Friends in the City (a Hartstein Story)

by Paris Waterman

Copyright© 2017 by Paris Waterman

Sex Story: Hartstein receives an email from a mystery woman, wanting him because 'he's so hot.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

This Continues the Hartstein Saga. Paul met several women at a party and has begun fucking them, one by one.

It only happened because of what was said at the party a month before. Paul had joined a group of four women and the subject of bondage came up.

“Have you tried it?” Marti had asked.

After some less than adroit verbal fencing he had replied, “I think it depends on the woman. Some would never do it, some put up with it for their partner, and some are really into it.”

“But what about you?” the one called Callie asked with arched eyebrows.

“Okay,” Paul said raising his voice for the first time. “I know they can enjoy it from firsthand experience, all right?”

“And you’re so sure about that? I mean that they wanted it?” It was Marti again.

Paul had briefly related two separate experiences with bondage and noticed the women get more interested with each successive word. To put it bluntly, they were horny and obvious about it.

Eventually two drifted off leaving him with Callie and Nadine, both of whom had dates in the other room. He continued with his story of the college girl who wanted to be tied up. Minutes later he was fingering Nadine while Callie rubbed her genitals through the material of her yoga pants. Where it might have ended is anyone’s guess, but their dates came by to check on them and that ended that. Or so Paul thought.

A few days later he bedded Marti and thought that would be the end of things with the girls.

But it wasn’t.

Paul was stunned to check his email that morning before a meeting with his publisher on the forthcoming television interview on NBC to discuss his forthcoming novel.

Paul: Since the night of the party where we met I have done the following:

· Had an affair with one of my Mother’s male friends__

· Called him Daddy while he fucked me though we look nothing alike and he was only a ten years older__

· Drank coffee flavored with semen, not Daddy’s__

· And constantly thought about you tying me up

· You are sooo fucking hot!

· I’ll be at the Café Orlin on St. Mark’s Place tonight – 9PM

There was no signature. The faces of the four women ran through his mind. He eliminated Marti as he had already fucked her, and they would undoubtedly fuck again.

He pondered the events as he recalled them: Gina, with those big tits--she was a likely suspect, for she had been interested in his bondage story. And Callie, the dirty blonde with the jiggly tits and yoga pants, now she was one horny bitch ... Oh! What the fuck’s the matter with me? Nadine--Nadine let me finger her--would have gone further but her boyfriend showed up. It has to be her!

One thing was certain; he would be at Café Orlin at 9 that night.

And so was Nadine, roughly 5’3 and 135 pounds, strikingly pretty, blue eyed with creamy white skin and that lovely blonde hair. She had some freckling, a gorgeous ass, and tiny feet.

Within two minutes of his joining her at the bar, he learned that Nadine had moved in with Joey Mangum three months earlier, and expected him to propose to her at any time; and that normally she was outgoing, and receptive to flirtation with certain type guys.

Paul nodded as the bartender placed their drinks in front of them. Nadine crossed and uncrossed her lovely legs; she had undoubtedly run up the “fuck me” flag.

The tall bartender was all too familiar to Paul. Her name was Terry and she was unquestionably beautiful, and as far as he knew, unattainable, which made him desire her all the more.

“Do you know her?” Nadine inquired as she nervously tapped her right foot against the steel piping running along the length of the bar’s bottom.

“Honestly?” Paul said, brought out of his involuntary daydream by her question.

“Yes, honestly,” Nadine said in a half whisper, not wanting the bartender to hear her.

“A friend of mine brought me here on my first visit to the city. I find her,” he pointed at Terry, “a magnificent female specimen, but one that I’m beginning to think is unattainable.”

“I’m not,” Nadine said pointedly touching his shin with the toe of her shoe.

“I know,” he replied softly. “I read the email twice. I also know you want me to show you the ropes--no pun intended—with respect to what bondage is all about.”

Her eyes lit up with interest. “Mmmm--I certainly do. That story you told at the party...”

“It was hot enough for you to let me finger you with your boyfriend in the next room,” he said, reminding her although he knew she needed no such thing.

“You have a place, or will we be going to my apartment?” Nadine asked with a nervous smile.

“I have my place arranged for your immediate needs.”

“Your roommate?”

“Conveniently out of town,” he said with a wry grin.

“Mmm, the man thinks of everything,” she quipped.

“Not everything. Tell me, what’s the deal with you and Joey?”

“I’m probably going to marry him, why? Does that bother you?”

“No, just wanted to understand your--situation.”

“Can we go now?” she asked impatiently.

“Of course, but that will cost you a bruise or two later.”

“Ohhh, I hadn’t thought of that. Can you bruise me where it isn’t obvious?”

“Maybe, it depends on how well you perform.”

“How well I...”

“Perform, yes you heard me.”

Paul threw a twenty on the bar, nodded his thanks to Terry who gave him a smile that said ‘congratulations on getting lucky, ‘ as she rang up his tab and put the rest in her tip jar.

He hailed a cab and once inside endured an awkward moment of silence as they studied one another. Paul put an end to that by leaning into Nadine and kissing her. Nadine closed her eyes and kissed back, opening her mouth and allowing his tongue inside. His hands cupped her ass, pulling her close as she sent her tongue into his mouth. Her vagina was tingling as he continued squeezing her ass.

Nadine knew her pussy was wet; it had been that way before leaving her place to meet him at the bar. His erection was more than conspicuous as it pressed against her.

He’s definitely bigger than Joey--much bigger. That turned her on even more; and when his hand pressed in against her cunt she jerked involuntarily and came.

“You are so fucking hot!” she whispered as the cab pulled up in front of his apartment building.

Less than ten minutes later, he had Nadine blindfolded, and wearing only her bra and panties as she lay on his rumpled bedding.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, but what do I call you?”

“Oh, you mean like Master or Sir?”

“Yes ... Sir.”

“That’s fine, Nadine. I’ll call you ... let’s see ... how does slut sound?”

“It suits me, Sir.”

“Good, we agree that you’re a slut. Now, among other things I’m going to slap you around and probably call you filthy names. You won’t be feeling all that good tomorrow, but you’ll definitely keep thinking about tonight.”

“I want you to start playing with yourself.”

“You mean masturbate ... Sir?”

“Yes, you stupid cow, I mean masturbate.” Paul reached out with his right hand and squeezed her face around the sides of her mouth.

“Ugh!” Nadine gasped at the suddenness of the act and not the pain, for there was little if any of that.

Paul smiled down at the blindfolded girl beneath him and viciously slapped her right breast.



“Oh ... I’m so sorry, Sir. You caught me by surprise. I won’t do it again, I promise!”

“Good girl,” he crooned in her ear, then pinched the nipple on her other breast.

Nadine managed to refrain from making a sound. Paul rewarded her by sending his hand under the elastic band of her panties and covering the fingers already inserted in her cunt.

“I bet I can guess what Boy Scout badge you didn’t get,” Nadine said with a smirk.

“You mean because I haven’t tied you up?”

“Mmmm, yeah,” she replied. Her voice actually got breathier over those few short words.

He glanced at her body, taking it all in and couldn’t help noticing: “Oh, my Nadine ... you’ve soaked your undies.”

“Mmmm, I guess...”

She was panting heavily as he slipped a finger inside both cups of her bra and very gently teased her nipples.

“Ohhhhh,” Nadine whimpered softly as he slipped her bra straps down and eased her breasts free of their confinement. She squirmed, half in pleasure half in anticipation as Paul’s mouth took in the entirety of her right nipple and suckled it and clung to him as he moved from one erect nipple to the other.

Paul had in mind many things, but one was certain--this was not to be a rushed performance.

“Tongue,” he whispered in a husky voice.

“What? I don’t understand.”

“Stick your tongue out; all the way.”

“Ohhh ... yes Sir!”

Her tongue came out and he found it surprisingly long.

“You have a very long tongue, slut.”

“Mmmmm, I know ... the girls always teased me about it.”

“Did they now?” How so?”

“They--they said it would be wonderful to have such a long tongue in their pussies, Sir.”

“Did you oblige them, slut?”

“Not them, Sir.”

“Stick it out again.”

She did and he covered it with his own tongue sending a staggering series of sensations throughout her entire being.

She came again.

Intrigued by such heightened arousal in such a short time, Paul tore the panties from her body and with thumb and forefinger squeezed her labia together forcing a thin stream of juice from her cunt.

“Ugh--Ugh--Ugh!” Nadine grunted.

Then he returned to her nipples, now hardened and pointy and chewed each of them until they softened from his biting.

“Oh--Oh my God!” Nadine sobbed.

Abandoning her breasts, Paul moved south again and slapped her pussy three consecutive times, watching her reaction carefully. She winced as the first one landed, but managed to stifle any sound throughout the slaps. Then her gripped her cunt lips again and squeezed even harder than he had the first time.

Nadine moaned. He knew he was inflicting pain but wanted to see if she could handle it and how much before surrendering to it and begging him to stop.

To his surprise and pleasure, she took everything he gave and appeared willing to accept even more.

He rewarded her by going down on her for fifteen long minutes during which she had two tumultuous orgasms; squirting a formidable amount of juice during the last one.

Paul scooped up a generous helping of her love fluids and carefully fed them to her using his four fingers as a scoop. She sucked the fluids from his fingers and then some.

Paul thought it time for his piece de resistance, and without a word rolled away from Nadine and left the room closing the door behind him.

Paul had no idea how well his idea would work on Nadine, but figured he had to try it out. If it worked he would use it again on some other submissive like Carol’s roomie, Sarah.

He pretended to make a call to an unknown male. Paul felt that being blindfolded would help Nadine concentrate her hearing to a higher degree than usual. He spoke softly, but distinctly.

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