by Kajirajo

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Erotica Story: A slave's loyalty to her master is tested by an intruder.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   DomSub   Light Bond   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   Slow   .

With everyone gone, the kids were staying overnight at their grandparent’s house and my husband was working second shift, I had the house to myself all evening! I was lost in the moment as walked into the house, dropping my coat and purse on a chair, I headed to the kitchen for a glass of wine.

Just as I entered the living room, I stopped something seemed wrong. Fear suddenly washed over me. “Am not really alone?” I could feel my heart pounding hard in my chest. My eyes were trying to adjust to me to the room was nearly pitch black except for a eerie pale ray of moonlight reflecting off the fireplace. Was the love seat near the fireplace seemed out of place? “Don’t be so silly,” I thought to myself as I walked into the living room.

Two steps in the living room, a voice spoke from the darkness, “Good evening Jo.” and a lamp flashed on. I screamed and stood motionless, pulse pounding waiting for my eyes to adjust to the light. There on the loveseat, a well dressed stranger was sitting in a relaxed pose.

“Whhooo are you?”, I stuttered faintly.

“I am a friend of your Master,” the stranger responded.

“Whhat what do you say?” with panic in my voice.

His words caused the hair on back of my neck to stand on end. What did the stranger say ... mortified by the words I thought I heard. “What, what do you mean?” my voice cracked again.

“I am a friend of your Master.” he repeated “I think you know what I mean. You are a collared slave of Master David are you not?”

I blushed a deep red felt as my cheeks were on fire. “No “ I said attempting to deny his claim. “I don’t know what you mean. I mean, you must have me confused with someone else”

He smiled asked “Really? is this not you? looks like you...” He flicked a photograph at my feet.

The color now drained from my face as I picked up and looked at the photo ... showing my husband and I bound naked. The stranger continued to pitch photos at my feet taunting me and daring me to collect each photo. I picked up the photos hoping to conceal my shame. The photos were getting more and more explicit, showing me performing sex acts with Master and several of his friends. Pictured in the background of the photos was my husband bound and helpless. I began to realize the horror: this stranger knows my intimate secrets. In his hand was a final photo. It showed me kneeling with Master’s cock in my mouth with cum leaking from my mouth. I could not believe this was happening.

“Who was behind the camera in this photo?” He asked “ Your husband? What kind of woman allows herself to be fucked by someone other her husband?” he asked.

I remained silent while he accused me. “Seems like you’re a great little cock sucker. Kneeling like a perfect little slut.” “Come now, Jo let’s not pretend. I know the lifestyle you lead. You and your husband are owned by Master David. “Who am I? is the question that must burning in your mind. I share David’s passion for d/s. Your Master has mentioned he knows other masters hasn’t he?” he asked me calmly.

My thoughts drifted to stories Master has told me ... helpless slaves he witnessed in d/s clubs being whipped and tortured by sadistic masters. The thought of being at the hands of a mad man who might whip and rape caused me to tremble. My face blushing and I’m frozen in place by the intimate knowledge this man knew about me. In a vain attempt to keep what little dignity remaining I try to convince the stranger to leave... “Please leave. I expect my husband to be home anytime now”.

“Not to worry we have plenty of time to spend together. I know your husband is working tonight and it seems that your kids are away staying the night at their grandparents. No, Jo, I am staying for awhile. You are alone with me.” he said with a smile.

“Oh no ... please no, please leave me alone” I cried as I watched him move from the love seat toward me. Before I could run, his hand grasped my wrist. “Noooo” sobbing as he looked into my eyes.

With a stern gaze he told me “Now Jo, do not make me chase you. I’ll be patient with you up to a point.” You will obey me”.

“oh no please” I begged him again and again as body began to shudder in fear.

“Jo listen to my voice ... listen carefully ... I am here for a reason and it is not to hurt you.” The sound of his voice was somehow calming and slowly my panic melted away. I listened intently as he continued. “Master David wanted me to help discover something about you, do you know what?” he inquires.

Fearing the answer I replied “No”.

“We are going to find out how sincere is your desire to be submissive is. See Master David has expressed some concern that you might not fully understand the d/s lifestyle. I am here to test you” he told me. He paused for a moment and then looked into my eyes and he said “Tell me You are alone and no one is going to help you!”

I hesitated for a moment and then stammered “I ... I am alone and no one is going to help mm ... me”. My eyes never left his gaze. My body started to tremble again.

“Good, Jo see that was easy” he said and “Now we are going to play some. Do not be afraid. Master David explained what your limits are and I intend to respect your limits ... but I need you to respect me in return. You are to obey my commands without question. Fail to respect me then well we will play with my limits, and I assure you are not ready for that. Do you believe I am serious?” he asked.

“Yes Master” I whimpered. I wanted to run away and hide but I knew I did not want to anger him.

“No, Jo” he quickly corrected me “I did not collar you. I am not your Master but you can call me sir”.

I nodded and responded “Yes Sir”.

The stranger led me by the hand into the center of the living room. I stood and watched as he searched through a small leather gym bag he placed on the floor and pulled out a small digital camera. The camera was placed on a tripod directly in front of the fireplace facing me. He stared at me while he unbuttoned and removed his shirt. He was quite muscular probably in his late 30s with a small dragon tattoo that wrapped around his left bicep.

“I hope you do not object to me getting for comfortable.” I nodded no... “I can really work up a sweat during a good session” he said with a smirk. “Before we get started, I need to know your slave name, Jo? He asked firmly.

“My slave name is pet cunt...” I said trailing off.

“Wait Jo” he interrupted as he walked over and started the camera. “We want to record ‘our’ time together”.

Blushing and staring at my feet I replied “my name is pet cunt”.

“Say it again dear and this time look into the camera” he said.

Now my face was completely red I stammered again “My name is pet cunt”.

“Your Master has picked a very good name for you but alas it is his name for you, so I will continue to call you Jo if that is okay with you?”.

I nodded yes.

With a wicked grin he told me “It’s your turn to be comfortable I think ... we will start with your feet. Please remove your socks.

I felt so naked already as he commanded me to remove just my socks. His eyes touched me physically as I bent down and removed each sock revealing brightly painted toes which were a deep red and Master’s anklet on my left foot. His eyes focused on the metal glinting.

“What is about your ankle Jo” he asked. “A gift from Master David?”

I nodded yes again.

“Very good Jo. A harem girl knows keep her feet presentable at all times. Now please remove your blouse.”. He said while slowly circling me like wolf closing on cornered rabbit.

As I began to undo the first button on my blouse I felt the heat of the stranger’s eyes on me. I felt an intense adrenalin rush as my blouse fell to the floor. He nodded in approval and motioned for me to continue. I felt so conscious of my body: how my breasts fell out of my bra the warm metal of my gold collar now visible to this man. Here I stood red-faced topless and barefoot in jeans with my heart pounding. I felt so dirty allowing myself to exposed and humiliated.

“You are a very attractive woman, Jo” echoed in my ears as as my bra fell free. “I can see why David collared you. You are definitely his type long dark hair and well defined hips. Please continue to get comfortable.” I turned and looked directly into the camera video taping my ordeal as I unzipped and wiggled down out of my jeans. Without any prompting, I stepped out my jeans and then removed my panties. Here I was completely naked wearing my slave collar in front a complete stranger. Nervously I waited for what would be next.

“Now, Jo please tell the camera about your anklet” he ordered.

“It’s was gift from mmy Master” I stuttered. “To show that he owns me. Master wanted to make sure anyone who sees my bare legs and feet that Master owns my body.” I replied still staring at the camera.

“Please take it off, I would like to read the inscription. I promise to return it” he quipped.

I look down at my feet while replying “I can’t it’s been fastened permanently together. It was soldered in place I cannot remove it without cutting it. Master wanted me to wear it always”.

“Jo look up and tell me what it says then.” He said with a smile.

Turning deep red, I looked into the camera “This private fucktoy is owned by Master David”. With only a glance of his eyes, I explained that being Master’s fucktoy meant I give or receive physical pleasure without my Master’s explicit permission.

“Come over here,” the he said standing in the middle of the camera focus. As I stood in front of him and shivered waiting for his hands to touch me, he continued to circle me slowly while his hands explored my exposed body starting with running his fingers through my long brown hair. Next his touch slid down my shoulders. I jumped as he squeezed my nipples. I kept eyes tightly closed while he groped my breasts. My whole body started to shake as his hands glided down my curves down past my hips. A hand started to slip between my clenched thighs. It felt so large and try as I did, his fingers reached my inside of my thighs.

“Please no” I whispered knowing I could not prevent the stranger from discovering the secret I was hiding. His fingers touched my lips ... my nipples hardened and stood at attention and I groaned as a fingertip parted my wet lips into my sex. “Ahhhhh” is only I could utter as his digit pushed inside me. With his other hand, he tilted my chin and I opened my eyes into his gaze. I felt is finger withdraw from my body and traced the my lips on my face with his wet fingertip smearing me with my own excitement. Shamefully, I parted my lips slightly allowing the finger to slip into my mouth and tasted myself. I could not longer take my eyes from his dark blue eyes. With tears rolling down my face, I knew I no longer had any power deny him anything he might take from me.

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