At Daddy's Mercy

by Serenity K Moon

Copyright© 2017 by Serenity K Moon

Erotica Sex Story: A first-person recollection of a moment between a submissive and her Daddy Dom, the absolute devotion, and seething dirty talk that pushes her over the edge, and tests him to control himself. This story is in the perspective of the submissive as she masturbates upon his commands, his words and gives a glimpse into her mind.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   DomSub   Humiliation   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   .

He sat in a chair across from the end of the bed that I laid in naked and exposed for him, my fingers twisting and pumping inside of my sex as the soft sound of juices squelching echoed around me. I was in a haze, barely aware of his physical body before my own, but I could feel him more intensely than ever before. With my eyes closed, I couldn’t see him, I couldn’t watch him as he admired me, I could only listen to the sounds my body made, and the occasional groan he uttered to himself.

His eyes were locked on my naked flesh as his fingers steepled together with his elbows resting on the plush armrests of his chair. He was comfortable, sated, the occasional clinking of ice to his glass sounding him grasping his drink as he watched me, not allowing me to stop. The experience of being so exposed to him made me shiver with arousal as he just stared between my wide splayed legs admiring me like I was something to devour, some artistic piece he was contemplating the meaning of, and I had to admit, I felt more than special. The slick sound of my cunt sucking on my fingers echoed as I continued to furiously pump in and out, my mind unable to keep up with the warmth my body was spreading from head to toe and I knew I was growing closer by the second. My chest was rising and falling with fast shallow breaths as I slowly opened large brown eyes to find him, slowly moving my gaze upwards as I looked into those deep azure eyes of his. “Take your fingers out please.”

His voice in that moment was so gentle, it was jarring. I had expected harsher tones, a command barked at me that would make me react so obediently, but he took another route. With the command uttered the way it was, I took that moment just after to process and I realized that I couldn’t have found him to ever have uttered more dominantly than just then - I nearly came. I couldn’t find the power to be a brat, to keep moving my fingers like my walls were screaming for me to do, so I pulled them free from the sucking tightness, curling them just slightly as I exited to give myself one last thrill. With them removed from the clutching entrance, I squirmed as I felt drips of honey leak from my hole down my perineum and against the pucker of my virgin asshole.

“Now, I want you to pull on your nipples until they’re rock hard. Gather them between your thumb and forefinger my precious little slut, and just tug ever so slowly – really draw it out. I want you to feel it.” His commands were so detailed and lewd, but nothing about the way he said them would come out as sexual or demanding and it was as if he was just having a normal conversation about the weather. It was driving me crazier than the tizzy my fingers had just worked me into. I looked into his gaze, silence rising between us, my mouth growing drier as my little pussy grew wetter for him.

I was trembling as my hands rose up my body, fingers skimming along the sensitive areas of my skin coaxing it to ripple with goose bumps. I felt each curve of my hips, the way my skin was so soft over the parts his hands most often were found, the way my waist indented just under my breasts, and I brushed my fingers along the underside and that’s when I realized his gaze was following my hands. I moved my palms over my waist, rubbing them, going up and over the tops of my breasts to drag his gaze around with a teasing plot behind them before his gaze connected with mine and the plan was over. I cupped my breasts, feeling the weight of the mounds of flesh and tissue before I began sliding up the sides to hold them loosely. I didn’t want to squish them, I didn’t want to hold them too tightly, but I wanted to show him I could be gentle to my body just like he was. I wanted to appreciate my body with my own hands as if he was doing it to me and it encouraged me to go further and make him so proud of me.

My fingers fanned out across my voluptuous chest, each digit parting just slightly until the soft tips of my fingers rolled over my nipples back and forth causing them to get hard almost instantly. His eyebrow raised with interest at the reaction and I could have sworn I saw the corner of his mouth twitch with a smirk that was tempted to grow across his rugged face, but he made sure to not give me the satisfaction of seeing it. With molasses-like speed, my thumbs and forefingers came together, capturing my nipples prisoner between their grasp and I slowly rolled the sensitive buds till they ached. I could feel the tingling in my belly as something inside of me began to come alive, and my toes curled as I began pulling gently, increasing the pressure and pain till my body was arching from the bed. My breath was heavy, panting breaths escaping my lips as my eyes watered slightly and I did all I could to not cum right then and there - again. I whimpered as I looked over at him, my eyes so expressive of the purely pleasurable torture I was bestowing upon myself, but I looked at him, staring to capture his gaze with my own.

If I was going to punish myself for him, I would make him watch my face. With the slightly crooked top tier of my teeth against the plump softness of my bottom lip, I tugged it, groaning loudly as I spoke to him finally, “Oh ... they ... they’re so sensitive!!! Please, don’t make me do this anymore, I don’t know if I can take it!” I broke the unspoken rule of silence, the rule I knew he had in place the moment he had sat down across from my in that chair, but it was getting too intense and my nipples began to ache and throb with too much pain. Looking at him, this man I loved, with cheeks bright red and burning, I begged, “please let me stop it hurts...”

When I gave my begged request to him he smirked and chuckled lowly the sound like a rumble of thunder that vibrated deep in my chest. I instantly became nervous, this sound only meant one thing and while a part of me was oh so nervous, quivering with a slight bout of fear, I was quivering with more anticipation than anything. As those gorgeous eyes glittered mischievously, his lips finally curved into a sinister little smirk that screamed he had more up his sleeve or was it that he was amused at my lack of pain control? Either way, he showed nothing else in his reaction as he leaned back in his chair, his fingers moving to lace together in front of his chin. “Do you see my jeaned legs, Slut?” Struggling to anything but not cum, I tilted my head down to take a look at his long perfect legs covered in the deep stormy blue colored denim and I nodded quickly, “Y ... yes. Yes, Sir.” The words came out breathless and he nodded satisfied, that cocky smirk never fading as he watched me struggle for every breath. “I want your nipples raking my legs, moving up slowly until your breasts are wrapped around my cock so that while I thrust in between the grip you create by pushing them together, I can reach down and pull on those perfect nubs.”

I groaned at his words uttered with that husky tone of his, that deep baritone that rumbled in my chest and that were so thick with his desire. With each syllable, I created a visual in my head that was oh so heavenly and my thighs tightly pressed together as I desperately began trying to get enough pressure to help my poor throbbing clit that ached with need. “Open your legs. Now.” The tone of that command was the one I had been longing to hear since he had me start this whole thing, and immediately my thighs parted for him, exposing the glossed over flesh of my inner thighs, the swollen bud of my clit, and the dripping entrance of my pussy. “I want you to know that from here on out when you are in my bed, your body is no longer yours. You are mine, your body is mine and I own your mind, body, and soul. Now open your cunt for me with two fingers, that’ll make your clit swell up. Tell me, who’s clit is it?”

I listened to him speak those words, claiming me as his own and all I could do as I laid upon his bed exposed for him so lewdly, was smile. The truth was, he didn’t even have to say those things, for I knew them deep inside of me. I wasn’t lying there because he forced me to, because I was insecure, or because I was easy, I laid there because he and I both knew I’d do whatever he asked of me because the devotion I had to this man was in every breath I took and I would do anything to obey.

Pulling my left hand off my breast I shakily lowered it, hand wobbling as I slid it over my smooth, bald cunt feeling the way my skin was nearly baby soft - he loves it that way. Holding my plump lips open I could feel the contrast of the air around me as if it were ice cold against my slicked nethers and my hips began to squirm as my clit swelled with desire. Swallowing thickly, I realized I had been holding my breath for so long and had seemed to forgotten to take a breath, or perhaps I had been breathing this whole time and just not realized. “This clit is yours ... no longer mine...” My voice was so small as I admitted ownership, gave into what it was he was seeking, and I could feel my pulse pick up as I hoped that my words pleased him. I was rewarded with a low humming purr from his chest and those two glorious words that made me melt every time: “Good girl.” It was as if something inside of me came alive and a smile spread over my lips, so bright and wide. It was for that praise, HIS praise, that I’d do anything he asked. “Now rub it please.”

I didn’t hesitate for a second I moved one of my fingers over, softly rolling the padded tip over my throbbing pearl. I whimpered softly, my hips arched up and I groaned lowly, soft whimpers escaping my lips as it felt like a fire was being ignited on my skin and deep within me - I was coming alive. I panted heavily, cheeks puffing with heavy paced exhales and the reactions I was giving caused him to let out a chaste laugh.

“That makes me so wet Daddy...” I admitted this to him, cheeks tingling from the heavy amounts of blood that continued to pool underneath my ivory flesh and he raised an eyebrow cocking his head to the side, crimson strands swaying with the movement. “What? Knowing you’re mine? My little girl?” He smiled amused at me and I shook my head, hips rocking steadily as I began pressing my finger and clit closer together, “no Daddy, when you call me a good girl, it makes me so drippy ... see?!” I pointed with a third finger to my sweet little hole, honey leaking from it even more than before, a combination of the cool air, his voice and the pure torture he was bestowing upon me, all wrapped up with the bow of ‘good girl’ being the cause. It was then he sat forward, resting his chin on his hands as his gaze locked onto my dripping slit. “Pinch it between rubbing, and I want you to rub your ass with a finger too. Rim my hole my darling slut, don’t talk, just do it.” It turned me on so much when he spoke to me this way, and my cunt pulsated inside as he spoke. I was clenching for a cock that didn’t seem like it would come anytime soon, and I grunted with frustration. “Daddy...” His name was whispered, but he didn’t look at me, he just watched with rapt attention as I assaulted myself with pleasure.

I was trembling, the muscles in my thighs visibly shuddering as I shifted my fingers to hold myself open with my pinky and thumb, as my forefinger and middle finger grasped my clit pinching it, rolling it with an awkward yet amazing pressure. It was obvious what it did to me as he groaned when my hole contracted before his eyes. I needed both hands and so I released my breast still being palmed and tortured, and as I did so, I nearly became lightheaded with pleasure.

“No cumming.”

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