Damsel in Need - Meg

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Ian was in the car park when he came upon Meg in need of assistance - she had a flat tyre, and a baby in need of its feed. He changed the tyre while she fed the baby... then she rewarded him with a nice fuck and milky breast feed in the car park.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lactation   .

Ian is a 55 year old really retiree who kept himself in good shape by regular sessions in the gym. He had just finished a workout session, and had showered and changed before heading to have some lunch.

He was having his lunch in the food court of the local shopping center when he first observed Meg and her infant son. She looked to be in her mid-twenties, tall and slim with long blonde hair, and dressed in a colorful mid-thigh length skirt and a loose fitting white top.

Her child was asleep in the pram whilst she enjoyed a coffee and cake. What attracted Ian’s attention was the view down her loose top of her full dangling breasts, when she leant over the pram.

He watched her with interest for about 10 minutes before he lost sight of her. She was finished before before he finished his lunch.

About 30 minutes later when he returned to his car in the multistory car park he was surprised to find that she was parked in the bay beside his. Her son was awake and crying, and she was pacing back and forth in front of her SUV quite agitated.

“Can I help you?” Ian asked.

Meg was having problems - she explained that her son was hungry, and she also pointed out the flat tyre on her vehicle. The car jack was missing so she couldn’t change it, and calling for help was impossible with no mobile reception in that part of the car park.

Ian offered to change the tyre using his car jack, having said that feeding a child wasn’t something that he could offer to do. He did however offer his car for her to sit in, whilst he worked on hers.

Ten minutes later, the tyre was changed, with the damaged one stowed away. Meg had just finished feeding her son, and had placed him back in his capsule inside her SUV. He was now fast asleep.

She joined Ian at the open tailgate of her vehicle, saying “Thank you very much ... I wish that I could repay you somehow”.

Ian politely declined any payment.

Meg stepped closer to Ian saying “I’ll have to give you a hug and kiss as payment then”.

She gave him a hug, pressing her full rounded breasts into his chest before moving to kiss his cheek. Ian turned his head at just the moment she went to kiss him, with the kiss landing on his lips instead.

The kiss lingered and then deepened, turning into a full on passionate meeting of lips and tongues.

Ian’s hands went to her ass, cupping her firm butt, and pulling her against his rapidly lengthening hardon.

This is Ian’s story about what happened next in the car park.

There was a hunger in the way that she kissed me, attacking my lips and my tongue, and no fear from feeling my hard cock pressed against her curvy body.

I picked her up and seated her on the back tailgate area of her SUV without breaking contact between our lips. My hands moved from her firm ass to her full breasts, cupping them and feeling their softness and weight.

She didn’t remove my hands so I chanced my fate some more by slipping the thin straps off her shoulders baring them completely. The top caught on her full breasts, and with a small amount of encouragement the top fell to around her waist leaving her bra encased breasts on full display.

The bra was quite tight fitting with the upper surfaces of her breasts bulging over the top. I suspected that they had grown somewhat as a result of still feeding her son. She probably needed a larger size bra.

Reaching around behind her, I quickly released the bra clips, setting them free. They looked magnificent - dark colored areolas and long hard nipples. Cupping them again and squeezing them resulted in leakage all over my hands.

Breathlessly we broke the kiss. She had a hungry look about her ... and it wasn’t for food I suspected. I brought my hand up to my mouth and licked her milky spend.

“Do you like?” she asked.

I responded with “Love it ... you taste amazing”. It had been many years since I had last tasted mothers milk.

She put a hand under her right breast, lifting it and offering it to me “Suck me” she whispered.

I leant over, bringing my mouth to her offered breast ... flicking the nipple with my tongue, and teasing it for a few seconds before I latched onto her breast, sucking and swallowing the sweetness of her milk.

I fed from her for what seemed like ages, becoming aware that she had slipped one of her hands between her legs. She was stroking her own pussy, and I suspected that a finger or two had parted her pussy lips.

I switched between breasts, and in doing so I confirmed that her hand was down the front of her panties.

With mouth still attached to her beautiful breasts, I used my hands to drag her skirt down over her hips and across her thighs - she helped me by lifting her ass to make the task easier. It dropped to the ground leaving her in just her brief and very wet panties.

Reluctantly I left her breasts and knelt between her thighs, pulling the gusset of her panties to the side and revealing her very wet pussy.

“Yum” I told her, bringing my lips and tongue into contact with her wetness. She did taste fantastic- tangy would be the best word to describe her taste.

She ran her fingers through my hair as I devoured her pussy juices, and teased her engorged fleshy lips. I ran my tongue from her asshole to her clit, working back and forth until she exploded all over my face.

“Oh god ... I’ve so missed that” she gasped with her body convulsing against my mouth.

I slipped a single finger into her pussy. It spasmed all around my finger as I worked it in and out of her tightness. My tongue zeroed in on her clit, resuming a dual assault on her hot core.

“What are you doing to me?” she moaned.

“So good ... oh so fucking good ... yes ... yes ... I want you to fuck me ... please” she begged.

I dragged her panties down and completely off.

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