Undercover - the Sequel

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: He and Tess had been undercover, and on completion of their mission they decided to remain off the grid to rest and recuperate - and fuck each other silly. Tess became a hooker, and her client Judy liked to lick fresh man cum from Tess's pussy. An interesting threesome developed.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cream Pie   Big Breasts   Foot Fetish   Size   Small Breasts   Prostitution   .

Six months had passed since the end of the undercover operation involving myself and Tess. We spent the first two weeks fucking ourselves silly ... in every room of our safe house, and in every position that we could think of.

When we emerged we had decided that we needed an extended break from law enforcement - the undercover operation had taken its toll on both of us mentally. Tess had lost her husband, and I was just mentally jaded.

We hadn’t used the L word whilst together so far, but I had those feelings for her. I was giving her space, she was still dealing with the breakup with her husband - he wasn’t to be found, nor his lover.

We decided to live together, moving to another city to get a fresh start. She just loved the big cock sex that I could provide. She was quite addicted to my fleshy spear. And what might surprise you is the new occupation that Tess got involved in.

Tess became a high-priced classy hooker - yep ... but a hooker who only catered for women. She told me that my cock was well enough for her to handle, but she’d acquired a taste for pussy. She was selective in who she engaged with, and had a nice little list of clients who enjoyed her company and her body.

Her body ... wow!!!!

It was even more beautiful than before.

Gone was the dark hair, replaced by very short luscious red hair. Gone were the B-cup breasts replaced by DD-cup versIons. She kept all her intimate piercings at my request.

“Oh god...” I gasped waking to find Tess nursing on my cock ... it was a morning ritual for her to wake me with a blowjob.

Today was going to be a little different - we weren’t at our home today, we were instead in a luxury hotel suite.

“I just love being woken by your talented mouth” I told her, watching her intently as she slipped her lips up and down my shaft taking over half it into her mouth and throat.

She popped my cock free saying “Remember ... all your cum goes into my pussy this morning ... none in my mouth”.

What she was reminding me of, was the special reason for being in this hotel suite this morning.

Tess had a mature lady as a client who just loved eating my cum out of Tess’s just fucked pussy. Today we were reducing the time between depositing the cum into her pussy and the client consuming it ... to just a few seconds. She was going to get it hot.

I’d not met the client before so this was a special occasion.

Judy was the client. She was a 50 year old divorced lady who was equally as petite and curvy as Tess, except that she had much smaller A-cup breasts. Tess told me that she was a natural redhead- top and bottom.

She was due to join us soon for the morning.

With my cock at full stand, Tess mounted my hips and introduced my fleshy spear into her hot core.

“Fuck ... I’ll never get used to that sensation ... the feeling of being stretched and filled”.

She started gently fucking up and down, rippling her tight canal walls against my shaft. I could feel her juices already flowing over my cock. I slipped my hands up under her full weighty breasts, cupping them and feeling their softness and shape. Her pierced nipples got some welcome attention.

Her hands rested in my chest as she continued to fuck my long fat cock. Her fingers snaked out to play with my nipples - she’d convinced me to have them pierced just like hers. I had to agree with her ... the sensations were amazing when she played with the small bar piercings.

We’d been fucking about 10 minutes when the doorbell sounded.

“Ah she’s here ... you’ll love her” she exclaimed as she dismounted leaving my cock standing tall and bobbling about.

She walked towards the door, looking back saying “Don’t cover up”.

Within a few seconds she showed Judy in, bringing her to the side of the bed.

“Oh wow ... that’s a beautiful cock...” Judy commented.

Then she quickly added with a smile and a laugh “How rude of me ... I’m Judy ... and I’m pleased to meet you”. She held out her hand - I went to shake it but pulled back a little realizing that it as a little greasy from Tess and my juices.

We both laughed.

Judy commenting “Its OK ... we’ll be swapping other bodily juices soon”.

Instead she leant forward and kissed me in the lips ... a gentle but slightly lingering kiss.

She turned back to Tess. They kissed passionately ... with Tess undressing her mature client.

“Wow...” Tess shouted excitedly. “You’ve done it”.

When Judy turned back to face me I saw that she had small gold rings in her nipples, and a small fine gold chain connecting them together. It looked fantastic against her small pointy breasts.

“Yes ... I love them ... you are so right about the sensations”.

“I think I interrupted you guys ... please continue whilst I watch for a little while” Judy added.

Tess climbed up into the bed, standing astride my hips before lowering herself towards my cock.

“Here let me help” Judy exclaimed as she grasped my cock around its base, holding it steady whilst Tess impaled herself on it. It was pleasantly different to feel another lady’s hand around my cock.

“Oh ... oh fuck” Tess gasped.

Judy laid down on the bed beside me, watching Tess fuck up and down. After a couple of minutes she leant across and kissed me again - this time introducing her tongue to mine. This lasted a few more minutes before Judy asked “Can we swap?”

“You want his cock?” Tess asked.

“Yeh ... it’s been so long since I’ve been fucked by a live cock ... but it looks amazing” Judy responded.

Tess laughed as she dismounted, with Judy moving to stand over my hips ready to impale herself.

“I’ll hold it for you” Tess volunteered grasping my greasy sticky cock around the base.

This older lady was a total fox, and I was really happy and surprised that she wanted my cock. Tess and I had discussed the possibility but had thought it would not happen.

Judy lowered herself until my cock was poised at the entrance to her tight wet canal. I could fee her heat. Then she pushed down - her pussy resisted for a moment before my head and shaft slid into her depths.

I was gobsmacked when she started to orgasm almost immediately. She exploded like a box full of fireworks. Her cum (or cums) just rolled on and on, getting stronger with each ensuing one. Tess mounted my thighs behind Judy slipping her arms around her to hug her, and to cup her tiny breasts.

Her cum explosion went on for minutes before she collapsed forward onto my chest. She was temporarily exhausted, and struggling to catch her breath.

Tess slipped down onto the bed behind us ... and I could soon feel her tongue licking the abundance of juices streaming from our still joined bodies.

When Judy could finally speak she moaned “Oh my god that was amazing ... I’ve never orgasmed with a cock inside me before ... thank you for liberating me”.

That got the attention of both Tess and myself - we chatted more to Judy as she laid on my chest still impaled on my cock. Her ex-husband had been a taker, and had just used and abused her as a sex object. He had not cared about her pleasure ... and that had lasted for nearly 20 years before he dumped her for a younger woman.

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