The Fabulous Secksewell Family

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Fantasy Sex Story: Fantasy on a family with extraordinary body parts and sensations

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   High Fantasy   Incest   Mother   Son   Daughter   Orgy   Anal Sex   Analingus   Fisting   Masturbation   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   Size   .

“Oh! Do that again Michael,” groaned Kay Secksewell, her head lolling sideways to peer down her sinuous body as she tapped on his shoulder.

She lay on the silk sheets, manicured nails gripping them, long blonde hair layered over the pillow, sunlight catching the sparkling diamond studs in her ears. She felt the same exciting ripple as he stuck out his tongue that flicked at the cavity of her capacious vagina. Kay’s eyes flickered in ecstasy as the combined effect of Michael’s tongue and her daughter Belinda’s tongue sucking voraciously on the prong that was Kay’s clit started the familiar waves of climax. Bulging over an inch clear when normal and therefore causing her all sorts of arousal problems when going about normal duties in life, her clitoris grew another inch or so into a hard prick like protrusion that so heightened her already exalted libido. She had devised a hooded padded box which slotted and fastened into her panties to try and prevent clothing friction start her cunt into juicing. This was only when she was into serious shopping or on official business, when cunt juicing would probably be an inconvenience.

Kay gently kicked her heel on Michael’s torso and steeled herself for the intense searing, yet essential stab of pain, that always happened when Michael withdrew. It would be relatively painless for him, her profuse lubrication allowing him an easy exit, but for his mother, the effect of his curly head passing back through the stretched opening of her cunt felt like she was giving birth to him all over again. However his young head was considerably larger than when he’d first seen the light of day.

As the bulge at her mother’s groin changed shape, Belinda ceased sucking Kay’s monster clitty and transferred her petal lips to Kay’s own mouth, on the way cleverly passing over her extended nipples like a soft breath of summer air. Kay strained as the waves passed through her, the height of the orgasm timed as her son’s greasy, smiling face finally emerged, releasing her labia to find its own place and folding over her engorged cherry as Belinda sank her tongue deep into Kay’s searching mouth.

Mother and daughter exchanged French tonguing, as Belinda swallowed the sounds emanating from Kay’s fanny, cooled by Michael’s thoughtful blowing at her inflamed genitals. Her climaxes were always sharp and short this way. Conveniently they had to be to allow Michael to remain with his handsome head submerged in her voracious snatch without air for the several minutes it took. The practised signals to him by Kay’s feet were essential to the whole success of the incestuous session, following the hour-long build-up, from the initial bathing, the massages, the oiling, the exploration of each others pampered body.

Michael slithered up the bed and joined Belinda to comfort their mother, as the waves of the orgasm finally passed. Kay stirred and opened her languorous eyes, smiling at her caring offspring and helped Belinda lick at his sticky face, as if to clear the placenta from a new born.

“I’d like to do that for you mummy,” breathed Belinda.

Kay sighed.

“I know my sweet, but it would mean you having to cut off that lovely hair and I’m not prepared to let you do that. You don’t want to lose this surely, do you?” Kay asked, flicking Belinda’s thick, near waist length, golden waves of hair.

“There just isn’t enough room for your hair Bel,” said Michael. “You’ve got such a lot and it is attractive.”

Belinda smiled at his sincere compliment.

“I know Mikey. I hear what you’re both saying. Its OK for you with short hair, but it must be super to be able to lick mummy’s pussy from the inside.”

Kay chuckled and patted Belinda’s head.

“Just you concentrate on my clitty darling. It’s wonderful the way you bring it up so.”

Belinda squirmed away and sat with her legs apart, pulling her narrow labia wide and peering down at her cunt. Michael squirmed round and peered at the neat smooth gash of his sister’s twat. Still unblemished after several years of hard fucking, Belinda’s cute, baby smooth mott was pearly pink, with a small inner aperture. Above, in the tight vee of her labial join was the subject of the conversation.

“Will mine grow as big? I know you taught me to do it to you and you and Michael suck on it brilliantly, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger,” she muttered into her chest.

Compared to her mother’s. Belinda’s clitoris was still in its youthful state, but she could produce quite a large bulbous, sort of big toe sized cherry when on heat.

“Yeah Bel, but not many fourteen year olds have tits like these do they? I mean you’re better built than Lara Croft,” giggled Michael, fondling his sister’s huge knockers.

They were 38FF and stuck out firmly from her narrow chest without the slightest hint of droop. “And you’ve got something extra that mummy hasn’t,” he added cheekily.

He parted Belinda’s bulbous boobs, darted his head forward and licked up the deep dark crevasse.

Belinda shivered with pleasure and pushed his head away.

“Oohh, don’t Mikey, you know what that does to me,”’ she told him pleasantly.

“Yeah cool, you’re something special Bel,”’ Michael answered.

“Yes that’s true she is, but anyway I think your cherry is coming along nicely my sweet,” added Kay. “One never knows what one’s body is going to produce, but you must admit, we were all doing pretty well when being blessed with our particular parts don’t you think?”

Belinda resignedly nodded her head in agreement as Michael reverted to gently nipped her teats, making the centre bud pop out. Kay joined her son in stroking Belinda’s enormous breasts, cooing and smiling at her pretty face. Sitting up, Kay pushed her long, droopy, pointed bosoms out and Michael gently mashed the two female’s breasts together into a soft conglomeration of milkers. They cooed in unison, all three revelling in the warm family intimacy.

“I too have wishes, like I wish I’d been blessed with breasts like yours darling,” said Kay to Belinda.

Her daughter trilled happily.

“Yes, but mummy you’ve got the most tremendous pussy, I mean how many women can get a whole head inside them? Its amazing, but we can’t have everything.”

“Well I think we should be thinking about satisfying our lovely boy here don’t you? He’s been patient enough with both of us, well me anyway,” added Kay as Michael’s face lit up.

He leapt off the bed and spun over to a cupboard under his mother’s dressing table. He returned, brandishing a industrial size bottle of baby oil. The two females laughed as he tossed the bottle to them, Belinda deftly catching it and making space as he dived head first onto the bed. He reached round to his buttocks and pulled them wide as Kay and Belinda squirmed across the bed and positioned themselves at his side. Belinda smeared her hand with the oil as Kay rimmed his arsehole with her fingers, then transferred some oil onto his muscular pink sphincter. He slithered backwards so that his knees rested on the thick pile carpet, Belinda following him down to the floor, as Kay grabbed at his hanging cock.

Michael was not extraordinarily blessed in the penis department, but at fourteen years old, forever rampant and extremely worldly in sexual matters, his erection was almost instant. With only a few strokes of her expert hands, Kay had him moaning and his dick was rock hard as Belinda started to push her fingers into his arse.

“God. I’m hot today Bel. Don’t hold back, give it to me hard won’t you?’ he pleaded.

His sister raised her eyebrows and glanced at Kay, who nodded, as if to say - ‘he asked for it.’ Belinda funnelled her fingers into a pointed shape and pushed at Michael’s sphincter. Expertly he relaxed the surrounding muscles instantly and she gained entrance up to her second knuckle. Kay nodded her enthusiasm and purred as her boy groaned and flexed his cock. She roughly wanked on it, letting her hand ripple over his foreskin, tearing it tightly backwards to expose the glistening dome of his lubing glans. Belinda repositioned her slender stacked body and heaved at her brother’s bum. In went her fingers up to her fist and she breathed hard with the effort as Michael yelled out in pleasurable pain. His female sex partners knew his cries. This was not distress, it was desire.

“Once more Bel, once more and you’ll do it. In in three,”’ Michael urged her with glee.

Kay was rolling his tightly bunched bollocks as she worked on his stiffy. She knew the signs of when he would come and it wasn’t yet. Belinda took up the challenge, it wasn’t easy for her, but she had learned well from her mother and father.

“OK Mikey,” she muttered. “Here goes, ready?”

He nodded and yelped an affirmative squeak as he sensed her tense her strength behind his haunches. Belinda drew her hand back an inch or so, letting his ring piece flex round her knuckles. She dabbed a glob of baby oil into the funnelling hole and then with an immense shove she pressured the whole of her fist into his fundament. She whooped in delight, echoing her brother’s groan of ecstasy and her mother’s grin and chuckle of satisfaction. Belinda stayed still for some time as he adjusted his anus to the sudden large invasion, but soon Michael was requesting more activity. Kay knew it would soon be time for him to spout his load and cranked up the speed of her wrist as it fluttered her hand over his five inch erection.

Belinda started to fist fuck him, with steady, searching strokes into his butt as Michael became accustomed to the size of the anal intruder. He ordered her to twist her fist and he yelled out, loving the extra friction against the inner walls.

“In and out Bel, pleeeeeeese,” he wailed and she knew what to do.

The next out, was in fact totally out and she was ready with a splash of baby oil at his expanded sphincter, seconds before plunging her fist fully in again.

“Uuuurrrggggghhhhhh!’ groaned the orgasmic Michael. “Again, again!”

Belinda gave it him again and again as Kay slid under his wracking torso and fastened her luscious mothering lips round his prick. With each forward stroke from her daughter, whose fist was clear of his arsehole one moment then immediately buried back inside his backside, Kay timed her suck on Michael’s cock, so that she deep throated him and locked his knob in her gullet. The boy was going through the mill each time to achieve the ultimate climax, but after all he had done for her own voracious sex appetite, Kay could only marvel and help at his means to an end.

Kay felt Michael lurch inwardly and she knew the time had come. She gulped hard on his knob and pressed her fingers deep under his bollocks, finding the tube that would pass his sperm. Her fingers almost met with Belinda’s which were squirming furiously inside his butt. His climax started and the two females sucked and fist fucked him violently as he gave up his young seed. It wasn’t a huge amount that spurted into Kay’s mouth, but it sure tasted sweet to the understanding mother of the sexy two. Satisfied he had given his lot and feeling the telltale immediate softening of his cock, Kay slid from under him as Belinda stopped her fisting and sat panting and sweating, still with her hand buried in his crapper.

“Wow! That took some doing, you OK Mikey?” she puffed, receiving a groaned out drawn ‘yes’ from his face buried in the bed sheets.

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