Damsel in Need - Stacy

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Stacy was 18 and engaged to Justin. Rod was the younger brother of Justin, and the butt of much ridicule and bullying by Justin. Rod is ordered to teach Stacy to drive - she drives them to a nude beach where she discovers that Rod is hung like a horse.... and is a great fuck. At the beach she shares him with Nina who is her best friend and lover.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Cheating   Size   .

His older brother Justin is 24 years old and engaged to be married to Stacy who is just 18 years old. He is a total arsehole and a prick, and treats her like dirt.

His younger brother is Rod, but everyone calls him “Hoss”. He is unattached and playing the field at the moment.

Stacy is a petite blonde with a killer body with just the right amount of curves - a beautiful face and a personality to match. Rod had seen her in a bikini once and that scene certainly got his attention.

Rod is home from uni for the summer break, so sees very little of his older brother. He often says that little time is too much.

Stacy wants to get her drivers licence, and Justin has refused to help her with her lessons and getting some driving experience. He would rather spend the time with his mates.

“Hey shithead ... take her out for some lessons” he told Rod He was a class act when it came to talking to his younger brother.

Rod would have said “Go to hell” but that would have hurt Stacy and had absolutely no effect on Justin - so Rod organized with her for some driving experience time.

“Can I drive us to the beach ... there’s a special beach that is like to take you to” she suggested.

So it was agreed that they would trip off on Saturday morning whilst Justin went to play soccer with his mates ... and then get drunk afterwards.

This is the story of their Saturday together as told by Rod.

“You’re kidding me” I exclaimed.

Stacy had just parked and I was reading the sign which had in very big lettering “Nude Beach”. She laughed at my reaction.

“Why here?” I asked.

She smiled at me... “I figured that since you’ve been mentally undressing me for some time now that I would give you a proper look”.

I started to respond but she cut me off ... and stunned me when she said “Besides you’re not the only one who’s being doing some mental undressing”.

“You too ... huh?” was my sheepish reply.

We laughed at each other’s discomfort before we unloaded the car and headed down the pathway to the beach.

As soon as we hit the beach, I noticed groups of naked people scattered across the beach.

“This way” Stacy indicated an area further along the beach. It took us about five minutes to walk there. We laid out the beach mats and erected the shade.

“It’s reveal time” Stacy cheekily suggested as she started peeling off her clothes. I was just a little stunned and slow to react - she was soon naked and I hadn’t removed any clothing. She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips.

“Fuck ... you’re beautiful” I gasped taking in her full rounded breasts with their tan colored areola, and her hard little nipples. Gazing southwards I found a hairless mound above a set of fleshy pussy lips.

“C’mon ... you are so fucking slow” she chided me.

I peeled off my clothes ... I was a little self-conscious given that my cock was half-hard and growing at the sight of her sexy body.

“Oh wow ... it’s beautiful ... and big” she commented in reference to my cock. She again laughed at my discomfort.

“I hadn’t imagined it to be so big” she added.

Then she laughed and asked “Is that why you have the nickname Hoss ... short for horse cock?”

I was too embarrassed to reply, hoping that she would let the subject slip.

“Let’s get some lotion on before we burn” she suggested.

Stacy had a nice all-over tan which was quite nice compared to my milky white skin.

“You can do me first” she suggested handing me the bottle of lotion before laying on her front on the beach mat.

Nervously I started on her upper back before moving downwards. I hesitated when I got to her sexy ass, and had to be prompted by her with “Don’t miss anything”. She parted her legs a little and I got a fantastic view of her delicious looking pussy.

Having completed her back I tried to hand her the bottle when she turned over.

“No way ... you get to do the front too” she told me with a smirk all over her face.

I started on her tummy but once that was done I had to move onto more interesting areas like her breasts and her mound. She was enjoying watching me squirm. When I was a little slow, she took my oily hands and placed them on her breasts.

“Do them good” she commanded me. I complied with her wishes, loving the feel of her breasts and their hard nipples.

“Don’t forget my mound and thighs” was her next command.

I did as she asked ... and actually slipped a finger between her greasy pussy lips just for a second or two.

“That’s better ... I love it when you are naughty” she commented whilst directing me to lay down for my turn.

She did my back, and then turned me over. Her hands soon found their way to my cock and balls saying “We can’t let this magnificent cock get sunburnt”, taking her time to get a complete coverage of lotion.

Taking my hand Stacy said “Let’s go for a swim”.

We walked hand in hand down to the waters edge. Soon we were standing in thigh deep water allowing the surf to wash against our bodies. It pushed us together often, with both accidental and intentional touches of our bodies.

Stacy upped the ante when she grasped my cock, and held it whilst we stood together in the surf. Soon we were standing chest to chest, her beautiful breasts pressed against my chest ... and our lips and tongues exploring each other.

We remained in the surf for ages. With my cock in her hand, she ran the cockhead across her fleshy pussy lips and her clit. She was getting excited ... and so was I.

Finally we decided to leave the surf and headed back to our mats and shelter. She led me back ... holding onto my cock.

“Lets go get an ice cream” she suggested.

Soon we were walking back along the beach arm in arm with my now half-hard cock bobbling about in the breeze. Every so often Stacy would stop, embrace me and kiss me passionately. I got the distinct feeling that she was showing me off to the other beach goers.

With our multiple stops along the way, it took a little while to arrive at the ice cream van. Almost immediately Stacy squealed and yelled when she found a girl friend there. She dragged me over to introduce me to her friend.

“Rod ... this is my bestie Nina” Stacy informed me, slipping her arm around the skinny girls waist. Nina was a brunette with short wavy hair, a cute face, a set of apple-sized breasts and a trimmed mound.

They hugged and kissed for a moment - kissing on the lips, which got my attention. Then Nina hugged and kissed me too, holding the hug just a little longer than probably necessary, but long enough to get a good feel of my cock against her mound.

The girls chatted for a while whilst I purchased the ice creams.

“See you later” Stacy told Nina as we headed back to our spot licking on our cold delights.

We laid down on our beach mats facing each other ... her hand immediately grasping my cock in a firm but gentle grip. Our lips and tongues came back together with my hands cupping her full rounded breasts.

Stacy wiggled closer and closer until my cockhead was again touching her clit. She used me to tease her little pleasure button. I slipped a hand behind her to grab at her firm ass which had the effect of moving her closer still. My cock was now running back and forth between her very wet pussy lips.

“Roll onto your back” Stacy asked me.

Carefully I rolled and she followed me, now laying on top of me with my cock poised between her very wet pussy lips. Then she pushed down ... sliding my long fat cock into her tightness.

“Fuck me ... you’re hot” I gasped.

“But we shouldn’t be doing this ... you’re going to marry my brother”.

My cock was overriding the logic of my brain ... it was burrowing deeper into her tightness.

“Not anymore ... as of last night it’s all off” she told me holding up her hand to show me her bare ring finger.

“I told him that he needed a mother ... not a wife. He didn’t like that”.

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