Damsels in Need - Mary and Holly

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Mary and Holly were mother and daughter. Mary was divorced from Toby. Kevin was their long-time next door neighbour, and had lost his wife suddenly. Mary and Kevin discover their sexual needs were best addressed together; then Holly became involved making for a very interesting threesome.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Size   .

Kevin and June, Toby and Mary moved into their new homes in the gated community within days of each other. Toby and Mary were newly married, whilst Kevin and June had been married for 15 years at the time.

June adopted Mary as the daughter that she hadn’t been able to conceive herself. They spent an enormous amount of time together. Kevin became a father figure for her too.

On the other hand Toby was a loner who kept to himself, ignoring all attempts by Kevin and June to become closer friends. June had been there for Mary when she had given birth to Holly, and helped the new mother enormously.

It was an enormous shock to All of them when June died suddenly about seven years after they first met (when Holly was just 6 years old).

Mary took it very hard, almost as hard as her husband Kevin. After a while he found Mary now confiding in him where previously she had talked to June. He learnt that her marriage to Toby wasn’t in good shape, and in particular there had been no intimacy for years.

Just after Holly turned 12, Kevin was troubled when he returned home to find Mary sitting on his front stairs with tears streaming down her cheeks. Seeing this beautiful young blonde mother in tears really tugged on his heart strings ... and also gave him the start of an erection

Mary was beautiful, tall and slim, except for her DD breasts that he had felt numerous times pressed clothed against his chest in the last few years. She had been the subject of quite a few of his masturbation fantasies since his wife had died.

For hours he held her close as she poured out her heart, telling of the disintegration of her marriage to Toby.

The last straw had happened that morning when Toby declared his love for his workmate Steve. Yep ... Toby had been having issues with his sexuality, and after much indecision he had decided to be honest with Mary.

She had felt betrayed and lied to, and had asked him to leave which he had done that morning.

Kevin had been a good friend and provided the shoulder for her to cry on that morning. He was absolutely stunned when she asked him to make love to her. She had been sexually deprived for years, and she needed to feel wanted and desired.

After much discussion they did retire to his bedroom where Kevin showed Mary the benefits of age, and a very active sex life with his late wife June. The encounters became a regular thing between them.

Kevin looked after her sexual needs during the day when Holly was at school, and was the perfect neighbor at all other times. They had a “friends with benefits” type of relationship.

This is the story of Kevin’s relationship with Mary.

“Fuck me ... fuck me hard” moaned Mary as she leant forward against the side of the car.

She had her dress up around her waist with her bare breasts pressed against the hood of the car. She was wiggling and pushing her shapely ass back against Kevin’s crotch. Mary had become quite used to her little pussy being filled and stretched by his monster.

They had been lovers now for four years, since the day that she told Toby to leave the home and marriage to be with his gay lover.

Mary was left to raise her daughter Holly, who was now a beautiful young lady of 16 years of age. She was in boarding school - a choice of both mother and daughter.

Kevin and Mary had just parked in the airport car park on the way to collecting Holly and a friend who were coming for the two week summer break from school. Holly loved her “uncle” Kevin and had asked if he was coming to the airport to collect her.

They had arrived a little earlier than planned hence the fuck session in the public car park.

Mary’s appetite for sex had been insatiable in the last 12 hours.

They had met another couple (Tyrone and Lana) at a hotel the night before, and that had turned into a partner swapping orgy. Mary had got to experience her first double penetration, and her first big black cock (in her pussy and her ass) - Kevin’s cock actually shaded the black one for size.

The other memorable first for Mary was eating pussy for the first time - a black pussy attached to a beautiful young mother who was still lactating. Both Kevin and Mary got to feed from her enormous breasts.

Kevin’s mind drifted back to the previous evening as he watched his cock slamming back and forth into Mary’s tightness.

Kevin was laying on the bed, with Mary’s pussy impaled on his rigid cock. Tyrone had just slipped his greased-up cock into her ass, and they were just starting to develop a fuck rhythm that was driving Mary crazy.

Lana was sitting in the head of the bed, thighs wide open with her shaved black pussy within easy reach of Mary’s mouth. She drew her closer until Mary’s lips contacted the wetness of that ebony pussy.

“Lick me” growled Lana.

Mary didn’t hesitate ... she thrust her tongue into the pink channel that peeked from within the black pussy lips, licking up the wetness and foraging within the tight pussy canal for more.

After Mary had licked her for a while, Lana fed one of her enormous black breasts to Mary. The moans and groans told me that Mary was doing an admirable job in emptying those breasts.

“Don’t forget me” Kevin chimed in. He was wanting to feed too.

“Oh ... aghhhhhhhhh ... oh fuck” growled Mary as she orgasmed all around his embedded spear.

“Come in me baby” she moaned.

Kevin had been on the edge for a little while - her orgasm and his memories of the night before tipped him over the orgasmic cliff, squirting a large load of his hot creamy cum into her spasming pussy.

“Oh yes ... I love that feeling” she moaned as they slowed their fucking to a stop.

Kevin withdrew slowly, and rezipped his shorts whilst Mary attended to her dress. That’s all she had to deal with - she had come out braless and without panties.

Once presentable they walked hand in hand to the terminal to await the arrival of Holly and her friend.

On reaching the gate, Mary whispered to Kevin “Your cum is trickling down the inside of my thigh”.

Kevin’s response was just so funny “That’s what you get for being so greedy ... and unable to wait”.

“Mummy!!!!!” Holly screamed as she launched herself at her mother, hugging and kissing.

After a short while, she launched herself at Kevin, pressing her big bra less breasts against his chest with her arms looping around his neck. She kissed him on the cheek and whispered “Thank you for looking after my mum ... she looks amazing and so happy”.

Then she licked his earlobe before releasing him.

Kevin was very puzzled, and just a little turned on by the show of affection from the little girl that he had watched grow into this beautiful young woman ... with breasts as big as her mother. Now free of her, Kevin got to check out the friend.

“Oh god” he muttered under his breath. She was the perfect oriental doll - tall and slim with just subtle curves ... and breasts with really hard nipples from the look of her shirt. Braless too ... just like Holly.

Holly introduced her friend Mae to her mother and Kevin, with both getting a huge hug and a cheek kiss. The feeling of her hard nipples against his chest helped put some steel back into his cock. Kevin was sure that she could feel his cock pressed against her during the hug.

Oh ... and she licked his earlobe too.

The group headed back to the car park and made their way home.

It was nearing midnight when Kevin felt a warm naked body slip into his bed.

“What are you doing here?” he asked knowing that Mary was planning on spending the the night in her own home with the girls.

Mary cuddled up to him, pressing her full breasts against his chest and slipping her hand around his hard cock.

“Holly sent me over here ... she told me to go spend the night where I normally spent it ... she’s known that we’ve been lovers for some time” Mary explained.

They kissed passionately whilst Mary played with his cock. Satisfied that he was hard enough she mounted his cock and impaled herself on his thick shaft.

“Fuck I love that feeling” she groaned as she pitched up and down in ever lengthening fuck strokes, until her pussy was slapping hard down against his groin.

“Fuck me ... fuck me baby” she wailed.

After a couple of minutes Kevin flipped her over onto her back and continued to plough her beautiful pussy with his lance.

“Gonna cum ... cumming soon” he growled just before they both exploded in a massive cum.

They slept entwined for the rest of the night.

The lovers were woken to noises from the kitchen, and the unmistakeable aroma of fresh coffee and cooked food. Throwing on some clothes they joined the girls in the kitchen where they both received big hugs and kisses.

It was a delicious breakfast ... made all the more enjoyable by the sight of three braless ladies with hard nipples just hidden by thin shirts.

After dining, the ladies volunteered to clean up whilst Kevin did some urgent work in his study. The ladies were going to have a swim whilst he worked.

After about half an hour, Kevin had finished his work, and had returned to his bedroom to dress in his swim shorts. He headed to the pool ... and was very surprised to find three very beautiful ladies wearing nothing but tiny bikini bottoms.

He felt that all his dreams had come true - he so wanted to see naked the youthful breasts that had been pressed into his chest numerous times since yesterday. The surprise was young Mae - she had the smallest breasts (probably a B cup) but her long dark nipples were pierced.

His eyes drifted across to Holly ... he found her breasts to be the equals of her mother. And he knew just how they felt when he fucked her.

When he moved to join them on the chairs, Holly asked for the sun tan lotion from the table.

He picked up the bottle and handed it to Holly.

“C’mon she needs it spread on her ... she needs your cream” Mary told him.

The possible double meaning to Mary’s comment was not lost on him, but the situation told him that it was just Mary being Mary.

Holly rolled over onto her back, presenting a firm naked ass to his gaze.

“Don’t miss any ... I don’t want anything to burn” she told him cheekily as he started to apply the lotion on her upper back. When he hesitated when it came to her ass, Holly chided him “Cmon ... it won’t bite you”.

When he was done, she rolled back over thrusting her substantial breasts in his direction. She laughed at his discomfort.

“My turn now” piped up Mae.

Her skin was silky smooth, and when he was applying the lotion to her ass she spread her legs a little giving him a closeup view of her petite little pussy and asshole - the swim suit bottom did nothing to cover anything.

Next to be oiled up was Mary. She teased him unmercifully, and even groped his cock in full view of the girls.

The rest of the afternoon passed with horseplay in the pool, with the ladies taking every opportunity to press their bare breasts against his chest, and for some girl on girl contact which interested him significantly.

Dinner was done by the pool with the ladies staying half naked.

The ladies headed back to Mary’s house with Kevin having a shower and then retiring for the evening.

It was about 11 PM when a warm naked body slid into bed with him, pressing her ample breasts into his back, and wrapping her hand around his growing cock. He knew immediately by the smell that this wasn’t Mary, and judging by the size of the breasts then this was definitely Holly.

“Holly ... what are you doing here?” he gasped.

She continued to stroke his cock for a few more moments before she responded “Mummy told me to come over her and make good on my teasing today”.

He knew that would be the truth - that was something that Mary would say and do.

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