My Mother, My Lover

by dirty oedipus

Copyright© 2017 by dirty oedipus

Sex Story: After my parents split up, my sexy mother rediscovers her sexual urges.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Lesbian   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Water Sports   .

Mum was standing in front of the bathroom mirror naked but for tiny little panties clinging to her gorgeous backside, she smiled at my reflection as I kissed the back of her neck and cupped her lovely, firm breasts.

“Come to bed” I whispered and she giggled.

“What for?”

“For anything you like” I slid my hands down over her stomach and into her panties, she leaned back against me and sighed as my fingers found her wet slit,

“You’re doing very rude things to your mother”

“Yes” I said softly, “And you love it”

I eased the panties down over her thighs until she could step out of them, she turned and draped both arms around my neck pressing her naked body wantonly into mine.

“Bed” she breathed into my mouth as we kissed passionately and we went into her bedroom where we lay on top while I worshipped her breasts,

“Eat me darling” she said softly, “I’m all wet for you”

I kissed my way down over her stomach and inhaled her aroma as I kissed the very top of her slit.

“Mmm, yes that feels good” she sighed and then squealed with pleasure as I flicked my tongue over her clitoris, she arched her back to push her hips up to my face so I opened my mouth and French kissed her cunt.

“Oh God yes” she moaned, “Oh Jimmy that’s beautiful”

I snaked my tongue out up in between her soaking labia and savoured the pink inner flesh, I tasted her juices as I drew them out of her and swallowed them eagerly, she crossed her ankles behind my neck and forced herself even harder against me as I licked and slurped at her very core.

She came very quietly like I knew she would, with her hands clenched tightly into fists and a smile on her beautiful face, quickly I disentangled myself and moved up over her.

“You taste of pussy” she said as we kissed, “My pussy” and then she let out another low moan as I entered her, my cock felt like a rock inside her as we began moving in a perfect rhythm.

“Fuck yes Jimmy” she sighed, “Fuck me darling, fuck me nice and hard, ooh yes baby, oh God I love that fucking cock”

I slid my hands beneath her and cupped her buttocks as we fucked, our mouths locked together and her long finger nails ripping my back, I prodded a finger gently against the tiny puckered hole of her anus and she squealed.

“Yes Jimmy, yes darling, push it in, oh fuck baby shove it right fucking up my cunt”

I loved hearing her talk filth like that to me, it drove me mad with lust and she knew it.

“Come in me Jimmy, let me feel it shooting inside me, make me pregnant baby, come on you dirty little bastard let it all go”

I took my finger out of her backside and put it to her lips, I felt my sap rising as she licked and sucked at it like a lollipop.

“There’s nothing too dirty for me, you know that Jimmy, when I’m with you I’ll do anything you say, anything at all”

A vision of her eating Jane my lovely little girlfriend came into my head and I exploded, she screamed out her pleasure as jet after jet of my hot, creamy spunk shot up into her womb and I felt a jet of something warm and wet hitting my stomach!

We slept then, still locked in our incestuous embrace until way after midday when she woke me up by talking to dad on the phone.

“Fine, if that’s the way it’s going to be, but you’re not getting the house”

I sat up to listen, it sounded serious.

“Yes well, I hope you rot in hell you bastard”

She replaced the receiver and punched the air.


“What’s wrong mum?” I asked anxiously,

“There’s nothing wrong darling, nothing at all, in fact everything is perfect, absolutely bloody perfect”

With that she got out of bed and ran across to the big, walk in wardrobe, opening the door she yelled out again, Ha, Ha, yes, he’s done it”

“Done what mum, for Christ’s sake tell me”

“He’s finally gone, after eighteen years of arguments and fights, he’s finally up and left me”

I thought she was hysterical but her laughter was genuine.

“I thought you two were okay mum”

She got back into bed and laid her head on my shoulder,

“Acting Jimmy, just acting, we fell out of love about ten years ago and gradually the indifference turned to dislike, he’s been having an affair with his secretary for the last five years, now she’s left her husband and Don’s left me, oh thank you Lord I’m free at last”

“Let’s go out to the shop and get some booze to celebrate”

“Great idea darling, come on let’s go”

She threw a yellow mini dress on with her shoes and announced that she was ready,

“No underwear mum?”

“No, you can look at my pussy while I drive, come on”

I did look at her pussy too, she sat with her knees well apart while I just sat with my hand over it and stroked it gently.

“I’m going to get it pierced” she said, “My nipples too”

“Jane had her nipples pierced”


“Yeah, she likes it when I play with them even more now”

“Do you think she’d let me see them?”

“I’m sure she would mum, she thinks you’re really sexy”

“Is she into girls too?”

“She says she’d like the chance to find out, she’s not sure”

“Ooh this could be interesting”

I opened her pussy lips and pushed a finger in gently.


“Because I’d like to try it with a girl too”

“Oh fuck mum, I’d love to see you and Jane together”

“Without you?”

“Ah” I hadn’t thought about me not joining in.

She pulled into a parking space and we walked into the hyper market like two young lovers.

“What are we getting?” I asked as she steered me towards the clothing department,

“Well I thought some stockings, some really nice panties, a quarter cup bra or two, just the usual everyday shopping items”

“OK” I grinned.

“Look why don’t you go over to the food part and get us some booze, I’ll meet you at the checkout in say half an hour?”

I bought steaks as well as brandy and vodka and I’d been waiting a good half an hour when she appeared with Jane!

“Look who I found” she laughed.

“Hi Jimmy” she smiled and kissed me on the lips,

“Hya babes” I laughed, “What are you doing here?”

“Just buying some new und --, just getting a few bits”

Mum laughed at Jane’s discomfort.

“She was buying some underwear, everybody wears it Jane, don’t be shy”

She smiled at mum gratefully and said in a loud voice, “I was buying some new panties Jimmy”

An old man in front of us in the queue turned round and smiled,

“I bet you’ll look a right cracker in them luv”

Jane blushed deeply but laughed and did a mock curtsey, “Thank you kind sir”

We all laughed then and eventually got through the checkout, Jane said she’d ring for a taxi but mum wouldn’t hear of it.

“Nonsense, we’ll give you a lift”

We piled into the car and as she drove, mum asked Jane if she’d like to come round tonight to help us celebrate.

“Celebrate what?” she asked.

“Dad’s cleared off with his secretary, it’s made us both really happy”


“Don’t be embarrassed, we really are happy, aren’t we Jimmy?”

“Very” I confirmed, then Jane shocked us both, “He once offered me two hundred pounds to go to a hotel with him”

“What?” mum and I said in unison.

“It’s true, remember that day last year Jimmy when I called for you but you were in town with your mum?”

“Yes, I remember now”

“He showed me four, fifty pound notes”

“The bastard” mum hissed,

“I ran off, I was scared stiff”

“Oh sweetheart” mum said, “You should have told me”

“How could I? As far as I knew, you were a happy couple”

“We haven’t been that Jane for the last ten years” mum said grimly, “The absolute bastard”

I noticed mum’s skirt had ridden up again almost to her hips, thankfully though Jane was behind her and couldn’t see her naked pussy, I coughed and she got the message, then Jane surprised us again!

“Want a pair of my panties Mrs. Coyle?”

Shit, we’d forgotten about the vanity mirror, but mum was coolness itself.

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