Stealing Valentine's Day

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2017 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: VD begins with an assault and robbery of a lonely woman. It gets worse before it gets better with 2 helpful cops.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Analingus   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   .


This began as a 200-word writing exercise based on a random magazine cartoon and influenced by an old joke. Too short to publish, I allowed it to expand itself and broach several categories - humor, exhibitionism, reluctance, bi-sex, First times and brush against loving wives. Not all VD stories are happy and romantic. As lonely Lisa’s story unfolds, we sense this is one of those. Isn’t it?

And so it begins...

“But, I didn’t call for help. I’m OK,” insisted grocery bag laden Lisa. Officer John noted her disheveled and torn clothes, gleaming flaxen hair and overall embarrassment, but persisted. His silent partner, Janet, noticed and lustily appreciated the swelling in her partner’s slacks as his eyes locked on the woman’s bust. She had tits that could float a yacht! Janet was jealous.

“A good Samaritan witnessed your assault and called 911 to help you. Can you describe the incident, m’am, your assailant and his weapon,” and soto voce, “to our improv sketch artist?” he grinned, ribbing, but meaning no real disrespect to the artist who arrived late to the call.

Lovely Lisa blushed crimson thru her thick makeup and gently put down her groceries. Forty years young, shapely and pretty, if she had to say so herself since she had no one to compliment her, she couldn’t understand why men didn’t ask her out or even try for a meaningless one-night stand. It never occurred to her that the thick layers of caked on and contrasty clown makeup was a turn OFF not a turn ON and made her look aged well beyond her years. Frequent shopping for one was her solitary social outing and nearly daily dating tactic. As unsuccessful as that was, it was all she had.

Today was special, damn it! She had established her own Valentine’s Day tradition by including a single rose in her shopping. Ever since she’d dumped her deadbeat husband six years ago, after a four-year loveless marriage, she celebrated her freedom on VD. She shopped! Her special, annual meal began with a crimson table cloth, a triple candle representing me-myself-and I, her finest silverware and china and her solitary rose in a narrow, solitaire crystal vase. She always chose a thick, bloody rare prime rib that she trimmed to heart shape with a side of pale wax beans. A dark Merlot in her best crystal glass suited her taste for blood red reminders of her dead marriage and was well matched to the heart-shaped candy HE never gave her, but she now enjoyed. A nudge from the male cop, “Umm m’am?” broke her agitated reverie and reminded her of her special day’s violation and the forbidden encounter she’d encouraged.

“Well, umm... “ she gulped, “I was grocery shopping and used the ATM in the store and well, ... I guess I was flattered and distracted by the obvious attention from a young man, about twenty-five, fair skin, handsome, full and short beard, your height. I noticed him following me so I umm, guess I teased him a little with a little extra hip sway, so it wasn’t ALL his fault. I umm, turned into an alley and he came up close behind me, grabbed me around my chest, my um, breast actually, and menacingly whispered ‘Give me the $200 you just withdrew and ALL your money!’

“Well, I was stunned to stoney silence, my hands full of bagged groceries; I was afraid to drop my eggs. I felt something hard pressed against my rear and wasn’t sure what it was.” That was an obvious lie that didn’t escape the police. “He told me to spread my arms and legs then began searching my pockets, purse and bags. When he found nothing but a few dollars, he lifted my dress, felt up my legs and against my umm, ahh pussy, pulled down my panties and umm, searched ouu, you know, in-side me, deeply.”

Officer Janet pointed to a bright yellow, torn mini bikini on a pile of trash bags and asked, “Are those frilly panties yours?” Lisa turned her eyes down, nodded yes and blushed adorably.

“He ripped my top open and tore my bra down to my waist then searched my clothes and lifted my, umm ah titties, squeezed them and pulled my nipples. I don’t think he was just searching anymore since his slacks were, umm tenting,” she not-too-subtly eyed the cop’s cock surge. “He ripped my bra apart. See?” She hesitated briefly, looked around at the building crowd and pulled her blouse out of her skirt then pushed it off her shoulders to brazenly show her torn bra at her waist and big, bare, sun-lit tits to the officers and all other interested parties. The sketch artist took a photo then asked her to raise the bra to her ribs so he could document the torn cups and broken straps. She held it just below her hardened nipples and allowed close up photos of the bra and her bared, drooping tits. She suppressed a giggle then sighed at the sight of HIS slacks tenting. He turned back to the witness for more details.

The male cop’s cock throbbed to the delight of his partner, and lovely Lisa. Smiling slyly with her swaying tits and hard nipples bared to police, witnesses and immobile pedestrians alike she continued, “I have to say it was QUITE the experience! He wouldn’t believe that I only withdrew the $40 he found in my bra and demanded the $200 or he was going to rape me. I gasped and he unzipped and threatened me with his ‘10 inch weapon’. Well when he pulled it out, it was very hard not to laugh at what was actually a snub nose 4 inch derringer.”

Suppressing his laughter, the cop looked at his partner who was hiding her guffaw and tears with her hand, “And what did you then, m’am?”

“Well, I offered him a check for $160 if he would search me, DEEPLY again. I told you I didn’t call for help!”

Janet coughed to hide her laugh then asked Lisa, “Would you mind if we took a look under here,” she slipped her baton under Lisa’s skirt and began lifting it, “to umm, confirm your assertion about the panties?” John looked at her quizzically as she knelt before Lisa. “M’am, please hold your skirt up for us. Higher. Yes m’am, that’s fine. John, take a look at this.” She watched his cock dance as he knelt at her side. “Please spread your legs farther.” Lisa noticed several phone cams pointing at her and zooming in to her blonde bush and gaping pussy. She smiled and blushed at more action than she’d had in six years.

Officer John pointed to a fresh scratch, just reddening, but not bleeding. “Looks like your assailant might have left some DNA,” he remarked as he moved his face closer to her glistening, pristine pussy, inhaled her sweet scent and spread the small strip of skin between her scratch and her bearded clam. “Jane would you get the preservation tape from the cruiser, thanks? M’am please keep your skirt up and away from this evidence. Did he rub your pubes above your umm, vulva too? No? Good. You don’t dye your bush to match your flaxen hair, do you? Great, that makes this much more reliable. Is this a tattoo or a bruise?” He stroked the red, heart shape that infringed on her hairy bush and stroked past it, nearly to her swelling little pearl.

“Oh, umm, that’s a tattoo I got many years ago. No one’s supposed to see it! It’s not important, but I’ll tell you about it if you like, someday,” she commented slyly.

He ran his fingers thru her curly blonde pubes not realizing that his partner, Janet, was behind him and watching him stroke the naked victim. When Janet saw him apply enough pressure to displace her clit, her heart raced and Lisa gasped. Her eyes closed, her face flushed and her tits became blotchy as she shuddered in her first orgasm at the hands of another in so many years. All of this caught on multiple phones, including the sketch artist who took close up photos from many angles. Was her pussy glistening, he wondered?

Janet tore off a large strip of preservation tape. “This tape will prevent losing any DNA while we bring you to a hospital for a rape kit.” Both officers were still on their knees, admiring and inhaling Lisa’s arousal up close when their radio went off and called them to a store robbery. “Oops, we have to respond to this call since we are essentially done here.” Janet tore more of the gentle tape and pressed it against Lisa’s wild bush in several strips. She needlessly rubbed each strip as she applied it or let John rub it as she tore more tape. “Take a look at the sketch of the suspect and see if you can add anything.”

Officer John added, “We can recover the tape, collect any other evidence and avoid the hospital if you go straight home and don’t change or clean up.” John felt her rigid clit thru the tape as it swelled as he rubbed it. She climaxed again! Both officers smiled at each other as John adjusted his cock and Janet slyly rubbed her clit. John was so tempted to lick the wet, enchanting pussy so near him, but instead he offered, “We have your address. Why don’t we come collect the evidence after this call?” He rubbed the last piece of tape across her thickened labia and rushed off. The sketch artist was consulting with her, her skirt still held high, as Janet pulled the cruiser past her. Office John shouted to the still nude and exposed woman, “You can put your clothes back on, but don’t shower or clean up until we recover the evidence.”

Siren blasting, Janet asked John, “Can you believe she fell for that tape bullshit? I think she knows better and just wanted to expose herself and get felt up in public.” John laughed then grunted when she reached over to squeeze and ‘adjust’ his obvious arousal.

======= two hours later ======

Lisa’s doorbell rang with her selected bars from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and she hustled, hoping ... YES! It was John and Janet. “Hello again, m’am. We’ve come to collect the evidence,” John beamed with a bit too much enthusiasm. “You didn’t clean up, did you?” As they entered, he noted she was in the same clothes as earlier. “We have much more privacy now, so you won’t be so embarrassed. Would you carefully remove your skirt and blouse? Hand them and your bra to officer Janet. It’s protocol that at least one of the officers is female when we ask you to strip for us. You don’t mind, do you? You didn’t seem to mind earlier!” His smile said he understood her naughty needs.

Noting the richly set table for one, Janet asked if she were expecting anyone for Valentine’s Day. She watched Lisa’s face fall as she shook her head, NO.

Lisa took them to the living room where she calmly stepped out of her skirt leaving her bottom naked except for the few strips of tape. She watched the officers stare at her groin and mask smiles. At least her pussy was covered, for now. Her face flushed, more from desire than embarrassment. She handed Janet her blouse and bra and spread her arms boldly. “You have great big, beautiful and firm tits,” said Janet before she could shut her mouth. “Oops, I shouldn’t have said that. Sorry.”

“Really? I thought they were horrid the way they hang and my nipples so big and ugly!” Her eyes went to John’s slacks which were dancing again. She knew and loved that his cock was jumping just for her. John asked her to turn slowly for them, supposedly to look for any missed evidence, but actually to study her surprisingly slim and sexy waist. It tapered very seductively to a firm and shapely ass that forced a nearly silent groan from his throat. He coughed to cover it.

Lisa was breathing heavily at all the exposure of her naked body to these two strangers who seemed to be ENJOYING it. They had her stop when her back was to them, arms still up. She noticed shadows from their strong flashlights as they scanned her ass and wondered why ... Until they had her bend over sharply and lean on the small table. Awareness that her rear hole was exposed and vulnerable, she also assumed at least part of her pussy was also exposed to them and that made her heart race. When she felt two hands on her cheeks, she gasped. The hands lightly followed the contours of the waist to her toned thighs and the fuzzy cheeks in between. She moaned and shook in climax.

Janet asked, “Do you always cum so easily? WE witnessed your two orgasms earlier and were, impressed. Don’t let us stop you from enjoying more tonight despite the circumstances. Relax your cheeks.”

Lisa gasped, clenched her butt hole and squealed, “You have been discussing my vapors? This is too much! I don’t think I ... I...” She never finished that sentence since she felt two hands spread her cheeks while another gently pried open her brown hole. As a finger stroked her wrinkled hole, she felt electrical jolts she never knew she had in her and climaxed again with a long sigh following. There was a sudden coolness deep between her cheeks. That too was new to her, but she could tell it was a wet finger that knocked on her back door. “Ohhhhhh, what shall I dooooo... ?”

John continued the pretense, “That’s my finger checking your rear hole in case there’s some evidence left behind on or in your behind. Relax your muscles and let me check inside your pretty ass. I mean, rectum.” Too late! She heard him call her ass pretty! Even her unlamented husband never complimented her that way. Could it be that these strangers really desired her? She sighed and relaxed dark muscles to allow John inside her heinous hole. He rubbed, twisted and pumped her rosebud until she was breathing hard, but withdrew before she climaxed again.

Janet told her to roll onto her back on the low table. She happily turned over for them and thrilled in letting her big tits flop chaotically for her inspectors to enjoy. When her feet were flat on the floor, she opened her eyes and saw officer Janet standing over her, legs on each side of the table, completely naked! Her mouth dropped open as she stared up at a swollen, wet pussy that was closer to her face than she was to her own. Officer John easily spread her knees as she looked up at the dark pubes of the raven haired officer. Vulva spread as it was, Lisa was in awe of the fleshy, shaved labia. She studied the smoothness of the puffy outer lips and the enticing furls of the slightly protruding and gaping inner lips. “I thought you might be more comfortable if you were not the only one naked. Perhaps we can convince officer John to join us.”

John didn’t respond, but smiled at Lisa’s willingness to be seduced as he removed the unsticky tape and pressed it against a collection sheet. If there were evidence, he would collect it and deal with it later. Janet loosened her black hair and tossed it free to Lisa’s amazement. It was lush, full and long! “You want to touch it?” asked Janet, deliberately leaving IT vague. Lisa slowly nodded her head and reached up as Janet squatted over her. Hesitantly, she folded her fingers, then reached out and folded again as a damp pussy approached her face. Janet was just inches away when Lisa made tentative contact. She touched the warm, bald pussy and squealed. Janet smiled. “Touch it again. Hold it; explore it; spread it open and put your fingers inside me like you must do to yourself.”

John suggested “Maybe you’ll be more comfortable mimicking on Janet what I do to you?” Maybe because she was so fascinated with touching another woman’s pussy for the first time, Lisa didn’t answer. His fingers traced her fat outer lips then the valleys between them and marveled at how wet and fragrant they were. She didn’t notice the spastic movements between her feet.

After a deep inhale, Lisa asked if she smelled as sweet and heady as Janet. In chorus, the misbehaving cops replied YES. “I take it you’ve never been THIS personal with another woman, but surely you’ve tasted your own cum. When you were married, didn’t you taste yourself on his lips and cock?”

Janet jerked away for a second. “NO, NEVER! That was too disgusting for either of us and no I never sucked his thingy!” Her fingers returned to Janet’s tempting twat. Breathing heavily, “But, right this minute, I ... I want to taste YOU. But I just can’t.”

“Oh, you will taste me shortly. I can’t hover like this much longer. Why don’t you push two fingers inside me and feel how wet I am for you? I’ll suck one finger and you can suck the other.” As Lisa began to shake her head, John opened her pussy and pressed his nose against her clit, his tongue flat against her wet labia and a finger inside her pussy. She lurched and sent her two fingers deep into Janet’s waiting pussy. Accidentally? “Oh, yes! Atta girl. Go deeeep and feel my warm, slippery and textured walls; push in and feel my stiff cervix. Yes, sweep around it. Now twist your hand as you scoop up my juices, just as John is doing to you.”

Lisa suddenly realized the full and electric feeling between her legs was due to John’s efforts. The more she focused on them the closer she came to another orgasm. Not one in TEN years and now too many to count in one afternoon. She moaned deeply and Janet grabbed her wrist before she could wipe away the lube of her womb. After getting Lisa’s attention, she slowly sucked a finger into her hungry mouth, told Lisa to pay attention, then licked and sucked it dry. “Now you do the other finger.”

John saw her pull away and shoved two fingers deep into her and twisted. Lisa gasped and sat up until her brow hit Janet’s dripping pussy. Janet moaned as Lisa looked thru her pale, curly pubes, past her gaping and soaked pussy at the naked officer between her legs. It had been twenty years since she’d seen as long and thick a cock as the purple headed monster lunging between her knees. After a moment to admire the fine beast, she sighed deeply, finally sure of breaking her six-year real-sex dry spell. She lay down again and let Janet guide her wet finger into her mouth for a reluctant first taste. Sweetly tart and musky, her second lick of pussy juice was enthusiastic. She greedily sucked her whole finger over her tongue and licked it clean. “MORE!” she gasped.

Janet’s grin was broad and shared with John. “Sure sweetie. Why don’t you drink directly from my font?” She braced herself with her arms as she leaned over and allowed Lisa full access to her front and rear holes as she ran her nose thru Lisa’s sightly pubes and her tongue on her clit. Lisa surged upwards and slammed her mouth into Janet’s tasty pussy then wrapped around her muscular ass and pulled herself deeper.

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