What if?

by Krosis of the Collective

Copyright© 2016 by Krosis of the Collective

Sex Story: "What if I told you that he had a vasectomy?"

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   Small Breasts   .

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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who “dips his wick” or “rides the rod” without protection.

Deena squirmed as she sat on the log, feeling the heat from the bonfire on her front, though it didn’t feel as hot as her pussy! She had gone camping with her best friend Beverly and her boyfriend as a “last hurrah” before she moved off to Japan to teach English, but her monthly cycle had hit her with fertile wantonness right after they arrived at camp.

“You okay?” Bev sat down next to her and handed her another beer.

The blonde took a long hard swig. “Just horny,” she whispered to her friend. She looked around. “Lots of hot guys but they’re all taken, and I haven’t had sex since Bill and I broke up.” That was a couple of months ago, which had been the push for her to rethink her life and decide on her upcoming international travel.

“Hmm ... you could jump Jim,” Bev said, referring to her boyfriend, who wasn’t in sight at the moment. “He said he thinks you’re hot.”

Deena flushed at the compliment. Jim was a tall, sexy guy, who took care of his body and was in his forties, about 10 years older than her, with salt and pepper hair. “Naw...” she replied, “I don’t want to mess up your relationship.”

Bev snorted, “We’re not exclusive. Go for it.”

Deena considered for a moment. “Do you have any rubbers?” she asked, “I didn’t even think to bring any.”

“We don’t use ‘em.”

Deena felt a little thrill in the pit of her stomach as her mind, unbidden, shifted to the thought of Jim’s unprotected cock inside her. However, logic won out over nature. “I don’t want to get pregnant,” she told her friend.

“What if I told you that he had a vasectomy?”

Again the erotic vision of Jim’s hard cock ramming into her hot depths penetrated Deena’s thoughts again. Oh...

“I’ll ... think about it,” she told Bev. She downed the rest of her beer and got up to head to the campsite washrooms.

When she got back to the bonfire Bev was gone. She waited for a bit but then decided to see if her friend had gone back to their camp site.

As she walked back she could feel her distended pussy lips rubbing against each other. Damn her sex drive!

Outside Bev’s tent, which was next to her own, she softly called out, “Bev? You in there?” She paused, and could hear soft breathing. She unzipped the tent and shone her flashlight through her fingers so it wouldn’t wake anybody up, but it gave her enough light to see into the tent.

Bev wasn’t there but Jim was, and he was naked! He had unzipped his sleeping bag all the way, probably due to how warm it was that night. Deena’s eyes zeroed in on his cock, which, while flaccid, was thick and not small.

Deena realized that her mouth had gone dry. Her pussy throbbed at the sight of that glorious dink.

She paused for only a moment, and then switched off the flashlight. She quickly removed her clothes and tiptoed to where she remembered Jim was laying. She reached out, touched his warm flesh and figured out that she was between his legs. She ranged her hand up Jim’s thigh and then around his dick.

He didn’t wake so Deena started to lightly squeeze his penis, slipping her grip up and down the soft shaft. Very quickly she could feel the object of her desire filling with blood, becoming hard for her. She was able to make longer strokes on it.

Her pussy was on fire! There was only one way to put it out ... with Jim’s hose! She clambered astride his hips and turned around into a reverse cowgirl position, facing away from him. She reached down and angled the head of his cock so it was touching the opening of her very wet pussy.

Unprotected sex ... she had never done it before. She was very fertile, and afraid of getting pregnant. She hesitated.

But Bev had said Jim had had a vasectomy. He couldn’t get her pregnant. But what if she had been lying? Why would she do that? The head of his cock felt so good nestled at the entrance to her pussy...

Strong hands gripped her hips from behind and pulled her down onto that cock, taking the choice away from her. Jim had awoken to find what he thought was his girlfriend wanting to fuck him awake.

Deena gasped as 2 inches of Jim’s hard cock easily slipped inside her moist depths. All thought of danger fled her mind as she wiggled her hips trying to get more of that pleasurable prong deeper inside her.

Jim pushed her up a bit and then both of them worked together to increase the depth of the penetration. He was amazed at how tight Bev’s pussy felt, thinking it must have been due to the position they were using.

Soon all 7 inches of Jim’s cock was buried all the way inside Deena’s hot, fertile insides. She felt her pussy squeezing it as she had a small orgasm. She had never felt a condomless cock inside her before, and while she had fucked a longer penis, it had not been this thick. It felt fantastic!

When she got her strength back she raised her hips up a few inches and then pushed back down, burying that glorious dick deep within her again. It felt so good! She did it again, and again, building to a good fucking rhythm. Jim had let go of her hips so that she was entirely in control, which helped alleviate some of her worries.

As she rode that cock she again saw it in her mind’s eye, the bare skin of it slipping inside her, no condom protecting her innermost depths from the dangerous seed in his balls.

She shook her head. No, he was shooting blanks! When he came inside her it would just be semen and no sperm. This was incredible!

The thrill of fucking her friend’s boyfriend, even though she had been given permission, in combination with her body being fooled into thinking it might be able to get pregnant tonight, even if her mind knew otherwise, sent her over the edge. She slammed her hips down, grinding her pelvis against Jim’s as an incredible orgasm blossomed from deep within her, radiating outward to her clit and her nipples. She cried out as her pussy contracted again and again on that wonderful fucking cock, her wanton depths demanding tribute from it.

Jim lay back as he felt his lover reach her own pleasure first. Bev always came a lot when he fucked her, and he was experienced enough that he could keep from cumming quickly if he wanted. He wasn’t done with her yet.

Finally, Deena collapsed forward, gasping and shaking. That had been so intense! She groaned as Jim gently pulled out of her. Okay, she thought, I’ll just give him a blowjob ... no point in purposely playing with fire...

Jim grabbed Deena’s hips and pulled her back firmly against his pelvis as he got into the doggie style position. Deena was still recovering from her orgasm so could only gasp, “Wait...” as Jim lined up his very hard cock and then rammed it home.

“Aa-ahh!” Deena gasped. Her pussy was once again full of rigid hot pleasure. Her brain stopped working right as Jim pulled back and thrust hard into her again, and she dropped her face to the air mattress, drool slipping from the side of her mouth.

Jim thrust harder, faster. While he was good at taking his time to cum, Deena’s pussy was tighter than Bev’s and he was getting close. He bent over her back, reaching under to grope her magnificent boobies...

... only to find smaller breasts with prominent nipples! This wasn’t Bev! Jim kept thrusting as he leaned close to the woman. With a sniff he detected the telltale perfume he had smelled in the car for the entire trip in, and knew that this was Bev’s cute friend Deena!

Thrilled, he tweaked those pointy nipples and increased the tempo of his thrusting. He’d always had a thing for slim blondes. He didn’t know where Bev was but he suspected that she had sent Deena in here as a surprise gift for him.

As Deena felt her sensitive nipples being pinched she shook in pleasure. Jim was pounding her hard now, the vibrations of his thrusts echoing up his cock and into her innermost depths. She was going to cum again, and it was going to be huge. A soft thought in the back of her mind told her that she should get Jim to pull out. Better safe than sorry!

Jim started grunting, “Urhhh...”

Deena felt Jim swelling within her as he thrust. Her thoughts were washed away as that cock seemed to rub a part of her deep inside that had never been touched before. “Oh God...” she moaned.

Jim grunted louder, “Ergghh...” He moved his hands back to her hips, holding them firmly.

“Oh Goddd...” she continued to moan. She felt him thrust hard, unaware that the head of his cock had just kissed her cervical opening.

“RAAAHHH!” he bellowed, ramming his cock as deep as possible and holding it there as his cock swelled up even more. Then he started to shoot his cum deep inside the fertile woman. It splashed against the mouth of her cervix once, twice...

“Gooooddddd...” Deena groaned as she felt a throbbing pressure deep inside her, and then a spreading warmth, and she knew that Jim was blasting her insides with his semen. Her body, already overheated from the monthly timeliness of this coupling, as well as the naughtiness of fucking her best friend’s man, sent her into an overwhelming orgasm.

“Gooohhhuaaahhh!” she cried out. Her cervix spasmed open as Jim pulled back and thrust hard again. Another spurt of his cum splashed her cervix, a few drops of which slipped through just as the timing lined up perfectly.

Jim felt Deena’s overheated pussy suckling on his cock as he held it deep inside her. That, combined with the thrill of fucking Bev’s friend, caused a second orgasm to roll up his shaft. This almost never happened! He started to thrust again, enjoying the second, smaller orgasm. Another few spurts of cum erupted from his dick, once again inundating Deena’s fertile reproductive system.

“Buh...” Deena continued to shake as she felt Jim’s cock throb deep inside her again and again.

Then they were both spent and Jim carefully slipped his dick out of her. She moaned at the sudden feeling of loss.

Then she heard a woman gasping from near the entrance to the tent. After a few seconds it stopped, and then she heard Bev’s shaky voice, “I see you finished thinking about it, Dee.”

A flashlight came on, showing Bev at the entrance, her pants pulled down and her bare pussy out.

Deena did her best to cover her now visible nakedness from both of them, grabbing at her clothes. “I’m sorry!” she whined. She rushed toward the tent entrance.

Bev got out of her way. “I said you could!” she called after her friend as Deena escaped their tent and went into her own.

After a few seconds Deena heard Bev outside her tent. “Dee?”

“I’ll ... talk to you in the morning, okay?” she answered. She could still feel the flush on her face. She would probably have looked bright red with embarrassment if there had been any light.

She laid there on her sleeping bag, thinking about what had just happened. She had just had unprotected sex with a man she had only met a couple of times! Sure, he was Bev’s boyfriend, so it’s not like he was a total stranger...

... and he had cum inside her! Despite the fear of pregnancy she felt a flutter in her pussy at that thought. It had felt incredible, the best sex she had had in her life.

She reached down and touched her pussy lips. She felt Jim’s cum dripping out of her. There was no sperm, she assured herself, just semen. She felt a little better.

Then she heard Bev gasping in the next tent, followed by the telltale sound of Jim fucking her. Deena lay there, not able to think of anything but the vision of Jim on top of Bev, thrusting ... or was Bev on top? Deena felt her nipples harden. Her exploratory hand, covered in semen, moved to her now extended clitoris.

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