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Sex Story: A story inspired by an offhand comment I made about my own Muse when she deserted me.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   First   .

Muse skipped down the street, happily and blissfully ignorant of her surroundings. Traffic, had she bothered to pay much attention, was moving at a brisk clip, cars, trucks and buses moving through the streets, seemingly ignorant of the light drizzle of rain that was gradually turning the grey sidewalks and streets a glossy black.

Though vehicles were in abundance, people were sparse. Those that walked on the sidewalks huddled beneath their umbrellas or scurrying from cover to cover to avoid getting to wet as the sun, obscured behind the heavy clouds, lazily slid towards the western horizon.

All of this Muse was seemingly oblivious too, apparently not caring that her yellow dress was beginning to stick to her lithe form. Her pale blonde hair hung to her shoulders, and her bright green eyes were locked on some distant point of the horizon.

Had she been paying slightly more attention, Muse might have noticed the two men following her, about a half block back. They were short men, dressed in black jeans and hoodies with the hoods pulled up to ward off the rain that was beginning to fall a bit harder. But she wasn’t paying that much attention, and so this story happened, as you are reading it, rather than being avoided.

Poor Muse stopped at a red light, twisting and turning as the drizzle became a light shower, and by the time the light had changed and she was across the street, it was a full downpour. Muse’s stride became less skipping as she began to hurry through the rain, her dress clinging to her slender body, accentuating her medium breasts and balanced ass as her long legs carried her closer to her destination.

She had to stop for another red light, and, though soaked, she was still smiling. Muse never seemed to be sad, dear readers. She was always a bright, happy girl. But she was never that observant. Had she bothered to even look behind her, she would have noticed the two short men were closer now, and as she darted across the street, they moved closer still.

On the next block, they caught up to poor Muse, and, with a simple grab of her arm they turned her into a narrow alleyway. Muse was startled. She’d never gone into the alleys before, having always been warned about them, that bad things happened to girls like her in the alleyways. Her mouth opened to yell for help, but one of the men jabbed something into her side, and all that came out of her mouth was a long, low moan before she crumpled to the ground.

When Muse awoke, she first became aware of a dull ache in her shoulders and wrists. Her head rolled backwards, and she saw her arms stretched out above her head, her wrists held in padded leather cuffs attached to the ceiling. That sight brought her fully awake and she began to thrash about, looking around for some idea of where she was.

All she could see were rough stone walls and a few lights recessed into the walls. Seeing she was alone, her panic began to subside slightly. If she were alone, she reasoned, then it could not be that bad. She was, after all, still dressed. A quick glance down confirmed that her dress was still in place. Her ankles, she now appreciated, were shackled loosely to the ground, in what felt like padded cuffs. There was not enough slack for her to close her legs, but they were not held obscenely open either.

Behind her, out of her range of vision no matter how she squirmed, a door opened. She heard the dry squeak of the hinges, and the soft slap of bare feet on the stone floor announcing the arrival of her tormentors. The slowly came around her, and she froze, feeling the blood run out of her face.


She’d been warned about them of course. The short little monsters, with their short muzzles, bald head, pointed ears and incredible strength inhabited the alleys, which is why she never ever went down them. Now, however, she was seeing them for the first time, and they were nude, revealing their lanky bodies. Their skin clung to their ribs, and their stomachs were sucked in, accentuating their narrow waits. Each of them was already stiff, and their knobbly cocks stuck out anywhere from five to ten inches in front of their bodies. Their legs, like the rest of their bodies, were thin with little fat but corded muscle.

The Gremlins watched her, each one running their emerald almond-shaped eyes over her, without making a sound. Her dress didn’t cling to her body anymore, but with her stretched out as she was the dress certainly showed off her form.

A pair of hands, hands with long knobbly fingers, suddenly slid over her breasts from behind. She screamed, her panic suddenly returning at the touch of the hands. The hands ignored her panic, and began to knead her breasts, even as her shackled ankles kicked, the chains rattling in the stone room, and her screams bouncing from wall to wall with no effect on the Gremlins.

With a violent jerk, the hands on her breasts tore the bodice of her dress wide apart, revealing a plain white bra that held her firm breasts. The knobbly hands pushed the bra up, revealing areola slightly darker than the tit-flesh around them, and nipples that were slowly stiffening. The knobbly fingers found those nipples and began to tug and twist them, and poor Muse could only scream louder.

Then one of the Gremlins in front of her stepped up to her, and ripped her dress all the way down, leaving it hanging from her body by the slender shoulder straps. Then the Gremlin ran his hands down her body, over her taut tummy to her plain cotton panties. Those came off with a powerful pull, showing her bare lips, with no hair at all.

The Gremlins suddenly crowded close, babbling to each other in Gobbldegook as they examined her hairless pussy. Muse began to cry, trying to kick them, hit them, anything to drive them off, but nothing worked. The Gremlin who had ripped away her dress and panties drove them back with a single word of Gobbldegook, and then knelt between her struggling lips. His mouth opened, and his impossibly long tongue lapped at her pussy as his thumbs spread her pussy lips, revealing her soft pink interior.

Muse, though still crying, began to struggle a bit less as the Gremlin licked at her, and the one behind her played with her nipples. She loved playing with her nipples, and did it all the time at home. Now though, the Gremlins rough fingers were pulling and twisting her sensitive nipples, and her twisting was slowly changing fuel, from panic to lust.

She let out a long moan when the Gremlin between her legs found her clit with his tongue, and her legs tried to close. More Gremlins came close to her, and tore the straps of her dress, tossing the fabric away, leaving her clad only in her pushed up bra. The Gremlins latched their mouths onto her nipples, to the annoyed grunt of the Gremlin who had been toying with them. Her bra soon vanished, courtesy of the displaced Gremlin, and his hands vanished from her body.

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