My Son's Friend

by JackSpratt

Copyright© 2017 by JackSpratt

Sex Story: A short story of a son's lust and a friends actions to achieve his goal.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Reluctant   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   MaleDom   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

My name is Cheryl, I’m about 5 foot 2 and 85 pounds, short hair, small tits and I live alone. My son, Jake, has seemingly been infatuated with me all of his life, his father and I divorced about 15 years ago. Jake is about 5 foot 8 and stocky, but not a bad looking kid, in his 30’s. Jake is a frequent visitor and likes to check up on me and I’ll admit, sometimes it gives me a thrill to tease him. After he leaves, I get out my vibrator and have wonderful orgasms, I may have a few years on me, but I always enjoy a good cum, who doesn’t?

This one Saturday night Jake called and said he would be coming by with his friend, Jeff, for a visit. I decided to be on my best behavior, didn’t want to get Jake all hot and bothered in front of his friend. They showed up about eight and I invited them in and had them sit on the sofa. I made all of us a drink and after I gave them out, Jeff pulled me down between them on the sofa. I protested and tried to get back up, but Jeff insisted I stay where I was, I didn’t want to cause a scene, so I stayed.

We all drank our drinks and when I was getting up to take the empty glasses, Jeff pulled me back down and took my glass and sat it on the end table, along with his. He draped one arm around my shoulder and the other hand lay on my bare leg. I had worn a dress and all the pulling he had done had made the hem ride up, his hand was soon under it and inching toward my pussy. His arm around me suddenly grasped my small tit and palmed and squeezed it, I stared at Jake, my eyes pleading him to help me as I fought back.

Jake was of no help and I thought I saw some enjoyment in his eyes at my predicament. My trailer is far back from the road and there are no close neighbors, so I knew no one could hear me scream, but I kept fighting back.

“Take her hands, Jake,” I heard Jeff say and I couldn’t believe it as my own son assisted the man attacking his mother. He held my hands as Jeff stood me up, caught the hem of my dress and pulled it over my head.

Like I said, I have small tits and I detest bras, so there I was in only my panties in front of my son and this man, but my panties didn’t last long as he shoved them down to my ankles and lifted my feet out of them.

“Damn, Jake! You didn’t tell me your mom shaved her snatch,” and I felt his hands exploring my smooth pussy, Jake still holding my hands over my head. I felt something then, it was my son’s hard on in my ass crack, my son’s! He was getting off on this, I regretted teasing him now, but I can’t say I hated the feeling of his cock in my crack.

A finger stroked my clit and another wiggled its way into my pussy, “Damn, Jake! She’s so fucking wet!” I know I must have turned red, I surely didn’t want them to know that being forcibly undressed and standing nude here, with a finger on my clit and another in my pussy and my son’s hard on in my crack was getting me wet. “What do you say, Jake? Shall we get down to business? “ I watched as Jeff undressed in front of me, he was going to fuck me and my son was going to help!

Jeff stood in front of me and brought his mouth close to my ear, “ If you cooperate, Cheryl, this will go a lot easier, nod if you agree,” I nodded and sort of hung my head, knowing I had no choice. Jeff released my hands from Jake and pushed me down on my knees, his throbbing cock in my face, “I think you know what’s required of you, Cheryl,” and I took his cock in my hand, stroked it a couple of times and put it in my mouth and sucked. I could feel his cock growing in my mouth as I bobbed up and down on it, “Finger yourself, Cheryl, while I fuck that sweet mouth of yours.”

I dropped my right hand to my pussy and it was wet and I worked the moisture over my clit as I was face fucked by Jeff. I could tell he was close and I furiously fingered my clit, hoping to let my own orgasm cover the thought of being face fucked by a stranger. He grasped my head and pulled me onto his cock until my lips were on his ball sack, as jet after jet of hot cum shot into my mouth and I swallowed and swallowed, my own orgasm put off by his sudden orgasm.

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