We Did It Again!

by falcon29

Copyright© 2016 by falcon29

Erotica Sex Story: Dan, Teresa, Ted and Dot tend their family and it grows.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Incest   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Black Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Nudism   .

This is a companion story to “We Did It!” that I posted some years ago. A lot has happened in those years. Both stories stand alone, but I didn’t go into detail here about our first encounter with our best friends, Ted and Dot. Please read (and vote on) the first story, but it isn’t necessary to (hopefully) enjoy this one.

I pulled the car into the driveway and parked. One of the first things I’d done when we moved in was to convert the garage to my ‘rec room’. It was a proper ‘man cave’, with a couch, recliner, a television, a fridge, and a DVD player. The TV was a flat screen HD in a 42” size. I didn’t mind parking in the driveway for it.

Entering the house, I hung my jacket by the door and kicked off my shoes. Padding to the kitchen to grab a beer, a wonderful sight filled my view. My wife and Dot were in the kitchen. Dot was helping Teresa chop the salad and greasing up potatoes for the barbecue that night. They were both naked. So I went to the bedroom and doffed my shorts and got naked too. When I rejoined them, they cheered and went back to their dinner prep.

Ted, who had been in the garage, wandered out to the kitchen then. We stood and watched our naked wives a while.

Teresa, my wife, and I normally go nude at home unless it’s just too damn cold. Both of us are very sexual and not too long before that night we had performed a successful experiment.

After long discussions, we had seduced our best friends, Ted and Dorothy (Dot). It was so wonderfully successful that we repeated it a few more times before branching out and including others, though Teresa had suggested it that first night.

After trading wives that night, our previous inhibitions were so relaxed and the exhilaration was so great, that the women got together and Ted and I shared some oral action on our own.

Yup, we sucked each other off, neither of us spitting the semen, but enjoying the taste and texture as we swallowed. That last had not been part of the original plan – at least from my viewpoint – but it was pleasure for us both for sure. After subsequent get togethers, which we all enjoyed, we marveled at everything we’d done together.

Teresa and I talked after Ted and Dot went home one night.

“I never thought I could feel this way about a woman,” she said. “It’s sort of the way I feel about you ... I had a thought ... it was ... I don’t know. It was an epiphany, I guess.” She looked at me and gave me a kind of embarrassed grin. “I just know that Dot and I are gonna be doing a lot more together than just shopping at the mall from now on.”

“Oh?” I asked. “You mean you two are gonna be fucking the day away while Ted and I are at work?”

“Oh, hell yeah! We might even find another woman to join us. Would you object to that?”

“Not as long as I got to join in sometimes.”

“Oh, you and Ted are definitely gonna be ‘invited back’. But I’m really eager to play when it’s really just Dot and me. And maybe ... oh, maybe ... Sharon?” She arched her eyebrows and looked at me.

Sharon is this gorgeous black woman we know. Teresa knows I have fantasies about her.

“What makes you think Sharon will go along with it?”

“Oh, it’s just a feeling; woman’s intuition I guess.” She gave my ass a slap and leaned close to whisper. “It was so-o-o-o hot watching you suck on Ted’s cock. I can’t wait to see you take it up your ass, though.” Her words sent a chill down my back and her fingers slid between my cheeks to tease me.

I’d barely acknowledged the idea that I was curious about that, even to myself. The feeling of my wife’s fingers in my ass returned the idea to me. I thought then about Ted’s hard cock and how far I had to open my mouth to take it in. I wasn’t sure about it fitting up my ass. ‘We’ll see... ‘ I told myself.

About six months had passed since that first time. We had yet to add Sharon or anyone else to our little club. Teresa told me she had tried to sound the woman out about sex. “She is currently between men and admitted to being horny. Finally, I just asked her if she had ever had sex with another woman. She was pretty open about it after she got over the surprise. She and her roommate in college played around with it and she said she liked it.”

“After I told her I’d recently had the delight for the first time, she asked me if I was hot for her. I told her it wasn’t exactly like that. I told her what we had done and what happened with Ted and Dot -- without names, of course. She looked pretty excited. But she seemed to heat up more when I told her that Dot and I get together sometimes without you guys. I’d say she’s hot to trot. So I told her we’d invite her over some night for dinner.”

My dick stiffened at that news. Sharon, like both Teresa and Dot carried some extra weight. I made the sweetest love to my wonderful, sexy wife that night for a long time. A few more months passed.

Another night, Teresa said she had invited Sharon for dinner the next weekend. “I told Sharon that we’re basically at-home nudists when we had our first talk. She said the first thing she does when she gets home is to shower and just stay nude the rest of the night.” So the four of us talked it over and decided we’d greet her naked when she got there. It felt great to stroke my half hard cock (caused by our quick hugs, fondling and kisses). I figured I’d be half hard most of the night unless I was completely hard – or (hopefully) so fucked out I couldn’t get it up again.

I returned to the family room and clicked on the tube, flipping through the channels. Occasionally my glance would drift toward the open arch leading to the kitchen and the asses, tits, and shaved mounds moving around out there. My half-hard rose to become fully hard.

Halfway through the news, Ted joined me on the couch. The doorbell rang and we all went to answer it. Imagine a totally silent room. Sharon stepped through the door without a stitch on under her long unbuttoned coat! General hilarity hit us for a couple of minutes.

“I hope your neighbor doesn’t call the cops,” she said. “I think he caught a peek at me through the curtains when I walked up the driveway.”

Then she hugged our friends as Teresa introduced them. I enjoyed my first naked hug with Sharon.

“That old horn dog isn’t about to call the cops,” Teresa said. “If he saw this gorgeous body he is probably rubbing his dick raw right now.” She reached out and grasped a round, dark brown ass cheek.

Sharon chuckled.

“Dinner and drinks first,” Teresa announced. “Or maybe drinks first?” We all agreed to that and trooped to the kitchen for libation.

After deciding what we all wanted, we went to sit and get to know each other. Well, get to know Sharon more and for her to get to know us all and become more comfortable being naked together.

While Sharon got to know Ted and Dot, I helped Teresa finish up the dinner. Every time our eyes met, we grinned at each other in anticipation. Once she moved close enough to me to whisper, “I want to taste Sharon before you guys fuck her, okay?”

“Sure. I’m confident we can find something to occupy us while we watch the two of you together,” I said with a squeeze of her ass.

“Oh, no. I want both of you as hard as rocks, so no blow jobs.”

“Shucks!” I joked. I really had meant we could suck on whichever cunt came our way, but the other idea also appealed to me. “I guess you will have to choose between a quick hard fuck and a nice long orgasm producing fuck then.”

“Oh. Okay. We can watch you guys together while we eat and kiss each other,” she conceded.

Dinner was great, accompanied by more drinks and followed by a couple of joints. When we all moved to our king-size bed, Teresa didn’t hesitate. She turned to Sharon and they kissed and stoked each other’s fires.

Meanwhile, Dot had plopped down with Ted and me. She kissed me and took my erection in hand. “Tonight, Danny, I would love to see you and Ted in some anal action.” Her mouth was close to my ear and her hot breath tickled.

I kissed her again and reached for Ted’s stiff dick. “How would you like it? Want me to fuck your husband or do you want me to take his cock up my ass?” Truly, I was eager for the experience, either way. Teresa and I both liked ass play -- from either side. She had used her vibrators on me and loved my cock up her ass occasionally. She had tried to explain the difference between the feeling of a plastic cock and a live one, but she always said, “I guess you’ll just have to feel it for yourself.” She was always grinning when she said it. After breaking the gender barrier between Ted and myself, I was ready to kick things up a notch. Dot answered,

“I like feeling Ted’s dick in my ass as much as I like yours up there. I want to watch him fuck you ... first.” Now she was grinning too.

Ted’s cock twitched in my hand. I glanced at his grin. Leaning across Dot’s swampy lap, I took Ted’s cock in my mouth. I bobbed my head a few times and then backed up a little bit. I pulled Dot’s legs apart and licked her sweet juices up.

We discovered that we had become the show for Sharon and Teresa.

Sharon was smiling a lazy smile as she tweaked Teresa’s erect nipple. “I’d like to see that, too,” she said. “It looked like you were enjoying that dick in your mouth, Dan.”

I looked at her and returned the smile.

“I did ... I do.” I glanced at Ted and Dot kissing. They broke apart and I rose up to kiss Ted, tongues and all. We moved apart and I looked at Sharon as I admitted more, “Teresa has told me there’s a world of difference the vibrators she uses on me and a hot, hard piece of meat shoved up my butt. I’m eager to find out.”

Dot moved over to Sharon too then, and they started making out. Dot pulled Teresa in and they shared some three way intimacies leaving Ted and me to our own devices.

Licking Sharon’s pussy juices from Teresa’s cheeks and lips, Dot stopped and said, “Sharon you are very tasty!” Leaving the spit swapping to Teresa and Sharon, she leaned down and tasted those juices from the source. Sharon happily fell back, pulling Teresa along and spreading her legs high and wide for Dot.

Wasting no time, Ted took me in his arms and we made out a while, slowly stroking each other’s dick while we did.

We broke the kiss and just hugged a few minutes as we watched the women. Ted’s voice in my ear said, “I can’t wait to feel my cock up your ass, buddy.”

“Me neither,” I confessed. “And mine up yours. I guess that will complete the circle.”

“You’re right about that. But right here I need to confess something else to you,” he said. In a voice thick with emotion, he said, “I love you, Dan. I mean, completely, the way I love Dot -- and Teresa. We’ve all gotten so close that it feels we have changed from four people to something like a completely different organism; one with two dicks and two pussies and four asses.”

I pulled back and looked at my friend and (now) lover. His eyes looked wet, as if he was tearing up. I stroked his cheek and kissed his lips gently, as a lover does. I took him into a bear (and bare!) hug and he sobbed. “I was afraid...”

“Shh,” I said. I was putting everything into that hug I could. “No. There’s no room here for fear or shame. Everything is permitted here. I love you too, Ted. I love Dot. Of course I love our wife, Teresa, who has allowed me to experience these things with you guys.” I looked over and all three women were leaking tears and holding each other as they listened.

“That’s fucking beautiful!” Sharon’s hoarse voice was loud in the sudden silence. “Can I join this club or am I just a one night stand?” We all laughed and I held an arm out. Sharon came to me on her hands and knees.

“Look out, Sharon! I think he has nasty things in mind for you.” Teresa joked.

“I fuckin’ hope so!” Sharon growled as she gave me a first taste of her kiss. She tasted delicious, and her breast was heavy in my hand. Her hand was so hot as she stroked me. The visual contrast between her dark brown skin and our pale Caucasian flesh was exciting. She leaned down to take me in her mouth and slicked me up with her spit. She sat up and looked around. Happy faces greeted her (except for Dot, whose face was buried in Teresa’s wide open pussy).

Dot sat up and then we all just sort of moved into a group grope.

Mouths were full of tit or cock; ass or pussy. I was eating Sharon’s exotic juices, my ass in the air, when I felt a tongue on my ass. I moaned into that fleshy pink cunt as the tongue penetrated my butt. My cock was already hard, but that tongue made it drool pre-cum all over the bed.

I glanced around to see Dot’s eyes watching from between my cheeks. I could feel her smile against my butt! I groaned and went back to Sharon’s pussy. I started using my fingers and she gasped and just opened her legs farther.

I felt her hard knot -- her G spot -- and rhythmically began to press it and use my nails gently on it. She screamed and clamped my hand (and head) between her hot thighs as she drenched my mouth with more of her essence and tried to smother me.

The tongue left my ass and was replaced by a slippery finger. Teresa and Dot were getting me lubed up for Ted. I moved my knees farther apart. Sharon slipped out from under me and moved around to watch. I stopped them a second while I rolled to my back and opened my legs wide. “I want to watch you while you fuck me, at least this first time, Ted.”

I could see from his smile he had heard what I hadn’t said. He leaned down and shoved his tongue down my throat as our wives kept greasing me up.

Ted sat up again and Sharon went down on him. Teresa cautioned her not to make him cum. “I want Danny to feel that load as it explodes inside him. That’s the part I like best when he fucks my butt,” she said.

The other women both nodded and agreed.

“I like walking around with my ass or twat full of Ted’s juice,” Dot said.

Sharon released Ted and Teresa smeared some of the lubricant on him. I noticed she was using olive oil for the job. It was our favorite because it didn’t add a flowery taste afterward in case some oral followed the anal.

Finally, Ted assumed his position. Dot used Ted’s cock to paint my opened crease, while he kissed me again. He pushed forward and I felt him beginning to enter me. Our eyes locked. He backed off and pressed forward again. Given the shape of his dick, it was pretty easy for him to finally work that surprisingly hot cock up inside me. There wasn’t really any pain after he got the head in. The rest was delirious pleasure. For my part, it felt like he and I were all alone making love for a time. Any thought of this being wrong in any way dissolved in the love we felt. The women even disappeared under the emotions.

When Ted did blast my bowels full of semen fifteen minutes later or so ... well, I knew what Teresa had meant about the best part. Ted and I had kissed our way through the whole act, licking cheeks and tonguing ears. He even gave me a hickey when he came!

After he slipped out Sharon surprised us all by slurping that gooey, greasy dick into her mouth to its root. (We all had discussed this. So we always gave each other enemas, cleaning ourselves out before getting down to the evening’s pleasures.)

Ted groaned and Dot and Teresa went into a 69 right next to us. I urged Sharon to straddle my face and I dove into her steamy cunt again, this time using her juices to aid sliding my fingers into her ass as well. Then Ted went down on me, swallowing all my pent up juice and licking me clean afterward.

We went back out to the kitchen and got something to drink. I noticed we had been in the bedroom for three hours! As we sat around and talked about what we’d done, my wife surprised me.

Teresa said she had orgasmed from watching me getting fucked and hearing the noises I was making. “What noises?” I guess at the time I noticed I was making noise but wasn’t completely aware of it.

“Oh, the squeals and moans. The best were all the sighs and grunts of pleasure and the mumbling”

“Mumbling?” I didn’t think I had actually said anything.

“What made me come was when I heard you whisper, ‘I love you, too, Ted.’ I could tell you really mean it.” Well, they had all heard that confession from both Ted and me a little earlier so it didn’t bother me. It was a little embarrassing that I said that with Ted’s dick up my ass, but so what? I do love him, emotionally and sexually. Admitting it in company kind of made me proud.

We smoked some more and then we all trooped back to the bedroom, but just to climb under the sheet and snuggle up -- all five of us -- and go to sleep.

After taking Sharon in, both our houses seemed too small. So

Ted and I searched around for a piece of property -- preferably one with a big old farm house on it -- where we could all four (plus Sharon and anybody else we agreed on) live and love each other.

We found it after about three months. It was far enough out of town to be private, but close enough for work. The house was a real ‘fixer-upper’. After selling both our homes we managed to swing a good deal on the place.

Both Ted and I were experienced at home repairs. Some of the ‘repairs’ needed on the hundred plus year old house really amounted to remodeling. Determining which walls we could remove, we merged three bedrooms on the upper floor to one big room with a couple of support columns. The other three bedrooms we left alone, in case we had visitors who wanted to sleep alone or with partner(s) and not in a group. The bath upstairs was remodeled as well.

After that first night, Sharon sort of adopted us -- or we gladly adopted her. She was with us, moving her things in along with ours. The women had decided what furniture they wanted to keep and what they wanted either to sell or just leave in the houses we’d sold.

About six months, the hHouse repairs were complete. Ted and I didn’t waste any time before creating the back yard of our dreams. EEverybody voted on what we wanted. By the time we had finished, there were weeping willows around the perimeter to block the view of any curious peeping Toms. Along the fence line, we had planted a thick line of more trees -- evergreens that time (Willows lose their leaves in the winter.)

Just inside the line of evergreens, we installed motion sensors. By the time an intruder had penetrated the evergreens we would be alerted and ready.

We also planted some fruit trees around the yard -- apple, cherry, plum and pear -- to balance the layout and provide us with goodies. Ted and I also made sure there was a good spot to grow some weed later on.

Screened from the world, we built a multilevel deck, complete with built-in grill and smoker plus a hot tub big enough for ten people or so. Down in the yard proper, the women specified flower and vegetable gardens. We consulted a couple of landscapers about that, along with a pond and fountain.

The woman we hired (“Call me Red.” -- the nickname was obvious, due to the fiery red hair she wore short, coming just to her nape) created a fresh water swimming pond with several kinds of marine plants that clean and condition the water without the need for chlorine or other chemicals. It was free form, not rectangular; like a natural pond might be. It was about ten feet across the widest part and shoulder deep at that end.

She suggested, and we agreed, that she put some Japanese koi in the pond, as well as some other types of smaller fish, to fertilize the plants and help clean the water. When she declared it complete, we invited her to join us for our first barbecue. She spread her hands and looked down at her work clothes, dirty and sweaty. “I’m hardly fit for visiting. I’m filthy and I smell like a barnyard.”

Teresa spoke up. “We love filthy, and sweat doesn’t bother any of us. But if you want you can shower and we can find you something to wear.” It was a warm afternoon so Teresa added, “We usually don’t bother with clothes around here.”

For a few seconds -- maybe half a minute, Red just let her eyes drift from one to the other of us. I think she was trying to wrap her mind around the real situation. Finally, “Well, I’m kinda shy until I get to know people a little better. But I’ll take that shower. I would like ... at least a robe or something afterward, though.” We all smiled at her.

The women all went into the house. Ted and I talked while we got the grill fired up.

“Red’s looking good today, isn’t she?” Ted asked me.

“Hell, yeah. She spends so much time outside she has that kind of rugged look women get who work on farms and ranches. Nice size tits, too.” Red’s work was so physically demanding there didn’t seem to be an ounce of fat on her -- except for those tits, about the size of oranges. She worked as hard as any man but still never gave the impression she was anything but a woman, as if there was a doubt with those jugs poking her shirts out. I didn’t think she ever wore a bra. She didn’t seem to care that even her crew hardly ever missed a jiggle.

“Are we going to invite her to stay for more after we eat?” Ted asked me. I gave him a grin.

Our three ‘co-wives’ (that’s what we had decided to call ourselves -- a group marriage) came back outside naked. They stripped us and explained that, while Red might not want us to see her naked yet, she wouldn’t mind if we wanted to strip. So, when Red emerged in the short robe Teresa had loaned her, she was greeted by five naked people, some of us loving each other right out there on the patio. In fact, it was Ted and Sharon who were tightly wrapped in each other’s arms on one of the big lounge chairs that drew her attention first.

She moved over to where Dot was offering her a glass of wine. “I thought,” she said quietly, “Ted was your husband.”

Dot smiled and patted her shoulder.

“He is. He’s also Sharon’s husband and Teresa’s, even Dan’s. The same way we all consider ourselves married to Dan ... and to each other.” I saw Red’s eyes open wider as she turned Dot’s words over. Her cheeks, tan, but with the same pearly skin beneath, turned a nice pink anyway. She gulped and looked back toward where Sharon was sucking Ted’s dick.

“I guess that means that you and Teresa and Sharon all...”

“Yup. We all enjoy making love to each other, even Dan and Ted.” That really made her cheeks color and her eyes were wider yet when she glanced at me. I just nodded.

“Wow.” She didn’t say anything else right then. But she drained the wine in her glass and held it out. “Do you have something stronger, like tequila? I think I need it right now.”

Dot chuckled and crossed to the wet bar (I guess I forgot that part -- we built a wet bar on the deck), running her hand slowly up Sharon’s back as she reached them, from the top of her ass crack to her neck. Sharon deserted Ted’s cock briefly as she sat up and looked at Dot smiling down at them. There was definitely love in that look. Dot bent forward and gave Ted a quick suck, then she turned to Sharon and they kissed a lover’s kiss. Dot went on to the bar and Sharon went back to deep throating Dot’s husband.

I looked at Red. She was watching it all, her mouth hanging open. I noticed her hands playing with the sash of the robe she wore. It looked like she was toying with the idea of joining in the nudity -- at least. She looked back at me, realized her mouth was hanging open and it clapped shut. I took her elbow and steered her to the table and a chair. “Thanks. I felt like I was about to collapse. I’ve never ... oh, I’ve heard and read about group ‘marriages’, but I never actually knew anybody involved in one.”

I went and got our stash and asked if she smoked weed. She nodded and her eyes lit up. While I rolled a few joints, I told her how we had all ended up here. I told her everything. Her excitement level seemed to rise as we smoked, and when I told her how between them all they had helped Ted ‘deflower’ me, she was hooked.

Dot had delivered Red’s shot of tequila, along with the salt shaker and a couple of slices of lime. The shot glass was already empty and one of the lime slices had been reduced to just the peel.

We smoked one joint between just the two of us. I got up and held my hand out to Red. She stood and let me lead her down the steps to go and ‘inspect’ the pond. I kept trying to explain the emotional side of our relationship.

“We all soon realized that we simply loved each other as human beings and that gender doesn’t matter in the expression of that love.”

“You mean you all ... I mean you and Ted, too? Are all of you always together fucking or what?”

I sat and pulled her down to sit on the new sod beside me. We splashed in the water with our feet. A koi (bright orange and white) swam lazily past us. “That’s right, but not always all together. Sometimes we want some private time with one of the others. There’s no jealousy. We all want this to work for us. And, as with Sharon, we may even add more. We do need another man right now.

“You know, Red, I have learned how two men or two women -- or a group of both together -- can feel the same love they feel with just one partner, usually someone of the opposite gender. It’s not too much of a leap if you know it’s possible. I didn’t believe it either at first.” I looked at her thoughtful expression.

“Have you ever been with a woman sexually?” I asked her quietly. She was gazing at the fish, turning capers near us. She just nodded. Then I switched subjects. “Want to go swimming with me?”

She was surprised. She turned to look at me and saw I was smiling.

“Shit. You’re just trying to get me out of this robe.”

“Of course I am! Come on. Just know this as a fact: none of us will try to make you do anything you don’t want to do.” I got up and so did she. I put a hand on one of her cheeks and gave her a light kiss on the other while I gave her a sideways hug. “Nobody can ever have too much love, either. Just remember that.”

I stepped into the pond, careful to avoid stepping on anybody in the water. I had taken three or four steps toward the deep part when I heard some splashing behind me. I had to grin.

When the water was just up to my balls, I turned back around. Red’s slender naked form was approaching. She was well furred below with hair just a little darker red than that on her head. She was blushing brightly under the tan but she was determined. “You better not make any cracks about my freckles!” When she reached me I looked her over. She was covered -- as much as I could see -- with a galaxy; a Universe of freckles of all sizes and shapes. I took her hands and raised them up from her sides. It was my turn to let my mouth hang open in surprise. A very pleasant surprise. She had skipped shaving her underarms for more than a few days. The short curls stood out against the pale skin. I immediately wanted to lick her there -- as well as everywhere else.

I had seen and known women whose faces, arms and legs were scattered with the little brown spots. I had always wondered if they covered them all over. Red’s did. I released one hand and turned her around a complete circle. The freckles spread over her body completely. When she was facing me again she saw that I had closed my mouth. A broad smile had replaced my gaping surprise.

“You, Red my dear, are simply a vision, beautifully decorated by Nature! You are special, possessing a gift most women don’t.” She heard the desire in my voice and closed the distance between us. I hugged her tight, enjoying the two firm breasts pressing into my chest hair. I kissed her lips and she opened them to invite my tongue in. I happily accepted and we kissed there standing in crotch deep water, feeling the slide as a fish cruised past our legs.

“You’re certain Teresa ... or Ted ... won’t care we’re doing this?”

“Nope. But all we’re doing is hugging and sharing a friendly kiss. We just don’t have the armor of clothes between us to detract from the pleasure.”

“It’s sure a pleasure for me!” she said. “Do I call you ‘Dan’ or ‘Danny’?”

I chuckled and she let my hands play with her butt.

I said, “You can call me anything you want, Darlin’.”

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