Summer Seductions - Faith

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Faith is the 40 year old wife of the local church pastor, and the mother of Maddy (the 15 year old redhead that Scott had fucked). He helps he trying on some dresses that his mother had organised to lend Faith. Her breasts pop free of a stunning red dress, and they become intimate - with Faith asking for what Maddy got (much to his surprise).

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Size   .

Faith was the 40 year old wife of the local church pastor - he was much who is older than her by about 20 years. His mum had organized for Scott to deliver some bags of household items to the church for a needy family collection that Faith was running.

She told him that his mother had offered to lend her an evening dress to wear at a conference dinner. He offered to take her back to his parents home to choose the dress, and invited Faith to ride there in his sports car - an offer that she eagerly accepted.

Once back in his parents bedroom he started out by suggesting a nice black dress that needed the wearer to be braless, given the cutouts in the dress. He was surprised when she readily agreed, dispensing with the bra, and giving him a nice view of her breasts as they wobbled about under the thin black material.

Scott produced his camera and took photos to refresh his memories later when he was giving his cock a nice massage. Adding the strappy black high heels gave the dress a sexy uplift.

Then he suggested a red dress with a built in push-up bra that accentuated her full breasts with them threatening to spill over the top. The back of the dress was of the lace up variety so he had to assist her into the dress, getting a nice view of the upper slopes of her very full milky white breasts.

The red dress suited her more than the black one - she was a long haired redhead. Her complexion told him that she was a natural redhead. A lady with a very pretty face ... one that he would never have suspected being the wife of a pastor.

She was bubbly and fun to talk to ... even flirting with him when trying on the dresses.

Scott found a sexy pair of red shoes that complemented the dress, and some nice red anklets and wristlets - he suspected that they had a bondage purpose but they still looked fantastic on her body. When he found the neck version of them he knew for sure what their purpose was.

She was a good sport and wore them for him.

“You look fantastic ... very beautiful” he told her as he snapped some photos.

Placing the camera down, he asked if he could dance with her ... his way of being paid for his assistance.

“I haven’t danced for ages ... I would love to” she replied. He found a radio station playing some suitable music then moved into position to dance with her. They danced through a number of songs before she made the fatal mistake of placing her arms around his neck.

She was shorter than Scott, meaning that she had to reach upwards, ... causing both of her full rounded breasts to pop free of the top of the dress.

“Oops...” she gasped but made no attempt to cover them up. Instead she moved closer, and kissed him. Then she whispered in his ear “I want what you gave my daughter”.

“Daughter?” he asked, somewhat puzzled.

“Maddy is my daughter” she explained.

“Oh” was his simple reply. He had entertained her daughter recently after she had expressed her jealously when he had fucked her pregnant workmate Trudy.

“My daughter and I have no secrets” she explained whilst palming his rapidly hardening cock through his shorts.

Getting her out of the red dress took much less time than getting her into it. He discovered small hard nipples topping her full breasts, but it was her mound that took his attention. She had a very bushy, almost unruly rusty coloured hairy mound with her pussy lips hiding within the opulent bush.

She laid back in the bed watching him undress.

“I thought that she was exaggerating” she commented obviously referring to his long fat cock that was hard and bobbing about as he approached the bed. He climbed onto it, positioning himself between her spread thighs, and resting his shaft across her hairy mound. She slipped her hand down to grasp his cock, holding it firmly within her soft hand.

“It’s so big ... and so hard” she commented whilst stroking it slowly.

He slipped his hand between her thighs, finding a very wet set of pussy lips amongst her hairy jungle. Sliding his fingers up and down between her lips soon had his fingers coated with her sticky juices. He licked his fingers.

“You taste wonderful”.

“Fuck me please” she begged him, repositioning his cockhead to between her soppy lips.

He found the tight entrance to her pussy canal, and pushed slowly into her depths.

“Fill me with your cum ... just like you did to Maddy”.

With his cock embedded in her pussy, he leant forward to kiss her, allowing her the opportunity to link her ankles behind his back, pulling him deeper into her. Scott fucked her with short and sharp fuck strokes, butting against her cervix on the really deep strokes.

“Yes ... that’s it ... fuck me hard and deeper ... harder please” she urged him.

The bump and grind of this unexpected fuck session soon had its rewards - they both erupted, orgasming together with Scott pumping her full of hot cum whilst she squirted her cum all over his cock and balls.

He collapsed on top of her - it has been a short but very vigorous fuck session.

“How long do we have?” he asked her.

“A couple more hours before I’ll be missed” she replied.

His wheels of thought turned over in his head before he brashly asked “Can I trim and shave your pussy?” He was thinking of how her daughter looked with her small tuft of hair on her otherwise hairless mound.

Faith thought for a moment - he could see her thinking about his request.

“Ok ... Maddy has been at me for ages to trim it ... will you do it just like hers?” she asked.

“There you are... “ Scott said using a small hand-held mirror to show her the result of his efforts. He had her sitting on the bench top within the ensuite.

“Now for the tongue test” he told her.

“Tongue test?” she asked.

He then proceeded to show her how he applied the tongue test to her freshly shaved pussy. She was initially repulsed by the idea of him licking her “down there”, but soon changed her mind when her pussy started to pulsate. Her husband have never gone near her pussy with anything other than his small cock, and always in the dark.

“Oh ... oh my fucking God” she gasped, racing towards her first ever oral-induced orgasm. She found herself swearing freely, and encouraging her young lover to fuck her good.

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