A Wild New Year's

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2016 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: Samantha goes out with her friend and boyfriend for New Years Eve. She feels like a third wheel and looks for her own fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Fiction   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Big Breasts   .

Samantha Egan had no date for New Year’s Eve. Her girlfriend Joanna had invited her to a party at an upscale club with her and her boyfriend. Samantha really didn’t want to go, but also didn’t want to be sitting watching the ball drop eating a pint of Ben and Jerry ice cream. Samantha was in a dry spell. She hadn’t been out with a guy for a very long time.

She was starting to think her vagina was dried up. These days, her boyfriend is her vibrator Bob. He never disappoints her. He’s always rock hard and always makes her come. Not a bad boyfriend for her, except Bob, couldn’t kiss her at midnight when the New Year’s Eve ball would drop.

Joanna finally convinced her to go out. She didn’t want to disappoint her friend. Her friend even said she had a big surprise for her. She was hoping the surprise might be one of her boyfriend’s hot friends.

Samantha went to the salon the day before and got her pussy and underarms waxed. She was hoping that maybe she’d get lucky and be taken out of this very long and tedious dry spell she had been in.

Playing with Bob was about the only way her pussy had an orgasm. Samantha would fuck herself about ten times a day. She loved feeling herself come and loved tasting her sweet pussy juices. But, she really missed sucking on men’s cocks. Men loved that she liked to swallow. Samantha missed the taste of cum.

She hadn’t tasted cum from a guy’s dick in over a year. She was starting to think she could even be a lesbian. Several times, while masturbating, she’d watch two women make love. Samantha’s pussy would explode while watching two women lick each other into orgasmic bliss. She often wondered how it would feel to make love to a woman. Samantha wasn’t picky. A man or a woman wanting to be with her would be a delightful experience. Samantha was starved for sex. She was hoping to get laid in some capacity.

In preparation of the big event, Samantha took Bob out of the drawer and went into the bathtub for a nice soak. She opened her long legs over the tub and pushed Bob into her wet pussy. She fucked herself harder and faster, while she rested in a tub of bubbles. There was nothing like having a nice stiff one up your snatch. Bob was always ready to help Samantha come. Samantha was growing tired of not feeling another person next to her to love her. Just having orgasms were fun, but she missed the kissing and the closeness of another person.

Samantha came several times in the bathtub. She put Bob down and soaped up her large breasts. She loved playing with her big boobs. She had beautiful large and very full breasts. She really wished that somebody would hold and caress them tonight. She was hoping to get laid and didn’t care if it was a man or a woman that wanted her tonight. She often fantasized about several men fucking her. Samantha fantasized about being on a large bed with a group of men fucking her in every hole. The thought of being abused by strangers often excited Samantha too.

Sometimes she’d fantasize about having a master and she’d be the slave. That seemed like a very exciting and different kind of a lifestyle that she might be interested in. She masturbated thinking about being being used as a slut and dominated by her master. She didn’t care about who fucked and used her. The thoughts that ran around in her brain would probably shock most people. Samantha was desperate to have sex. She didn’t ever think about calling an escort to fuck her yet. At this rate, she might do that in the new year.

Samantha got out of the bathtub and wrapped a towel around her fit and tight body. She grabbed her brush and brushed her hair and then ran her pick through her curly hair. She sat at her vanity table and squeezed moisturizer onto her hand and rubbed it all over her face. She plucked her eyebrows and applied eyeliner to her eyelids. She made the line very dramatic for a festive look. She dusted eyeshadow onto her brush and applied it to her lid. She lined her lips and used lipstick to fill in. She looked beautiful.

She walked over to her dresser drawers and pulled out stockings. She sat on her bed and pulled the stockings up to her waist and worked the hose to correctly be on her leg. She went over by her closet and pulled out a hot little black dress. She went back to her drawers and pulled out a black lacy bra and black thong. She put her intimates on and pulled the dress over her head.

She walked over to the mirror and admired herself in the mirror. She went downstairs to her kitchen and poured a glass of wine and enjoyed a drink waiting for Joanna and her boyfriend to pick her up. Samantha wondered what the surprise was. She also hoped that there would be other single people at the club. She was going to be very opened minded about any situation that might come up. Samantha was a very attractive person. She knew that something interesting would happen. She just wasn’t sure of all the details.

Her cell phone rang and there was a message from Joanna. She said they were driving up into her complex and to be waiting outside. Samantha grabbed her coat and her evening bag and waited outside. A black stretch limo pulled in front of Samantha. Her friend had the window pulled down.

“Samantha, do you love our sweet ride?” Joanna said.

“What a great surprise!” Samantha answered her.

“Get in here girl! Joanna remarked.”

Samantha got into the limo and Joanna and her boyfriend Mark were sipping champagne and having a great time. Sadly, there was no friend of Mark’s sitting in the limo for Samantha. Samantha tried not to cry or to breakdown. She hated being the third wheel with Joanna and her boyfriend. She wanted to please her friend and went out with them.

“Samantha, you look great girl!” Mark said happily to Samantha.

“You guys look fabulous as always.” Samantha said to Joanna and Mark.”

“Do you want some champagne?” Joanna asked her friend.”

“Sure,” Samantha replied.

Joanna poured some champagne in a flute for her friend. Mark and Joanna were holding hands and kissing while Samantha just sat sipping her champagne. Samantha was hoping that they both weren’t going to make out, while Samantha sat there. Samantha already felt a little weepy and knew if her friend let her boyfriend fuck her right in the limo, that would make her uncomfortable.

Thankfully, they just kissed each other. The limo driver had arrived at the club and pulled in front of the establishment. He opened his door and got out and walked over to the door in the back of the limo and opened it for Joanna and her friends. Joanna and Mark got out first and Samantha got out after them.

The trio walked into the crowd, Mark pulled them both along and flashed some card and the bouncer let them all in. Mark knew lots of people, which excited his girlfriend. When she was out with him, she felt very important. Mark took the girls to the bar and started a tab. He ordered a few bottles of champagne and many shots. He told the bartender to have the drinks taken over to the VIP area.

Mark grabbed Joanna and Samantha’s hands and brought them over to the VIP area. They sat on leather couches in the VIP area. Mark was talking with friends and Joanna and Samantha sat down and drank the shots that were on the table.

“Why don’t we dance, Samantha? I bet there will be lots of hot guys wanting to dance with you.”

Joanna grabbed her friends hand and they went to the dance floor. The music was loud and the two friends danced together and were laughing and having a great time. Mark came down by the dance floor and grabbed Joanna’s hand and danced with her closely. His hands were all over her. Samantha continued dancing. Although, there were mostly couples dancing together. Samantha was feeling sad and wished she’d never had gone out. Joanna and Mark were dirty dancing and weren’t paying attention to Samantha. They hadn’t noticed that Samantha had walked away. Samantha went to the powder room to fix her make-up.

Samantha walked into the Ladies lounge and saw some woman sprawled out on the couch getting her pussy licked by some woman that looked like a man. The woman was screaming in pleasure. Samantha looked at them while walking over by the mirrors.

Samantha wondered if the woman performing oral sex was a man or a woman. They could pass as either. Whatever they were doing to the woman on the couch was making her moan and scream. Samantha was turned on and went into one of the stalls. Samantha pulled up her dress and pulled down her stockings and thong. She pushed her finger into her pussy and fucked herself in the stall, while listening to the woman screaming in pleasure.

Samantha was fucking herself silly. Her pussy was making all kinds of juicy noises while she fingered herself hard and fast. Samantha flushed the toilet many times hoping that nobody would get the idea that she was fucking herself in the stall.

After she made herself come, the butch girl was standing over by the mirror.

“I can smell your pussy in this bathroom. How about you let me lick you into orgasm.”

Samantha just stood looking at the women with a strange look on her face. She wasn’t sure what to think.

“I can smell your pussy. It certainly smells much different then the girl I’ve been munching on. How about you come over to my table and have a drink with me? I noticed you all alone tonight.”

Samantha was horny and was really wondering if she was a he or a she. She knew she was good at licking cunt. She was bored and lonely and looking for a little fun. Joanne and Mark were too busy to even notice where Samantha went.

“That would be fun, Samantha said looking at the butch girl.”

“I’m Tabitha. It’s so nice to make your acquaintance. I bet you have a real girlie name. You’re quite a knock out. I noticed you when you were dancing with your friends. You have a tight little body. I’m shocked you’re alone tonight.”

“Samantha is my name. You’re much too kind. Haven’t had a date in a long time.”

“It’s your lucky night tonight. I’m going to bring you to the moon and back. Get ready, you’ll never want another man again.”

“Where did the other girl go?” Samantha asked.

“She was a little too drunk and young for my taste. She was just some whore that offered her body up for some drinks. She’s not a fox like you. I was just playing around with her. Honey, you’re prime A meat. I’d sure like a taste of you.”

Tabitha giggled which made Samantha giggle. The two women walked out of the bathroom. Tabitha took Samantha to where she was sitting. She pulled out her seat and Samantha sat down. Tabitha poured Samantha some champagne and made a toast to the two of them. Samantha took out her phone and texted her friend. She told her she met somebody and was sitting in the back with her. Joanne must have been busy with Mark because she never texted back.

Samantha drank a lot of champagne and other mixed drinks. Tabitha moved closer to her and they shared a passionate kiss. Their tongues danced in each of their mouths. Tabitha was wearing a pant suit and looked manly in it. She wore no make-up, but was attractive in her own way. Samantha liked that she was paying her lots of attention. Samantha felt like a lonely girl. So meeting Tabitha was boosting her self image of herself. She wondered what might happen in the evening.

“Let’s get out of here. I’ve got a room up the street. It’s time to get busy and ring in the new year. Would you like to be with me tonight?”

Samantha giggled.

“Sure. If you’re okay with being with me.”

“I sure am. I can’t wait to be alone with you. Lets go!”

The girls giggled and walked out of the club. Tabitha hailed a cab and the women got into it. Tabitha kissed Samantha several times in the cab. Samantha felt giddy and excited about the night. She hadn’t had something fun happen in quite awhile. She was hoping for some hot sex.

“It will be New Year’s in a couple of hours. I know being with you will be the start of a great year.” Tabitha said while feeling her boobs in the back of the cab.

The cab driver stopped and Tabitha payed the bill. She took Samantha’s hand and they walked into the hotel. They walked inside and over by the elevators. Tabitha pressed the button and the couple got into the elevator. Samantha was nervous and excited all at once. She was drunk and horny and wanting to be pleasured. She wondered if Tabitha would make her return the favor. The elevator stopped and Tabitha grabbed Samantha’s hand and they walked out of the elevator towards her room. Tabitha opened the door and they walked inside. The room was spacious with a hot tub in the corner of the room.

Tabitha called down to room service and ordered several bottles of champagne, chocolate and strawberries. She planned on seducing Samantha in every way.

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