by TheWatcher58

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Erotica Sex Story: He and Tess were working as undercover agents posing as lovers - except she was married to someone else. They had avoided sex together until the very last hours of their mission - then he fucked her to save their lives. That act unleashed the sexual tiger in her - she needed his cock often.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Workplace   Foot Fetish   Size   .

“This shouldn’t be happening” I kept telling myself as I hesitated.

If I hesitated much longer then our psycho host would get pissed and probably kill us both ... just for the fun of it.

He was impotent ... and he wanted a threesome involving me, his girlfriend and mine. He’d discovered that I was hung like a horse, and his perverted mind wanted to see me in action whilst he sat and watched.

I had just fucked his equally psycho blonde bimbo girlfriend to a massive cum ... and there was an expectation that I would now fuck my girlfriend Tess whilst she continued to make out with Zana - pussy above pussy, tits pressed together ... and with lips and tongues currently entangled.

The problem was that Tess wasn’t my girlfriend ... she was my partner. We were undercover agents ... deep undercover for the last 12 months ... having just got the vital information to break up this gang and put them all in jail.

Tess would not have been enjoying this situation at all. She was married to another guy, having volunteered for the mission when the originally selected person broke their leg. We had avoided being intimate throughout the whole of the undercover operation, successfully limiting our intimacy to kissing and hugging when needed for effect, and undressing in front of each other.

I caught her a few times checking out the substantial package that popped free of my undershorts.

I can tell you that she had a killer body - petite (5ft 1ins tall) but with all the necessary curves to give me a huge hardon. Tess had short dark hair that framed a beautiful face - I was really impressed when she became my partner for this operation.

We just had to survive another 5 minutes - our extraction team was on its way.

“C’mon fuck her ... I want to see you stretch that tiny little pussy” he growled at me.

“Fuck it” I muttered under my breath as I nudged my cockhead just between her very wet and engorged pussy lips.

“Fuck her” he demanded ... he was losing his patience.

I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her back onto my long fat fleshy spear.

My god ... she was wet, hot and tight. I was surprised that she took all 10 inches of my cock. Her head popped up, breaking off the kiss with Zana ... she moaned and groaned at my intrusion into her pussy.

“Oh fuck” she gasped just as I stroked in and out of her spasming pussy a couple of times.

Then all hell broke loose ... explosions, gunfire and the sounds of the extraction team breaking into the mansion.

I pulled out of Tess, and dragged her to safety ... just before the room became a swarming mess of bodies in black shouting and carrying massive firearms.

Tess and I had hours of debriefing to negotiate before we were cleared to leave headquarters. We were told to take some time off. But first we had to pack up our gear.

We had been interviewed separately so we got no chance to speak of the events of the morning. It was not until we sat in a borrowed car on the way back to our safe house that we actually got to speak ... or try to speak.

Tess was very quiet and not responsive, so I just drove in silence.

The safe house was only known to us, and was the place that we used to escape the pressures of the assignment and to communicate with our handlers.

When we arrived I parked outside and led the way inside.

Unlocking the door, I stepped aside and let her enter first. I followed and locked the door.

Tess was waiting for me ... she launched herself at me knocking me to the ground, and landing on top of me. She was deceptively strong for her small size.

Her face close to mine.

“What the fuck happened this morning?” she growled at me. She looked very angry.

“Tess ... Tess ... I’m sorry ... I had to ... we would have been dead otherwise” I tried to explain to her why I had to fuck her.

She just glared at me ... she scared me.

Then gradually her facial expression softened ... and she started to smile and laugh at me.

I was totally confused.

“Why did you have to fuck me THERE?” she asked with the emphasis on the word ‘THERE’.

She continued “I wanted you to fuck me HERE ... not in front of that pervert”.

Within minutes we were naked in the bedroom ... I was laying between her parted thighs admiring her sweet little pussy. It was totally bald - courtesy of a waxing session with Zana. Her pussy lips were quite pronounced and adorned with three small gold piercing rings in each labia - again courtesy of a session with Zana.

Tess had told me that Zana wanted her to get tattoos, but Tess had instead opted to avoid inking her body in favour of some intimate piercings.

She told me that she loved the feelings that the piercings gave her - she went back willingly and had her clit and nipples pierced too ... and her tongue.

“You have a beautiful pussy” I told her, looking up from between her thighs to catch her watching me intently.

“It had better be well fucked too by the time we leave here” she replied.

Adding “I don’t have any plans for the next few days ... do you?”

I shook my head just before sliding my tongue along her lips, parting them with my tongue, feeling her labial rings in the process, and tasting her juices for the first time. Her juices were tangy - quite tasty.

“Love your taste” I commented with my mouth full of labia.

“Oh ... ah ... oh fuck” she gasped when my tongue slipped across her clit before burrowing between her lips to find the tight entrance to her pussy canal. I thrust my tongue into her eliciting another string of moans, groans and expletives.

Switching back and forth between her clit and her canal entry yielded spectacular and noisy results. She orgasmed, coating my lips and tongue with a deluge of tasty juices.

“Please come up here and fuck me ... I want to feel that massive cock in me again”

I crawled up over her body, stopping off to lick and suck on her pierced nipples before continuing on to kiss her. My cock lay across her hairless mound. She slipped her small soft hand down between us, grasping my cockshaft and gently milking it.

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