Ozark Widder Woman

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Widowed woman keeps the farm in good shape with her good shape

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Wife Watching   .

Widder Jones was 31 years old. I was the only one to know for sure because I’m her doctor. I also knew a lot of other things about her after her office visit today.

My name is Kendall and I am a rural circuit doctor in the Ozarks. My medical school education was mostly funded by a program that requires me to serve rural areas for a period of time after I graduate. I’m from a similar area in the Appalachians so this appealed to me, and was the only hope of becoming a doctor I had. I got my license about six months ago and took this position since it was better for a single person. My wife left me for a well off doctor while I was still in school and I wasn’t dating anyone.

I cover the small towns in a large area on a weekly basis so I go from town to town, sometimes two in a day. I drive a van stocked with lots of diagnostic tools and supplies and sample medicines, but no narcotic drugs so it won’t be a theft target. Various public and rented rooms serve as clinics for the day. Payment is on a donation basis. I’ve been offered live chickens, but thanked the offeree and said they needed to be packaged differently ... like cleaned and wrapped!

Back to the Widder. She was attractive in a handsome, not pretty, way. She pulled her long dark hair back in a bun and wore plain clothes. Underneath them, however, was a much more attractive body than the usual scrawny or “barrel with tits” or semi-obese ones I usually saw. About 5 feet 5, she had firm C cup breasts, a nice waist and proportionate hips. Her pubes were neatly trimmed above the kind of slightly protruding inner labia I thought most attractive.

“What brings you here today Mrs. Jones?”

“I’m having a burning sensation when I pee for about the last week.”

“Let’s get a urine sample and I’ll do an exam. Just get undressed and pee in this cup.”

I usually leave the room after giving the patient a gown but she didn’t wait and pulled her simple dress over her head and removed her bra. No panties. She went into the bathroom and squatted over the toilet with the door open, got the sample and finished pissing, flushed, and returned the sample cup to me. I gave her the gown as much for warmth as modesty and went to my portable lab. While the sample was being processed I reviewed her medical history and asked some questions. Then I enjoyed examining her body. Doctors are men too!

The lab work showed a common urinary tract infection. My next question was, “I know your husband died about a year ago but are you having sex now?”


“How often?”

“Usually two times a day during the week, sometimes more. Depends on who’s there.”

That answer surprised me, coming from such a conservative appearing woman, so I asked for an explanation. She replied that she had little cash income, mostly from renting out much of her land. In order to keep the rest running, she was trading sex for help with the bigger tasks she couldn’t do herself. There were a number of “helpers” from teen age to mid-fifty’s that “came” on a pretty regular schedule each week. Most were single but the older man’s wife didn’t like sex so had given them her OK.

“This is a simple and pretty common infection that I can give you some pills for. It will turn your pee dark so don’t be worried. I’ve got some for your men too. I want you to skip sex for a few days until the pills take hold.”

“Damn, that will be tough. My men expect it and I have needs too.” she replied.

“I guess you could use condoms. We have to keep the bugs from spreading back and forth. I have a box or two I can give you.”

“Thank you. I don’t have any cash to donate but I can fix you dinner and offer you a nicer room than the motel here in town,” she said with a hopeful look.

“You’re my last patient so let me get packed up and I’ll just follow you.”

She got dressed and helped me carry things to the van and we set off. About 15 miles out of town we pulled into a place with a traditional farmhouse set among the only trees for a long way. There was a barn and the usual out buildings.

I followed her into the kitchen and she poured us both some wine. Returning from the bedroom naked, she put on an apron and began cooking. She smiled at me and said she was usually naked at home, weather permitting. I wasn’t going to complain.

“I’d bet you aren’t ugly naked either,” she grinned.

Embarrassed at my rudeness I complied and my erection was hidden behind the table.

When she served dinner she saw it and commented with a smile, “Guess you are enjoying my company!” She let her hair down and took off the apron and I was treated to another look at the prettiest pair of tits I’d seen in or out of the office in a long time.

After dinner she refilled our wine glasses and led me, dick waving, to the living room couch. She knelt down and gave me a short blowjob, only short because I didn’t last long. I’ll never forget our first kiss because it tasted of my own cum.

We talked for a long time. I gave her my history - educational success and marital failure.

Then it was her turn. She snuggled in and played with my reinvigorating pecker as she talked. Since I assured her of my confidentiality as her doctor, she really wanted to open up. There had rarely been any confidants in her life and it was therapeutic to let it out. She had married the first time as a pregnant 16 year old. Later in the pregnancy there were complications that took the fetus and her fertility away.

They split a couple of years later. She became a backwoods small town school teacher and had a steady, if not too adventurous, sex life with a succession of boyfriends until she met this older farmer. He was a persistent suitor, not even being deterred when she flat out told him she was having sex with other guys. He sensed her concern with his age and put in writing she could have a lover if he couldn’t satisfy her. She gave in and they had a year together before he had a brain aneurysm which fatally ruptured during some especially vigorous sex. It took counseling by the pastor to get over her guilt. He left her a paid-for farm but no life insurance. That’s when she came up with the practical barter method to meet her needs.

I fetched my bag and she led me to the master bedroom. When I climbed in bed I noticed she had three condoms on the night stand ... optimistic I thought! We used them all ... first time doggie, then she rode me like a cowgirl. Her tits were as great to touch as to look at. She woke me early in the morning for a quick missionary romp before we showered together. As I headed out to the next town, I promised to spend the night before, and the night after, my next visit to this town in her bed.

The next week we had dinner at the town diner and headed to the farm. The morning last week when I left she had asked me if I’d ever seen a case of worn out pussy. I said I hadn’t and she told me hers would be just as good as ever when I returned. The subject of her payment of her hired help was not gotten into except she slyly mentioned that the condoms were all gone and she looked forward to finding out what I really felt like. I wasn’t at all accustomed to sharing a woman, so was surprised when my cock stiffened at the implications.

We went to bed earlier and made love several leisurely times. Again, a quickie and a shower in the early morning. In the shower she asked me, wearing her sexy grin, if the doctor had noticed any vaginal wear and tear since the last “examination”. This woman liked indirectly bragging about how sexual she was. I responded with a swat to her pert derriere. She was delightful in every way and seemed to have a sincere interest in being with me and pleasuring me.

After half a dozen visits we were getting real comfortable with each other. I had been gifted with a weekend getaway package to Branson so I invited my lover. She was thrilled, having hardly left town since her husband’s passing. She was able to make arrangements for her critters, although I suspected that would require extra “payment”. We met there since I also paid for Sunday night and would leave directly for my first clinic.

Friday night was spent with dinner and dancing and making love. Saturday we toured the countryside, rented kayaks on Table Rock Lake, and did some short hikes on Saturday. Then some fun in the big double Jacuzzi bathtub and again on the fancy bed. A dinner show was included in the package and it was late when we got in that bed again, but not too late for enjoying our bodies once more.

Early in our relationship, Caren, the widder lady, had gently offered that, if I ever wanted to know what happened between my visits, she would tell me. The elephant had been quiet in the closet, although I often thought, usually right after ejaculating, about other cocks recently being right where mine was and doing what mine had just done. Sometimes that thought actually restimulated my flaccid organ. I needed to settle the issue by replacing my imagination with fact and facing the issue head on.

Sunday morning we had treated ourselves to room service breakfast when I told her I was ready to learn about “the rest of her life”. We lay on our sides facing each other. She put my hand on her pussy and put hers on my drained dick.

“There are four helpers. One is a teenager who feeds the animals and such. He is there every day and I pay him with quickies. I just bend over the table in the living quarters attached to the barn when he gets there and is still pretty clean. He’s kind of dumb and ugly so doesn’t have a girlfriend. I figure my pussy is keeping him from bothering his sister too much. [grin] Are you OK so far?” She could feel my cock starting to refill.

“The other two hands do the more skilled work and are each there a half day twice a week, although not on the same days. They are middle aged and more experienced with sex and we have 15-20 minutes of fun in a variety of positions. I usually climax. The older man is my accountant. He stops by weekly, on Thursdays, to get my receipts and go over reports and such. I am a surrogate wife and he makes love to me like a wife. It is quite satisfying because of that. By the way, you are the only one I kiss. The rest are just sex. Any questions?”

“Where do you do the others?”

“I use the bed in the barn quarters for my skilled helpers and my accountant has me in the bed we use.” I was fully hard now and pushed inside her still slick cunt.

“So that means that I’m getting seconds or thirds every day I visit?”

“Thirds usually, I’ve scheduled them so I don’t do more than two a day. I douche before you are with me though.”

I was stroking in her now, quite aroused mentally and physically. “My cock thinks you are the sexiest woman it has ever experienced. Certainly the most female. I was very upset to find out my wife was fucking the doctor she left me for. I was getting seconds for months without realizing why her pussy was so slippery sometimes. It did feel good when, unbeknownst to me, she had just fucked him before coming home. She was still aroused and would screw me before dinner. It’s very different with you since you were honest from the beginning. I understand why you do what you are doing and it’s good you enjoy it too. I’m just going to have to get used to it ... this talk helps a lot.” Right then I came “buckets”.

“Oh my dear man. I didn’t think through the longer term consequences of the solution to my problems although I don’t know what other choice I had. Honestly, I do enjoy all the sex. Each man, and how he fucks, is different and I have learned to focus on who I am with so one does not interfere with another. My times with you are getting to be VERY special. You are beginning to fill my heart; the others only fill my pussy. Please realize the difference...”

I kissed her soundly and we made slow and tender love. She was filling my heart too. I made up my mind to somehow vicariously share and enjoy the additional pleasures she got. We parted on Monday morning and I thought about what her busy beaver was doing each morning and afternoon until I got back to the farm Tuesday evening. Wednesday was clinic day in her town. I texted her at lunch time and asked her to not douche. She texted back a grin.

I pulled in the driveway at six and she came to the car in her robe. She led me to the help quarters and laid back on the rumpled bed, revealing a wet and ready cunt. I’d stripped already and our crotch fur met on the first penetration. She wrapped arms and legs around me and humped her hips with my strokes. She kissed me ferociously as her hot silky sheath worked to trigger my release. Two days of saved up cum exploded from my cock with such force it set off her orgasm and we thrashed together for a minute then collapsed. It had lasted only a short time but we were both sweaty, out of breath, and very satisfied.

She broke the silence, “I love you.”

“I love you too ... that was amazing ... I’ve never had it like that before.”

“You liked my ‘foreplay’. I’ll do it that way whenever you ask.”

She was referring to the fact that two men had already cum in her that day, the last one only an hour before I arrived, and their fluids were lubrication for me. I had the stray thought that I hoped I didn’t have any aneurysms.

We cleaned up the place, had dinner, and enjoyed a regular evening. The next day I struggled with asking her to be extra juicy when I got there. On the one hand it was great, and she was going to fuck two different men that day anyway, but would it be special if it happened all the time? I decided to find out.

She met me again but this time in one of the short dresses she often wore at home. Wordlessly she led me back to the barn quarters but leaned over the kitchen table and pulled up her dress, the only thing she was wearing. I could see the semen streaks on her thighs.

I slid in easily from behind, enjoying her hot wetness. As I reached around to cup and tweak her tits I felt her hand rubbing her clit and shaft. She said, over and over, “Fuck me ... fuck me...” and I did until we both came. As I pulled out she spun around and licked all three flavors of cum off my shrinking pecker.

We varied when and where we fucked “with foreplay”, as we referred to it. She did share that I was in her thoughts as she was “wife” to the accountant in the bed we shared. I think she was subconsciously thinking she’d like to be my wife. Not a bad thought.

A few weeks later she said she had an idea to run past me. She knew I was living with my parents and had a three hour drive to my Monday clinic. Studying a map and my schedule, she had figured out that if I could swap the locations for Monday and Wednesday, I could live with her, save quite a bit of driving by being much closer to the territory I served, and be in her bed a lot more, including weekends. I proposed the plan to my supervisor who was able to make it work. It would save them some money too.

I packed my personal belongings in the van and drove to the farm on Saturday. There was a spare closet for me to settle into. After lunch we went for a long walk on the property. I’d always been there late and left early so this helped me realize that this was my new home. We made love under a big tree back in the fields.

It was delightful spending longer times together. It was more like that weekend getaway. Since the local clinic was now Mondays I now wouldn’t be on the road until Tuesday mornings. And back on Friday evenings. One of those evenings when I walked in Caren was in the kitchen wearing only her apron. Without a word I stripped and leaned her over the table, sliding easily into her juicy cunt. “Feels like you’ve been fucking the help again,” I teased.

“I missed your cock too much so I fucked them. Does it feel worn out?” she teased back with a grin.

“No, just very slick like when I’m going for seconds”

“Well it should, the last guy lubed me less than an hour ago.”

“How many of them?” I pumped harder.

“Only one of them this way,” she said as she humped back.

“How many more?” I groaned as we both came.

“You’ll just have to ask later when I can show you the other ways they put their cocks in me,” was her reply.

I did, when were in bed that night, and she “admitted” to three others done in other positions multiple times over the three days.

I got a per diem based on 5 road days and nights. With the savings in the out of pocket costs for housing, and what I felt to be a fair share of household expenses, I had figured out that Caren could now afford to pay one full-time farm hand a modest cash salary in addition to room, board, and pussy. I would be filling a lot of her need for dick now, as well as helping around the spread, so she wouldn’t need most of the other hired help. She thought it was a good idea.

She gave the teenager and one farmhand a week’s notice. She still needed the services of the accountant so that wouldn’t change. Fred, the farm hand selected to go full time, was pleased. He had been hired by her late husband quite a while before their marriage. He worked here and there in the area, and had been living with his sister in her old RV trailer on another farm about five miles away. Having the one room living quarters to himself, and a regular cash income, would be a big step up.

I took off the last two days of the next week. Caren wanted to give each of the terminated hands a severance fuck and had a big surprise for me. Thursday morning, while her teenager was still working, she took me to the barn tack room next to the living quarters. She opened a locked cabinet, revealing a view into the living quarters. The big mirror over the dresser was one way! The whole small apartment was visible, even the bathroom if the door was open. She gave me a wicked grin and hoped I’d enjoy the shows. I was speechless but nodded.

When the teenager reported back to the house, Caren introduced me as a friend and excused herself. The boy followed her to the barn to collect his final “paycheck”. I hurried to the viewing place and discovered that there was a baby monitor that would let me hear everything too.

Caren rubbed his erection through his Big Jims then turned around, flipped up the back of her short dress, and leaned over on her elbows on the couch side table that seemed to be exactly the right length, width, and height for the activity. The young man dropped his overalls and shorts and slid in with obvious familiarity. Her breasts began swinging in synchrony with his penetrations. I had a great side view. Soon his grunts got stronger and I saw his buns tighten as he sprayed his seed into my girlfriend for the last time. She was moaning but hadn’t climaxed.

When he pulled out she knelt down and cleaned his pecker then gave him a wet kiss, obviously surprising him. She thanked him for helping her for the last year and hoped to see him with a girlfriend at the next community center dance. As soon as he left I was in the apartment with pecker hard and ready. She was already in the position and I duplicated her just-finished copulation except this time she climaxed. That was SO hot!

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