. She smiled knowingly and said that she was 100% certain I would.

And did you manage it?

I did, Father, yes.

Excellent my son. Care to tell me how?

Miriam came down to find me and Abi looking innocent and casually chit-chatting. I suggested that since it was such a nice day we all go and sit in the garden. We settled ourselves out there and after a short while Miriam went inside to get some drinks. While she was gone Abi mused that her sister really ought to lose a few pounds. It was true. Miriam had gotten dumpy. She was wearing a pretty summer dress but the sex appeal was virtually absent. The stark contrast with her sexy sister was impossible to ignore and sexy sister herself was obviously not inclined to. She asked me how I thought she would look in the dress that my wife was wearing. I said that I reckoned she knew the answer to this perfectly well. So tell me, Abi insisted. Ok, I said, how about a million times more desirable than Miriam looked in it. Which was no lie. The arrogant little bitch grinned happily and said she hoped that I did not feel too upset that I had married big sister rather than the beauty of the family. I laughed. Not now I get to have the beauty, I told her. Oh so you have a plan, babe, do you, Abi said. Yeah I do, I told her, just follow my cue. Ok handsome, Abi said, and she giggled and blew me a kiss. Miriam then appeared with the refreshments, beers and sodas in an ice bucket, and we sat around the garden table drinking and talking. The way we were arranged meant I had a great view of Abi’s cleavage and she had some fun with that. Also the two of us were able to play footsie under the...

Perhaps you could get to the point?

Yes Father. Sorry. I was just about to. The point is that I made sure to knock back the beers like there was no tomorrow. For every one Abi had, I had three. Miriam stuck to the softies like she usually does but nevertheless pretty soon we ran out of beer. I announced that I was in the mood for more and I had better go get some from the store. Miriam protested, said surely I had had enough for one day. Not me, I said, grinning like a clown. I asked Abi if she wanted more booze. She giggled and said yeah sure, she was in a drinking mood too. Miriam shook her head and pointed out that I was not in any fit state to drive the couple of miles to the store. I had to agree and I looked quizzically at little sister. Abi shrugged and said that she wasn’t either. How about you go, hun, I said to my wife and she pretty much had to say yes ok.

Bravo. Very clever and devious. The Lord would almost approve.

Thank you Father.

Although it wouldn’t take your wife long, I don’t suppose, driving two miles there and back?

Not enough time for what me and her sister had in mind, Father, no. Which is why I fixed Abi with a meaningful look and asked her if she fancied a takeaway curry because I certainly did, I said, and Miriam could maybe take a detour and get us all dinner from this quite far way indian restaurant that I named. You know, given that she would be out and about in the car. Round trip shouldn’t take much more than an hour or so, I said, slipping Abi a surreptitious wink. Ooo great idea, she exclaimed, not missing a beat. That would be yummy. Abi would simply adore a curry. That’s ok with you, hun, is it, I asked Miriam in the sort of tone that made it clear I would be pretty pissed with her if it wasn’t. She was none too happy about this additional errand but she had to agree so as not to appear churlish. We decided what we all wanted to eat and off my wife toddled. What would the Lord make of that, Father, do you think?

He would be lost in admiration. Almost.

Ha, I bet. Abi certainly liked it. Soon as her sister was gone she laughed maliciously and said who’s a clever boy then. I just grinned. She smiled at me, a very insinuating smile, and stood up. Time for your reward, she said, and she peeled her dress off and removed her knickers. Look at me, she commanded, as she posed naked before me. I did look. You bet I did. She slowly turned a full 360, luxuriating in my appreciation, basking in it, preening for me, showing me everything, presenting for my unrushed delectation the full glory of her perfect lush body. I was mesmerized. My eyes were on stalks and my dick was stiff as a peg. I had gotten the odd tantalizing glimpse of paradise in the vicinity of the bathroom during times she had overnighted with us but never the works like this. This was the real deal. Abi faced me and giggled seductively. She had a very smug expression. She cupped her breasts and squeezed them, then reached down and stroked her pussy. She asked me in a soft baby-doll voice if I still wanted to fuck her. I nodded and grunted something unintelligible like an animal. So grovel to me, she said, her tone suddenly sharp. What? Yeah, sweetie, I want you to beg and plead for a fuck. Get yourself naked and crawl over here on all fours. Crawl to Abi. Tell the pretty girl how much you wanna fuck her. Beg for it baby. I love it when a man does that. Down on your belly sugar and kiss my feet. Show me how bad you want me. Show me you are serious. Kneel behind me and kiss my arse and tell me how fabulous and sexy and gorgeous I am. Tell me how much hotter I am than my sister. C’mon, baby, do it!

And you did?

Too right I did. I gave it my all. I stripped off and prostrated myself before the little bitch and told her all of that and more. I begged her for it, Father, I totally demeaned myself and I didn’t give a damn.

It’s understandable my son. Do not be too hard on yourself.

Thank you Father.

Did it work? That’s the thing we need to know.

Oh yeah. Abi fucking loved it. It got her bang in the mood. So take me, she said, after she’d gotten her fill of me begging. She lay down on the grass and opened her legs wide. Take me now, baby, she pouted. Right this fucking second. I wanna feel that lovely big hard cock of yours inside me. C’mon, honey, fuck your wife’s hot little sister and fuck her good!

Oh my word.

I know. What an invitation. Not even a saint could resist and I am no saint.

This is true.


So you dipped your bread in it, my son, did you?

I did Father. I fucked her. I rammed my cruelly teased and famished cock into her tight slick little cunt and I fucking pumped her to kingdom come. Both of us screamed the house down and we came together in a spasm of utter fucking mutual ecstasy. It was one for the ages.


After we were done Abi got me to eat her cunt out and, get this Father, while I am engaged in this far from onerous little task she fucking phones Miriam. The little monster lies there on the grass with her sister’s husband’s head between her legs, licking his freshly minted spunk from her freshly fucked pussy, and she gets her phone and she fucking calls up her poor sister and says she wants to change her dinner order, says to Miriam that she now wants a vindaloo rather than a korma because she suddenly feels like having something hot and spicy, so is that alright sis? She rings off and has a corpsing fit. Caught her just in time, she splutters. She was just ordering. Oh I am such a bitch, aren’t I, she says, gurning at me with this fucking demonic glint in her eye. She cannot stop giggling. Sister sent out to get me a curry while I enjoy sex with her husband. What a fucking scream! You are a piece of work, baby, I tell her. She gives me a playful slap and I start giggling too. I’m getting almost as big and nasty a thrill out of this whole thing as Abi is. I’m not proud of it, Father, but that is the truth of the matter.

Ah well.

Yeah Father I know. But still, terrible. Abi asks me how long I reckon before wifey gets back to spoil things. Dunno, I say. Could I borrow her phone? Sure, she giggles. I give it a few minutes and this time I do the call with my wife. Abi snuggles up close so she can listen in. As Miriam and I are speaking Abi plants soft kisses all over my face and she is idly fingering my flaccid cock back to life. With my free hand I fondle one of her boobs. It’s so nice. I ask Miriam how long she is gonna be because me and Abi are starving. Miriam says that the traffic is just terrible for some reason and she will be at least another hour. Really sorry hun, she says. Abi has got me hard again and is now squeezing my balls. I reach down and tickle her pussy. Ok no worries, I tell my wife. Me and your little sis are doing ok just hanging out in the garden. That’s nice, hun, says Miriam. See you later then. Ok, hun, bye. Abi makes with a sardonic sad face. Oh dear so we have a delay, she says. But nice that she apologized, I say, gurning back at her. Abi giggles and says we should nevertheless scold her a little when she finally turns up. I chuckle at that. Abi pouts prettily and says she votes we stay naked given that there seems to be no rush and I second that. She cuddles back into me on the grass and we have a nice intimate little lovers’ conversation. Abi wants to know how fucking her compares to fucking Miriam. No contest I tell her. Abi is the best fuck ever. Abi is out of this world. Every aspect of sex with Abi is fucking cosmic. She smiles contentedly and asks if I would like her to blow me. Yes please, I say, and she sucks me off with the art and skill of a top dollar whore to a second orgasm. Does my wife do that for me ever, she wonders, settling back into my arms. No, I tell her. Oh poor you, Abi says. I tell her that Miriam and I stopped having sex of any kind a while ago.

You told Abi that?

Yeah and it goes down a storm. Especially when I tell her that Miriam still really wants it but, you know, tough titty for her because all I can think about is her hotter-than-fire baby sister. Abi is positively gleeful when she hears this. She says OMG how hilarious. Poor old sis, Abi giggles, she must be drying up down there. Never gonna happen to you, babe, I grin. Abi grins back and says no way. She goes quiet and thoughtful for a moment and then she makes me promise that I will keep Miriam deprived in that department. No mercy sex, sugar, ok? If I get all horny thinking about Abi she says for me to either just suffer it or grab myself a wank. But it’s nada for my wife. Abi stresses the point. She wants poor Miriam to stay in the deep freeze. Non problemo, I say. Hardly want to start getting frisky again with the ugly sister now that I have experienced snow white, I tell her.

Very good my son!

Thank you Father. Abi was pleased with it too and she promptly announced that she and I are gonna be fucking a whole lot from here on in. She has changed her mind about me coming to her place tomorrow. She wants me to now. Fact she wants me to visit her whenever I can. Every day Monday to Friday if possible. I can take a long lunch break perhaps? After work sometimes? After work could be great, Abi says. Just tell sis you will be late home, make some halfway believable excuse, then leave the office early so we have plenty of time and take me out somewhere discreet and classy. I’ll wear an extremely sexy little cocktail dress so that all the guys in the place are green with envy and wishing they were you and we can flirt around and have a couple of drinks and then go back to my place and bang our brains out while sis sits at home waiting. If you ask me nicely I will model some of my lingerie for you first to get you all gagging for it. When we have finished screwing you can call her from my bed and inform her that you are on your way back, perhaps she can put something in the oven because boy are you hungry. After that we chat for a while and do some more naughty things in bed and then we take a nice leisurely hot shower together before you leave. Make the poor thing wait that little bit longer. How does that sound, sugar? Good? I had to admit that it did sound good. It sounded fucking great. It was all music to my ears. You got it, babe, I grin.

That is one hell of a turnaround my son. What on earth brought that on?

Well I told you that Abi is a bitch, Father, did I not?

That you did.

So this is yet another example of it. Now that she knows her sister never gets to enjoy my cock wicked little Abi intends to gorge herself on it. She is going to shag me left right and centre. The idea is so horny, she says. Sister’s hubby makes mad passionate love to her on a regular basis while cock starved sister goes without. I can text and call her too, Abi says, whenever I get the chance. Keep the pot bubbling even when we are not together. Abi is in raptures at the whole prospect. She says that the next time she and Miriam have one of their girly lunches together she might tentatively ask her about her marital sex life. See if she can get Miriam to open up and pour her troubles out. Abi can then sit there and listen intently and sympathize. That would be just too funny if Abi can get her to do that. Perhaps Miriam is curious about Abi’s love life and quizzes her about it. In which case Abi giggles bashfully and says she has a hunky new lover who she is most satisfied with, sis, thanks for asking, but she would rather not say anymore right now because she does not want to jinx it. Wouldn’t that be a gas, she giggles. I cannot help but laugh. Whatever you want, baby, I say.

Great news for you, my son, all this.

Yes Father. A large proportion of my time from now on is going to be spent having fantastic mind-blowing sex with a gorgeous 25 year old hottie.

The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

I guess. So how is He taking this, the Lord?

He is a little concerned, my son, but He respects your honesty.

Thank you Father.

And another saving grace is that I do not suppose the hottie will be coming to your house anymore. So you will be spared that particular ordeal.

I asked Abi about that, Father. Will she still visit? Oh definitely, she said. She will carry on just like now. Why should she stop visiting her sister just because she is carrying on with her hubby? It could actually look a little suspicious if she did and that is the last thing that we want. As a matter of fact, Father, Abi is thoroughly looking forward to her visits. It will be great fun for us, she reckons, knowing that we are fucking each other and that poor dumb Miriam is completely in the dark. Abi explained in detail to me why her visits will be such a riot. She was still going on about it when we heard Miriam’s car coming up the drive so we stopped and dressed hurriedly and sat back at the table and changed the subject, but I had pretty much got the drift by then.

What did she say exactly?

That she will continue to wear very revealing outfits for my benefit when she comes to the house, just like she has been doing, and she will continue to tease me rotten behind my wife’s back.

So no change there.

True. Except that the sexy outfits and all the prickteasing will not be such a bane for me now that I’m fucking her. It might be rather enjoyable even. Oh and there is another change which will make things a whole lot easier for me. I can stop hiding from Miriam how much I fancy little sister because little sister has now decided that she would like her to know. Not for Miriam to know that I am fucking Abi, obviously, but to become painfully aware that I would very much like to. So I am to make a point of ogling and admiring Abi in full view of Miriam. Abi said to be quite blatant about it. It will make her sister feel like shit, Abi says, especially because I am no longer fucking her. Abi says that Miriam is secretly wildly jealous of her anyway, always has been, because of how much prettier and sexier and more attractive to men Abi is, and so this will be rubbing salt into an open wound.

Your poor wife.

I know, Father, poor poor Miriam. And there is more.

Tell me.

It will not just be ogling. I will flirt madly with Abi in front of Miriam and Abi will flirt me back, but in her case only occasionally and even then just a little bit. The imbalance is key to the plan. The vibe will be that I am into Abi big-time and she kinda realizes this and likes me fine too but she is also slightly embarrassed because I am married to her sister and thus off limits and she does not want things to get out of hand. But sure Abi does like me. She likes me quite a lot, only not in that way, not in the way that I so obviously like her. All of it will be delicately pitched so as to feed Miriam’s paranoia and insecurities but not cause her to suspect the truth or give her reason to be too angry with me or angry at all with her sister. Do you see what I mean Father?

Sure. It’s fiendish.

Isn’t it just. Just imagine how we can torture the poor thing once we have things established, Abi giggled, when she was telling me all this, and she gave me a fairly good idea what she meant by that.

I’m all ears.

So we will play with the situation, Abi and I, the plan being essentially to amuse ourselves at Miriam’s expense. Like for example, we will pal around the house a lot together and exclude Miriam. Treat her like a no laughs party pooper. We will start teasing and making fun of her. It will be quite mean sometimes, the way the two of us are forever putting my wife down and kind of humiliating her, but we are careful to always keep it light and jokey so that the hapless victim has no comeback. There will be intimate whispered little chats while my wife strains to eavesdrop. Abi and I will giggle together in a corner so that Miriam suspects that we might be laughing at her. We most probably will be laughing at her but she cannot be sure about that and hence cannot say anything without looking foolish. Poor Miriam will come to feel like a gooseberry in her own home when Abi is there. That is what Abi has in mind anyway and I am pretty sure it will work.

That is extremely unkind, my son, I have to say.

I know it is Father. Abi is a demon. She plans to do all sorts of mean bitchy things to poor Miriam when she visits. Abi intends to toy with Miriam like the cruel capricious cat with a captive defenceless mouse. For example, she will make a needling habit of announcing that her sister is looking particularly great these days when we all of us know for a fact that she really really isn’t whereas gorgeous little Abi absolutely is.

Jessica Alba.

Indeed. Abi holds all the aces over her sister. She’s much much younger and many times more attractive and she’s screwing her husband. She plans to savour and exploit her superiority. She is gonna just revel in it. Like sometimes on hot weekends when she’s there Abi will insist that the three of us get some rays in the back yard. She will change into a skimpy bikini and pressurize Miriam to put one on too, albeit Miriam’s will of course not be so micro. Abi will then splay herself out on the grass next to her sister with me looking on and openly enjoying the view. The view of Abi that is. Her attire is so scanty she is all but naked.

Which I suppose is what Abi wants you to do. Look at her and not your wife.

Spot on Father. Her game here is about making my wife feel totally gross. Emphasizing her inferior and sadly unchangeable status as the ugly sister. It is pointing that up in about the clearest and cruellest way imaginable. Gorgeous little Abi is just completely rubbing poor Miriam’s nose in it by doing this. Miriam is acutely horribly conscious of what hubby must be thinking. The quality gap between the sisters could not be more apparent as they lie there side by side in their bikinis. It yawns like the grand canyon. Abi in a bikini is enough to make a grown man cry, big sis is an overweight plainish woman wearing something borderline inadvisable. Abi is relishing this beauty and the beast scenario she has created. She is just loving lying there in the sun flaunting her fabulous, tanned body juxtaposed next to the mediocre pale and blotchy and chubby one belonging to her sister. She chats in desultory fashion to Miriam and at the same time she casually, effortlessly titillates the watching husband, her lover, with her languorous sunbathing. She tans herself all over, makes sure to do both sides. When lying on her front she has her bikini briefs pulled down a tantalizing inch or so over her buttocks and she unstraps her top so that her back is fully exposed to the sun. She reaches for the sun lotion and hands it to Miriam, puts her big sis to work rubbing plenty of lotion on her back, on her neck and shoulders, and all the way down her thighs and calfs to the back of her feet. If feeling in a particularly mischievous mood Abi has me do it and my poor undesired and jealous wife is then forced to watch the whole performance as I make an absolute meal of it.

Your lucky day!

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