Felice Navidad Surprise

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Household worker offers a priceless gift.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Workplace   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Angelita sure lived up to her name this Christmas. She is my Hispanic housekeeper that is here three days a week. She is probably in her late 30s, about 5’3” and quite curvy. Her long dark hair frames a medium brown face that usually shows a big smile. She has been working for me five years now and I have always been very generous in my Christmas present her and her family. Her husband is an unskilled laborer and I know it is been a struggle to raise their four kids.

When I gave her the gifts that I had bought for her family, in addition to the usual thank-yous she had something else to say, “Mr. Tony, you do not have a girlfriend this year I know. You are a very nice man to me and my family and I want to give you a special present not just now at Navidad but from now on.”

During this last year I had helped their 18-year-old daughter get into the community college. She didn’t understand the system but she had the grades and ability to be successful, I thought. I advised her about the challenge and how to get a scholarship. It worked and I gave her the money for books since the family clearly could not afford them. As with many such families there had never been anyone go to college.

This was something very different from Angelita, I could tell. “What do you have in mind, my dear?”

She smiled at me as she said, “It is bad for man not have a woman sometimes. I would like to be your woman on the days that I come work for you.”

It took me a moment to digest that. To get clarification, I asked, “do you mean sex?”

“Oh yes, Mr. Tony, if you think I am nice enough.”

“You are very nice Angelita, but you are married.”

“It is okay, Mr. Tony. Now that I make no more babies my husband likes me to have sex. I am good to his brothers when they visit and I would like to be very nice to you. I think you are handsome so I would be very pleased.”

I had to think about this for a few minutes so I said, “Let’s talk about this when you finish her work, okay?”

She nodded and finished fixing my supper like she did on the days she was there. When she served it, she was naked! My eyes popped open and my unused crotch began to swell.

Staring at my bulge she said, “You like what you see, it seems like. I wanted to show you what you could have if want it.”

I took a deep breath, “Serve yourself some food and pour yourself some wine and let’s talk about this.” She did, smiling all the time and wiggling her full and somewhat saggy breasts, teasing me I guess. It did get my attention.

We ate for little bit without speaking. I knew she was serious and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, of course. She had always been attractive as a person, and now there was the woman thing. I hadn’t been laid in more than six months since my last girlfriend moved away and I had not found anyone that I wanted to replace her with.

Finally I said, “Angelita, can you call your husband and tell them you’re going to stay here extra for a while?”

She came around the table and gave me a big kiss, pressing her breasts against me, and said excitedly, “Si senor, he will be pleased I know.”

As I was helping her put the dishes away she looked at me and said, “Why don’t you take your clothes off too, Mr. Tony?” I went into the bedroom and put them away. By then she had followed me. I am about six foot so she had to pull me down to give me a kiss but her right hand went to my mostly hardened pecker. She hummed and knelt down to explore it with her mouth and tongue. It was great and I struggled to keep from spraying her with my cream.

“Oh Mr. Tony, your thing is different than others. It is so pink and does not have the skin over the end. I want to taste you! Will give me your seed!” I gave her a mouthful and she made tasty noises as she licked me clean and swallowed. I took her to the bed and separated her knees.

She had one of the hairiest crotches I’ve never seen and her legs weren’t shaved either. But the odor of her arousal was as intoxicating as any I’d ever encountered. Her baby-nursing breasts drooped off to the side giving her a clear view of what I was about to do. She squealed and moaned as I explored her hidden parts with my tongue after parting her bush with my fingers. When I licked her large clit standing out like a little penis, she cried out, “Oh, Mr. Tony! That is so nasty and good!”

Her first orgasm clamped her thighs on both sides of my head as she gave several deep moans matching the quivers of her body.

She pulled me up and guided my rigid rod into a sopping wet and surprisingly tight place. As she synchronized her hip movements to my thrusts they became even more intense her hands pushed her breasts up in front of her so I could reach them with my lips and teeth. She asked me to bite even harder than I otherwise would have and that made her squeak and squeal, saying things in Spanish I didn’t understand but could certainly guess at.

After I shot what felt like a very large load of cum she kept saying, “Gracias, gracias, gracias, senor!”

I asked her to take a shower with me and then she had to go home, telling me that her husband would be eager to do the same thing to her as soon as she arrived. She was all smiles and said that she hoped we could do it again in two days when she returned. That would be Christmas Eve day, I realized.

She was even more smiley than usual on that day, especially when she opened the little package I gave her when she arrived. It was some red and green underwear of a size that was pretty skimpy for her lush body.

“Mr. Tony, can we do the fun stuff now and then again later after I finish my work?” Hell, yes we can, I thought and simply led her to the bedroom. Our first one was a quickie after she modeled the new underwear, then we took our time during second one and I sent her home wearing her gift. She said her husband would be delighted, made me feel very good too.

I was getting laid three times a week now! She told me that her husband was after her all the time and she had never gotten so much attention from him. I showed her some new things and she would tell me how her husband liked them. She also was to tell me when she opened her legs for her brothers-in-law and what she did with them. I asked if she had ever done two at the same time and she said no, just one after another and usually finished up with her husband who was always excited feeling the sperm from others inside her. I showed her some videos and discovered she had never seen porn but got some ideas from it she would tell me about whenever she tried these new things.

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you she got a substantial raise.

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