The Allotment

by lucyB

Copyright© 2016 by lucyB

Erotica Sex Story: Hubby persuades his wife to fuck another man while at the allotment.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   First   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   .

“I went to the allotment today, dear,” Sarah revealed as her husband sat at the small dinner table.

Sarah sat opposite and started to eat her dinner with her husband Allen.

“Have the rabbits got to the vegetables yet?”

“No not yet the small fence you put up has kept them at bay for the time being. They’ve devastated several other plots thought,” Sarah went on as she ate, “I had a go at weeding that plot we’re resting when Derrick made some very suggestive remarks to me.”

“What did he say?” Allen asked curiously. He’d seen Derrick eyeing up Sarah on several occasions while they worked the allotment.

“Well, he’s been chatting me up for the past six weeks or more. Today, though he came on really strong and invited me into his shed where he wants to show me his special tool!”

Allen chuckled. “You sure he’s not just playing around with you, I mean ‘special tool’ it’s a bit corny.”

Sarah smiled too, “Yeah I know. It’s just that he came on really strong and wouldn’t let it rest. He just kept coming back over to me on any pretext and asked over and over again.”

“If he’s pestering you I’ll speak to him if you want?”

“No, I don’t want to make a scene.”

Allen continued to eat his meal and pondered on what his wife had said. For some time, Allen had harboured the fantasy of his wife going with another man, which he’d shared with Sarah. He’d never thought it might be an older man that could achieve his dream. Derrick was an old codger who worked his plot to give himself something to do in his retirement. When Allen and Sarah got the plot next to Derrick’s the old boy must have thought his luck had changed with a young good-looking woman next door.

“What are you going to do the next time he approaches you?” Dick asked as he finished his meal.

“Don’t know, laugh it off like I’ve done up till now,” Sarah said also finishing her meal, “It’s obvious what sort of tool he wants to show me.”

“Is it?” Allen asked with wry smile.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, he’s got an above average cock.”

Sarah looked shocked, “How on earth do you know that?”

“The other week I noticed Derrick was taking a piss beside his hut and saw it. It definitely was above average.”

“And that’s where it’s going to stay - in his trousers. I’m thirty-one years old; he must be going on seventy.”


“Look I know we’ve discussed this scenario with another man but I was expecting to be doing it with someone closer to our ages, not someone old enough to be my Granddad.”

“Okay, as I’ve said we won’t do anything until you’re comfortable with it and not before.”

“I’m flattered that he finds me attractive enough to flirt with me but that’s as far as it’s going to go.”

Eight weeks later Allen came home from work early for a change and parked his car behind Sarah’s car. On entering the house, he found Sarah sitting at the kitchen table drinking a coffee.

“Hi sweetie how’ve you been?” he asked as he put his case down and removed his jacket, “You been to the allotment today?”

“I’m fine, it’s been a lovely day,” she replied, got up and made Allen a coffee, “I went to the allotment this morning.”

“I’ll get changed and we can go back and do some more, what do you say?”

“Yes, if you want, Derrick’s back!”

“Is he now?”

“Huh huh,” Sarah placed Allen’s coffee on the table and sat.

“I asked him where he’d been, he said he’d been in hospital for an operation on his back and he’s okay now.”

“Blimey is he ok to work on his allotment?” Allen asked concerned.

“Apparently, but he was more interested in knowing if I’d made up my mind to see his special tool.”

“I see, what did you say?”

“Nothing really, I just said don’t be silly and laughed it off telling him that I have my own special tool.”

“That was nice what did he say to that?”

“Nothing, all the time I was there though he wouldn’t leave me alone. He was becoming very persistent so I came home.”

“Look, I don’t mind having a few words with him if he’s becoming a pest,” Allen suggested seriously.

“No, it’ll be okay I’m sure he’ll get the message one day.”

“Hmm, maybe you should call his bluff?”

“What go along with his suggestion?” She was clearly shocked at her husband’s remark.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to learn if you agreed to see his special tool he’d run the other way. Men are sometimes like that all mouth and no back bone.”

“But what if he doesn’t – it’s a bit of a risk isn’t it?”

“Maybe, if it starts to get out of hand then just walk away.”

“That could be easier said than done,” Sarah said concerned.

“Look it’s probably a load of banter or flirtation so don’t worry too much about it.”

Sarah wasn’t so sure; she gave her husband a weak smile and finished her coffee.

The day had been warm and Sarah was wearing shorts and a loose-fitting top with no bra. She didn’t have to wear a bra, as her tits were small and very firm.

As they arrived at the allotment, Allen noticed Derrick was putting his tools away and preparing to go home. As soon as he spotted Sarah he came out of his little shed with a spade in his hand.

As they passed the old man to get to their plot the lecher didn’t take his eyes off Sarah. Allen could see his eyes moving from her tits to her crotch and back again as he couldn’t decide what to look at first her jiggling tits or the tightness of her shorts.

“How you doing, Derrick you better now?” Allen asked as he came up to him.

“Yeah, quite good really,” Derrick replied.

“I expect the rest you got in Hospital made a lot of difference?”

“Did me the world of good, Allen I’m raring to go now, girding up me loins as they say.”

Allen laughed, “So you’re raring to go are you; real horny like?”

“Sure am, Allen I’m hornier now than I’ve ever been.”

“You need to find yourself a woman to satisfy that horniness?”

Derrick gave wry smile, “Well I’m working on that at the moment,” he said as he unashamedly looked at Sarah.

Allen watched him and realised that he really was after his wife. He could see the lust in his eyes as he watched Sarah’s arse while she bent over putting some tools on the ground.

“Well I suppose I’d better get on,” Allen said bringing Derrick’s mind back to reality.

“You’ve got a fine woman there, Allen.”

“Thanks, Derrick I think she’s a real stunner.”

“That’s for sure,” Derrick agreed still watching Sarah.

“So, who’s this woman you’re working on then?” Derrick asked.

“Oh, she’s a stunner as well, but she’s so far refused to play.”

“Why’s that then Derrick; a strapping mature man like yourself shouldn’t have difficulties in getting a good woman.”

Yeah right,” he replied flippantly, “Woman of my age are only after someone to sit and watch TV with and reminisce. The young ones only want you for your money and the ones in-between don’t even look at you; they’re either too busy looking after the kids or are so neurotic about keeping up with the fashion that they don’t even have the inclination to even look at an old codger like me.”

“There’s plenty of fish out there, Derrick you just haven’t found it yet.”

“Hmm,” he replied as he looked at Allen then back at Sarah. She was still sorting out the tools we’d bought with us.

“Well I’ve got work to do, see you later.”

Derrick grunted.

Allen joined Sarah and they set about the tasks in hand. Allen kept his eye on Derrick as time ticked away and he was doing very little with the spade in his hand. He could see the old man was openly staring at Sarah and when she bent that bit further to pull out a stubborn weed, her top fell forward revealing a lot of tit. Derrick’s eyes would nearly pop out of his head.

Allen then glanced over at Derrick’s tomatoes and called to him, “Hey Derrick, your tom’s look a bit droopy don’t they need a drink?”

The old man looked at his plants and called back, “You’re right, Allen I’d better go down to the standpipe and get some water.”

Without further ado, he picked up two watering cans and headed for the standpipe at the southern end of the allotment.

“Sarah how about I leave you alone to see what happens?” Allen suggested.

“I don’t know, Allen I’m not sure I want to do it.”

Allen ignored her hesitancy, “How about I leave, drive up the road a bit and then walk back and come in from the other entrance Derrick won’t see me I’ll be shielded by the huts over there. I’ll be able to sneak back and keep an eye on things.”

“Honestly, I don’t know, Allen. I wasn’t expecting it to happen like this.”

“Come on we have to be quick he’ll be back soon!”

Sarah looked at her husband anxiety written all over her face. Allen kept looking down the allotment for Derrick and then back at Sarah. They were silent as he allowed his wife a few moments to think it over.

“He’s coming,” said Allen looking at his wife.

Sarah just nodded her head and went back to weeding.

Derrick was back and watering his Tomatoes. After allowing a couple of minutes to pass Allen spoke in a voice loud enough for Derrick to hear, “I’ve got to pop home, sweetheart forgot a couple of things.”

Allen leaves the plot and walks hastily to the car. He saw the old man watch him drive away, he drove out of sight and parked up. He doubled back on foot and entered the allotment where he said he would. The sheds on this side of the allotment hid him from Derrick’s view. He was now just seconds away from watching Sarah take up Derrick’s offer of seeing his ‘special tool’.

He was about to move closer to Derrick’s hut when a voice called to him, “Hello there, Allen how are you?”

Allen spun round thinking he’d been discovered. Instead, he found fellow gardener, Jack Chapman whom he hadn’t seen for over a week.

“Hi, Jack.”

“Where you been lately young man?”

“Nowhere just work and that.”

“You know that Birch Sap wine I was brewing?” Jack whispered as if it were a state secret.

“Yeah,” Allen replied wanting to move on to Derrick’s hut.

“Well it’s ready for tasting, thought you’d like to be the first.” He offered with a sly smile.

“Couldn’t it wait... ?”

“Come on, come in to me shed, lad I’ve got a couple of glasses already for us.”


“No buts, now lad let’s get drinking.”

Allen reluctantly followed Jack into his shed. Jack had always been a good friend to Allen so he thought he’d just try his wine and then get the hell out of there. Jack, at eighty-four can be extremely persuasive and knowledgeable and yet after ten minutes or so can be completely boring his only topic of conversation being home brewing and carrots.

Jack passed the glass of wine to Allen, “This is me Birch Sap wine; it’ll warm the cockles of your heart, Allen,” he said with a huge grin.

Allen had tasted Jack’s wine in the past and had to show he liked it when it was total crap. On this occasion, the liquor went down just as Jack said it would with a mild explosion of warmth when it hit bottom.

“Hey, Jack now that’s not bad. Hmm that was nice do you mind if I just pop over and see Sarah to let her know where I am.”

“Sure, lad you go ahead I’ll have another glass ready for y’ when you get back.”

“That’ll be good, Jack why don’t you save me a couple of bottles and I’ll take them home with me.”

“You mean that, son you’re not just saying that are y’?”

“No, no course not, Jack you bring me a couple of bottles and I’ll pick them up tomorrow night.”

“Alright then tomorrow night,” Jack agreed happily

“Well I’ve got to see Sarah I’m already late.” Allen went to leave the old man’s hut.

“Allen me lad... ?” Jack’s voice was soft and wanting.

Allen turned, “What’s up old man?”

“Thanks lad, thanks for giving me the time of day. Your dad would be proud of y’.”

Allen smiled and quickly left the shed. In double quick time, he rushed back to his car and drove it back to the allotment. Rushing down the narrow grass path, he headed towards Derrick’s hut. He couldn’t see either of them. As he got closer to the shed the door opened and Sarah emerged looking flushed indeed.

Derrick stepped out and saw Allen coming towards him, he quickly stepped back in, but not before Allen noticed he was still doing up his trousers. Anticipation ran through him as he wondered what they had been doing. Derrick called after Sarah, “If you want me to show you anything else, Sarah then don’t hesitate to ask.”

Allen returned to his digging while Sarah was once again weeding unable to look up at her husband.

Derrick in double quick time put his tools away. Allen watched him as he looked over at them. He saw the lust in his eyes and a smug smile of satisfaction on his face.

Allen looked down at his wife and asked, “What happened?”

Sarah’s reply was brief and uttered in a shaky fearful voice, “He had me!”

Allen looked up to find Derrick had gone. His emotions were full of confusion as he tried to work the ground with the knowledge that the owner of the plot next to theirs, a sixty-seven-year-old man, had fucked his thirty-one-year-old wife just a few minutes ago. His cock was semi-erect and his heart was beating hard not from rage or jealousy but from lust, knowing that his fantasy had just been realised.

Once he was sure, Derrick had gone they too packed up their things and went home. The drive to their place was done in silence neither one of them knew of what to say.

Once home and sitting at the kitchen table, Sarah had made them a glass of lemonade each, “I want you to tell me what happened?” Allen asked.

“Can I take a shower first?” She asked knowing Derrick’s spunk had soaked into her panties. She felt dirty, used, and desperately wanted to shower. Even though Allen wanted her to have sex with another man it didn’t make it any easier on her feelings of betraying his trust and more importantly the fear of losing his love, as she still loved him dearly.

“No I want to know what happened in that shed.”

“Didn’t you see anything?” she asked concerned.

“No, I did as we planned...”

“As you planned,” she cut in sarcastically.

“I parked the car in Beaufort Road and came back to the allotments. However, as I came passed the shed old Jack Chapman stopped me and he got me to try some of his homemade wine. By the time I got out of there, I thought it best to return to the car and make it look as though I’d just returned. I could tell something had happened by the way you walked out of his shed and the flushed look on your face.”

“So, you weren’t there for me,” Sarah gasped.

“Was I needed?”

Sarah looked at her husband and realised that after all that had happened he never got to watch.

“Are you going to tell me what happened?”

Sarah pondered on the implications of what happened and she realised she still loved him and always will. He’s her man.

“Okay, once you had driven off he was pestering me...

“ ... You decided on seeing my special tool, Sarah?” Derrick quietly called over to her.

“I don’t think so, Derrick. You shouldn’t keep asking me – it’s not right. I’m a married woman and have my own special tool.”

“Come on, Sarah I want to show it to you.”

Sarah stood up, “And if I do will you behave?”

“Um, yea sure,” he replied with a shocked looked that Sarah had agreed.

Sarah looked about the allotment and then said, “Okay, let’s go and see your ‘special tool’.”

Sarah went to Derrick’s shed with him following. Her heart beat hard in her chest. She’d noticed Derrick’s surprised look when she agreed to this, maybe Allen was right after all.

Sarah entered the shed to find it a mass of clutter. A small bench stood under the window that was so grubby you could hardly see out of it. She wondered how Allen was going to see anything. The bench was also a mass of clutter.

Derrick turned to face Sarah with his flies open and his cock out fully erected, “What about this for a special tool,” he grinned revealing yellow teeth that a dentist hadn’t seen for years.

Sarah just stared at it, mostly in disbelief. It was definitely three inches longer than her husband is.

Derrick reached over, closed and fastened the door. He then took Sarah’s hand and pressed it against his rock-hard cock. Her fingers automatically curled round his stiffness and she found herself playing with it. At the same time, she was aware of Derrick undoing her shorts.

“Do like the feel of my special tool, Sarah?” Derrick asked his voice full of lust.

Sarah felt her Denim shorts fall down her legs revealing her scantily black panties to the old man who was now plunging her hand straight down the front of them, “Open up for Granddad, Sarah,” he urged.

In a whirl of excitement, Sarah opened her legs and her reward was the pleasant movements of his fingers rubbing her sex. The feelings coming from between her legs were growing fast and she gasped at the intensity of it.

“Take y’ top off, Sarah,” he ordered.

Again, without a second thought she obeyed the old man and lifted off her top exposing her tits the old man’s gaze.

Derrick gasped, “ ... y’ have lovely tits, lass better than I thought that’d be,” he said drooling and started mauling them, squeezing her young flesh and pinching the nipples. He then leaned forward and started sucking on each in turn.

The thirty-one years old housewife gasped at the pleasure this old man was giving her.

While she pulled on his cock, Derrick released a nipple from his mouth with loud smacking sound, “Hasn’t y’ old man got a special tool like mine?”

“Yes,” she gasped from the sensation from her tit, “But it’s not as big as yours,” Sarah replied without thinking.

Derrick chuckled.

Sarah regretted her rash words as some sort of betrayal of Allen.

“My cock can reach places hubby’s never been,” he said taking a nipple back into his mouth nibbled on it.

Again, Sarah gasped with a gentle moan escaping from her lips.

His hand was still in her panties working on her clit, “I’ve dying to get in y’ knickers for weeks!”

A grunt escaped Sarah’s lips as her excitement grew; she knew that if he kept this assault on her clit she would come off on his finger. She found herself pushing down on his hand as her orgasm grew.

Derrick leaned forward and sucked on Sarah’s neck, squashing her tits with his chest, “I’ve dreamt of this day for months and I’m now going to fuck you Sarah and spunk you deep.”

Sarah suddenly thought of Allen. Her conscience brought thoughts of betrayal and divorce and if Allen, the instigator of it all was watching. Her lust very quickly quashed these thoughts. Her husband wanted her to do it from the start. Now, here she was standing in a garden shed with another man, a man old enough to be her grandfather with his hand in her panties pleasuring her minge while she pulled on his cock. Her lust was driving on caused by the movements of his fingers in-between her sex lips. She was forcing her cunt down onto his hand and she was panting from the pleasure of it.

“Are you ready, Sarah? You ready to be fucked?”

In a rash moment of extreme sexual excitement, her orgasm on the verge of completion Sarah groans, “Then do it – I’m ready!”

She really was on heat with his gorgeous fingers in her panties and the excitement of being practically naked in Derik’s shed made her mad with lust; a feeling she’d not had since her college days.

Derrick spun her round to face the grubby window, “Brace yourself lass – against the bench,” he ordered.

Sarah complied while he dropped his trousers and moved up close behind her. She felt his knees slide down between her legs as he stooped; his fingers pulled the gusset of her panties to one side and she felt him sliding up into her cunt.

“Oh, Christ he’s in me!” she thought as Derrick straightened his body driving his cock deeper inside of her.

“God, he’s right up me!” She thought, “So deep!” She’d never had a cock penetrated so high up inside her before and she braced herself as he began to fuck her cunt.

Derrick’s hands came and grabbed her dangling tits and pulled back on them using them for leverage, he licked the back of her neck making shivers ripple down her back. Sarah was in heaven.

She gasped – cried out, “Oh God!” Her body convulsed in orgasm her climax swarming over her body.

“That’s it lass come on my cock, you love it, don’t you?” Derrick spoke panting in her ear as he continued to back away at her hairy minge.

“You like it up you don’t you, Sarah?” Derrick gasped in his own lust. He could feel her cunt muscles throb on his cock. The wait was worth it, he thought. This woman’s minge is so slick; I’m going to have fun with this one.

As he lunged into her, Sarah felt herself pushing back onto his cock.

“Did you like coming on my cock, Sarah?”

“Huh, huh,” she whispered sheepishly. She could feel another orgasm growing, nurturing within her cunt.

“Good girl, now I’m going to spunk you, Sarah,” Derrick grunted and leaned back slightly forcing the rest of his cock up into her cunt.

The thirty-one-year-old wife cried out, “Ah!” She felt her cervix give and the old man’s cock slip right into her womb, “Ah!” His right up me, in my womb, she thought. The very thought of being penetrated so deeply brought on another orgasm. Her body went rigid as the orgasm exploded in her minge; then convulsed in time with the intense pleasure throbbing in her cunt.

Derrick made short sharp thrusts into her body, his cock so deep into her womb that Sarah could hardly believe. Then he seemed to heave once pull back a fraction then heaves again. Again, she felt her womb stretch to accommodate him – then she felt his cock expand then throb.

A guttural cry exploded from her throat as she felt the old man’s cock spurt its first shot of hot sperm into her womb, “Ah, oh yes I can feel you!” Sarah pushed back against him; she felt his hands on her hips pulling her back onto his cock while it was pulsating, gushing spunk into her cervix.

Sarah slumped forward onto the bench, she felt him soften. She was breathing as though she’d run the marathon.

His cock slipped from her cunt and she stood up and turned to face her lover.

Derrick picked up her shorts and handed them to her, “You’d better get decent before hubby gets back, we don’t want him to suspect anything, do we?”

She was in a daze. Nevertheless, managed to smile at him and then pull her panties back into place over her swollen labia. She took her shorts, stepped into them, and made herself look respectable.

Without saying a word, she moved to the door unlocked it then opened it, “Can we do it again, girly?” Derrick asked as he put his cock away the same cock that had just been in her womb.

Still in a sexual haze, she looked sheepishly over her shoulder. Sarah could still feel her cunt pulsating from the shag she’d just received.

“I’ll think about it,” She replied, “I’ll let you know tomorrow.” It was all she could think of to say as she felt her panties fill with the old man’s spunk.

“Okay, can y’ tell me though, did I ... did I spunk you good or what?”

Sarah suddenly thought of her husband. Had he heard her crying out in orgasmic bliss while this sixty-eight-year-old man had taken her, fucked her deeper than she’d ever been. Moreover, leaking from her cunt was his sperm where she could still sense the old man’s throbbing cock up in side of her. The feeling was exquisite.

Sarah looked at the half open door, “Yes, you spunked me good,” she replied and walked out of the shed to see her husband walking along the path towards her.

Sarah looked at her husband from across the table, “That’s what happened.”

“You sound as though you enjoyed it,” Allen said with a genuine smile.

“I never thought it would be like it was,” Sarah revealed, “it’s ironic really.”

“How so?”

“The fact that an old man thirty years my senior had taken me and given me so much pleasure.”

“You enjoyed it them?” Allen asked again.

With a wry smile, Sarah replied, “Yes.”

“And are you going to allow him to do you again?”

Sarah hesitated. Her panties felt soaked through from the old man’s spunk she could feel it against her sex and thighs. “I don’t know I don’t want to hurt you, Allen. Derrick did ask me if he could see me again but I said I’d let him know.”

“Sarah I’m so turned on, look,” Allen pulled his cock out and Sarah saw the small cock with its red engorged knob, “I really do need some release.”

“Darling I’m so sorry.” She said as she got up and went to him dropping to her knees.

“No, sweetie ride me, put it in,” he gasped.

She gave him a strange look, “Are you sure you want to do that, I mean, I haven’t washed myself.”

“Sarah, please do it.”

The thirty-one-year-old housewife drops her shorts, panties, and stepped out of them. Allen saw the wetness around his wife’s thighs. Her pubic hair matted with another man’s spunk. Looking down as his wife straddles his lap he sees sperm dangling from her cunt and then his cock was sliding into her body. With a groan, he feels his wife’s slick cunt glide over his cock as she starts to ride him.

“Do you know what turns me on so much?” he said looking up at her.

“No what?” Sarah asks as she too felt the slickness of her cunt and the way his cock glides in and out of her quim. Sarah knew she’d been royally fucked not an hour ago, and now she’s fucking her husband with the old man’s spunk still in her minge was heightening her pleasure to the point where she was near to orgasm.

“That I’m fucking my wife with another man’s spunk up her,” Allen gasped his own pending orgasm about to explode.

Sarah couldn’t believe it; fucked by an old man who made her come on his cock then to come home and fuck her husband with the old man’s spunk still in her cunt. Her body convulsed throwing her head back she cried out, “God, I’m coming!”

With a growl of extreme pleasure Allen shoved his cock up into his wife and shot a deluge of spunk into her cunt.

Sarah shook and gasped as her climax washed over her body, falling forward and leaning her head on her husband’s shoulder. After a few minutes and her breathing had regained some sort of normality she asked tentatively, “You don’t mind if I let Derrick have me again?”

Allen lifts her upright and looked into her eyes, “No I don’t mind but there will be rules.”

Sarah kissed him, “I love you, Allen.”

“I love you to, Sarah.”

For the rest of that night and into the early hours of the morning they continued to make love, until finally, exhausted they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

After a time, Allen woke. His mind was in turmoil, he just couldn’t believe he allowed his wife to let another man have her. Now he must face the possible consequences – would she now drop her knickers for any man that comes along. Would she fall in love with someone who could pleasure her better than him?

He just couldn’t believe it.

“What have I done?” He whispered into the darkness.

He thought hard and long over most of the issues that rattled through his head. His mind reeled again at the prospect of losing her, that was never his intention all he wanted to do was to see her being taken, watch her come on another man’s cock. Now everything could backfire on him by putting everything he treasured and loved the most on the line just for lust.

“No, no she wouldn’t, would she?” he thought, throughout last night she’d repeatedly told him that she loved him and would never leave him. Sarah had always believed strongly in the promises made in the wedding vows but now they are broken, forever.

For several hours, he lay with Sarah gently sleeping beside him, his thoughts swinging around in circles never forming a conclusion of what he should do. Earlier he’d indicated to Sarah about some rules he wanted to introduce, but he knew if he did it would be impossible to enforce and would require Sarah to keep to the rules. Yet they had both broken the cardinal rule of marriage so why would more rules make it better. These and more daunting ideas sapped his already exhausted mind and eventually he fell asleep.

He awoke to find Sarah already up. He looked towards the window and saw the English weather had put paid to any work outside the house and more importantly any work at the allotment.

After visiting the bathroom, he dressed and found Sarah in the kitchen placing a fried egg on some toast, “Here you go sleepy head tuck into this,” she said with a large smile and handed him the plate.

With her remark, he looked up at the kitchen clock and saw the time, “Christ is that the time a quarter past ten, I really didn’t mean to sleep in that long.”

He sat at the table and took a sip of his coffee that was already prepared and then tucked into his meal.

Sarah sat opposite him, “So what have you got planned for today?”

He pointed towards the window saying, “The British weather has put paid to most things I’d had planned, wanted to plant some more veg on the allotment but it doesn’t look like it will happen.”

“You never know it might clear up enough for you,” she added gently smiling, “I’ll come with you if you like.”

His mind rebelled at the thought of meeting Derrick knowing he’d fucked his wife. What am I supposed to do now, he thought?

“Allen is there anything wrong,” Sarah asked looking at her husband’s face. He’d turned pale and looked anxious.

“Um, no I’m fine it was such a heavy night last night.”

“Yes, it was I’ve never known you to be so excited even before we were married.”

“What do you mean?” Allen asked slightly perplexed as he pushed the plate away and picked up his coffee mug.

“You were insatiable you wore me out, darling and it was fantastic.” Sarah smiled at him lustfully her eyes smouldered with a lecherous look.

A wry smile formed on his lips as he watched her, “You have never said anything like this before?”

“Because you’ve never made love to me like that before, it was as if you couldn’t get enough of me and that all you ever wanted was me. Somehow you managed to extract the lust from me and use it against me, giving me more pleasure than I ever thought possible. To sum it up, darling you were fantastic and you can do it to me again and again anytime you want.”

Dubiously Allen looked at his wife and questioned, “But that’s not the truth of it, Sarah?”

Sarah leaned back mildly shocked, “I don’t understand.”

“You have forgotten that I wasn’t the only man you had yesterday,” he watched his wife blush, “Derrick was the instigator to our mutual enjoyment last night if it wasn’t for him we’d probably not bothered and fell asleep.”

Sarah was quiet for a moment and then replied, “Yes you’re right I suppose. It doesn’t change the fact that what you did to me last night was out of this world. And even though a third person instigated it our feelings haven’t changed have they, I still love you, Allen, and you’re my man and always will be. I hope you still feel the same about me?”

“I love you more than ever, Sarah. But through my own selfish fantasies I’ve broken and forced you to break our most solemn promise made to each other on our wedding day. With that broken our lives will change. I have to say my feelings have changed because of what we have done and I certainly don’t know where we go from here.”

“I don’t see where your problem is, Allen. Your fantasy was to see me being taken by another man isn’t that right. I allowed that to happen, unfortunately you didn’t get to see it. In my mind that doesn’t change a thing between us.”

“Doesn’t it, don’t you see that I’ve allowed you the freedom to ‘put it about’ now. And there is nothing to stop you from bedding any man you took a fancy too. Anytime you felt like it with or without me.”

“Yes, I see your point,” Sarah replied after a slight pause, “Yes, I could go out, and drop my nicks but, you’re forgetting one thing, darling it’s whether I want too and who’s to say I haven’t already or even you, have had a fling. I agree we have broken the cardinal rule and so have millions of other couples but mostly surreptitiously behind each other’s backs. We’re different; well I like to think so, because we know we’re doing it. We know when and where we’re going to do it because that will be our way.”

“You seem rather eager to continue, before yesterday you didn’t want to know.”

“Yes, I suppose it sounds hypocritical but then life doesn’t allow you to know about things until you’ve tried them.”

“So, you want to continue?”

“Only if you do, darling,” she responded quickly, “I’ll go along with whatever you decide.” Sarah finished her coffee, “What I want is what we did last night. The way you made love to me was simply incredible. You made me feel I was the only woman you wanted you haven’t really done that before and now I want it again, Allen I love you more now than I ever have.”

The weather didn’t let up until after lunch and after a visit to the shops for supplies they went to the allotment. As they both walked down to their plot so Derrick came out of his little shed.

All day Allen had been dreading this moment and now he was about to face him. The mixed feelings he felt were so confusing. One moment he wanted to punch the old boys’ lights out and then the next instant he knew he couldn’t because he’d instigated it all. He’d made Sarah go with him so how could he blame Derrick. It was literally all his fault.

“Hi, Allen,” the old boy spoke, his smile broadening as Sarah came closer to his plot, “Hello, Sarah how are you both?” Derrick seemed fine, his manner much the same as before.

“Hello Derrick, how are you?” Her voice was happy and animated.

Allen saw the huge warm smile she gave him – jealousy bit deep at that moment.

“I’m fine, Las after yesterday everything in me feels really good.”

Sarah seemed to either ignore him or didn’t hear his remark but Allen caught on to it and stopped while Sarah continued on to their plot. “Oh, why’s that then, Derrick?” Allen asked his heart thumping in his chest.

Derrick was still watching Sarah as she walked by. She was wearing jeans and a pale blue top with her water proof coat. He then leaned in close as if he didn’t want anyone to hear,

“I got laid yesterday, first time in fourteen years, son.”

“Well done Derrick, you old codger,” Allen replied his heart still racing as he knew he was talking about his wife. “Was that with that lady friend you mentioned the other day?”

“Sure was, to put it bluntly,” here it comes thought Allen, “I gave it to her, all of it on the first go right there in m’ shed – she loved it.”

“I bet she did,” Allen added. He was expecting to be angry, wanted to be angry but all he could feel was his cock growing down his leg and the lust growing in his brain as he pictured his wife bent over the bench with the old man fucking her.

Derrick leaned in closer still adding, “And would you credit it, she came on me cock like an express train.”

Allen was flabbergasted. “Well good on y’ mate,” Allen said with a weak smile he walked on to their plot where he observed Sarah had started placing the markers for the extra cabbage plants Allen wanted to put in. She looked over at him and smiled. It was then his lust once again took control. He just had to see it. He had to see Sarah with the old man, see her cry out in pleasure.

Allen went straight up to Sarah and with a lump of lust in his throat and an erect cock throbbing against his thigh he said, “Invite Derrick over for dinner tonight.”


“Invite him to dinner, Sarah.”

“Okay if you’re sure?” she asked looking into his eyes and not seeing anything.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“This is really nice of you to invite me over for dinner, Allen,” Derrick said for the fourth time that evening. They all got up from the table. Sarah had cleared the table earlier and the three of them had sat talking mostly about the allotment.

“Come on we’ll retire to the lounge, we can have a few more glasses of wine in comfort.”

“I don’t think I ought to, I’m over the limit now for driving,” Derrick spoke as they entered the lounge.

“Don’t worry about that, Derrick you just sit down and have another glass. We can always call for a taxi.”

“Well that’s really kind of y’, Allen,” Derrick replied stunned. He couldn’t help but like this young man. However, the kindness he was showing certainly pulled some morality strings as Derrick took another glass of kindness from Allen’s wife. He sat thinking that the guy sitting next to him didn’t know he’d shagged his wife, and wanted too again, but now he was seriously having seconds thought.

Derrick watched Sarah pick up her glass and sit opposite. She was wearing a black dress not to short but it hugged her body revealing the fine contours of her young slim figure; she really did look stunning. Fucked her in me allotment shed, I did, he thought. Looking at her changed his mind and become more determined; he really wanted to do it again and get a regular thing going - he’d made plans.

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