15th Q&d Ss Abt Nothing

by MysteryWriter

Copyright© 2017 by MysteryWriter

: This is the last the series of quick and dirty short stories about nothing. The quick is because they take a day to write. The dirty is because they are quickly proofread by me. Please keep that in mind before you waste your time.

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When I pulled the scooter in, Jewel was in the drive. After I pulled around her, she walked to the rear of my house. I smiled as I showed her the small box of donuts.

“Want me to carry those,” she asked.

“It would be easier yes,” I said. “Lifting the battery pack off the scooter.”

I walked directly to the rear door, then allow her to walk into the house. I followed her into the living room to place the box on the center cushion of the sofa. I returned to the kitchen for a can of soda for her and a glass of iced tea for me. I was used to the instant tea so it suited me.

The donuts weren’t really round, they were more free formed. I knew the woman who made them at night. She was the mother of the owner. She made great donuts, but they were ugly a hell.

“These are the saddest looking donuts I had ever seen,” Jewel said when I returned from the back room. I moved the box then sat on the sofa to kiss Jewel. It was the first time that I did it with passion. I had never given her a real grown up kiss.

“So, all I had to do was promise you porno to get a real kiss,” she said. But rather than pull away she curled against me for the next one.

Kissing her wasn’t like kissing Ester, but it was comfortable. There wasn’t as much passion, but there was a more complete feeling to it somehow. She broke the kiss then looked at me.

“I honestly want to see what he is watching,” she said.

“Are you sure. How are you going to feel if it’s Rhonda and Michael. You know kids can do that these days?” I asked.

“I know, but I want to see,” she said.

“You kinky little thing,” I said with a big smile.

The mail star was a boy in his late teens. The female star was a woman who could have been Jewel. They had several different kinds of sex and did so for long periods of time. Since I had handed control of the computer over to Jewel, I just let it run.

It ended after about twenty minutes. “So how about another Coke?” I asked standing. It was of course hard to stand at first. “So what now?”

“Larry, to be honest I need some time alone,” she said.

“Okay, but honey that is kind of every teenaged boy’s fantasy. I wouldn’t make it a big deal.” I said thinking of Ester and Earl.

“I’ve heard all that, but I have to be more careful,” Jewel said.

“Maybe not an issue of it, just maybe watch what happens going forward,” I suggested.

After she had gone, I realized the memory stick was still in my computer. I took it out with plans to return it. I sure as hell didn’t want to get it mixed up with the sticks I was storing for Ester.

I put Jed out early then read the news before I turned in. I also read one of those do it yourself patent sites. It had all the forms necessary to apply for a US patent so what the hell, I did it. I ordered the kit and began working on it.

I was up so late screwing with it, that I let Jed out again when I ran completely out of steam. I went to bed alone again. I decided I really needed a less complicated woman. Less complicated than either of the two I was juggling at that moment. At first I thought there was just too much drama with them both. Then I began to think maybe there was too much with either of them in my life.

By the time I woke up, I had forgotten it all. That happens mostly when I make promises to myself at 3AM. With daylight to disappear like smoke.

After our morning walk, I went back to work on the forms for a while. Jed wanted to go outside, and immediately come back in. It was maddening. I figured there must be a new cat or raccoon in the neighborhood.

Finally I locked him in the crate, then drove to home depot. I pickup up all the Metal I needed for a couple of the trailers. I carried it home. Since the backroom was filling fast, I stored the metal beside the house with a tarp over it.

A couple of hours later I took another break from the drawings. Instead of a trip to the store, I called the salvage yard. It was a graveyard for cars and scooters. The girl’s voice gave me a message to call back on Monday. Since I’m not a religious person, I usually forgot that it was Sunday.

Jewel didn’t answer her phone, so I left a message. She never returned my call. I spent the day just me and Jed. I was able to get the drawings and the forms ready. I had to go to office depot to get the drawings scanned onto the forms, but the nerd there was very helpful. Once I sent the forms over the net and the filling fee, I could say the patent was pending. That was all I ever wanted anyway.

Since Jewel never returned my call, I decided to give her some space. I sent her one more text message: ... When you get ready to talk again call me Larry...

On Monday after my bran muffin, I pulled my version of the little red wagon. It was the red wagon body only attached to the top of my scooter trailer. The plan was to drive to the salvage yard with the scooters there to check for wheels. With the trailer, I could probably keep the wheels in place during the ride home. I was getting a plan for most every contingent.

I ordered the motor and chain off Ebay from an electric scooter supplier in California. I wasn’t sure how he got them, but he had a good price. Still they weren’t cheap. I had almost a hundred bucks in each motor and controller kit.

Even so by the end of that week, I had two more trailers ready. There were a couple of difference in he finished versions, but they were not noticeable. I didn’t have a business, but I did have a plan and hope.

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