Betty Jo Reminisces

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Fiction Sex Story: An Ozark hill girl reminisces about her life on her 21st birthday

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Betty Jo Hatfield was a nice girl. She had a nice face, nice hair, nice tits, and a nice ass. But most of all she had a nice attitude, just like her momma taught her. Living way back in the Arkansas Ozarks, in a county that didn’t have even one stop light, Momma was “old school”. Life was hard enough without making more trouble so you took care of your men every way they needed it cuz you needed them to take care of you. The Hatfield genes were good at making strong bodies but weren’t real good in the brains department, especially when they got mixed back together a little too much. But Betty Jo was nice and that helped her a lot in her life.

She was twenty-one! She’d heard that you should think about your life on birthdays so that is what she did. Figgurin new things out wasn’t easy but she had a very good memory and when she did larn something she could do it well. So she thunk back as far as she could ‘member...

When she was little in that small house in a holler she thought she remembered a different Paw than now. She had two older brothers who didn’t look much like her and the two much younger ones. Ma never said nothin about that and she was too nice to ask.

Being as the house was so small there wasn’t much privacy. Baths in the summer were in the crick and in the winter in the big washtub. She eventually noticed that she and Ma had some different body parts than the rest and peed different too. One day Ma was goin to the crick to take a bath and asked Betty Jo to look after the boys. Pa and the older boys were gone away fer a while, and the little ones were nappin so she follered Ma so’s to take a bath herself.

When she got to the crick the nice neighbor man was there too and he had no clothes on. Ma laid down and put her knees up and the neighbor man got right ‘tween her legs. His butt started going up and down, Ma’s tits got to floppin and they was both a’moanin. After a while his butt tightened up a few times and Ma shook and held on to him real tight. Their moanin got real loud for a little bit.

When they got up to get in the crick Betty Jo slipped away home. She had heard Ma make those moanin’ sounds when Pa took her behind the curtain to their bed even when it wasn’t sleeping time and then the bed creaked a lot too. When she wondered, Ma said that she was “takin’ care of her man” and “wimmen folk don’t talk about such stuff nohow” with no further explanation.

Her body started changing. The beginnings of breasts and other curves slowly appeared. When the kids went swimmin the older boys would sometimes get “stiffies” and would stand in front of her pumping their hands on them until white stuff shot out of the end, then their “dicks” would go soft again. She couldn’t do that and persuaded them to let her help. The oldest one was getting hair at his crotch too.

After a while she asked why dicks did that. Knowing enough to be dangerous, big brother said that was how Ma “took care of” Pa but in a different way. Girls had a special place that made a dick feel real good. Betty Jo was puzzled so she laid down on the grass and they all inspected her crotch. Sure enuf, right under her pee hole was another opening. Big brother pushed his finger in and Betty Jo said it felt funny but good. Her other brother moved his finger in and out and that felt even better.

Big brother said that the next brother’s stiffie was about the size of their fingers so maybe it would fit. Sure nuff, it did but went only part way in until it bumped up agin somethin. Betty Jo liked it moving in and out so she asked him to keep doing it and he shot the first semen ever inside her. She had loosened up so big brother put his bigger stiffie part way in and dumped a much bigger load. They wanted another turn and she wanted to be nice to them all. It did feel good.

This became a daily game. One day it got pretty vigorous and one of them pushed too hard, broke through that blockage, and was fully buried in her cunt. Wow! It hurt for a moment but felt so much better it didn’t matter. The other brother was soon balls deep too and Betty Jo was so proud to make them feel so good. It was pleasant for her but they never lasted long enough for her to discover her own orgasm.

In the summer it was easy to find a time and place for the daily “duty” that each teenage boy wanted. Swimmin and fuckin went together real good cause they could rinse off the mess easier. In the winter there was school so a good time was when Ma was busy getting it from Pa. One or more brothers would slip into Betty Jo’s bed and dip their tallywhacker into her twitchet and shoot their stuff. Or they would go the two holer together and she would sit on their lap to do it.

Finally the “curse” that Ma talked about started so she was out of commission from time to time. Oldest brother had learned about cornholing and sucking off. Betty Jo chose the latter and found it was also useful when time was short because she could get the two boys to shoot together, one at each end.

After a few months Betty Jo’s period didn’t come when she expected it. That didn’t bother her as much as the throwin up.

Ma hadn’t noticed that her daughter was getting ridden hard and left wet but soon figured out that she was knocked up. While Pa beat the shit out of the older brothers, Ma took the girl to a backwoods abortionist who terminated the pregnancy but also any hope of future ones as well. Her recovery was slow, so Ma, not wanting her boys to get “blue balls”, did her duty by fucking them when Pa wasn’t around. A woman must take care of her men, a principle strongly impressed on her daughter.

In time, Betty Jo got her brothers back in the saddle again. Ma was getting sickly so Betty Jo dropped out of school to help her. She was four grades behind anyway so that book larnen was kinda waste of time. Ma had lots of household duties to teach her. Besides, cashflow on that rockscrabble place was pretty poor since none of the men could find or keep a real job. Seemed like the more they hung around the place the more often their peckers needed drainin. Betty Jo didn’t mind because the boys’ poles were getting bigger and they shore were happy when they shot that stuff in her, but it got messy sometimes.

The neighbor family in the next holler offered her a cash job. Their ma had run off with a travelling bible salesman. The man ran a popular still with the help of his two teenage sons and they needed a woman bad ... for ALL the household reasons. They had money and offered ten dollars a week for two meals a day and housecleaning. She got Sunday off. With all the male juice injections she was gettin at home her body had ripened nicely. Her wardrobe wasn’t much so her pretty parts got showed off a bit too.

It wasn’t long before the ogling and groping got her to figger out that these three horny hillbillys needed “takin care of” like her family. She did ask for ten dollars a week more since she would have to spend extra time there.

The first day of her new duties she didn’t get any housework done and only one meal got cooked but her employer didn’t complain. When she got home she told Ma to take care of the boys ‘cause her crotch was too sore. She had to cut her on-the-job “carin’s” to once a day each so she could get the rest of her work done. Wearin her short skirts made it easier to just bend over a table and let em pump in her puss. Puttin a rag in her undies to soak up all the juice kept it from arunnin down her legs too.

Ma got sicker and asked Betty Jo to “take care of Pa” along with the boys, so when Ma died she just moved into his bed. Pa was now getting some younger, better, and cheaper pussy than from them married whores down at the bar.

He was smart enuf to know she was abangin’ the boys and neighbors so he tried to get her pussy first thing when it was fresher. He was bigger and lasted longer than any of the other cunt fillers she got and he made it tingle more. He still didn’t make her do the moaning and shakin like she seen Ma do. None of the other peckers did that either ... they just pumped and shot their stuff in her and pulled out. Ma had showed her how to rinse her man pleaser so she did that after banging the boys, so they would sleep well, and that way Pa got clean, though tired, pussy.

Her neighbors got busted by the sheriff when their product quality dropped. The nice deputy found out she wasn’t part of that family or business so he took down her information and sent her home.

The next day Deputy Billy Bob stopped by her place and said she needed to come to the office to answer some questions. He reassured Pa that she wasn’t in trouble. It was kind of fun to be riding in a police car and, after answering some questions she could have been asked at home, she was treated to lunch at McDonalds, a first time experience for the backwoods girl. During lunch and on the roundabout drive home, the deputy asked a lot of questions not related to the crime, but since he was the police she answered honestly.

He was single, not particularly good looking, and hadn’t had a real girlfriend ... in other words, he was a virgin. He asked her to dinner on Saturday, the first real date she’d ever had.

Pa wasn’t too sure about this development but did his best to be helpful. She altered one of Ma’s Sunday dresses and got all clean at the swimmin’ hole.

When Billy Bob’s fairly new truck pulled up, and he held the door for her, she was thrilled. Dinner at IHOP, the deputy’s favorite place, was a marvelous experience ... ALL those choices right there in color pictures on the menu and she didn’t have to cook!

As they sat in the truck down by the river and held hands, Billy Bob said he needed a woman to clean his apartment and fix some meals twice a week for the same pay she had been getting at her previous job. She asked if she would have to “take care of” him too. He was puzzled about what she meant. Even though Ma had told her that you didn’t talk about “takin care of” outside the family, he was a policeman after all. She explained about her family and her former employer and what she did for them.

He was not completely shocked, it WAS the Ozarks, so answered, “Yes, I don’t have anyone to take care of me.” Having noticed the tent in his pants, she unzipped him for his first blow job and promised to take care of him better when she came to work. He got hard again at the thought and got blown again.

He beat off frequently waiting for Sunday after church when she would come to his apartment. She brought her workin’ clothes and got busy. There was plenty to do and he helped so he could be nearby and watch her braless tits swing and sway inside her thin blouse.

After a while, Billy Bob offered her a beer. She hardly ever got one at home because the men drank them first. “He is being so nice to me,” she thought.

“My turn to be nice.” She dropped her jeans and bent over the table, just like her previous employer had preferred. Billy Bob was stunned by the sight of her buns and hairy cunt. He turned her around and kissed her hard. “Don’t you want me to take care of you?” she said when their lips parted.

“Yes, but not that a way,” Billy Bob replied, starting to take her blouse off.

“Oh, you want to do it nekkid like Pa!” she exclaimed. He was lost in her bounteous boobs as she struggled with his belt and zipper. He led her to the first queen size bed she had ever been in and began exploring her body with eager hands and lips.

Betty Jo was amazed at all this attention. Although she had been pawed often enough before penetration, this was a whole lot different. Billy Bob hadn’t had any “hands on” experience but had read enough on the internet to have a good idea of what he wanted to do.

No more housework got done that day. This was all new territory for Billy Bob. He had been beating off so much in anticipation, that he could take his time and “smell the pussy”. Even though Betty Jo had been penetrated by six different peckers a hellofa lot of times, and had gallons of semen spurted inside her, this was her first time for “real” lovemaking.

She had never had so much kissing; had her tits appreciated so much; had a tongue exploring and exciting her cunnie (she was glad she had rinsed out the morning family fluid dumps); had never touched, sucked, or copulated with a circumcised penis; or had a man spend more time holding her than how long it took to make his dick squirt cum. Sex suddenly became a lot more than a mildly pleasant but messy duty.

Her twitchet was a’twitchin when Billy Bob couldn’t hold back any longer in the velvet glove around his pecker and let loose the biggest blast of semen in his life. He almost collapsed on top of his love angel and she giggled with the tickling sensation on her cervix.

When the newly made man recovered his wits he realized that Betty Jo hadn’t had hers so he reluctantly pulled his shrinking peter out and headed south to give her a climax the other way he knew about. When his tongue hit her clit she spasmed in a way she never knew she could. The electricity radiated all through her body and she damn near strangled her lover with clamping thighs. She shrieked and flailed and babbled and actually passed out for a few minutes.

Billy Bob was ready to do CPR when she smiled up at him asked “What happened?”

He explained orgasms in wonderment at her odd naiveté.

“Ma never told me about this ... musta never happened to her. I want it to happen to me again ... can we do it now?”

Billy Bob laughed, “I wish we could but it’s almost time to take you home.”

“I don’t really want to go ... the work isn’t done ... can I come back tomorrow?”

“Sure, but we’d better get the work done FIRST!” Betty Jo had her first indoor shower, and with a partner it was ever so much fun too. Betty Jo didn’t wash out her twat because she wanted to keep his seed in her forever, even though it would get diluted with more before sleep and probably again in the morning.

Billy lay in the bed with the wet spot reliving the afternoon. He regretted that she couldn’t stay since he knew her wonderful pussy would get fucked a bunch before she was with him again. But then he realized how much pecker mileage it had and wasn’t worn out, so he relaxed.

After a month of Betty Jo’s frequent housekeeping visits, and the times the deputy stopped by on patrol when her guys were gone somewhere, plus some weekend dates, they both were getting real attached to each other, real fond of their sex together, and frustrated with the situation. Sex with her family was better only because she thought about her boyfriend when they pumped and spurted in her.

Finally Betty Jo had an idea. She knew a widder woman at church that was decent lookin and could cook pretty good. She had a girl-to-girl talk with Beverly one Sunday and proposed to pay her to take over the family duties. When the woman found out that it included banging a grown man and two boys she offered to pay Betty Jo for the opportunity!

She was invited to the house for Sunday dinner the next week and the introductions went well. After a few trial days of cooking and screwin, everyone was happy.

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