The Statue

by bstrbrwn1

Copyright© 2017 by bstrbrwn1

Fiction Story: An old hotel, strange keeper, two very special rooms.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Mystery   Cream Pie   .

Part 1

It was just past 4pm when Julia arrived at the Moonrise Hotel. She was extending a layover on her business trip so she could meet up with some friends from college for dinner and drinks. Julia had found the hotel online and it seemed to be nice enough from the pictures and reviews posted. She was already a little tired from her travels but looking forward to spending time with her friends.

Julia walked in and went up to the desk to check-in. There was a sweet little old man behind the counter that took her ID and credit card. After a few minutes of typing he looked back at her a little embarrassed.

“It seems there has been a mix-up in your reservation.” He started. “The room is occupied.”

Julia’s heart sunk. She didn’t have any idea what to do now.

“Is there any other rooms available?” She asked.

The little man behind the desk just smiled and went back to typing on his computer.

“Well,” he started, “ I do have one room left, but it’s a special suite.”

“Special?” Julia inquired. “Like a presidential suite or something?”

The old man just looked back at her. “Well, not exactly. But I am sure it will be OK if you would like. I won’t charge you any different since it was our mistake in the first place.”

Julia let out a sigh of relief. At least she wouldn’t have to go hotel hunting.

The old man finished checking her in and directed her to room 469.

Julia collected her bag and headed up the elevator. There only seemed to be 4 rooms on the whole floor. Julia opened the door and was intrigued by the room she had been giving. It was large, with a sitting area and slightly separated sleeping area. It also seemed to be have a Greek motif with flowing drapes on a canopy bed and several marble-looking statues and adornments. “There wasn’t anything like this in the description online.” Julia thought to herself. One of the statues in

Particular, caught her eye. It was a statue on the floor next to the small couch. It was a full-size figure of a naked man. He was in a reclined position on his back with its knees up and arm extended with fingers touching the tops of its knees. Julia marveled at the detail of the statue. Her eyes followed the outline of the carved muscles, the strong facial features ever so handsome, powerful legs and moved forward letting out a slight giggle as she saw the carved manhood nuzzled with its stone scrotum.

The sound of a truck’s air brake snapped Julia out of her gaze. She must be a little more worn out than she thought. Julia quickly looked at the clock in the room and realized she only had 45 minutes before she had to leave to meet up with her friends. She was still a little confused about where the time had gone as she opened her suitcase and proceeded to get ready. It didn’t take her long to change in to her dress and do a little makeup. There did seem to be an erotic air about the room. Julia even started to feel a little turned on as she finished getting dressed.

A little before six, Julia headed out to meet up with her friends. In her head, she was having ideas of meeting some handsome stranger to whisk back to her room.

Part 2

Jim walked in to the lobby of the Moonrise hotel at 10pm. He had been driving all day and had finally found a hotel as he drove through this small town. As he walked up to the desk, a little old man came out from the back room to greet him.

“Evenin’, something I can do for you?” he said with a grin.

“Do you have a room for one night?” Jim asked hopingly.

The little man clicked through the computer for a minute then replied, “I do have one room left that you like.”

Jim quickly agreed and signed in. “Is there any place open to get a bite?” Jim asked.

“Kitchen’s open til 11.”

Jim thanked the gentleman and proceeded up to find his room.

Jim went up to his room and tried the key. It didn’t seem to work. So, Jim tried again. Still nothing.

As if on cue the little old man from the desk arrived on the floor.

“Sometimes the key’s a bit tricky, so I thought I would make sure you got in all right.” he said with a smile.

The old man took the key and mumbled something under his breath and the door swung open.

Jim thanked the old man and entered the room.

For the most part, it was a normal hotel room. The only oddity was an overstuffed recliner off to one side with a marble slab connected to the arm. Jim looked around and noticed the old man was still at the door.

“Interesting chair you have there.” he noted aloud.

The old man just gave him a grin. “That’s a special chair. Very relaxing. When you feel it, have a seat and put the board down. But only when you feel it.”

Feel it? Feel what Jim thought to himself.

Jim shrugged off the comment and found the room service menu. He quickly ordered up something to eat and turned on the TV.

Part 3

Julia opened the door to her hotel room around 11pm. Dinner with her friends went great! They all sat around talking, drinking, and laughing. Still Julia’s eyes kept searching the restaurant and bar for some handsome young man to help her with this growing urge inside her. She couldn’t really explain it, but ever since she had arrived her hormones had been building and building and were now on overdrive. Unfortunately, there really weren’t any viable candidates to be found.

When Julia entered her room, it seemed a little warm, even though the thermostat showed it was 70 degrees. Maybe it was just the drinks or something? Still she felt restricted in her clothes. Julia decided to clothes the windows and change for bed. She thought her usual bedtime attire of panties and a camisole would feel less restrictive.

After changing Julia felt a little better, but the soft fabric on her erect nipples seemed to be fanning a fire inside her.

It was then she caught sight of the statue in the corner. Julia almost felt drawn to it. It seemed different somehow. Slowly Julia walked over to the statue and couldn’t believe her eyes. The statue was the same except for one thing. She swore when she first saw the statue there was a little penis carved flaccid in its lap. Now there was an erect member jutting up from its groin.

“Impossible!” Julia thought. “Someone must have changed it. Someone must be playing a joke or something.”

Julia was about to go back to the bed, but something wouldn’t let her go just yet. She seemed to be fixated on the carved penis sticking up from the statue. She was mesmerized by the detail of it. There was something about it she couldn’t resist, she just had to touch it.

As her hand wrapped around the shaft, it felt just as she had thought. It was cold and solid, like the marble it appeared to be made from. Julia still couldn’t explain how the statue had gotten there and wasn’t sure she cared. Holding on to the carved member of the statue caused a surge of desire and moisture to race through her womanhood. Once again, the thin material felt warm and confining. She marveled at the design of the statue and started to wonder if she could fit herself inside of its embrace.

“This is crazy!” she said to herself as she realized what she was considering. Then she realized that her hand was slowly rubbing along her exposed slit. Somehow, she had removed her clothes and was standing before the statue slowly masturbating. But the feel from her hand wasn’t having the desired effect. She was craving something more! Something to be inside her.

“Nobody would ever know.” She tried to tell herself as she stared down in to the lap of the statue.

Then slowly she stepped into the arms of the statue and knelt down. It almost seemed to be designed for someone to fit inside of it. As she adjusted her knees a little she realized the marble impalement was positioned directly at the entrance to her now dripping slit.

Part 4

Jim had put the dishes to his dinner out in the hall and went back to watching TV. There really didn’t seem like much on and it felt to be growing warn in the room. Jim checked the thermostat and it read 70 degrees.

Jim still felt warm and stripped down to his boxers and reclined on the bed to watch another show.

About half way through the program Jim started to feel a need to move. Well not really move, but find a more comfortable position. A position that the bed didn’t seem to afford him the ability to reach. Then he noticed the chair in the corner.

“Very relaxing.” he chuckled to himself, remembering what the old man said. And there was something about the chair that did look relaxing.

Jim got up and walked over to the chair. As he stood there he felt an overwhelming discomfort with his boxers. Jim looked around the room then removed his boxers and stood there. Then he felt a growing need to sit in the chair. It was almost like it was beckoning him to sit. Without much thought, Jim sat down in the chair. Instantly there was a wave of relaxation that came over his body. Almost instinctively Jim reached up and lowered the stone table over his lap.

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