Tied for First

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Young couple has unusual way to celebrate anniversaries.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Swinging   .

Eve shuddered as we turned into the parking lot of the cheap lakeside motel. It was an orgasm, I knew, and it was purely mentally induced. Anticipation for what would happen later that night was enough.

It happened last month too. Same place, same date. You see, we celebrate our wedding anniversary every month now. But only for the last four months like this. Let me explain.

We wed a year and four months ago. With little money we came to this motel two hours from home for our weeklong honeymoon. It was affordable and next to a lake that had good fishing. Eve loved to fish, having often gone with her dad. The rental of a boat for the week as a wedding present.

At first she enjoyed catching the perch more than the sex I wanted. In spite of the extra time I took to “warm her up”, like my married sister had told, and finally showed, me (only the foreplay even though I so wanted her to be my first piece), my bride couldn’t relax during the “act”, even though she knew it was her Biblical duty. Fortunately it got better, although the fact that I had insisted on birth control still troubled her. Sex was for procreation, she had been taught. Her first orgasm helped open her eyes, and her legs more too. We progressed to lights on and window shades open before our first anniversary.

The manager smiled as he handed me the key without a word. It was room 113, down at the end lakeside, where we’d spent our honeymoon. He was expecting us and the room was gratis. I parked some distance away from our door, between some other cars. We only had a small bag between us for the overnight stay.

It was seven pm and we’d eaten on the way so I opened the bottle of (Biblical) wine for Eve as she stripped. As I expected, she undid my belt and pulled my pants down. My pecker was already rising to the occasion and her quick sucks finished its readiness. In the missionary position she pulled me into her damp crotch and I added my lubrication quickly. She got hotter but didn’t climax.

Refastening my pants, I headed down to the motel lounge. As I went by the desk I said, “eight” to the manager. He nodded.

Several guys at the bar recognized me and offered to buy me drinks. I started with bourbon on the rocks. I knew them by appearance and first name, the same way they knew me. There were four tonight, the number varied from three to five, and each drew a folded slip of paper. There were times written on them, a half hour apart, starting at eight-thirty.

After my second drink I went back to the room. Eve was drying herself off from a shower and gave me a winey kiss. I noticed that a third of the bottle was gone already. Opening our small suitcase, I extracted a blindfold and secured it around her head, then guided her to the bed. Some soft ropes took little time to secure her arms to the headboard.

She whimpered as I fondled her hardened nipples and her seeping slit. She was ready.

There was a knock on the door so I kissed her quickly and opened it. No words were spoken as I let him in and he began undressing. The manager must have been mid-fifties, balding with a bit of an older man’s gut

He loved to eat pussy so insisted on going first, hence the free room. Eve was not supposed to speak but any other vocalizations were not only permitted but encouraged. She kept her legs together at first and struggled against the ropes on the initial touches, but as soon as nipple or clit was contacted, resistance ceased.

He was damned good with his tongue and she got going quickly then squealed as he slid his fat five-inch meat into her ready wet hole. Her young firm tits got lots of attention as he plowed her furrow. When her legs wrapped around his pudgy waist and her hips thrust in synchrony, her moans played the orgasm song.

When he left, I wiped her drooling slot with a warm washrag. Minutes later there was the second knock. This man was much younger, maybe mid-twenties with the weathered look of a construction guy who is outdoors a lot. His tan showed that to be likely when he stripped for action. He touched her enough to open the labial gates, then plunged a long dick deep inside, causing the cream in there to ooze out around his shaft.

I had a perfect view as I sat in my robe, hand moving on my erection in time with the cock moving in her. He slammed hard and finished quickly with little regard for her completion, then dressed and left.

The next man was even younger, appearing so much so that I had checked his ID the first time. He wasn’t into foreplay either, focusing on her wet and inviting cunt and sliding a cock into her that had a mushroom head much bigger than the slender shaft, eliciting a soft “Ooooo” from its recipient. As he hammered away I could hear his big low-hanging testicles slapping against her ass. She had told me how much she liked that and her climax built quickly to match his first one. He didn’t slow down or soften at all as he kept on fucking. When he dumped his second load of baby batter inside her, they were both panting but he left quickly.

She signaled that she had to pee so I untied the ropes from the bed, tied her wrists together and led her, still blindfolded, to the toilet. I had to wipe her when she finished. This time I tied her face down with a pillow under her hips, her cute ass facing the door.

With extra time, I moved on the bed and kissed her with tongue. She kissed back and whispered, “I’m so nasty but I can’t help it. How could you want a wicked woman like me?” My answer was thrust into her swollen and seeping cunt from behind. She wiggled as I moved, murmuring, “Oh my sweetie, you are getting all that nasty stuff on your penis!”

“Here’s some marital sperm for you too,” I grunted out as my cock throbbed and she climaxed. There was barely time to wipe us both off and get my robe back on before the next knock.

The big Latino man, overweight and smelling of spicy food, went for her pussy with his tongue, slurping up the still seeping cream before he probed her hairless crotch. His belly was so big he couldn’t see what he was doing so I got up and guided the small erection where it wanted to go.

Eve was passive under this guy for the most part, but struggled for real when he put too much weight on her. When he finally grunted his release and pulled out she gave me one of our pre-arranged signals. Her head moved all the way from one side to another several times.

As he was leaving I said, “This was your last time. No more.” He nodded and closed the door. I kissed my wife as I wiped out his thin cum.

The next visitor was a man who had started with us six months ago on our first wedding anniversary. He was my favorite and I think Eve’s too. I figured out that he wanted her on her back so I redid the ropes and sat down. He was the only one she would kiss after she recognized who it was. His nibbling her ears first thing let her know and she squealed, all resistance gone. He explored her whole body with fingers and tongue and she was wet and begging before long. As soon as his cock helmet separated her vulva she came and then steadily increased her moans and cries as he thrust. Her ass even came off the bed as she moved her hips from side to side as well as forward and back, striving to feel him every way she could.

I was capturing all of this on a borrowed video camera, just as I had surreptitiously recorded the previous men. Eve didn’t know either so there was no acting going on here, just raw amateur lust.

When he finished and was getting dressed, he said, “I’m the last one. The other guy couldn’t stay. Could we talk in the bar?” I nodded. I untied one of Eve’s hands and told her I would be back in a little bit.

This man introduced himself as Bill and was very curious how I got my wife to do this. He knew we were married by noticing our rings. I’d seen that he was wearing one also and asked why he was part of this.

He got us both another drink and leaned forward to tell me, “The first time I was just staying here as part of a business trip. I have been so damn curious about this that I’ve arranged my trips every month when I heard from the front desk that it was your anniversary date. Now it’s your turn to talk.”

Right after I got the basic explanation done, he stopped me and said, “Could we have your wife in on this conversation before we go any farther?”

When I opened the door to the room, Eve was sitting up against the headboard naked and sipping some wine. She tried to cover herself when she realized someone was with me but I laughed and said, “This is Bill. He was the last one so he’s seen everything you’ve got already. He wants to talk about this and his own marriage.”

She patted the bed on both sides of her and she was soon flanked by two naked men, both limp dicked at the moment.

Bill started, “When your husband told me how you started out in your marriage, it seemed like it could have been my wife’s story. I was married before to a sexually liberated woman and didn’t realize the effect my new wife’s background would have. We’ve been married three years and have a one-year-old son but she has never really loosened up. I envy you two and would be thrilled if my wife would be so adventurous.”

Eve gave more detail about her background and how by us working together it had changed a lot. She expressed her sympathy and complimented him on what a terrific sex partner he was. How his wife could not appreciate that was a mystery to her.

Looking at me she asked, “If it’s okay with everybody, I would like to have both of you make love with me when I can see and touch. I have already fucked tonight so that’s why I said ‘make love’. She turned and gave Bill a deep tongue kiss and then I got the same. She had one hand on each of our refilled rods and was gently stroking them. Each man had a handful of ample tit.

Bill took our drink glasses and put them on the side table as he said, “I’ve had you most recently so take care of your husband’s horns first!”

We got into a scissors position with me on top so Bill could have access to her parts as we coupled. In spite of all the screwing she’d had, Eve got wound up pretty fast, moaning “A mouth for each nipple! I love it! Let me suck on you Bill. Two nice cocks, just for me!”

I’d watched Bill carefully to notice the things that seem to really get to Eve and did my best to copy them. It seemed to be working as she enjoyed me with her lower lips and him with her upper ones. When she felt the warm surge of my cream, she urged Bill, “Quickly, in me!” She pulled my wet pecker up to her lips and began licking the juices off at as he took over pleasuring her pussy. As she licked and sucked there was a look of utter adoration for me on her face.

Bill spent the night in our bed and, even though I’m a sound sleeper, one commotion they made woke me up and I had to have another piece in order to get back to sleep. I went to get breakfast while she rode Bill one last time. We ate quickly and had to get on the road since it was Sunday morning and she teaches in the youth program at church.

As I was in adult Sunday school, I thought about her with the kiddies, five kinds of sperm swimming in her reproductive tract. As I looked around, I couldn’t imagine that any of the other women there were even a fraction as sexy.

When we got home I told her about my observation and she said she had much the same thoughts. We spent quite a while in bed, coupling gently as we talked about last night. Showing her samples of the videos I had taken had such a reaction I had a hard time keeping up with her.

Three weeks later we were back at the motel. It wasn’t our usual date. Bill had contacted us and asked if we could meet there. It was their anniversary and he concocted a plan so that his wife could meet us and perhaps learn what he wanted her to. Just before the meeting he sent us a sketchy outline of a plan and said to just go along with him the best we could.

Eve and I were both very curious. This would be different and we hoped interesting. I asked my wife if she was hoping to fuck Bill again and she admitted she’d thought about it.

Bill said he would get a room with two beds and we should meet him at the lounge. We were all there on time and he introduced us to Brenda, a mousy looking brunette with a slim body. She was very quiet, much like Eve had been up until six months ago. After a drink, although Brenda only drank Coke, we walked across the street to get dinner. Eve made sure to sit next to Bill’s wife.

Eve and I had prepared some probing questions to get at her background and feelings so Eve could share the same kind with her, thus building rapport. Oh, Bill had told his wife that he often stayed here on business and had met us the last time when it was our anniversary.

Bill invited us to their room to celebrate some more. He had a couple bottles of champagne which he insisted that Brenda partake of. He knew he was easily affected by alcohol so kept her flute full and we also encouraged toasts.

When she was pretty tipsy, Bill put a key part of his plan into action. “Honey,” he said, “I have permission to tell you something.” We all looked at him expectantly. “I told you that the last time I saw them was their anniversary and they had their honeymoon right at this hotel. They asked me for a favor and it would have been rude to say no, considering how special it was. They wanted me to watch them have sex in the very same room where they did it the first time. You know what a horn dog I am so how could I refuse?”

He paused and looked at his wife who was wide-eyed. She had probably never imagined such a thing. He continued, “It was amazing for all of us and I want you and me to try it too.”

Eve spoke up, “Brenda, I loved it! It made me feel so female and sexy. I’ve never watched it either so would you please?”

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