Miss Umeki on the Train

by harry lime

Copyright© 2017 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Poor Miss Umeki is hooked on young schoolgirls with their short skirts and uniforms. She likes to dress in a businessman's suit but does not hide her feminine charm because it makes her approach to her own gender so effortless that she never fails in reaching her target with ease on any train or bus.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/ft   Coercion   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Petting   Public Sex   .

Each morning, when the office workers hustled down the freshly swept streets to the train platform for the ride into their places of employment, Miss Umeki would be putting on the final touches of her facial mask of feminine perfection.

She would sometimes spend sleepless hours just waiting and thinking about what kind of ride she would have in the morning to the center of the city on the crowded train. The grey trains were always packed with workers and shoppers and others like her of a predatory nature that just wanted to press their greedy bodies onto defenseless females. She knew these mindless commuters were mostly silly females with no desire to protest any liberty taken with their private parts because a submissive nature was pounded into them from the moment they could walk.

The noise of the train and the seductive motion of the cars bouncing and rolling on the tracks added to the sense of sexual tension of a moving train and the almost hypnotic vibration insured most of the female passengers were already amply moistened by the anticipation of possible call to duty.

Miss Umeki knew that most of the women were careful to keep their posteriors away from the kinky covering demands of sexually-deprived perverts, but many times the crush of the crowds did not allow that option. Besides, being a female and a beautiful one as well, allowed her to approach the rear of any unsuspecting female without question. Normally, she would pretend the swaying of the train brought her heated body into contact with the silly female. They would rest on her greedy pubic bone and her soft yielding breasts like little baby birds yearning for their mama. The simple fact was that the mostly young student girls had no experience with the demands of a full-grown woman for female communion and possessed no conception of the kinky desires that ran like a deep underground river of lust between such perverted legs.

It was easy for Miss Umeki to achieve a satisfying orgasm without ever communicating her joyful release to her partner in the one-way theft of privacy. Sometimes, her happiness was heightened by the frantic groping of some perverted male on her own posterior right in the middle of her happy ending. Such an explosion of unexpected bonus perversion tended to amuse her more than annoy her sense of deep well-being. She was not all that familiar with actual male shafts of control using her beautiful body because of a defining experience that caused her distaste for submissive behavior. She knew that her joy in contact of physical release would always be as the person in charge and in almost every situation she preferred a submissive female partner squirming and squealing between her legs. She had performed her feminine role with males strictly for financial gain, but had not derived much satisfaction except a sense of superiority and joy derived from punishing the other gender for indiscriminate use of the tool of creation.

Miss Umeki liked to wear her custom –made business suit even though it made her look less feminine and a little more mannish, if the truth be known. She usually stuffed her made in Paris undies with the banana-like appendage that was anchored in her already flooded with anticipation secret garden. It filled her with a sense of firm control of any situation and added the element of confidence to her persona that generally mesmerized the silly student girls into a state of silent submission to her perverted demands. To all around her she presented an image of a sharply dressed businesswoman ready to take her place in the corporate world competing equally with all of the dissolute males with only unimaginative urges to use the available female flesh available to them in the office environment. The lower class office-ladies knew their role in satisfying their boss’s needs and seldom expressed their own desires for simple wifely duties and the raising of children without male interference.

She knew that the silly student girls would all eventually become the willing dupes of the weak-willed corporate males in order to supplement their husband’s or their parent’s inability to generate sufficient income to merely offset the ever rising cost of living in a frenetically-paced social order that valued financial security above all else.

The station platform was packed with well-behaved crushes of humanity. Most were bored working classes with a sprinkling of students to round out the mix. Miss Umeki blended in despite her obviously perfectly formed female figure inside the attire of a businessman. Her hidden female parts were trembling with excitement as she inhaled the essence of multiple young schoolgirls giggling and waiting patiently for the final move to the inside of a packed car and the terrible indignity of male tools violating their most intimate body parts with anonymous liberties of shameful disgrace. The girls would sometimes talk to each other knowing they were both being stripped of their innocent vestiges of virginal privacy in full view of other passengers silently watching their defilement with ingrained reluctance to become involved in such a dirty business. Sometimes, the older women were envious of the young girl’s ability to attract the rubbing of aroused members on their nubile bodies with breathless abandon as the train swayed and rumbled down the track.

Miss Umeki spotted a girl she recognized as the companion of a particularly delicious female student she had exploited the previous week. The girl’s eyes were wide open with a touch of frozen fear that led her to search for an escape route to board another car. Of course, it was too late because the train was already almost to a full stop right in front of them. The trainmen herded the mass of humanity to the doors and Miss Umecki made certain she was right on the pretty tail of the young schoolgirl coming to a full stop right behind her gently swaying buttocks but not quite touching her skin and flesh quite yet. The girl looked nervously over her shoulder at Miss Umeki and the sure knowledge of her coming shame was registered in her fluttering lashes. Her friend from the week prior must have given her a detailed report of her guilty submission and she had been whipped up to a state of envy at her friend’s sexual exploitation and guilty feminine release right out in public. Miss Umecki remembered how the silly girl had whimpered and even rested her delicate hand on her bare arm like she wanted her to continue her determined exploration of her hidden secrets. There was no doubt that this other girl was vastly more attractive and that she had a certain plumpness of posterior that made Miss Umeki yearn to be seated between her rear cheeks with serious contact of her heart-shaped buttocks wiggling under her urge to possess her very core.

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