by TheWatcher58

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Erotica Sex Story: Julie and Melody were mother and daughter. Melody had shoplifted and had been caught. He made them both pay the price for stealing.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Coercion   NonConsensual   MaleDom   Spanking   Size   .

It was that moment when defeat showed on her face that I knew that I had won.

I had won the day against a rich bitch mother and the spoiled teenage daughter who I had caught shoplifting in my employers department store.

I had made the mother an offer that was just too hard to refuse.

“Come around her momma” I beckoned her as she sat on the other side of my massive desk.

Momma (real name Julie) was a 40 year old married rich bitch. She just exuded money, but the behavior of her daughter had brought her down to the same level as the rest of us. She was a tall long haired brunette with a beautiful face, and a massive set of enhanced breasts that dominated her curvy body.

She was slow to move, and I had to ask again ... this time with a little more force.

“Do you want me to call the police?” I asked again.

She shook her head.

Walking slowly on her high heels, she made her way to my side leaving her 17 year old daughter Melody seated in front of my desk. She just seemed to have zoned out, and looked to be totally oblivious to what was going to happen.

Laying on the desk was the item that had been shoplifted - a very very brief bra and panty set, one that would show off more than it covered.

Momma arrived on my side. I turned my chair to face her.

“Turn around slowly for me” I told her.

Slowly she turned around giving me a wonderful view of her large breasts and her shapely ass. She was wearing a mid thigh length white dress which contrasted with and showed off her tanned and slim legs, and courtesy of the plunging neckline showcased the upper portion of her huge breasts.

“Hmmmm ... good ... now remove the dress for me” I demanded.

She hesitated.

“I can still call the police and let them process your daughter”.

“No ... no ... I’ll do it” she wailed.

She glared at her daughter “You will be very sorry for putting me in this position young lady”. That comment seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Momma undid the belt at the waist, and then unzipped the back of the dress. She shrugged her shoulders and the dress fell forward catching on her massive breasts for a moment before falling to her waist.

“Nice...” I commented indicating with my hand that I wanted to see more.

She pulled the dress down. It slid down catching at her waist for a moment before it dropped down her thighs to around her ankles. She stepped out of the dress, picking it up and laying it on the corner of my desk.

Standing tall again I got to take in her choice of underwear. It was top-shelf stuff, probably courtesy of Victoria’s Secret. Her breasts just bulged over the top of the lacy bra which was transparent enough to reveal her dark nipples. The lacy crotch of her flimsy panties revealed that she was most likely totally shaved down there.

“Bra please” I asked when she paused.

She looked back at me helplessly, hoping that I would change my mind.

Resigned to the fact that my mind wasn’t going to change anytime soon she released the clips on her bra, allowing her full breasts to pop free of their restraint. The bra joined the dress on the desk.

“Oh momma ... you are so full of surprises” I commented when I discovered that her nipples were pierced by little gold bars. Maybe this momma had a wild side to her.

“Come closer” I beckoned.

When she was close enough I cupped her massive breasts and flicked her nipples with my fingers. She retreated a little, but after giving her a harsh stare she stepped forward again to allow me to continue playing with them.

After a couple of minutes I stopped and asked her to step back whilst I stood up. Slowly I undressed in front of her down to my undershorts which were currently tented by my huge erection. Her eyes were drawn to my crotch, and I could see the fear in her eyes.

“Melody ... come around here and get a good look when momma releases my cock”.

She actually moved quicker than I expected, but still in a zoned out state.

“I want both of you to kneel here” I told them indicating the spot just in front of me.

Both of them moved into position kneeling with my crotch in line with their faces.

“Now momma I want you to release my cock ... pull my shorts down carefully”.

With some hesitation she pulled down my shorts releasing my cock with my shirts falling to around my ankles where I stepped out of them. Melody picked them up and placed them on my desk on top of her mothers dress.

“Take it momma ... grab it ... feel it ... play with it ... then I want you to suck it” I demanded of her.

She looked up at me, hoping that I was kidding I expected.

“Do it” I growled

She took me in her hand, and after some tentative play she introduced it to her mouth, running it initially across her lips before she parted them and slid me into her hot mouth. She then proceeded to give me quite a nice suck job.

“You’ve done this before” I teased her as she sucked.

“Watch your momma closely ... it might be your turn soon” I directed at Melody.

Momma went to pull away from my cock, probably to say something but I held her head in place, keeping my cock prodding at the entrance to her throat.

I stood there enjoying her suck efforts - I was in no danger of cumming yet.

“Stand up and remove your dress little girl” I demanded of Melody.

I think that I had her genuinely scared because she reacted immediately, standing and removing her dress to reveal her braless young breasts and her skimpy white g-string panties.

“Nice ... nice bod” I told her.

I beckoned her closer. She was soon standing next to me, her eyes locked on her mother as she continued to suck me. Placing a hand behind her neck I drew her into a kiss, which she initially resisted before she relaxed and actively participated in with her lips and tongue.

Melody was about the same height as her mother. You could see that they were related by their looks, but momma had the edge over her daughter in the breast size department. Nothing that a skillful surgeons knife could not fix.

I kissed her and cupped her firm young B-cup tits for a while, flicking at her now hard nipples.

Breaking the kiss, I had a wonderful thought.

“Little girl ... I want you to put on the bra and panties that are on the desk”.

She walked over to the desk, picking up the flimsy garments and touching them gently. I could see that she was contemplating my request.

“Take off your panties for me first ... I want to see your young pussy” I told her.

She put the underwear down again, and slipped off her panties showing me that she also shaved her pussy.

I beckoned her over again, asking her to stand beside me with one of her feet raised up on my chair, opening up my view of her young snatch.

“Hmmmm ... what a lovely young pussy” I commented slipping my hand under her pussy, and running a finger between her very wet lips.

“Hey momma ... your little girl has a wonderful young pussy ... and its wet too”.

She wasn’t able to answer just then, my cockshaft was embedded in her mouth and throat, her lips around the base of my shaft as she gagged slightly on it.

Melody in the meantime had dressed in the bra and panty set. The bra just lifted her young breasts, not covering anything. The panties were actually skimpy and crotchless. I got her to model for me, turning to allow me to see her beautiful firm ass.

“Come on up here momma” I said patting the side of my massive desk.

She released my cock from her oral attentions, standing up and glaring at me.

“I can still call the police if you like” I offered, hoping that she would continue to refuse my offers.

In response she sat up in the edge of my desk. I had her move back a little then lay back flat on the desktop. Her big enhanced breasts just sat upright on her chest, not even the hint of sag.

I sat back down in my chair and wheeled it forward until my face was close to her panty covered pussy.

I ran my fingers across what looked like a very wet piece of lacy material.

“Oh momma ... you are so fucking wet ... did you enjoy sucking my cock?” I asked her.

She glared back at me ... and finally she just nodded.

I pulled the gusset of her panties to the side to reveal a fleshy and very wet set of pussy lips.

“Yummy mummy ... gonna love this” I informed her sliding a finger across the wet lips and then between them. I licked my finger clean. Then I slid my tongue across her lips and then between them.

There I found a pool of her juices, very tasty ones.

I noted that Melody had moved closer and was watching my tongue action on her mother. I slipped my free hand between Melody’s thighs with my fingers finding a way between her sodden pussy lips.

I had momma squirming about on my desk as I teased her. Bringing her close to an orgasm before easing back, resting and then repeating again. I did this for about 10 minutes before I heeded her pleas to be allowed to cum.

With my attention solely focused on her clit, and a finger probing inside her mature but tight pussy, I tipped her over the orgasmic cliff into a massive cum, that splattered my face whilst her body convulsed about on the desk.

I stood up between her legs, ripping her flimsy panties off her body.

“Come her Melody ... put my cock into your mother” I commanded her.

She stepped closer, grasping my cock by the shaft. I shuffled closer, allowing my cock to lay across her naked mound.

“Put me in”

Melody repositioned my cockhead between her mothers engorged lips and at the entrance to her tight hot canal. With me in position she removed her hand, and I pushed into her mother’s tightness, slowly but firmly until my cock was buried to the balls.

“Oh fuck ... what are you doing ... it was just supposed to be a suck job” she wailed as I slowly fucked her.

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