Frozen in Time

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: For a knight and soldier, death comes with the icy touch of a spell. Only that death does not last as magic brings him back many centuries later. He finds the kingdom once more facing the same enemy and has need of his knowledge and skill. Now he must journey north and find the remaining relics he had searched for in his time.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

The others were dead and only Nor and I were left and he was wounded. I backed to the falls and one sword slid an axe to the side. I plunged the glowing blade of the other into the man and ripped it out as I turned, “go Nor! Get the relic to the Queen’s wizard!”

I cut across and through a throat before taking the wrist of the next man. I felt Nor spin and splash into the water and lifted my glowing sword to catch yet another spell. The three dark mages were still trying to get past my guard. I stabbed the blade into the belly of a man and cut the throat of another as I shoved him away.

The other sword got stuck and was ripped away and I yanked out a silver dagger and threw it. One of the mages stiffened as the dagger sparkled and slammed into his throat. I swung my other sword and caught a spell. I caught the falling sword of the man I had just killed and slashed out as I backed into the falling water.

I glanced back to see Nor running away from the other side of the falls. They would never catch him now. I stepped left and into the deeper water as I brushed a sword up and then stabbed the man. I let the long sword go and pulled another silver dagger and twisted as I threw. It slammed into the chest of one mage but the other was pointing.

I tried to bring my glowing sword around but it was to late. Pain stabbed into me and I felt a stabbing, searing cold as my blood turned to ice. I fell as my muscles followed the blood and then it was my bones. My body splashed into the water and sank and the force of the falling water pushed it down and into a hole.

The cave below was very deep and even as my body continued to sink to the bottom the water began to freeze. I saw light and heard the sound of horns and battle. I had glimpses of valkyries and heros, of battles and ... the light dimmed and it grew dark. Long was it dark and silent and oh so cold.

My eyes snapped open and I gasped as I struggled to breath. I rolled to the side and fell off the bed I was on. I crouched as I lifted my sword and searched for the enemy. Six men were backing away and one with the robes of a wizard shook his head, “I told you he might act this way.”

I stood on shaky legs and gritted my teeth to stop the shaking, “who are you and where am I?”

The wizard bowed, “you are in my tower and I am Hasor the wizard.”

I looked at the other men, “where are the dark mages that attacked me?”

He straightened, “dark mages?”

He took a step, “what is your name warrior?”

I moved away and toward the door, “Storm Thornson.”

He shifted, “hold son of the knight general.”

I looked at him and moved the sword to stop any spell, “I have no time to wait. The dark mages gather an army and the queen...”

He sighed, “and that was fifteen centuries ago. The dark mages were defeated and the queen’s rule continued for another thirty years. Your quest changed the tide of battle when the relic was given to the queen’s wizard. Long did they search for your body.”

I stared and knew he spoke the truth and lowered the sword, “my father?”

He shook his head, “died in the last battle.”

He looked at the men and gestured, “tell his majesty he is alive.”

They nodded and looked at me before turning to leave. I watched them and the wizard cleared his throat, “we were given directions to where your body might lay entombed in ice. War is once more spreading across the land. This time from the north where the nomads dwell.”

I hissed as I looked at him, “that was where the mage army came from.”

His eyes narrowed, “that was not in the histories and not in the private journals of...”

I looked at myself, “I need a bath and clean clothes.”

He nodded and moved to the door. Several minutes and I was sitting in a huge tub of hot water cleaning my sword. Even after all the time in ice it had not rested or corroded. The enchanted silver daggers remaining in my harness were not as lucky. They were tarnished badly and it would take time to clean them.

The heat from the water spread into me and was very welcome. I glanced at the door as a teenage girl with long golden hair entered. She wore a long green robe and stripped as I watched. She turned and looked at me before crossing and stepping into the bath. She bent to take the sword and set it to one side, “I am Taz and you should not do this in the bath.”

She put her hands into the water and I was pulled down until only my head was out. She knelt and then straddled me and slowly wiggled down my cock. She sighed as I stared at her amazing pink nipples. She shifted and her tight pussy gripped my cock, “first we need to make sure you are completely warmed and then get your blood flowing faster.”

I reached out and cupped her breasts, “you are in the right place to do both.”

She grinned as she slowly rolled her hips and began to thrust back and forth, “you are called Storm?”

The feel of her pussy around my cock made me shudder. She sighed, “see you are still cold.”

I laughed and started kneading her breasts, “that was not from the cold.”

She giggled and began to rock, “I am called Taz.”

Her pussy was clenching and gripping and pulling my cock. A couple of minutes and I glanced at her eyes to see them rolled up. She was shaking and jerking erratically and suddenly she twisted and turned and bounced, “aaaahhhh!”

I held her hips as she spasmed and her pussy grasped and squeezed. The feel of her wonderful pussy was amazing. It was a minute before she looked at me as her eyes focused. She grinned and started rubbing her pussy back and forth again. I lifted my hips, “you better hope you are protected wench.”

She swivelled her hips and shoved down as she moaned. A couple of minutes and she was shaking and swaying. Her pussy was constantly grasping and I yanked her down finally. She gasped and her eyes went wide as she looked at me. I grunted as I gushed a fountain of seed up into her and she jerked.

She shifted and wiggled and pushed down, “yyyeeeesssss!”

Her pussy was still milking my cock as she shook. When I was finished and lay back she sagged and leaned forward. I caressed her hips, “this would be better in a bed.”

She grinned and gave me a kiss, “well at least you are warm now.”

She shifted and slowly stood and seed ran out of her. She laughed as she moved and I stood and stepped out of the bath. I pushed her back and got the towel I had found. I dried her and then myself and she picked up her robe and I collected my weapons. I looked at the ruin that had been my clothes and left them.

I followed her out and she smiled back at me and led me through the wizard’s Keep. In a large set of rooms she closed the door after I came in. I set everything aside as she tossed her robe and backed to a large bed. It was a couple of hours before I fell asleep and Taz was purring as she caressed my chest.

I woke to someone striking the door and shifted to look at the naked girl in my arms. She rolled onto her back and stretched. I grinned as I turned and bent my head to suck on one nipple. She shuddered and held my head before laughing, “enough horny man.”

I moved up and gave her a kiss, “thank you.”

She smiled, “I enjoyed it very much.”

She moved off the bed, “first we need to find you new clothes and then clean your weapons and get you new ones if needed.”

She put on a clean robe and grinned as she put one on me. I carried my weapons when we left and in a very large storage area she found me clothing. I managed to find pants, shirts and thick socks but no boots or jackets. She picked out extra and made a pack for herself and then pulled me to a large dining hall.

Breakfast was warm cereal and then she led me to the Keep armory. While I cleaned my weapons she leaned against the wall and watched. The armorer took one look at her and did what she asked. I had a hard time cleaning the silver daggers until she took them. She turned to a counter and picked up a rag.

When she turned back she was wiping with the rag and all the tarnish was gone. She looked at the three empty sheaths in my harness and touched one of the steel daggers on the bench and murmured. I hesitated, “you are a mage?”

She smiled and I watched as the steel seemed to become silver, “the wizard Hasor is my father. He has not yet determined if I will be a mage or wizard.”

I blinked and then grinned, “try enchantress.”

She laughed and handed me the last dagger, “or witch?”

I accepted the silver dagger and caught her hand and pulled her against me, “seductress?”

She kissed me, “lover?”

I caressed her hips and she pushed me back, “you are making me horny again.”

I laughed and put the dagger away, “time for me to see your father.”

She gestured to my pack and I picked it up and put it on one shoulder. As we left she slipped her hand into mine, “we need to find you boots or shoes.”

I nodded, “and a coat.”

She smiled, “it is summer now.”

I snorted as I kept walking, “if the northern nomads are moving south and attacking, their shaman mages will be sending cold ahead of their army.”

She looked at me and then nodded and a couple of minutes later we entered a large hall. The wizard was with several officers and glanced at us before he grinned, “Storm.”

We crossed to him and he gestured the officers back, “what do you know about the relic you brought back?”

I looked at the officers, “it was part of a five piece set.”

He nodded, “and were the other four pieces with it when you found it?”

I shook my head, “it was in a nomad chapel. The other four are...”

He held up his hand, “so you do know where they are.”

I nodded and he turned and looked at a large painting. It was of a woman I recognized in armor during a battle. He looked at me, “would you be willing to go get them and bring them back?”

I looked at Taz, “yes. They are not...”

He gestured to cut me off, “take what you need and...”

Taz cleared her throat, “we need a dozen gold pieces. First he needs boots and a coat and then we will leave to find the ... things you want.”

He blinked, “a dozen...”

He sighed and pulled his purse and counted out a dozen gold coins. Taz accepted them and grinned as she kissed his cheek, “thanks father.”

She caught my hand and pulled as she started for the door. I shook my head but followed, “why did you need that much gold?”

She laughed as she pulled me out a side door and into a courtyard, “for horses and food and a tarp and bedding.”

She led the way across the courtyard and through a tunnel in a thick stone wall. Once out of that she turned right and walked to large gates in the outer wall. Outside of the Keep was a small city and she took me to a shop. The bootmaker glanced at us and Taz smiled, “soft hunting boots.”

He smiled, “yes lady.”

She pushed me to him, “I will be back with everything else.”

I sat and the bootmaker measured both feet before he marked leather. He cut it and then marked and cut more before he yelled and two women came in. They smiled as they sat and began to sew. The sole of the boats was a double layer of leather with a single layer around the heel and over the toes and top of the foot.

They made two sets of boots and I slipped the first pair on, they were more than comfortable. Taz returned and watched until they were done. She paid and I took the second pair and followed her out. Tied to a post were three horses, two with regular saddles and the last with a pack saddle.

She took my pack and added it to the pack saddle before she grinned and swung up on one horse. I climbed onto the other and glanced at her and she gestured, “you know where we are going.”

I grinned as I turned the horse and leaned out to catch the lead rope for the pack horse. I started the horse moving and Taz fell in beside me. We rode out and I turned to head north while trying to recognize anything to tell me where I was. She leaned over, “think of the Queen’s palace and then go north almost sixty leagues.”

I nodded and shifted in the saddle before I turned a little to the northwest. She rode beside me as I looked around. I had been in this area several times including when I fought the mage nomads but nothing looked familiar. It was not until we crested a ridge and rode down into a long valley that I got a sense of where we were.

It was not the forests or the few buildings but the walls around the fields. A few hours before the sunset we stopped. There was a small stream where we could get fresh water and a low branch to use to make our shelter. While I started a fire she pulled out food for dinner. I put up the tarp for our shelter and rolled out one large bedroll.

After that I went to find more wood for the fire. We slept with her half on me like I was her pillow. I lay awake thinking of the four places we would have to go. The only reason we had not gotten those relics were the black mages and nomads already around the places they were hidden in. Once we reached the first it would only take a day to reach the next.

They were all about a day apart. I woke to a hint of dawn and looked at the girl still asleep on me. I caressed one bare shoulder and she shifted and turned her head and smiled, “awake?”

I smiled, “yes.”

She stretched and moved away and I followed her. We went to the bathroom and then packed up and saddled the horses. As we were riding away she whispered into a set of pouches and then handed me one. I looked in and grinned before I started eating the warm cereal. After we finished I glanced at Taz and started telling her about myself.

She listened and kept quiet until I was done and then she told me about herself. From the sound she was lonely and kept isolated for most of her life. She said it was because of the magic but from what she said I think it might also have something to do with her parents. In the late afternoon we rode into what looked like an abandoned village.

I moved my horse forward and in front of her before I stopped. I had seen a few villages like this and looked around carefully. I swung down and pulled my sword as I walked to look into one of the houses. I saw the bodies piled together and turned and walked back to the horse, “their scouts have already been here.”

She looked at the house as I swung up and turned the horse. I kicked it to get it moving, “we need to get into the forest.”

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