Mamie's Elevator Problem

by harry lime

Copyright© 2016 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: It is one of those days in the big city. First, the mob scene on the subway and now the crowded elevator. Poor Mamie is beginning to feel like the most groped girl in Manhattan.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

Mamie Sweetbottom loved the fact she was only one and twenty and was told repeatedly by her friends and relatives that she was the “Cutest little thing in her tiny little bikini.” It felt nice inside to think that most of the males that were lucky enough to actually see her just walking on the street or sitting at her desk had immediate impure thoughts about showing her the secrets of carnal coupling in a crash course of depraved heated humping away from the prying eyes of others.

She knew with a certainty that the boys on the bus with their stiff resolve couldn’t help themselves when she came too close for comfort and they were forced to impress her with their silly ardor. In a way, she felt sorry for them because it was unlikely she would ever even speak to them despite their impressive tools for love-making ready to be whipped out on short notice.

The pretty young thing couldn’t understand why she didn’t have a steady boyfriend yet because even her younger sister Holly was getting her panties pulled down on a regular basis by the butcher’s son with lots of experience in satisfying young girls and even lonely housewives. He had once bragged to Mamie that he had a hard time keeping up with the added duties when he was making deliveries to the surrounding neighborhood each and every day. She had even seen his tool one day when she caught him peeing behind the garbage cans in the alley where her mother told her she was never to set foot. In all honesty she was so nervous about being in the restricted space that she lost all sense of decorum and just stared at the huge thing like it was attached to some creature from another planet. Then, she realized it was only Billy the butcher’s son and he was just as embarrassed as her.

Quickly, she adjusted the errant stocking that seemed to be constantly drooping like some signal of a girl with sloppy habits or complete lack of ladylike behavior. It was almost like it had been stretched by someone with a thicker thigh and she immediately suspected her strangely acting brother Francis of putting it on to pretend he was one of his sisters. Once she had caught him putting her treasured lipstick on his girlish lips in a spurt of creative abandon. He was shy about being caught and tried to hide his face behind his sleeve but she just twisted his arm and he looked up at her with fear in his deep blue eyes.

“Billy, you shouldn’t do something so silly. What if mom or dad caught you doing something like that? Being the only boy with five sisters is not the worst thing that could happen to you. Besides, it must be nice being a boy with all those girls to have fun with when you get bored.”

He smiled and she had to admit he did look sort of cute even though she knew for a fact he was a boy because she had seen him in the bathtub and there was no doubt of his gender.

“Don’t tell anyone, Mamie. I promise to buy you a new one at the five and ten. I got some dough from shoveling snow up on the avenue.”

He was so concerned that she felt protective and a little sorry for him because he was built more like Santa Claus than a football player and she knew most girls would just pass him by because they wouldn’t want to be considered a loser for going out with a definite “chubby”.

One of her sisters was just as fat as Billie and she was constantly crying herself to sleep every night because the other girls at school teased her about her double chin. All of the rest of them, Mamie included, were tall and slender like they were products of another father. She didn’t want to bring that subject up to her mom when her father was nearby and might get the wrong impression from her questions. It was all too obvious that Doris and Billie were the youngest and looked just like their father with his short and chunky figure. She even had the wild idea that she and her other slender sisters were either from a previous husband or maybe even “adopted” like the poor unfortunates from China.

He was so sad looking at her that she instinctively leaned over and kissed him full on the lips just to show him she had no hard feelings.

Mamie was surprised when Billie kissed her right back because he was usually so private and reserved and stayed by himself most of the time. She knew it must be difficult for him to be stuck in the middle of five sisters and him the only boy to be found. It also was strange to be getting her lipstick back on her lips from her sixteen year old brother. The truth was she hadn’t gotten much practice in kissing boys because they all seemed more interested in playing with her breasts or even fondling her ass cheeks like she was a Tenth Avenue whore. Lately, she was almost glad she wasn’t going out on dates because that was all the boys wanted and she was just not in the mood to play their game. She wanted real romance with lots of kissing and licking of her needy places with her eyes closed and her imagination running rampant about getting special attention from big-time movie actors or a fireman or a cop in full uniform demanding her compliance in slutty behavior.

She held Billie in her arms and knew he was excited because his thing was pressing right up on her legs like some real boyfriend with a “big boy” problem. Using her suspicions to convince her conscience that he was probably not a blood relation because she was probably adopted, she opened him up and let his virgin shaft loose with her curiosity inspired fingers wrapped around it like she was the sole owner of it after being kissed in the shadows of the back hallway. Billie was truly unconcerned about their being caught because his hardness felt no guilt.

She stroked him and did her best to ignore his little pot belly that spoiled his masculine appeal. She knew the little pervert was enjoying it immensely because he was feeling her backside with both his hands and even ventured to push a finger into her mysterious crack to find her back door entry. It had seemed so dirty when the boys on a date tried that sort of business, but with her familiar and not-really-her brother did it to her, it suddenly seemed deliciously exciting.

The sounds of her other sisters fighting in the bathroom made her nervous, but it served to make her even more excited. She knew they had to do it real quick before they were discovered. She fell down to her knees managing to get Billy’s tiny thing right inside her open mouth with little difficulty.

She had done this dirty deed with several of her dates and also with her middle-aged boss at the office. It was a lot more fun with her dates than the aging man. Besides, he didn’t stay hard very long.

He was a nice man but was constantly pestering all the girls that worked for him to service his aging cock with lots of young girl saliva. She didn’t mind because that was all he wanted and she just took her turn like all the others and they all kept it to themselves not wanting to admit how naughty and shameful they were to let him guide their heads in any direction he wanted just like puppets on a string.

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