The Plane: a Chance Encounter

by De Von

Copyright© 2016 by De Von

Erotica Sex Story: Two people meet on a plane on the way to a Central American vacation, and strike up an interesting discussion about the mile high club. Turns out things might be a little more interesting than they anticipated.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cream Pie   Pregnancy   .

He boarded the plane and settled in for the flight to Belize City. It would be a little over 2 hours before they got there. Just when he thought the seat next to him would be empty, a pleasant looking woman came down the aisle, located the number, and settled in next to him. She gave a brief nod before pulling out a book and starting to read.

He slipped his shades on and put his ear buds in place. He appeared to be sleeping, but in reality he was people watching. It was one of his favorite hobbies. The micro cameras on the shades could see forward and back, giving him a good view of everyone around him. He started with his row mate. She looked to be about 30, and in pretty good shape. She was about 5 feet tall, and probably weighed 130 pounds. She was pleasant, but not what he would call exceptionally beautiful. She was engrossed in her book, and he moved on.

After a while he began to notice the woman acting strangely. As he watched he saw her breathing increase, and she was starting to wiggle in her seat, rocking ever so slightly, with one hand holding her book and another under the blanket in her lap. “What is she reading?” he wondered. Whatever it is, it has her stirred up. He could tell she was getting close, and wondered if she would give herself away when she came. He glanced over at her book, and saw the page she was reading and saw that it was a story about the ‘mile high club’ and one woman’s initiation into it. He had an idea, and decided to interrupt her reverie before she climaxed.

“Are you a member?” he whispered to her as he leaned over close.

“What!? Uh... , no” she stammered, surprised that he had noticed. “I’ve never had the opportunity” she went on, unbidden. “My husband was always afraid of getting caught and being embarrassed. That was just his personality. It’s part of the reason I left him last year. And really, what qualifies one to be a member? Is it any act, only certain things? It’s not like there’s a lot of info or ‘rules’ floating around out there.”

“Well, it’s sort of an underground club,” he began. “It’s all about intercourse. Actual sex. In past days, membership was marked by ultimate completion.”

“Ultimate completion?” she asked. “What did that mean? My name’s Carrie, by the way. What’s yours?”

“John,” he replied. “Ultimate completion meant finishing inside, or, for a woman, letting the guy come in her, whether she had birth control or not. The highest honor of membership was if they didn’t know each other, and she wasn’t on anything. Taking chances, ya know?”

“Wow!” she smiled. “Wonder how many mile-high-babies are out there?”

“Hard to know” he replied. “Of course, these days, after the rise of AIDS, condoms have become acceptable. But not required” he finished.

“So. Are you a member?” she asked.

“Not yet, but we could both join today. If you’re up for some excitement, that is.”

“I’m scared of diseases,” she said. “Do you have protection? If it was needed, I mean. And besides, how would we manage it. I always thought of the lavatory, but they are so small these days. I swear they used to be bigger. And obviously we can’t just go at it right here.”

“I do,” John answered, before going on. “These days most folks sneak into the lav. Yes, it’s small, but it can be done.”

“Do tell,” Carrie said. “I’m curious how that would work.”

“I would go first, and you follow me and stand like you’re waiting in line,” John started. “I would go in and sit with my pants down. Put my condom on, for you,” he smiled at her as he said this, “cause I want it to be a great experience for you. Then I would unlock the door. That would be your sign to come in. Having removed your panties at the seat, if you’re wearing any (another smile), you would step in with your back to me and lock the door. Then all you have to do is sit in my lap and enjoy,” he grinned at her, and reached up to caress her breast thru her shirt. “Feeling a trip to the back coming on?”

“I need to finish, and I probably need a bit more cover than this seat and blanket,” she said. “And I haven’t been laid since I left Bill, so if you have protection, lead the way and let’s have some fun.” She returned his smile and caressed his growing cock thru his trousers.

John pulled his bag from under the seat in front of him and opened it. He showed her the condom package before palming it and getting up to move toward the back of the plane. Carrie noticed it was a good brand and an ultrathin, and was impressed. This guy was apparently sensitive to his partner’s needs. She watched him move past her and head down the aisle. She was almost trembling with excitement, and was still amped up from reading and stroking herself earlier.

After a few seconds, she got up and headed down the aisle behind John, just in time to see him close the lavatory door, tossing her a smile as he did so. (I’m about to screw a complete stranger, ) she thought to herself, (and I’m actually excited and looking forward to it!) Meanwhile, in the lavatory, John quickly pulled his pants and briefs down, freeing his hardening cock. He was looking forward to getting inside Carrie and the release it would bring. He opened the condom wrapper and discarded it after pulling the condom out. He held the tip and rolled the condom down over his now solidly erect cock. Then he pulled a pair of PVC nail clippers from his pocket and carefully clipped the end off of the reservoir tip. (She will get a true initiation) he thought with a smile, knowing she would have to look very closely to see what he had done and counting on the fact that she would only glance to be sure the condom was there. Settling onto the seat, he flipped the latch open, so it would read “available” on the outside.

Seeing the latch, Carrie took a deep breath, opened the door and quickly stepped sideways into the lavatory before anyone saw her. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at John, noticing the condom on his erect cock. She nodded her head toward his crotch. “Thanks for indulging me. I’m sure you’re clean, but I’m not on anything.” (And it’s my fertile time, she continued to herself). She slipped the latch to ‘locked’ and steadied herself with her hands on the sink and the door before reaching and pulling her skirt up around her waist. She had already removed her panties, as John had suggested, and now he saw her tight bottom and her smoothly shaved pussy, glistening with moisture. He put his hands on her hips to guide her as she moved back toward him, bending her knees to sit in his lap.

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