by Deirdre

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Mind Control Sex Story: Mandy had perfect breasts. What would one do to suck on those breasts?

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mind Control   Fiction   Workplace   Spanking   .

I work as one of the secretaries in a local firm. I’m pretty good looking, slender and sexy though my chest is rather flat. You might think this would bother me, but I’ve found plenty of men who don’t mind a flat chest, and even a few that seem to prefer one. Some time ago, Mandy came to work as a secretary, sharing the reception area with me, and she is NOT what you would call flat-chested. That didn’t bother me, but her mouth did: she tended to tease me and make fun of my flat chest. She was always talking about my “problem” and about how sad it was that life was passing me by! And that it was sad that I didn’t know what it was like to be a real woman, or have a real man! I could cheerfully strangle her, but I had to make the best of things because I know someone of that type gets satisfaction from any reaction you offer. And the most frustrating thing was that it was true that I only got an occasional date whereas she usually had a boyfriend, and when she didn’t, she was still being asked out on dates all the time. When any of her boyfriends came to the office, she was sure to mention my “problem”, and the jerks sat there smirking or even added comments of their own.

Well, after she had been going out for a while with her present boyfriend, she invited me over to her apartment for dinner and to meet him. Of course I went since I didn’t want to let her know that her comments irked me. Well, that night she kept her comments up all through dinner, and her boyfriend, Robert was kind enough not to smile, but he was unreadable and I was terribly embarrassed about what he might be thinking. However, something made me suspect he found me attractive, despite Mandy’s comments.

Well, I have to admit, Mandy had prepared a great dinner and we all imbibed a healthy amount of wine. But Mandy was still making her comments after we brought our wine back to her living room, and I was getting so I was ready to explode! I couldn’t imagine what Robert was thinking. Well, when Mandy excused herself to go the bathroom, the devil made me try to show her up. As soon as she was out of the room, I went after Robert like I’d never done in my life! I stood up and walked over to him in my sexiest walk, and giving him my most evil smile, reached down and rubbed his crotch. Then, without taking my hand off his cock, I knelt down and kissed him, aggressively pushing my tongue in his mouth as much as he would let me. It worked--he responded! It was my fantasy to have Mandy come back in the room and see how easily her “poor friend” could lure Robert away from her. I couldn’t wait!

Well, Mandy came back in, and I glanced over to her as best I could, but couldn’t see her expression, so I broke the kiss and looked at her with my “guilty” face. She looked amused! I wanted anger, but somehow she stayed cool and just laughed at us!

“So Joan’s trying to prove that she can steal a man from me even with no boobs!” she finally said, giggling.

It wasn’t turning out the way I wanted it to. Inside, I fumed, but I kept myself together as well as I could. Then she said “I guess I have to show you what you’re missing” and she started unbuttoning her blouse! I was so surprised I just stared at her, and in a few seconds, I was staring at her naked chest!

Well, I just stared and stared--I couldn’t believe it! It wasn’t that they were huge--they were a bit large--it was that they were so perfectly shaped! Obviously, she could wear all kinds of sexy clothing I could never think of wearing. She could model! She could model in a men’s magazine, or for bras or swimsuits. As I stared, she walked over to Robert and me and stood above where we were sitting, so her breasts were close enough that I could just reach out and touch one.

“Would you like to touch one?” she asked me as if she was reading my mind.

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