13th Q&d Ss Abt Nothing

by MysteryWriter

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: This is the next in a series of quick and dirty short stories about nothing. The quick is because they take a day to write. The dirty is because they are quickly proofread by me. Please keep that in mind before you waste your time.

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“Look Ester what you may not fully understand is that on the face of those files they implicate you not him. You have to figure this one out yourself. It is not a pile of horse shit of my making. So no I won’t help you.

If you haven’t blackmailed anyone, now is the time to get out from under. Get a good lawyer, and tell him everything. Let him work out a settlement with Earl. If you don’t feel you can get anyone else in on it, then talk to your brother. Get this cleaned up, then see a therapist,” I said.

“Can Ned call you for help,” she asked.

“Only if you are all in with changing your life. You go see a therapist and I’ll help Ned help you, if he asks me. It may require you guys shut down your side business. That’s up to Ned,” I said.

“You are right of course. I need to end this thing right here and now,” Ester said.

“Go go home and figure out how to do it,” I said.

I escorted her out to her car. I stood in the cold shivering as she drove away. I went inside quickly to put on more clothes so I could take a ride. I decided to first take off for the “Urban Railroad”. Jed and I walked up the complete length, then we backtracked on the same route to make our six miles. I discovered I wasn’t sore at all, but I was tired.

Back at the house I spent twenty minutes resting and warming up. I had the battery pack in the house on the charger. I left the batteries from the scooter charging, while I took the two wheeler out for a spin,

I took the afternoon spin to the senior center. I went inside to get information on any special deals they were offering for us old fogies. They had a shopping service run by one of the local charities. It sounded interesting. It also reminded me that when I got home, I needed to exchange Jed’s crate for a child’s toy. I had bought the little red wagon from the thrift store as a replacement for the create. It should work to carry groceries home from the market. The metal wagon body fit the trailer only a small angle bolted keeping it in place.

After my ample test ride I rode the bike home. I was planning to await my business cards and sign, so I carried the bike and trailer into the house. I took some time to warm up before I rode the scooter to Walmart for groceries and toiletries.

When I finally got to moving again, it was difficult to force myself out into the cold. Regardless I rode the scooter to Walmart. I didn’t have any problems, it was just cold. That and of course I had two women on my mind.

I had made my mind up. There was no chance that Ester and I could ever work out. For a fleeting moment I thought it might. Turns out there never would be anything serious. Ester would always have a place in my memory, but never more than someone I knew. Okay maybe someone I screwed now and then, if she could get her shit together. She would never be someone I could invite into my life.

When I got home, I put the scooter and trailer away. I glanced at a clock to find I had barely beat the five o’clock traffic. It was well after five when warmed up and put my purchases put away. Jed lay around on the sofa while I watched TV.

I had hoped the printing would show for the two wheeler. It never did show.

I spoke with Jewel when she called. “I’m getting ready to go to school, but I wanted to speak to you first,” she said.

“Anything serious, or did you just miss me?” I asked.

“Nothing serious, I guess I wanted to touch base so that you wouldn’t worry about me,” she said.

“I’m glad you called, I have been riding bikes in the cold all day. I am not thrilled with it to be honest. It’s almost stop being fun and become a chore,” I admitted.

“Then you probably should think about whether you want to do it,” she suggested.

“I’m going to see how the public’s acceptance goes,” I said. “I’m probably just tired.”

“Maybe, but remember you might just need to find some other way to use your talents,” she suggested.

“That sounds like good advice. I’ll just stay open to other things,” I said. Jewel really did have a level head on her shoulders. Even I knew that if I could sell one or two trailers, it still would not be a viable business.

“Well, I have to run to school,” she said.

Jed and I were just redneck lazy the rest of that day. I didn’t even expend the energy to worry about Ester, the signs, or anything else. If I still smoked or drank, it would be a great night to pickle and smoke my brain. Instead I ate a couple of brownies from the Walmart bakery deli shop.

When I went to bed at 10:30PM, I felt really fat. I turned off my phone, so I couldn’t hear Ester whine, Earl threaten me, or Jewel be nice to me. I just wanted to check out of the world for a while.

I awoke to a new day and a new attitude. I woke up before Jed for a change. His ass was dragging all the way out of the door. It was cold outside, but it didn’t feel like the bitter cold of January or February. It felt like the winter might be withdrawing toward a close. It was probably just an illusion.

Jed and I had our usual light breakfasts. Me with my bran muffin, and Jed his and his usual mixture of dry and canned dog foods. I also had lots of coffee.

I took a look at my waste basket with three spears of different lengths, and it’s two battle axes. I fully intended to use the to decorate one day. Also in different drawers around the house I had knives of various sizes and types. When I drove for the wholesaler, I had been into edged weapons. I would buy myself one at least every year for Christmas.

Jed walked around looking miserable until I dressed for a walk on the Urban Railroad. It was a tough job getting motivated to do anything. I finally made it, so off we went. I turned my phone off before I started the round trip trail walk. I wasn’t connected to my phone like so many people I saw on the street.

After our almost two hours walk, I felt better than when I started. I was much less lethargic. Which also had an effect on my mental attitude.

When we got home, I found a package with the remainder of the tapes waiting under my mail box. It had been foolish of her to risk them being picked up by someone else. Then again my house was pretty isolated for an urban residence. I checked but no business cards or signs for the trailer/motor.

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