The City of Sextus

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Story: Creating a new settlement brings humans closer to contact with those that created the ancient relics that bring rain. Only they do not want to force it or frighten them off. Even the world's dragons can not find what does not wish to be found. For the two people that have established their home it is a quiet and gentle contact they cherish.

Caution: This Science Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

I looked at the huge wooden ship and shook my head. I was used to fast flyers and forests with huge insects. I was one of the first in settlers in what we were calling Sextus. Do not ask me why they gave it that name. It was completely around on the other side of the world on the southern continent or sixth continent.

There were two hundred of us going on the first trip. It would take at least a month to get there, with a few stops along the way. Fifty percent of us were not from Addison and had to go through a two month survival class in the forest here. That had earned me Siren, an adolescent griffin that seemed to like to sing or hum.

I looked at the eighteen year old girl from Settlement. She had been watching me and staying close since the class. She had bonded another griffin from a different nest. I shouldered my duffle and she grabbed hers and followed. The quarters in the tall deckhouse of the ship were going to be small and crowded.

The ship was three hundred meters long and half that wide and a quarter that tall. Well except for the six stories that were the triangle shaped deckhouse towards the bow with the bridge on top. I whistled as I started up the winding stairs and Siren answered. I glanced up and saw her looking down from the deck of the ship, “of course you are already on the ship.”

Jewel laughed as she followed me. I smiled and kept going and checked in with one of the six crewmen. Our quarters were on the fourth floor of the deckhouse and Jewel followed me in. Her Grif chirped as Siren climbed up and into a nest by the window. I glanced at him and then at Jewel, “um...”

She nudged me aside, “for each male there is at least one female. You are mine.”

I blinked and she set her duffle beside the fold down bed, “you and I...”

She stretched and reached for my duffle, “want someone else?”

I snorted as I set my duffle down and pushed her hand away, “no but you are going to get fucked so deep.”

She laughed and patted my chest, “later. I want to check our pods.”

At least they were close to the top so checking them was not hard. We watched from on top of the bridge as the ship lifted slowly and turned before it started moving. I exhaled and realized I had been holding my breath. Jewel chuckled as she led the way to the stairs, “six days to continent number four and our first stop.”

I watched her hips as I followed her, “come on Siren before the ship starts going to fast.”

Jewel led the way to our room and opened the door. I closed it and watched as she pulled down the bed and grinned at me. She pulled out a blanket and spread it out as I got mine and added it. She undressed and moved onto the bed and laid back as I finished taking my clothes off. I moved onto the bed and over her and gave her a kiss.

She sighed and started to put her arms around me and I grinned and moved down. I pushed her legs open and leaned down and started to lick her pussy. She moaned and lifted her hips as I captured her clit. I sucked and teased it with the tip of my tongue and she shuddered, “ooohhhh!”

A few minutes and she was shaking and twisted as she tried to close her legs. I moved up and over her and lifted to push into her tight pussy. She groaned and put her arms around me as I buried my cock. I settled and hesitated before I gave her a kiss and began to hump and grind and press. She hugged me as her pussy gripped my cock and she shuddered, “mmmm!”

I pulled back and started to use deep thrusts. It was not long before she was wet and slippery. I continued to fuck her and started grinding each time I sank my cock into her. Several minutes and she clutched me as her pussy clenched. She twisted and bucked and began to thrash around, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I fucked her hard and kept shoving as deep as I could. She struggled and wrapped her legs around me while she howled. It had been awhile for me and I buried my cock a minute later. I kissed her and held her under me as I pumped strong spurts of cum. She jerked and squirmed as warm sperm gushed into her, “YES!”

When I finished I relaxed and waited while her cummy pussy kept massaging my cock. She sagged to the bed and grinned as she twisted and rolled before sitting up, “my turn.”

I loved filling her with sperm and she seemed to like it as much as me. We walked around behind the deckhouse to exercise or ran the stairs or climbed the back wall of the deckhouse. A week and we were over the southern continent and stopped. One hundred of us went over the side and used anti grav harnesses.

We pulled a hose and cables down as we dropped through the upper branches. We had dozens of large collapsing water containers. We dropped almost to the ground and stopped on the first branch level. We anchored the hose and cable before spreading out to hunt for water vines. Jewel and I stayed together as we went north and finally found a meter thick water vine.

We set up the water container and the tube before using the special spike like needle. Water gushed out and into the container and we kept watching it and around us. We heard the crack of shots being fired so we knew large predators were around. Grif was the one to chirp and draw our attention to one side.

Even as I saw the flying lynx I was lifting and firing a capture wand. I blinked as a second flew in front of it and the net struck it. As it fell the first spun to leap away and Jewel fired her capture wand. I pulled in mine as the one I caught struggled. I pulled a large black stretch bag and had to work the angry animal into the bag.

The one Jewel caught was just as pissed and fought right up until she closed the bag. When the container was full we closed the valve on the tube before using the anti grav on the container. We pulled it back to the hose and waited for one of the others to finish before putting the hose in.

The water was pumped up and when it was done we headed back to the vine. Along the way we searched for and found fire and spice leaves. We also used the capture wands to catch a tree squirrel and a type of flying lemur. Both I killed and skinned and once the water was pouring back into the container Jewel worked the head of the flying lynx out of her capture bag.

I lit the leaves and she held the struggling lynx in the smoke. After she was done bonding it, it was my turn. We held and pet them and even carried them on our shoulder when we moved the water container back and forth. After four trips we had to find a new vine and ended up going further north.

My new friend was Thomas and Jewel’s was Melody. When my Siren hummed and began a melody, Jewel’s Melody flew to her and covered her with a wing. We were on our last trip back to the hose when I saw something stalking Grif and Siren. I guess you could say it was two somethings.

Thomas was chasing a tree squrrel and Melody was growling at what looked like tree rats on another branch. I reached out to Jewel, “look behind Grif and Sirren.”

She did and hissed before frowning, “what are they?”

I remember reading an account from the northern continent above this one of an animal they called a olive slinker, “either a Olive Slinker or something related.”

I looked ahead as I let go of the water container, “move to the tree and onto the left branch before calling Grif and Siren.”

She nodded and strode forward and I spun and went out a thick secondary branch. When Jewel called our friends the two small slinkers were less than ten meters away. They froze as I knelt and when they spun and started running it was almost right to me. I fired my capture wand at only a few meters and it caught both of them.

Of course they fought and Thomas and Melody growled as they flew towards them. I moved forward quickly and caught Thomas and Melody, “sssshhhh!”

They looked at me and finally stopped trying to reach the two animals. I let them go and went to pull the net in as Jewel joined me. We worked them out and into bags before relaxing. I grinned, “they are a dark green and not olive and from the size and their teeth I would say fully grown.”

She grinned as she nodded, “Dwarf slinkers.”

We carried them and took the water container to the hose. Once it was empty we collapsed it and went hunting. We killed two birds and moved our friends and bonded with the two new animals. We sat and waited for the other people to finish and pet our friends. The giant leopard that dropped from the branch above was sudden.

It was only a couple of paces behind Jewel and the companions leaped to escape. I pulled my pistol as I came to a knee, aimed and fired in one smooth motion. The other people were still scrambling away as the plasma round exploded out the back of its head. It dropped to the branch and thrashed around as it died.

I put my pistol away and Jewel grinned, “we better skin it so we have a proper fur on our bed.”

We had to carry it up to the ship since beatle ants seldom went that far down a tree. We also had to carry our new friends. Siren and Grif knew the ship and had no problem flying up and to the deck. The cable lifted everyone and once we checked in it was time to clean and tan the pelt and then clean and wash the fur.

My dwarf slinker loved to play stalk and attack games before fleeing. It almost looked like he was teasing or playing some joke so I called him Jester. Jewel’s was different and loved to cuddle, if not with her then with any of the others that let her so we called her Cuddle. As the ship began to move we started to teach them.

From the way they acted Thomas and Melody were mated and so were Jester and Cuddle. Once we closed the door that night we put them up in the nests. Jewel smiled as the two mated pairs moved together and Siren and Grif shifted until they were together too. She grinned and turned to me as I finished folding and putting the large pelt on the bed.

She stripped and pulled at my clothes and I grinned and let her undress me. I turned and pushed her onto the bed and she went to her hands and knees. I moved behind her and straddled her lower legs before I sank my cock into her. She groaned as she pushed back to get my cock deeper. I held her hips and pulled back and started to fuck her with long thrusts.

A minute and her pussy was squeezing and clenching and she was shivering. Several more and she was shoving back as she grabbed the fur and yelled, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She was rocking forward and then pushing back and I began to fuck her hard and deep. She spasmed and jerked a little later and shoved back hard, “FUCK!”

I put a hand between her shoulders and pushed her head and shoulders down. I went back to fucking her and kept doing it hard. She twisted and her pussy constantly gripped my cock, “YES!”

A couple of minutes and I shoved into her and held her while pumping sperm. She jerked and her pussy kept grasping, “mmmm!”

When I was done I let her go and there were three chirps from the nest. I glanced up as Jewel turned her head to look. She grinned when she saw the three female animals, “yeah it was very good.”

They chuffed and moved back and I laughed as I bent to roll Jewel over. For the next week and a half Jewel was not the only one getting bred. Cuddle, Melody and Siren lured their males away a dozen times a day. The sixth continent appeared right after the morning shower and we managed to get a good seat to watch as we approached it.

The colony settlement site was still three days away but the ship slowed so we could look down into the trees. Like every continent there were the huge hawks or falcons that soared in the sky and just above the trees. Down in the top of the trees we also got glimpses of different birds and even smaller animals.

One I got a good vid of was a pale blue mini slinker. It was in a large nest eating eggs and never looked up. There were also small flying lizards that came in many colors. Even after the ship picked up speed everyone tried to watch below. Time seemed to drag until finally the ship slowed and then stopped.

All two hundred of us jumped with packs and cargo bags. The anti gravs slowed us as we went into the trees. Thomas and Siren had flown down like Melody and Grif. We carried Jester and Cuddle and as soon as we landed on a branch they slipped out of the packs. Our first job was to cut the five thousand meter landing strip for a long distance transport or shuttle.

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